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Dolphins sign G/C Cory Procter to contract

The Dolphins have signed offensive interior lineman Cory Procter to a contract. The team beat out New England as well as Denver in adding Procter.

Procter had visited both the Broncos and Patriots before visiting Miami last week.

As reported on this blog last week, Procter is insurance against injury as well as adding another veteran with experience to the mix.

Procter, 27, was released by the Cowboys last Monday. He is 6-4 and 311. He was active for every game last year but barely played. He played in place of the injured Kyle Kosier at guard in 2008 for Dallas.


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So Miami got rid of a injured, high priced veteran for a pick and signed a guy for cheaper and cost no pick. Seems like a great move !

So, in essence, we traded Smiley for Procter, and I'm assuming a 7th rounder. Not too shabby especially with Smiley's injury woes. However, when healthy, Smiley is a great player. But I believe his leadership is no longer needed. Jake Long is the leader of the o-line now. We used Smiley as a leader and to help Long get accustomed to the NFL. That's why he's no longer needed. It has nothing to do with his injury history IMO. He had an injury history before we signed him.

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If I read the tea leaves correctly, would not be shocked to hear that our starting center who was our big signing from last year is traded. When he was out, his backup played well and with today's signing, might make sense specially if you can get in exchange a good pick next year or a starting safety this year.

Is Signing Proctor a Gamble??????

I'm curious as to why the cowgirls would let a guy like this go. Seems like a great pickup to me though.

I don't see where it's a gamble. We're pretty well set at T and G, but with Grove's injury history, C is still somewhat thin. I like Garner, but Proctor is nice insurance, and should challenge for a backup job in the more likely event Grove is 100% or Garner excels. Worst case scenario...we cut him. There's no real downside to this signing.

Good one Cuban Menace!

Excellent News Armando

Great Job Trifecta

and Bob while Jake Long is doing an Admirable Job & Making Pro Bowls

Fun Fact by Home
Jake Grove is the Leader of the O-Line
He is The Vocal Leader and Leader of that group

How or why folks R worried about our O-line Mystifies Me

Worry about the Defense
The Offense Is Gonna Be Awesome

don't forget about joe berger at C as well... o line is STOCKED, we can run or pass, I like this move good one for coach tony, good in backing up your head coach BP & Jeff

It bewilders me that Vernon Carey is not the leader considering his paycheck and time with the team. Also, dint be surprised if Smiley does great for the Jags and that conditional ends up being a fourth or fifth. Toodaloo mutha foo kasss

Home, Great to see you back on the meds,anyhoo, Dont you think the mighty Air breathers just brought in Mr.Proctor to push some of these Fat overpaid bunch we call a offensive line??????

I wish we had the same interest for wide receivers,like we do for the O line.

Nick, Are you serious????????????????

Nick, good post,you r right .


Cuban,don't think that now that we have Marshall,we get to go to the Super Bowl.

Was Away For A Couple Hours

In response To your question on the Smiley Traded Blog

"Home Where Were U On The Smiley Trade?"

If U scan back to the day before the OTAs on Armandos Blog

U See Home Wrote
That Justin Smiley Would Be Traded BEFORE THE 3 DAY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND

Posted Right There
Next To The Schedule Of OTAs
Home Provided

Once Again

In NostraHomeUs We Trust

Nick, No Super bowl just with Marshall, but the fins went out and got the #1 receiver in the league, they also drop a dead weight none as Ted(No nuts)Ginn....just saying.......

Stories like this make me long for the regular season.

Smiley would do great for a run 1st offense. At least that way his chances of lasting an entire season are much better. But Jax might be a good fit because they will be passing a lot more playing catch up as usual.

If that trend continues Smiley may have found his niche. Plus being a Georgia native he is much closer to home in Jax.

1st please do not be like Illiterate Omar @ the SS

It Is Procter

Not Proctor

and No The O-Linemen seems Pretty Good
They Did not want to pay him bout 2 Million
Plus Procter was looking for a Multi Year Deal

Procter Is Versatile
Also Plays Center and has many chest medals

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Now The Truth Is Beginning To Surface
God Bless U

Smiley would do great for a run 1st offense. At least that way his chances of lasting an entire season are much better. But Jax might be a good fit because they will be passing a lot more playing catch up as usual.

If that trend continues Smiley may have found his niche. Plus being a Georgia native he is much closer to home in Jax.

Posted by: DyingBreed | May 24, 2010 at 06:34 PM

OOPS! "Pass first Offense"


Do you pick on Omar because of his tan or the fact that idiots come in all flavors?

Home, What will become of the "Crab People" in the gulf states????Are you concerned???

Wheeling and dealing.

The Trifecta keeps rolling along

Do Not Like The Fact Omar
Usually has Wrong Misinformation on the Dolphins
Yet the Token Former political reporter Has the nerve to call himself, the eyes & Ears of The Dolphins (LMAO)
Last Year was Wilford Looks great probably R Best TE and will start
Also sais Ronnie Brown & Henne R not that good
Also would not stop praising the fraud O Int sean smith and said he was an elite Pro Bowl CB (ROTFALMAO)
Even made up a phantom game saving pass deflection Int in Patriots 2nd game verse us at Home
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When Home called him out about his ridiculous fairy tale lie which Omar bloogged & wrote in the printed paper
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His Partner Mike Berardino finally rewatched the tape for me & local bloggers
Saying not only did sean NOT MAKE ANY SUCH PLAY

Omar could not handle the truth and hid like a squirrel

Vontae Davis meanwhile made his second TD saving INT against Brady To Moss and sealed the Dolphins Victory By One Point

Omar said sean is much better than Vontae

Home Thinks Vontae Davis will soon reach the Pro Bowl

I will preface this this by saying I am fully aware that Procter was not one of the most sought after gre agents. But....

For him to chose Miami over the 3 time SB champs is says alot about our organization. We are a place where people want to be. Not just because of the nice weather, prime location and the women....what the hell was i talking about

I guess all this Proctology is a valid form of analysis, once you drill down to the bottom of it.

oh yeah.

This is where players come because we are building a winning attitude

Home finds NO Humor In
Dumping 785,000 Gals of Toxic Chemicals In The Ocean to clean It Up

This sickens & upsets me for have always lived right near the ocean or on boat & grew up 100 Yds from the Atlantic Ocean



Home, pistol says he believes that saying Smiley would be traded before memorial day is like saying it will rain before the 4th. And speaking of the 4th, did you know the Chinese attack us by putting anthrax in all those fire crackers? Blow your freakin' mind man!

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Agreed...if you dig deep enough, always probing for answers, ultimately allowing you to personally Finger any problem area's or just to gain a sense of satifaction.

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I think this points to Nate garner starting at LG and Proctor will now play the backup role that Garner played last year

I dunno Hennie Ricky and Ronnie should have all the time In tha world back there this season!

How many disasters are people in the south going to live through before they move north? Hurricanes, oil spills, tornadoes, floods. Holy crap what in the hell did you people do to piss God off so much? Oh yeah, forgot about the whole fighting to keep slavery alive thing. Now it makes perfect sense. Hurricane season is just around the corner! Woo-hoo weeding em out!

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