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Brandon Marshall works to be part of the team

Before I start today there is some business to conduct: First, happy Mother's Day! If you are a mom, God bless you. If you have a mom, hug her, kiss her, visit with her, call her, talk to her. She is a treasure that will not be around forever. Make the best of her time here. Secondly, this is a football blog in general and a Dolphins blog in particular. If you want to keep your comments from being deleted, please do not curse, do not attack other folks in a personal manner, and try to keep the conversation somewhat on football. You are adults and I'm going to treat you as such. Thanks.

Now to the football business.

During my trip to Haiti Saturday with folks from the Dolphins, the topic of Brandon Marshall came up.

I want to report to you that Marshall, who came to the Dolphins with a reputation as something of a problem child in Denver, has worked hard to earn the respect of his new team in the first month or so in Miami.

You will remember Marshall came into town April 14 to take a physical and sign his contract. It was a long day for him. Well, he was in the weight room, working out with his teammates early the next day. Several players noticed.

In the ensuing weeks, Vernon Carey hosted a charity golf tournament. Carey asked his teammates to support the tourney. Not all of them did. Marshall did. He showed up and mixed with several current and former Miami Dolphins players. He won guys over.

Then Ricky Williams had the premier of his Run Ricky Run documentary on Miami Beach. All Dolphins players were invited. Not all were able to show up. Marshall showed up to show his support. And yes, players noticed.

The point is Marshall has made an effort to become part of his new team. He's made an effort to show his teammates there is no sense of entitlement on his part -- particularly as it applies to Davone Bess and the possible exchange of jersey No. 15.

The issue of Marshall's number is still being resolved and not completely settled last I heard. But the new guy apparently is treading carefully so as to not step on any toes. Players are noticing.

Good thing? Certainly for team harmony and chemistry. 


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Would Also Like To point Out
In My Never Ending Quest To Support
The Development & Play of Patrick Turner

That Patrick Turner Is Also Our Best Blocking WR
Hearing A Lot Of Talk about
BranGetterdon Marshall not being a Good Blocker

Oh well
Dan Marino was not a good runner

Sometime U can overlook a players weak point
If He Excels at an Elite Level at His Strong Points

Case In point on 6.5 Physical WR Pat Turner
Preseason game
How on earth do U think Ernest "The Bust" Wilford got wide open and actually caught a football and ran for YAC to score a TD
Pat Turner positioned himself perfectly
Stood his ground and set a nice pick type block which sprung Wilford wide open to trot into the end zone untouched for a TD

Just a hunch but it may be that Brandon Marshall has not picked his number yet because there will be a rush to buy his jersey and the Phins are unveiling new uniforms soon...they don't want to screw over the fans who would buy the current jersey and then want to buy the new style...also, the online pro shop has absolutely no jerseys for sale....

Good point Jake.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I always thought that this was the best Miami Dolphin football blog on the planet...then I came across this.

We Can Create The Best Miami Dolphin Football
Blog on the Planet"

What gives ?...Have you been fired and replaced ?

Have Cote, Darlington, Neal and Cordero filled your editors ears with false trueths to get rid of you so they can install there own puppet.

I tried to warn you Mr. Salguero..Miami is no place for Diva's.

Having the Herald errect a life size statue of you in front of the building.
Your own parking space
Asking for raise's
Having underlings wash your car and picking up your dry cleaning.

Was going to Haiti for humanitarian reasons....or were you fleeing the country ?

Is this one of them Government conspiracies ?

Call me when you get to a safe house

Soiled :)


Where is all the Miami Dolphin blog action, man?

Any Predictions?

How bout that new nickname for the
Miami Dolphins Line Of Scrimmage
U promised?

C`mon Man!
What are we calling the LOS at our stadium?

U said
U had a Mean Rock n Roll nickname for the LOS
an a abridged chorus of a Rock n Roll song
to go with it

When do we get it?

LOL @ soiled bottom

what kind of a name is soiled bottom?

thats gross

Great point Justin


Dear Mr. Salguero

"In 2009
Believe there was at least 3 Miami Dolphin
Football blogs rated better than this one"

I hope this helps

Fresh coat of paint
New appliance's
Relocate to a nicer part of the Internet.

Tell people the blog is on the Bus line
2 for 1 article nights.
Ladies post free nights

Hold AA meetings in the blog...lots of heavy drinkers always seem to be here anyway.

Hold pot luck dinners in the blog

Hold Arts and Crafts night on the blog..one night Aloco can show us how to make Meatballs..then the next night Cuban Menace can show us how subdue a suspect without leaving welts or bruise's.

Anything I can do to help

Soiled :)

It's nice to see more Dolphin Football talk on this blog.
Things WERE getting out-of-hand and some of you ARE having a hard time with it. You want to go back to your old habits.
That being said. I can't wait to see how this Training Camp goes!
Will Turner and White turn out to be busts or diamonds?
Will Henne become an elite QB? What about the unsigned rookies trying to make the team?
It's gonna be wonderfull as all these ingredients are put into the same pot and stirred together!
Can you smell what the FO is cooking? May the best player win!
Haven't been this excited in a long time and I've been a fan since 1966!

I still have faith Patrick Turner will work out, maybe if Marshall takes him under his wing and helps him he will turn into something good... Pat White on the other hand I can see being cut after camp if we can't find a slot for him...sad but the Fins seem to be moving on from their mistakes

I want to see White get a chance as a return man. His strength is running in the open field and he might be a very dynamic return guy if given the opportunity.

That is assuming he can be taught to catch the ball consistently and make good decisions in that regard.

i also hope pat white will be the come back player of the year w/turner .

You can't be come back player of they year. Unless you were hurt!

I couldn't find anything on White returning punts or kicks ever.
I'm an opportunist and an optimist so I say let the brother get in where he fits in, if at all possible. He's already under contract, so it's the Trifecta's responsibility to try and find a way for him to help our team.
Having said that, I don't think it's going to happen. In my opinion, it will turn out to be one of those exspensive live and learn lessons. His skillset is too positionally specific and findind a role for him will be next too impossible.
Lets face it. We brought the kid in when our O-line was in turmoil, our recieving corp was lacking and our starting QB wasn't exactly a strong armed phenom.
On the bright side I think these issues have been addressed quite well with the development of Henne, Polite, Long and Hartline. Plus the additions of Marshall, Cognito, and Jerry.
I don't think we'll shelf the Wildcat completely, it will be used, but on a very limited basis. However with the "revamped" smashmouthed offense, I don't believe we need, or can justify carrtying White for another season.
As much as I like the guy and everything he's done, in my opinion it was an expensive mistake. Time to correct it.

You can't be come back player of they year. Unless you were hurt!

Posted by: Supermike13 | May 10, 2010 at 12:51 PM

Did you see him getting carried off the field against Pittsburg?
Believe me, the Brother was HURT-LOL!

Hello phins phans. Everybody very respectful and not pervert the last couple days. Good job... stay classy Miami.

Everybody that is worry about Brandon Marhsall number need to chill out. .. OTA's are this weekend, he will have number by then... However have caution before you buy because he might change his number after someone get cut in training camp like Vontae and Sean Smith last year... My advice is not to spend the money right now in volatile economy, its better to wait for sure thing.

Anybody ever been to "the sandbar" in Islamorada???


Walker on the SS
Never was me
Just found a lot of humor in it

Look at your site the last 3 months
No NostraHomeUs
Just all Trolls or
Boring blogs from folks that have never been to a Dolphin game, a scrimmage or even a practice
Blah, Blah, Blah
Following "Illiterate Omar" LOL
and the baseball guy on a football blog

Hope this correspondence finds U doing well

Will Do a Guest Appearance soon and say Hi

Good Call Carlito
Remember when the 2 Roooks
Switched Jerseys
That was weird

and the blog is very cool

Look at you Carlito.

Very politically correct in addition to some postive reinforcement!

Everybody very respectful and not pervert the last couple days. Good job... stay classy Miami.

Then you give some very GOOD, SOUND ADVICE!

My advice is not to spend the money right now in volatile economy, its better to wait for sure thing.

Good job yourself my Golfithian Friend :)

Peace be with you



Bless like Mr. Tebow say

Hey Walker
U can steal my BranGetterdon Marshall
If U Like

How many time did the empty skulls on the SS
Both writers Illiterate Omar &
No Lips Pie Face Mikey Baseball
Tell me we would not get Karlos Dansby or
The Beast BranGetterdon Marshall

Next time
Do not listen to Dolfan bloggers from NJ

Try Going with Home
There is a reason
He is called Home

Just Remember
U Heard It Here 1st
The prophet

Now Get Your Shine Box! LOL

I hope we don't change uniforms. I feel like ours, along with the packers, bears, colts and steelers are the only ones that havent changed drastically over the years and Im proud of that. Everyone elses all look the same ( pats and bills most obvious example of that )

My OTA Wishlist.

1. I want to see Reshad Jones lock onto the FS spot like a pitbull.

2. I want Chris Clemons to put the fear of God Himself in our Pro Bowl SS Yeremiah Bell.

3. After hearing Will Allen loudly proclaim: I WILL start at CB for the Miami Dolphins.
I want to see Davis and Smith put him in his place(nickle).

4. I want Tim Dobbins and Aj Edds at RILB to relegate Crowder to cheerleading duties. He got some experience at it last year cheerleading for Joey Porter. Of course, we all know what happened to Porter, Hmmmmmm......

Look at your site the last 3 months
No NostraHomeUs
Just all Trolls or
Boring blogs from folks that have never been to a Dolphin game, a scrimmage or even a practice

They do seem lost without you. It's obvious THEY need you.

Will Do a Guest Appearance soon and say Hi

Couldn't you just do your guest appearences here every once in............say a BLUE MOON?

"Phins are unveiling new uniforms soon..." and where did you read this? If true, they would have to request it from the league at least 1 year in advance...so...,thought so.

As well, HOME should get out of the "home" and get a life. Your Brandon Marshall nickname is dumb and Turner will most probably be a bust. No one cares about the pre-season dolt. Keep dreaming and get some new material.

Must be Crazy
Must Be Nuts

during this Blue Moon

i salute every one used to fake names for stopping it . it's much more classy this way . WE AREN'T JET FANS .

Jerry Rice ran a 4.7 40 time, yet was possibly the greatest receiver of all time. Straight line speed isn't everything. Fitz, Boldin, Moss, Davis, I don't think any of them could beat Ginn in a footrace, but I think we all know who the better receivers are.

In response to Farley's question, My definition of a non-possession receiver is Ted Ginn Jr! Great kick returner, but the guy couldn't catch a cold.

I feel we have all the answers on our team at WR. Its Outside Linebacker and Safety that I think still need to be answered. Hopefully one of the Rookies will step up.

I`ve scrolled through all five pages of postings and i am glad the blog is finally cleaned up. Thank your Odinseye and Home.Real nice posting Home.Where else do you post, i have read your stuff on some other blogs.Quite good,funny and informative from a local fans prospective.

now get your shinbox!!
only kidding,welcome!

Carlito, Everyone should go to the sandbar at least once in their life. If you will remember the trip after is another story.

Jerry Rice ran a 4.7 40 time, yet was possibly the greatest receiver of all time. Straight line speed isn't everything.


You do know what the rebuttal will be, don't you? It'll go something like this: Yeah but....Jerry Rice's only come along every once...in a BLUE MOON.
That may be true, but still I agree with you. The thing that SHOULD jump off the page here is Jerry Rice's work ethic. The guy was NEVER satisfied. Work, work, WORK!
Jerry didn't have blazing speed, but he made up for it by putting in a lot of overtime.

This should be a mantra for all the youg receivers out there.

odinseye,that doesn`t make any sense at the beginning?Have you been drinking alcohol?

odinseye,that doesn`t make any sense at the beginning?Have you been drinking alcohol?

Posted by: johhny in depth | May 10, 2010 at 03:01 PM

Well I'm not drunk, so the only thing I can think of.........I'm not perfect?
I was just trying to think about how somebody might try to argue Purplehaze's point.

Odinseye, I agree 100% with the work ethic comment. Maybe I'm an optimist, but I think Marshall is going to turn over a new leaf here in Miami. Bess, Camarillo & Hartline all seem like they have great work ethic. This should really open up the run game for us also.

interesting position battles:MY PICKS!CAPS
SWING OL/J.BERGER,tsompas,a.gardner

Dolphins need a new beat writer. Your stories aren't very exciting and lack content. You don't even seem like a football fan when you write. I am a huge Dolphins fan and am always disappointed when I read your columns. Get help please.

B Marsh was an arrogant party boy here in Denver. He was the instigator of the violence that killed one of his teammates.(He started the trash talk that led to the driveby shooting of Darrent Williams) He constantly was in the papers being seen in the nightclubs of Denver. I really hope he can stay away from the South Beach scene. As a long time Dolfan living amongst ponymania in the Rockies I was sad to hear the Fins signed him. Mostly because he is a prima donna who was unliked here. Hopefully he can mature a lot. I will reserve judgment until we beat the Jets, Patsies, and Bills twice!

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