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Dolphins minicamp wraps up this afternoon

Minicamp is over. The offense didn't look like it's ready for the season quite yet. The defense looks better.

During today's morning practice the offense:

Saw a bad shotgun snap from Jake Grove to Chad Henne that had Henne diving on the ball in the backfield.

Had confusion among first-teamers in the Wildcat formation, causing Henne to call time out.

Had a fumble by the halfback in the Wildcat run by the second team.

Had Joey Haynos catch a pass and promptly let it slip around his hip and behind his back and plucked out of the air by the pleasantly suprirsed defender.

Koa Misi got all the snap with the first-team defense today and that is the third consecutive day that happened. John Jerry got all the first-team snaps at LG with the starting offense, and then got some third-team snaps there as well, which if you ask me, is a great way to get a rookie up to speed faster.

"The more reps (Misi) gets here against Jake Long and those type of people the less guess we're going to have down the road when we're closer to playing him but we still haven't seen him against that caliber player," Coach Tony Sparano said. "He's competing every day against the first group right now so from our standpoint it's taking the gray area out of the projection down the road.

Karlos Dansby talked to the media today and one of the topics, believe it or not, is his size 16 shoes. I saw them up close. They are boat-like.

"It's all about my insoles, man," Dansby kidded. "It stretches the shoe about another inch-and-a-half. I really wear about a 14 1/2 but with the insoles in them it stretches the shoe out."

The shoes have become something of a topic in the Miami locker room.

"Not only the coaches but the players," Dansby said. "They said they want to ride the boats. They talk about water skis. All that kind of stuff. During running drills Channing [Crowder} has been giving me hell about it. But that's cool."

Sparano is obviously pleased with the minicamp.

"I love the energy and attitude of this team," he said.

The Dolphins will continue installing the offense and defense in an OTA session Tuesday. I asked Sparano how Brandon Marshall, who isn't getting any snaps while he recovers from hip surgery, is learning the system.

Sparano said Marhsall stands by offensive quality control coach Steve Bush during practice and Bush quizzes the receiver on what he is supposed to be doing on each play. Sparano said Marshall is also tested on his assignments in meetings.

Sparano reports he is very pleased with the work Randy Starks has put in as the team's new starting nose tackle, calling him a "tough guy to block."

Starks has a good combination of speed and strength that allows him to shoot gaps and as well hold the point and that has become obvious to coaches -- even in this camp with no real contact.

I'm writing a column for tomorrow's Miami Herald on Jake Long. I asked Sparano about him and he said Long has gained six pounds this offseason while dropping body fat. So that would make him around 317 pounds now. Scary thought.

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning spent about five minutes schooling some reporters about the X, Y, and Z receivers and their duties.

The more interesting part of the conversation to me was Henning explaining why he has to plan for winning while not necessarily doing it with his best players.

"With what goes on in the National Football League today and the ability we have with technology to study opponents and do much more in-depth film or video tape work, these defensive coordinators have become more and more flexible in what they do with people in schemes," Henning said.

"I don't think you can just go into a game and say, 'Because we have these players, we're going to do this and you can't stop us.' I don't believe you can do that. I believe if you have one or two good players, when you play a guy like Belichick or Rex Ryan, they can find a way to take those guys away and say, 'What else you got?'

"So you have to be creative no matter what you have. And the fact we have added a guy into the higher echelon of our receiver corps who brings us not only ability, experience, but height, weight, speed, hands and toughness, I don't know, its nicer to have a guy with that kind of ability."

Henning also said quarterback Chad Henne, getting most of the work in practice this year as opposed to last year, is getting that time with the better offensive players on the team.

"I see him because of that, he's much more efficient," Henning said. "He's growing faster and to a higher degree than he would have been last year."

One last thing: Yesterday I told you about Jon Amaya's interception streak. His name was apparently misspelled because it was spelled as Jonathan by the Dolphins on their roster and website. That was changed today and corrected to Jonathon.