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Dolphins, Hip-Hop weekend don't need to mix

The biggest thing happening in South Florida in the next few days is the Memorial Day weekend celebration on South Beach that is commonly known as Urban Beach Weekend or Hip-Hop weekend locally. In other news, the Miami Dolphins will conduct their mandatory three-day minicamp on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The timing?


Having this minicamp at a time some Dolphins player might otherwise head to South Beach for what Luther Campbell calls an arrest fest is either great coincidence or great planning on the Dolphins' part. Either way, however, it is great.

The timing suggests Dolphins players will be too busy or perhaps too dog tired after two practices Friday and Saturday to drive from the Davie, FL. practice facility to the party scene on South Beach -- easily an hour drive with traffic being what it is on the beach -- have their night out, and be ready for morning practice the next day.

That means maybe, just maybe, we won't have the police and the football players and all their testosterone hanging out on the same turf at the same time when it's hot, crowded and sometimes violent.

That also means the chances of a repeat of the Memorial Day weekend 2009 incident in which nose tackle Randy Starks was charged with assaulting a police officer -- a charge that ultimately was whittled down to a traffic violation -- are lessened.

It's not that Dolphins players can't conduct themselves correctly in public -- although some were arrested this offseason for DUI. It's not that Miami Beach police cannot perform their duties professionally. It's just that folks seem to be on edge during this event. Last year, 548 arrests were made during the few days of the event.

It is simply just better to avoid the whole situation altogether, don't you think?

Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells has long advised his players to stay out of the clubs. I don't think he coined the phrase, but I know he's also told his guys that, "Nothing good happens after 2 a.m."

Maybe Tony Sparano should institute a curfew during this minicamp also.

Meanwhile, I encourage Jets, Bills and Patriots players to come down to South Beach and party this weekend. You'll have a great time. Really.


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"Meanwhile, I encourage Jets, Bills and Patriots players to come down to South Beach and party this weekend. You'll have a great time. Really."

I love this last paragraph Mando!! Reading your blogs are great. Keep up the good work.

Anyone notice that Matt Roth is in another contract dispute with the Browns. He is skipping minicamp and has demanded a trade. I'm glad he is not in a Dolphin uniform now. But I am disappointed at how little attention this story has received considering all the naysayers out there when we released him.

Jordi - Maybe we could bring Matt Roth back? NOT!!! He's such a bum....

Jordi is right. I would rather read interesting general NFL news than an article about a hip-hop event and how the Dolphin Players would be better off not attending. TF's idea of a BBQ report from Dolphin camp was funny though.

C'mon Mando, this article would grade a D- in a journalism 101 class. We all know you can do better.

Kill Whitey.

Mando: how bout a story about the Matt Roth contract dispute and a second look at whether Fins made the right move.

Jordi - Who cares about Matt Roth and a player who doesn't play for the Miami Dolphins. This is a Dolphins blog and this article was about our team and an event in Miami. What is wrong with that? Quit being a D-BAG and don't read or comment if you don't like Mando's work....

You'd think Philip Merling would be smart enough not to get arrested last night. That is not good news

So Randy Starks goes to SoBe and a cop gets overzealous and lays all sorts of false charges on him. Randy did an extremely smart thing. He brought a female Chicago cop with him!!
Seriously Mando, you can't keep these guys locked in a hermedically sealed box. Is the hip-hop event on SoBe the most "safe" place a Miami Dolphin player can be?

NO!! When you are a 6'4", 260 lb. black man in a shiny new Bentley or Benz, or Hummer....guess what....NO PLACE IN S. FLA. IS SAFE FOR YOU!!!

You are a target, period. For everybody. Probably only half of these guys stay low profile and in the home with the family, unfortunately.

Are Parcells and Sparano now getting close to stocking the team with "high character" guys??

They have said they are.

So let's do this....let's not be Mando the Daddy for these 80 adults. Let's let Bill and Tony, and the players' parents and agents handle that.



This has been stuck in my head all morning!!!

Get down, get down, get 'dem panties down.

--rap song I heard one time

When is everybody going stop pulling the race card out. Damn, it seems like everytime somwone makes a comment that another person of a different race doesnt agree with, it's racist. FOR REAL! Those of you who think like that are the very reason our society is the way it is today. Grow up, get over yourselves and move on. The past is the past we can't change it we weren't apart of it and neither were you. Enjoy this country we live in, if not not ge the H*ll out and move to China or North Korea where you can have all freedoms taken away. Armando I don't agree with everything you post but, I think your far from racist. OUT!

It sounds like this Hip Hop weekend shouldn't exist. 548 arrests last year. Why would a city repeat something that doesn't go over well. I guess Miami officials are dumb.

Out in Arizona they are asking for papers, perhaps the Dolphins could ask for papers to prove that you are not New Jersey Jets fans before they let you in the ball park, then fireman Ed could do his dog and pony show in the parking lot and the real fans could enjoy the game. Bill

As soon as I saw the headline, I knew the race card would be thrown. All I know is that there is three things that are a sure thing, Death-Taxes-and Violence at a Hip Hop venture.



That's how the city makes a signifcant amount of revenues; think about all of the court costs and probation fees involved.

Rey Rey

Geez Mando, you just had to go and jinx things, lol

This is the time of the year when boredom sets in and all of us are chomping at the bit for some actual football!
It's going to be like this until something actually happens at Training Camp (other than off-the-field issues).
Pray for the team to stay healthy and that everything comes together by the season opener!
And, that Mando finds stuff to write about! Lol.


I would suggest that you get the stats for Black against White crimes vs White on Black crimes. Blacks commit far more crimes against Whites than Whites against Blacks, Check it out and you will see that I am correct.

Once again, the truth is it's own defense.

Live with it!

Great article on how HipHop culture leads to violence.
That crap isn't real hip hop, Mando!

What about these crazy rock lovin people who mosh in mosh pits? There's a lot more un-necassary violence at those concerts!

Those who enjoy real hiphop probably would not be attending this whack event anyways and those players who are wanting to enjoy south beach have every right to without being labeled "hip hop trouble makers"!

Thanks buddy

Isn't that quote "nothing good ever happens after 12 am?"

GREAT POST MANDO !!! YOU ALWAYS BLOW MY MIND !!! I agree it's true that black people can't get together in large groups and act civilized. Perhaps if we just rounded up the whole herd of beachgoers this weekend and shipped them off to Liberia then the crime rate in South Florida would drop a few percentage points.

The problem I have with this post is this..-- a charge that ultimately was whittled down to a traffic violation -- are lessened.

You make it sound as if he had to plea bargin this down to a traffic violation when in reality a cop trumped up changers that turned out to be false.....

You bring the racist charges on yourself.

John finally hit the nail on the head. That line is exactly why his comments sound prejudice. I wouldn’t go as far as racist just prejudice. I used to be a bouncer in a club in Daytona during spring break. During Black college reunion weekend all the clubs and businesses would close during that time the except for 1 or 2. Mine stayed open. There was never an incident. During "regular white" spring break there was pretty much at least 1 fight every night. I’m not saying white people fight more than black people; I'm saying the chance of an incident occurring doesn’t multiply because of race. White people always become fearful when black people assemble. They aren’t used to being outnumbered and it makes them uncomfortable. The Starks incident should be used more as an example of racist cops rather than players that cant control themselves. It was traffic violation. Since that isn’t the angle he chose, he sounds prejudice.

Combine that with some other crap that he has written in the past and Viola!

Obviously Roth is out of his mind on his worth and Career. I blame his agent. What bothers me is that we let Jason goto the Jets so that he won't impede Merling's progress. Actually I think the bars on the cell will do that!

I am a white fan of many black Dolphin players, and I hope they have the sense to use a bit of the good money they get to hire a driver and car pool if they go to South Beach. Most of the arrests are driving related.

Just a sidenote: I will be posting under Tracy474 now to help avoid confusion.

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