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Which players will things 'click' for in 2010?

A dividend of having a young team, as the Dolphins inarguably have, is that players can take significant leaps from their rookie or second seasons, thus helping to raise the team to a much higher level almost overnight.

Sure, some players fail to take that big step or they don't meet the expectations and potential their gifts suggest. (Such players get traded to the San Francisco 49'ers for a fifth-round pick.)

But many up-and-comers make their biggest move in their second or third years.

I was discussing this in part with former wide receiver Nat Moore on our recent day-trip to Haiti when he recounted the story of Mark Duper and Mark Clayton. Moore told of how as a rookie year, Clayton often benefitted from the fact defenses typically doubled Mark Duper on the outside or himself on the inside. Clayton was still learning and really didn't contribute much as a rookie -- six catches for 114 yards.

"But the next year when the light bulb went on for him, there was no stopping him," Moore said of Clayton. "He beat single coverage and then he figured out the game so well, he could beat double-coverage. With his talent, he just took off."

Took off like a rocket, actually. Clayton caught 73 passes for 1,389 yards and a whopping 18 touchdowns in 1984. Duper, who didn't catch a pass as a rookie in 1982, climbed to 51 in 1983 and 71 for 1,36 yards in 1984. Apparently things clicked for him as well.

Well, we should expect the 2010 Miami Dolphins to sound like a field of crickets because I expect there to be a lot of clicking going on for that young roster.

The Dolphins have players that everyone in the organization hopes are on the cusp of being big-time contributors if not outright stars.

Chief on that list is quarterback Chad Henne.

In his third season and second as the starter, Henne must have a breakthrough season for the Dolphins to make a legitimate run at the playoffs. This is the year he has to solve the accuracy and timing issues he had at times in 2009 as a first-year starter. Those were understandable then. There's a next step to take now.

I think Henne will take that step. He's too gifted, too confident, and too hard-working not to take the step. I'm not expecting him to lead the league in passing. That's not what Miami's system is initially going to ask of him.

But 24-25 touchdowns? Why not?

And as long as he keeps the mistakes to maybe 10-12 interceptions, things will be very, very good in Miami.

Of course, Henne will need help. And there's a good chance he'll get it. Here is a list of other players I believe can have a breakout year in 2010. You'll notice some folks are missing. I'm being conservative here. I'm sure you will add the missing names in the comments section.

This is my list:

Brian Hartline: I predict he will win the starting job opposite Brandon Marshall. He is bigger than Davone Bess, faster than Greg Camarillo and he can play all three WR positions. He's a smart guy. He's mature. He gets it. He has shown reliable hands. No, he is not a burner. But he did run track in high school and I believe he's fast enough to hurt defenses when their focus is on Marshall.

Vontae Davis: It took him a while to find his NFL niche. He was raw and a little wide-eyed at first. But he is tough, he is as athletic as they come, he's fearless and there's no quit in him -- as evidence by that TD-saving tackle from behind on a kickoff last year. Davis suffered something of a setback with a wrist injury earlier this offseason. But there has been no mention of that lately and if he continues to rise at the rate he did after the midpoint of 2009, he'll be the second-best cornerback in the AFC East by the end of 2010.

I wanted to include Cameron Wake. I even had his paragraph written up. But I just need to see more. The fact is he was very explosive as a pass-rusher, but still had only one sack the final four games of the season when he was getting his most playing time. Wake might bust out with 14 sacks in 2010 and that would surprise no one. But he also might have six sacks in 2010 and, well, that would surprise no one. It will all depend on whether things clicked for him.


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I love Bess too! You really just want to route for the guy. He has an amazing story.

I love Bess too! You really just want to route for the guy. He has an amazing story.


Will ALL Have A shot At The 2011 Pro Bowl


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

TE Nalbone
BPs New Jersey Project should be cut this season

Posted by: Home | May 13, 2010 at 08:34 AM

Home you sly dog you. Posting this statement to poke fun at someone we all know....Why else did you mention "New Jersey Project"? Has no relevance to why he may be cut. LOL

I love Bess too! You really just want to route for the guy. He has an amazing story

I think the Fish have the LB's with what they have pulled in, so why not put Wake where he is most comfortable, with his hand on the ground. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't I've seen anyone that quick lately outside of Dwight Freeney. I'm sure I will be shouted down by all of you who should be General Managers, but really, even when he didn't make it to the QB they had to hurry things along, he's VERY disruptive and if he is doing that all the time, they will have to game plan against it. Trying to make him a hibrid might ruin what we have in him....which is Speed. He really is "Holy Crap" fast for a big man. Does anyone agree with me on this, or like most TRUE Dolfans, I am left feeling like I'm the only one in the room.

Excuse Home Forgot Vontae Davis


All Have A Shot At Earning A Spot In The 2010 Pro Bowl

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

The guy who should really be able to emerge is Patrick Turner. In Marshall, Turner should be able to in first hand demonstration see all of things the coaches have been asking a wr of his size and potential to be.

If the light does not come on for Turner with the arrival of Marshall we can truly count him as bust. In 2010 I expect Turner to go either feast or famine. If there is anything at all to this kid he will explode onto the nfl scene thanks to Marshall and could very well become his "clone".


I agree with you that Wake is disruptive. I wouldn’t worry about him though, he is going to have a solid season. The Dolphins were tired and injured last season. We ALWAYS get a sh!tty BYE.

I love Bess too! You really just want to route for the guy. He has an amazing story

I love him so much I posted this three times,
my name is Dolphin Disciple

Smith and Davis will only get better. Our secondary took a step forward this off season. It got a season older, wiser, and more aggressive with Coach Nolan. One rookie might surprise us and make us even better!

Chrowder is going to have a better season this year. He is supported by a better cast around him. The unit will believe in itself more. Better chem, more cohesiveness. The injection of new blood was a good move.

I still contend that the best defensive move this off-season was adding Nolan, though I love the Dansby move too. The b@st@rd newscasters on ESPN will have to respect us this year. So sick of the stupid Wets.

and thanks to someone who needs to buy a vowel, we saw the same post yet again!

1. henne
2. hartline
3. wake

bess will continue to improve
and so will randy starks

If the light indeeds comes on for Turner, could you guys imagine how devastating our wr corps would be with 2 starting wr's with the size of Marshall and Turner? There would not be a defensive backfield in the league that could handle such size, girth, and talent.

mat mosca
Quite candindly do not care what NJ Thinks
Have seen his thoughts on my FA picks
Karlos Dansby & BranGetterdon Marshall
Prior to them being picked

Who was Right?

For The Record
Hope NJ Matures but
Doubt that will ever happen, he is 47 yrs old now

For the Record
Home went to Dolphin Camp 2009 and
Took extreme close photo & short video up of John Nalbone & did sound bite that said "Nalbone NJ PHIN FAN wants to know If you are gonna make the team"
It was posted live at Tins Fins web site an obscure California based site on large panoramic photo

NJ Loved It & Was Estatic

But The New World Orders Symphony of Destruction has Turned him MAD

Peace NJ

With the arrival of Marshall the wr who stands the most to gain is Turner. They are both cut from the same physical mold. Now Turner has someone there to teach him how to use it.

BP has a history on every draft of getting a project player from New Jersey
No relevance to argumentative troll poster here

Turner will be fighting for his nfl life this season and Brandon Marshall will become the greatest "life support" mechanism he could have ever prayed for.

1. Lex Hilliard. I expect he will get a lot of carries and catch his share of balls coming out of backfield.
2. Fasano. Doesn't qualify as a rookie BUT had to switch TE positions because of Martin getting injured and had a very mediocre year. I expect him to come out and have a breakout year with Marshall on the team and a full training camp under his belt at strong TE position.
3. Brian Hartline. Love his heart, his attitude and his work ethics. I agree he will be #2 receiver

You might as well call San Fran right now and ask them "Want another one?" because Patrick Turner won't be beating anyone out for the job now that we have Marshall, Bess is perfecting the slot, and Hartline will naturally improve from that most impressive rookie year. Oh, and if either of those gets hurt, we have sure handed Camarillo to step in. Yea, see ya, Turner. As for young players 'clicking' keep your eye on our two DEs drafted a couple years ago: Langford and Merling. Odrick and Starks demand too much attention for these guys not to benefit. I wouldn't put so much faith (pressure) on Henne. Two new Guards on the line, and a new stud WR that will change our system. Expect growing pains. My guess is he will do only slightly better than ast year. You can't expect more from the guy when the scenery constantly changes.

Not worried about our TE position. Fasano will be fine. I also like our prospects of getting Vontae's all-pro TE brother in free agency next season. Vernon Davis will become an unrestricted fa in 2011.

Trade Bess? Come on man. I needed a new orange Dolphin jersey and purchased a Bess jersey cause I figured out of all the players, he was going to stick around the longest. Don't screw this up for me, Parcells!

nice post Mando, thanks.

I agree 1000% on hartline. He is, aside from henne, my favorite young player the regime has brought in. don't remember the game situation but that catch against the titans in the 4th qrt last season was all I needed to see. talent and a will not lose attitude.

hoping to see the next step in S. smith. I think Davis already took his steps forward by picking off randy MOSS TWICE last season. its clear vontae is going to be special.



You are dead wrong, our wr who has the most to gain with Marshall's arrival is Patrick Turner. Seeing as in how both are cut from the exact same physical mold, Turner could not have asked for a better blessing than to have Marshall as a teamate..

phinPickSack, please play the tape all the way through and don't continue to stay stuck in middle.

I doubt Turner will suddenly burn it up, but would be nice if it clicks enough for him to make the team and play. I love BESS and CAMARILLO, but they are the same guy, different hair cuts. If Turner can bring it and make the team as a 4th receiver, I wouldn't be surprised to see one of my boys go to another team...(PLEASE NOT THE PATS).

Some of you don't know the game of football. If Vontae got 4 picks and the opposing team threw to his side more than the other corner, that means the other team felt they had a better chance getting off a pass on Vontae's side than on Smith's side. The good thing is is that it didn't work. I saw both of them had there ups and downs with Vontae having a slight more down than Sean. The good thing is we have 2 promising corners and both of them was not bruised throughout the season. The main problem in the secondary was Wilson and he is gone now.

Agree DyingBreed

If An NFL Head Coach Comes out and says
He Dropped The Ball By Not Game Planning Pat Turner

The FBI Would Call That A Clue

6.5 225 Physical WR Pat Turner Is Here To Stay
With Mentor
6.4 230 Pro Bowl WR Brangetterdon The Beast Marshall

Why is everyone up Davis's butt when QB's chose to throw at him instead of Smith?


Sometimes I believe our fans get caught up in love for some particular player and lose sight of the bigger picture. "I love" any player that can arrive on the scene and give us the biggest chance of achieving the ultimate goal which is to win an nfl championship. for me it has nothing to do with "pick your favorites".

Any guy that helps to get us that oh so elusive nfl championship is my favorite no matter whether his name is Larry Czonka or Larry "the cable guy". My favorites are only determined by "who" is most capable of getting us a "ring".

I was still waiting for the answer to the Mark Duper/Jets questions. Did I miss it?

You CAN'T hedge your bet and say Wake will be good IF it clicks for him on a click prediction article. You either think it will or it won't for a prediction piece. Now you will be your typical self and claim you called it if he does well, as well as claim your doubts if he doesn't. Typical Mando nonsense.

I agree with the posters about Sean Smith. i bet will allen will be our other CB starter across from vontae.

our defense was the weak link last season...with nolan at the helm this unit will shine big time!
I expect the fins to be in the top 5 in most categories on D and hopefully top 10 on O.
AFC East is tough division and a 10-6 record with a playoff berth would be a realistic goal


LOL @ Lips
Same Guy
Dif Haircut

Believe with Camarillos 100% completion rate
and Ostentatious Butt Catch
His Trade Value Is At An All Time High

Would think about cutting TE Nalbone (not gonna be using all those multiple TE sets anymore with Marshall now on the team)
and Trade Cam

Cuz WR RGM has KR/PR Abilities or
WR 6.4 Roberto Wallace May Be Another Big Body WR
Completely Changing The Dynamics of Our WR corps

Dolphins Will have At least 5 WRs
Possibly 6 If One Like RGM Is A KR Specialist
but 6 Is a Reach

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

DyingBreed - I love their character, heart and the fact that in the last few years, they were almost good enough, given they are completely void of both speed and size..

but I would get rid of both to get a better 3rd and 4th receiver..

I am a fan of the Miami Dolphins - the only player I really would have gone to bat for was Marino.. but my love for Marino, his style, his ability.. is what made me a fan of the Dolphins. Without Marino, I may have been a Pats or Bills fan, as I grew up in Montreal..

agree with home....nalbone is gone..too much talent on the roster to keep him.
Question: what to do with pat white?

It Is A Play On The Word Begins

The Dynasty Begins!

The Dynasty Be Fins!

U Get that, Huh ?


With the arrival of Marshall, by process of elimination we have already acquired a better 3rd and 4th wr. Marshall's arrival alone immediatedly "upgraded" our entire recieving corps, including TE. Everyone's job just got a little easier.

Can we really carry 4 QBs? Thigpen would obviously have much more trade value, but really - can we go forward with Pennignton's shoulder and Pat White's...well, Pat White as the backups? If Henne gets hurt, our season would go down the pooper.

Why would anyone think that Turner will be anything more than a on the edge of being cut receiver. Has anyone seen him play. There's a reason why he didn't hit the field last year.

I don't think there's a reason or chance that either Bess or Camarillo go anywhere just yet. That is of course as long as Camarillo isn't injured again. All this about them being the same guys is ridiculous. Look at Wes Welker. I'd love a team made up of that guy. Camarillo won us the only game this team won on that 1-15 debacle. OK, I guess Billick helped that happen too but man that was an emotional moment. He also caught every single ball thrown his way last season.

Bess is going to get even better and I think he should have been on the list that started all this conversation. They kid has just got skill and led the team in receptions. There is no reason to break up a great nucleus. I can't wait to watch this offense grow together!

BP has a history on every draft of getting a project player from New Jersey
No relevance to argumentative troll poster here

Posted by: Home | May 13, 2010 at 08:57 AM

Good response Home,
I still say there is no relevance in mentioning where the state is in regards to the player. Truth

if henne gets hurt...penny is our starter.
thigpen moves to 2nd and i guess pw is 3rd.
do we keep pw on the roster just in case henne is hurt?
bigger question: is the wildcat still alive in 2010?

I agree - Bess will get better as will Hartline...true, but my point is... for Turner to make it on the field, someone has to go. I hope Turner can make it on the field and I predict Camarillo would be the one to go... again, I am ok with this.. given we can't carry 90 players... but his leaving would not be because lack of heart or effort (like Ginn).. he just is too similar to Bess and as a coach, unless we are talking probowler, I don't want to have too many at the same position with the same defficiencies.

Won't be suprised to see Pat White cut...I originally thought they would give him his 3 years but I'm not so sure the way they releasing their mistakes. Big camp for Pat White, find a spot or be gone

Miami Dolphin Franchise QB Henne
Has A Tendency To Overthrow
Henne Is Working on The Soft Touch

So What If These Were Some of His Targets

6.4 Brandon Marshall
6.5 Patrick Turner
6.6 Greg Olsen
6.4 Roberto Wallace

U Want Bigger More Physical WRs

How U Gonna Defend That?

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

agreed...if the "cat" is back, then white must improve his downfield throws...otherwise he is trade bait.

with a ladder, Home, with a ladder!

mat mosca
It Is Just A Fun Fact
That Is Always Mentioned From Inside Circles
On BPs Draft

The Relevance Is BP Is From NJ
So BP Is Always Picking A Later Round Longshot NFL Project From His Home Boy State of New Jersey
It Is Well Known Among Draft GURUs

U Get It Now?

Jeff I'm not up in Vontae's butt, but you gotta think about how he led the dolphins in interceptions as a rookie, he started games after Will Allen got hurt, our defense had trouble getting to the QB which means he had all day to throw the ball, lastly he had a scrub by the name of Gebril Wilson as his FS.. I don't think he'll have a pro bowl year but yes I do believe he'll make a jump from last year!

IMHO, where Pat White fits in is totally irrevevalent in 2010. Marshall just made our entire offense potebtial championship calibre so we now have the luxury to even tuck White away ubtil he fully develop if the fo sees the potential in him to do so.

We have Henne as our starter and CP will be the backup even if the depth chart doesn't state so. If the fo does not see future promise in White based on a "much improved" 2010 camp we will see Thigpen as the 3rd qb. White and Thigpen will battle for the 3rd qb spot and best man wins. I do not believe the roster spot will be freely handed over to either.

However I do believe if Thigpen does not clearly outplay White then White maybe given the roster spot due to being a very high 2nd rd selection. Also CP will have to show he is 100% physically capable to beat out both too, because if his shoulder's to far gone to be nfl effective this summer he could also find his name on the unkindest cut list by the end of camp.

I think coach Sparano is going to have a break through season of fist pumping, 1st down cheering, and FG freak outs. Maybe he will actually know what is going on from time to time and be able to properly use his time outs. Best coach - cheerleader ever!!!!!


My point is that if Turner's light doesn't come on with Marshall there is a permanent power outage. They both are similar size and speed. Marshall has learn to use his masterfully and would be the perfect tutor to Turner. If he can't learn from Marshall the powerlines are permanently down.

What about those Montreal Canadians?That was pretty impressive how they shut down the Caps and the Penguins.I'm a Sabres fan,but I wouldn't mind seeing the Canadians taking it all.Sorry to get off the topic.Go Dolphins.

With all of the 'near midget" wr's last season Turner had no examples to learn how to excell in the nfl as a classic "big wr". All of that should change with Marshall in camp.

How bout Sean Smith? The other 2nd year starting CB... He was a starter before Vontae but didnt nab a single interception, but that was because teams didnt want to throw toward him... He was a defensive blanket!

I think u could still put Wake in there too...

Henne - will only be a s good as the coaching staff lets him be. If we continue to run the wild-cat Henne will never develop. The wild-cat is detrimental to the development to any young quarterback. It demonstrates a lack of confidence by the coaching staff in the young quarterback and even worse it put's Henne in almost impossible situation. 3rd an 17, 2nd and 23 ect.... I cant count the times the wild-cat lost yards on consecutive plays and the they would send Henne in and basically say "go get us a first down Henne."

The positive effects wore thin very quickly and for the most part it became ineffective and just took the ball out of the quarterbacks hands.

Everyone keeps talking about Henne's his inability to throw the touch pass. I don't think that's the case. I think the problems has more to do with throwing lanes and the inability of the offensive line to slow the initial push of the defensive line down. Our offensive line does a fairly good job of protecting Henne eventually but if you watch the games closely you will see that we start the drop to fast and give up to much ground. On the other hand our initial blast off the line on running plays is very good. In order for Henne to throw the ball over giant defensive linemen and drop it in the hands of a crossing receiver or running backs hands requires some separation between the line and Henne. If you don't believe me the try kit. Go out in the yard and stand 5 yards then 7 yards and finally 10 yards behind a ten foot step ladder and throw a football over the top and you will start to understand the situation. It's nobody's fault, lineman are trained to drop back and from a pocket around the quarterback. So, either Henne starts taking a seven step drop or Miami spends more time in the shotgun.

Vontae Davis - a beast in the making. Unlimited Upside.

SS - Great corner but's need help in coverage. In some ways he is to good at single coverage. He plays the receivers so tight it works against him. One good move and there is separation. He has to get some help over the top or loosen up and play off the receiver. The only problem with that is I don't think he has the recovery speed to do that. Better to let him play tight and give him some help.

Cameron Wake - forget about playing linebacker - let him play monster-man or rover - basically the same position as Lawrence Taylor. Move him around from side to side and let him chase the quarterback all day. His one goal in life should be to kill the QB and if by any chance he see's someone come buy with the ball then tackle them. LT did one thing really well - kill the quarterback and CW could be that same type of player.

Stop worrying about Pat Turner already
Miles Austin & Vincent Jackson Took 3 YRs To Develop

Saw Turner Play
Saw Him Go Deep Come Back To the Ball(Pennington)
& Catch a 37 Yd Pass UP & Over sean smith Last season in Camp
Saw Turner Catch 15 YD Pass and Flatten Eric Green
Running Over Him & Scoring TD
When They Played Pat Turner in preseason
Turner Led The Team in Receiving Yards

Pat Turner Will Be Good Addition To The Miami Dolphins WR Corp

Miami Dolphins WR Corp Is Going From A Rating of
0 to HERO In 2010

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

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