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Dolphins minicamp wraps up this afternoon

Minicamp is over. The offense didn't look like it's ready for the season quite yet. The defense looks better.

During today's morning practice the offense:

Saw a bad shotgun snap from Jake Grove to Chad Henne that had Henne diving on the ball in the backfield.

Had confusion among first-teamers in the Wildcat formation, causing Henne to call time out.

Had a fumble by the halfback in the Wildcat run by the second team.

Had Joey Haynos catch a pass and promptly let it slip around his hip and behind his back and plucked out of the air by the pleasantly suprirsed defender.

Koa Misi got all the snap with the first-team defense today and that is the third consecutive day that happened. John Jerry got all the first-team snaps at LG with the starting offense, and then got some third-team snaps there as well, which if you ask me, is a great way to get a rookie up to speed faster.

"The more reps (Misi) gets here against Jake Long and those type of people the less guess we're going to have down the road when we're closer to playing him but we still haven't seen him against that caliber player," Coach Tony Sparano said. "He's competing every day against the first group right now so from our standpoint it's taking the gray area out of the projection down the road.

Karlos Dansby talked to the media today and one of the topics, believe it or not, is his size 16 shoes. I saw them up close. They are boat-like.

"It's all about my insoles, man," Dansby kidded. "It stretches the shoe about another inch-and-a-half. I really wear about a 14 1/2 but with the insoles in them it stretches the shoe out."

The shoes have become something of a topic in the Miami locker room.

"Not only the coaches but the players," Dansby said. "They said they want to ride the boats. They talk about water skis. All that kind of stuff. During running drills Channing [Crowder} has been giving me hell about it. But that's cool."

Sparano is obviously pleased with the minicamp.

"I love the energy and attitude of this team," he said.

The Dolphins will continue installing the offense and defense in an OTA session Tuesday. I asked Sparano how Brandon Marshall, who isn't getting any snaps while he recovers from hip surgery, is learning the system.

Sparano said Marhsall stands by offensive quality control coach Steve Bush during practice and Bush quizzes the receiver on what he is supposed to be doing on each play. Sparano said Marshall is also tested on his assignments in meetings.

Sparano reports he is very pleased with the work Randy Starks has put in as the team's new starting nose tackle, calling him a "tough guy to block."

Starks has a good combination of speed and strength that allows him to shoot gaps and as well hold the point and that has become obvious to coaches -- even in this camp with no real contact.

I'm writing a column for tomorrow's Miami Herald on Jake Long. I asked Sparano about him and he said Long has gained six pounds this offseason while dropping body fat. So that would make him around 317 pounds now. Scary thought.

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning spent about five minutes schooling some reporters about the X, Y, and Z receivers and their duties.

The more interesting part of the conversation to me was Henning explaining why he has to plan for winning while not necessarily doing it with his best players.

"With what goes on in the National Football League today and the ability we have with technology to study opponents and do much more in-depth film or video tape work, these defensive coordinators have become more and more flexible in what they do with people in schemes," Henning said.

"I don't think you can just go into a game and say, 'Because we have these players, we're going to do this and you can't stop us.' I don't believe you can do that. I believe if you have one or two good players, when you play a guy like Belichick or Rex Ryan, they can find a way to take those guys away and say, 'What else you got?'

"So you have to be creative no matter what you have. And the fact we have added a guy into the higher echelon of our receiver corps who brings us not only ability, experience, but height, weight, speed, hands and toughness, I don't know, its nicer to have a guy with that kind of ability."

Henning also said quarterback Chad Henne, getting most of the work in practice this year as opposed to last year, is getting that time with the better offensive players on the team.

"I see him because of that, he's much more efficient," Henning said. "He's growing faster and to a higher degree than he would have been last year."

One last thing: Yesterday I told you about Jon Amaya's interception streak. His name was apparently misspelled because it was spelled as Jonathan by the Dolphins on their roster and website. That was changed today and corrected to Jonathon.


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ThanX Armando

Home Thinks
Pat White Will Be Comeback Player Of The Year on the Dolphins
NostraHomeUs Also Agrees

Pat White as "Come Back Player Of The Year on Miami Dolphins

and Homey D. Clown is also on board for

There U Have It
Homes 3 Votes For
Pat White Come Back Player Of the Year Miami Dolphins

U heard it here first @ the Miami Herald Dolphin Blog

Excellent Post Kris

Thanks for stopping by. LOL

A few thoughts....

1, Not surprised to see the offense struggle. They should be at this point. I'm sure they will get it together as the squad comes together. Not to worried about that in May/June.

2. The puppet named Channing Crowder needs to be more worried about making plays than running his mouth about Dansby's shoe size. Everything isn't a joke. Especially when you are one of the main reasons our defense sucked last year. The only words to come out of this puppets mouth should be football related, not shoe size anything. I hope to God that Dansby's attitude and ethic can erase the stain that Porter left on this man.

3. All of our players seem to be putting on muscle and losing fat. Hats off to the strength and conditioning staff and the players. They seem to really have bought in to something this year.

4. If we can get of to a 2-1 or 3-1 start I think the momentum will carry us deep into the playoffs. We just need a good launch this season.

see sean is Back On Track for CB in the NFL LOL

Almost had his first INT since the accident INT in preseason

Of Course
Almost is the key word

See both feet were out of bounds

So No Int, Again

Almost LOL

Smith didn't have an interception last year, but did have 10 poorly thrown passes defensed. Davis had four interceptions, including one returned for a touchdown against Buffalo.

Ok sheep
Chew on this & stop believing in fairy tales

On sean smith

The knock was big plays. Smith surrendered the most yards per completion (19.8) among all NFL corner backs, according to Pro Football Focus.

sean SUCKS



Posted by: Homey D. Clown

Vontae Is Going To the ProBowl Soon

Vontae Was Covering Randy Moss (ever heard of him)

Intercepted Brady to Moss &
Both times saved TDs

sean could not cover 3rd string Patriot WR Aiken

Vontae Is The Hardest Hitting CB in the NFL

Vontae Davis Is To His Craft
What Mike Tyson Was To His
(Thats Right, Home Was & Is The First To Compare The 2 Very Similar Athletes And What They Are To Their Craft)

Home Knows The Reporters
Know Exactly What Home Is Talking About
Comparing Vontae Davis To Mike Tyson)

Armando Please Explain To The
Miami Herald Dolfans
If U Know What Home Is Trying To Explain To Your Fans On The Davis vs Tyson Comparison & Knock Out Punch Pit Bull Style

Oh Yeah!
Home Knows

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Wonder If Team Jack@ss Channing Crowder
Will be Laughing
When defensive Team Captain Karlos Dansby Plants
That Size 16 Up his Rectum

Off Season Humor
w/Homey D. Clown

Kris, I agree with criticizing Crowder and I have done it myself a lot, but there is not as much pressure on him to make plays this year with the dansby signing. So I think the big issue is whether he can stay healthy. He has always been a good tackler, so I am just expecting him to perform like he did in 2008 to be a productive part ofthe defense. On the other hand we need wake, misi and dansby (assuming they are the othe starting LBs) to make big plays

I think Dansby, Marshall, and even Henne can become pro bowlers along with the always solid Carpenter and Long.

And Henning is right, when u dont have ur players practicing with u, it makes the defenses job alot easier ...

And kris was right a few posts back saying that if we got off to at least a 2-1 start then we'd be a solid playoff contender and dont even have to win our first game... Like a true, all-out warm up game like the last few years getting our players back into the system

Lots of good stuff here bro. Size 16? My gosh that is huge.

By the way, loved you ripping Rex Ryan on your twitter!

Let me guess, I was one of the reporters trying to get X and O information so I could sound like I played the game.

Pat white can't win comeback player of the year. He can't come BACK if he was never there before. Though I do hope he makes the squad and has a great year

As expected the defence always starts out quicker. And marshalls riding the bike... So that don't help at all. But let's hope that this remains the defence was the question mark going in glad to hear that it might not be so
Much of a question!

Crowder is a Gator enough said !!! he is garbage and always has been and even in 2008 when he had 125 Tackles or what ever it was they were always 10 ,15 yards down field !!! get rid of this clown and get a good coverage linebacker !

Dear Mr. Home. Please limit yourself to football talk. Having a few fishees die is no big deal. There are like a zillion gallons of water in the Ocean. It will dilute the oil naturally, it no big deal. To live in modern world there is some risks that have to be taken. It is better to have cheap gas then to worry about fishees with no brains. Life is to short to worry about fishees. Have a pleasant day

i keep reading post that has w.allen playing the slot and sean smith playing the boundaries only, that might be true to most, but to me the best case, would be to put vonte in the slot and have him punish the inside wr(of course vonte starts),with the outside corners having safety help. My biggest worry about this team is, can the LB's play to championship level. outside of injuries,our LB corp will be the biggest reason if we do or don't have major succuss this year!We need at least 3 of the 4 LB's to have big years for us to be dominant! offensively not worried at all, we have excellent depth all over,we just need better play from the TE to be unstoppable(need henne to continue the growth! plz GOD!!)

sean smith needs Homey D. Clown to make him an
Anti HAARP mind control deflecting tin foil hat

and take away his 14 yr old girl toy twitter & childish video games

And Nice TD Pass today from
Miami Dolphin Comeback Player of The Year
Pat White to "The Hill"

Oh Yeah
Pat White

pat white will make this team!! the kid has to many skills to be let go this early after one year. i got a funny feeling by the time the real season starts we are gonna be begging to see him in the wildcat! if people are willing to give tebow the benefit ouf the doubt because he's a winner, well pat white deserves the same credit!! im sick of investing 2 years on young players only to see them blossom elsewhere(give it time)!!

to me the only problem with sean smith is the same problem with ginn,not TOUGH!!!! this year will be the determining factor if this pup bites as far as being physical or tougher! even though he's a rookie i see good thing with him and he's talking right as far as him learning more and applying it!! i expect more from him this year on a more physical level than anything else

Home is a DORK that has NO LIFE.

We're all tired of hearing his daily bashing of Sean Smith. Sean Smith would lite up little Home as he's only tough behind his keyboard.

Jet sucks thinks Home should turn off the computer and go protest at the closest BP station.

Pat White is a bust and will NEVER be any comeback player. You first have to be a player to be a comeback.

His name won't matter unless he's on the team. Who's backing up Randy and how is thatIvey NT?

Pat White Did play last year and had 0 passes completed he also led the team to 3 scores
1 TD Ronnie
1 TD Ricky
1 2 Point Conversion Ricky

and some ok running plays by Pat white Himself

This does in fact make him eligible to
Miami Dolphins Comeback Player of the Year

but since js does not go to or watch the Miami Dolphins Camp/Practice/PreSeason or Regular Season Games he would not know

but Homey D. Clown Knows

perhaps we could sell
sean smiths Empty & Dusty INT Trophy Case
and by js a ticket (nose bleeder seats of course)

Toot Toot

Home Guarantees Pat White Makes The 53

Now Get Your Shine Box!

in my honest opinion i think CAM WAKE is a RDE,he can rush the passer with the best of the best but thats all we have seen him do!! can he really be counted on to stop the run or play pass coverage when the kicker juked him badly!! i really just like his pass rush skills,and that really all truth be told!!

Mr. Talk Football i hope you die, I mean burn to death, bwhahahahahahhahaha

bobbyd12 gone, nj gone, now Home needs to be gone

NFL rules state that in order to comeback player of the year. You have to be hurt.that's what your coming back from. Not sucking

Hey Nando. U sound like a fence jumping dubas. Crowder is a monster. Stfu and go back home.

I have to be honest Mando. Seems like a boring minicamp. Any fights to report?

Supermike13 you are a f'kin fool.
Comeback player of what....squat.
That is like saying you are going to get back into shape. You have to have been in shape to begin with in the past. YOU moron!@

Henning must be the happiest guy in the organization. He was doing a pretty good job with some mediocre talent a WR. He's going to open up the playbook this year. I bet we see a lot of games like that 2nd Cheatriots game last year where Henne just drops back and throw the ball a billion times. It'll be remeniscent of Marino at times.

The Real Deal,

I post this with all respect. I am confused by your logic. In one post you say...

"pat white deserves the same credit!! im sick of investing 2 years on young players only to see them blossom elsewhere(give it time)!!"

Then in your next breath(post) you say...

"to me the only problem with sean smith is the same problem with ginn,not TOUGH!!!!"

Now I realize you are sticking up (in a way) for Smith in your post and yet you are clear about his deficiencies, and yet you seem very willing to give White a free ride on what are clearly much deeper issues then what Smith needs to address. In all honesty, I cannot point to any player this management staff has released after two years that has gone on to "Blossom" on another team. The very thing you devalue Smith for (Toughness) is perhaps the one thing Sean CAN change and yet in all likelihood the very same problem that White CANNOT change. I do not wish to lose a talent either. And with time White may develop. But I fail to see your logic. Smith was more productive and performed at a enormously higher level then Pat White last year. You seem very shaky concerning Smith yet very dismissive of Whites lack of production. Can you be more clear about what you are saying about these two players? If I am wrong I apologize, But it is how I read your statements.

How is it that they are still selling "cold medicine" to Home?

I'm sick of all this arguing and speculation about our Pat White situation. Nobody knows what the guy can really do. He has not been set up for success. He was out in at various times as a decoy and was asked to hand the ball off. Yes, he did over throw Ginn by about a yard or so for a pass that would have resulted in a TD. The bottom line is that the kid has skills which can help us. Let's give the guy a real chance. How many solid players out there took two or three years to fully evolve to the pro level. A whole lot that's how many! What he needs is our support not our scorn. True FinFans speak up for your player! I would rather lose Crowder than a guy who is giving us 110% and has never spoke out against the organization or sided with a bitter falling star(porter). Cmon guys!

I agree with Rojeezie 100 %, Pat(TKOed)White is a great kid, Needs to add another 20 lbs though, I do hope he makes the team, He's the Anti-Ginn.............He's a true Gamer........

Who made you the f'kin football authority cuban menace, you imbecile social parasite. Thanks for stopping by.

Ti kanis to the other fellow fans.

Avontos sounds like a angry little man, But that's OK, enjoy LIL Man.........



Sorry Cuban, if I cut your lawn and swallow your Cuban manhood will you forgive me?

I really enjoy how henning is able to take and use a little down player at the bottom of the depth chart and make him a feature back.. i.e. patrick cobbs two years ago, or Ginn, in one of the buffalo games.. didnt he have 7 catches for 1 hundred and something yards. I think the strength of this team is not neccesarily in the players, but in the coaching...

little known.. sorry.

Moderator do ur job

Oh sorry ur fake ass

"Pats done a great job right now". If thats not the kiss of death. How many times have we read a statement like that only to see the player cut or traded. Poor kid was lost in everyway possible last year and that could be seen by anyone and yes alot of it was just plain old fear. Like Mr Myiagi told the Karate kid... Look eye always look eye.

Dear Mr. Home. Please limit yourself to football talk. Having a few fishees die is no big deal. There are like a zillion gallons of water in the Ocean. It will dilute the oil naturally, it no big deal. To live in modern world there is some risks that have to be taken. It is better to have cheap gas then to worry about fishees with no brains. Life is to short to worry about fishees. Have a pleasant day

Posted by: Talk Football | May 30, 2010 at 02:34 PM

Dude...........AMEN TO THAT BROTHER. Might be the best, most logical post I have read in months. Thank you for having a brain and not buying into all the hype about this freakin oil spill.


Herald never sent me the paycheck for this week, so no censoring going on. Its a dirty, dirty, dirty blog.

No big deal sawfish extinct, who cares

No big deal killing oysters ship for the next 10 years who cares

You anti-regulation people OWN THIS catastrophe. Ron Burgundy get your friggin arse to the beach and mop this up!

2 more years of Socialism, no big deal

Patty Pygmy White, will be changing oil at Jiffy Lube with his height he can just walk under the car with it on the ground. Biggest bust in the history of the NFL.

Three years till I have to pay a private company money for crappie health insurance or have the IRS take my tax return as a penalty, no big deal

Ron and Talk Football, none of you deregulation people will pick up even one glob of oil. Of course you will count on OTHERS to pick it up. If I was North Korea Id be laughing at the self centered and incompetent US. Maybe they will send some submarines over to target these vulnerable oil platforms! This is too easy.

So nobody here is bothered by the fact that they are still using the Wildcat? I could partially understand it when we had no receivers that threatened the defense, but now that we have a true #1 receiver, why continue to resort to an ineffective, gimmicky scheme?

We have the luxury of being patient with pat white. Hopefully he can make a few big plays here and there this year, but by no means should we rely on it. People need to stop judging players by where they were drafted and judge them by their benefit to the team. Do you think the colts looked at Ricky William this year an said we should have drafted him instead of edgerrin James.

Get your government hand off my medicare.. lol. Do you even realize what you are saying?

Oysters better pre-lubed, use less butter, less fattening

Bobbyd13, no one cares, life goes on, gas prices going down. Just like everything else it will be cleaned up and forgotten shortly. Move on, talk football or go to DailyKos or FDL and be miserable with someone who agrees with you

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