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Dolphins, Hip-Hop weekend don't need to mix

The biggest thing happening in South Florida in the next few days is the Memorial Day weekend celebration on South Beach that is commonly known as Urban Beach Weekend or Hip-Hop weekend locally. In other news, the Miami Dolphins will conduct their mandatory three-day minicamp on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The timing?


Having this minicamp at a time some Dolphins player might otherwise head to South Beach for what Luther Campbell calls an arrest fest is either great coincidence or great planning on the Dolphins' part. Either way, however, it is great.

The timing suggests Dolphins players will be too busy or perhaps too dog tired after two practices Friday and Saturday to drive from the Davie, FL. practice facility to the party scene on South Beach -- easily an hour drive with traffic being what it is on the beach -- have their night out, and be ready for morning practice the next day.

That means maybe, just maybe, we won't have the police and the football players and all their testosterone hanging out on the same turf at the same time when it's hot, crowded and sometimes violent.

That also means the chances of a repeat of the Memorial Day weekend 2009 incident in which nose tackle Randy Starks was charged with assaulting a police officer -- a charge that ultimately was whittled down to a traffic violation -- are lessened.

It's not that Dolphins players can't conduct themselves correctly in public -- although some were arrested this offseason for DUI. It's not that Miami Beach police cannot perform their duties professionally. It's just that folks seem to be on edge during this event. Last year, 548 arrests were made during the few days of the event.

It is simply just better to avoid the whole situation altogether, don't you think?

Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells has long advised his players to stay out of the clubs. I don't think he coined the phrase, but I know he's also told his guys that, "Nothing good happens after 2 a.m."

Maybe Tony Sparano should institute a curfew during this minicamp also.

Meanwhile, I encourage Jets, Bills and Patriots players to come down to South Beach and party this weekend. You'll have a great time. Really.