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Which players will things 'click' for in 2010?

A dividend of having a young team, as the Dolphins inarguably have, is that players can take significant leaps from their rookie or second seasons, thus helping to raise the team to a much higher level almost overnight.

Sure, some players fail to take that big step or they don't meet the expectations and potential their gifts suggest. (Such players get traded to the San Francisco 49'ers for a fifth-round pick.)

But many up-and-comers make their biggest move in their second or third years.

I was discussing this in part with former wide receiver Nat Moore on our recent day-trip to Haiti when he recounted the story of Mark Duper and Mark Clayton. Moore told of how as a rookie year, Clayton often benefitted from the fact defenses typically doubled Mark Duper on the outside or himself on the inside. Clayton was still learning and really didn't contribute much as a rookie -- six catches for 114 yards.

"But the next year when the light bulb went on for him, there was no stopping him," Moore said of Clayton. "He beat single coverage and then he figured out the game so well, he could beat double-coverage. With his talent, he just took off."

Took off like a rocket, actually. Clayton caught 73 passes for 1,389 yards and a whopping 18 touchdowns in 1984. Duper, who didn't catch a pass as a rookie in 1982, climbed to 51 in 1983 and 71 for 1,36 yards in 1984. Apparently things clicked for him as well.

Well, we should expect the 2010 Miami Dolphins to sound like a field of crickets because I expect there to be a lot of clicking going on for that young roster.

The Dolphins have players that everyone in the organization hopes are on the cusp of being big-time contributors if not outright stars.

Chief on that list is quarterback Chad Henne.

In his third season and second as the starter, Henne must have a breakthrough season for the Dolphins to make a legitimate run at the playoffs. This is the year he has to solve the accuracy and timing issues he had at times in 2009 as a first-year starter. Those were understandable then. There's a next step to take now.

I think Henne will take that step. He's too gifted, too confident, and too hard-working not to take the step. I'm not expecting him to lead the league in passing. That's not what Miami's system is initially going to ask of him.

But 24-25 touchdowns? Why not?

And as long as he keeps the mistakes to maybe 10-12 interceptions, things will be very, very good in Miami.

Of course, Henne will need help. And there's a good chance he'll get it. Here is a list of other players I believe can have a breakout year in 2010. You'll notice some folks are missing. I'm being conservative here. I'm sure you will add the missing names in the comments section.

This is my list:

Brian Hartline: I predict he will win the starting job opposite Brandon Marshall. He is bigger than Davone Bess, faster than Greg Camarillo and he can play all three WR positions. He's a smart guy. He's mature. He gets it. He has shown reliable hands. No, he is not a burner. But he did run track in high school and I believe he's fast enough to hurt defenses when their focus is on Marshall.

Vontae Davis: It took him a while to find his NFL niche. He was raw and a little wide-eyed at first. But he is tough, he is as athletic as they come, he's fearless and there's no quit in him -- as evidence by that TD-saving tackle from behind on a kickoff last year. Davis suffered something of a setback with a wrist injury earlier this offseason. But there has been no mention of that lately and if he continues to rise at the rate he did after the midpoint of 2009, he'll be the second-best cornerback in the AFC East by the end of 2010.

I wanted to include Cameron Wake. I even had his paragraph written up. But I just need to see more. The fact is he was very explosive as a pass-rusher, but still had only one sack the final four games of the season when he was getting his most playing time. Wake might bust out with 14 sacks in 2010 and that would surprise no one. But he also might have six sacks in 2010 and, well, that would surprise no one. It will all depend on whether things clicked for him.


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Wow Home, we pretty much said the exact same thing at almost the same time. Great minds think a like my Dolfan friend!

Dave Taylor, I totally agree about Solai and Merling. If those guys step up this year (Mike Nolan's schemes should help), Mami's defense will be great. If they don't, then the trifecta better make a move for a stud NT. I know Starks is good but there has to be a rotation to keep them rested enough to make through 4th quarter. I know Merling is a DE but he needs to step up and show more of what he did against the Jets his rookie year.

Gotcha Indiana Dolfan

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On Madden 10 Marshall on the Dolphins provides an explosive attack and Davonne Bess catches over 100. I put bess in the slot and Marshall in the slot for 3rd down and fourth down conversions. Whipped the Jets 41-0 in one game.

I traded Ronnie Brown and was forced to pass. Henne has 44 touchdowns with the moves they have made. Dansby is a monster on defense and covers the middle well.

Mando if you were to get a Dolphins jersey, which player would you get?

DyingBreed,don't pass out on PriceMasters couch with that tree.

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Like to Get Gainsville FL & Super Bowl Performer
Tom Petty
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Celebrity Owners

oh, hell yes

Tom Petty, Very nice tune Home...

Would love to see TE Vernon Davis(Vontae's brother) come here next season. Can you imagine him on the same field with Marshall? Wow, he's too good to cover with a lb and to big to cover with a db!

Talking about "stud NT" miami get a rookie free agent Travis Ivey from Maryland, I don't find much information about him, just that he is 6'4" 341 and atletic, any one have some opinion about Travis?

Pat White will be bigger, and stronger and he will get a good shot to show his worth.




I read on another South Florida site that the niners are rumored to be working out a five year deal for Vernon Davis . He wants 25 mil guaranteed. Hopefully talks fall through, but they would probably franchise him anyway if he has another good year.

ThanX Aloco

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Thanks Aloco!

deal for 49ers vernon davis said expected to be before start of season. nice thought though


Home also enjoys your Miami Dolphins Football Insight & Thoughts
Good posts by U All Day

No Reach Around Needed LOL


This just printed about Davis today.

Thanks Home. We are all just fellow finfans keeping eachother well informed!

Thanks Home. We are all just fellow finfans keeping eachother well informed!

Crazy blog just made me double post. LOL!

I would say Bess will bust out in terms of TD's this season. Having Marshall outside should open things up for the speedy little guy inside.

I also wouldn't be surprised if Fasano returned to his form of two seasons ago. If he is still with us of course.

The offensive line has a chance to be an elite group this year. Long, Jerry, Grove Incognito, Carey. This is an imposing group. I think Jerry will be the star of this draft class, and will form that all important bond on the left side of the line that should do wonders for the development of Chad Henne. More importantly we should be able to control the line of scrimmage, and with the rotation of our bounty of running backs, be able to control games in the 4th quarter.

Part of the fun, or disappointment, in following a young team like the Fins is watching the youngsters develop.

Lot's of rooks and 2nd yr guys have to contribute in a big way for the Fins to have success this year. Vonte snd Smith for sure, but especially Misi as Wake, we have no other options at OLB. They are the key to the D. I'm not even gonna question Starks at NT, Trifecta would not move him there if they did not believe he could do it.

On O it's all about Henne. Now that he has Marshall no exuses, and Hartline since the guy has proven he is a solid #2. And Bess is a proven slot guy.

I've heard a lot of crap on this blog about we mishandled Matt Roth blab blah blah, we should've gotten something for Matt Roth, blah blah blah. Well I take great pleasure in reading that Matt Roth is planning on being a no-show at Browns minicamp on Monday as part of a contract dispute.

Bess will be Marshall's Eddie Royal, remember Royal's Rookie year when he was healthy all year royal was a stud, hope bess breaks out a year like royal's, go fins go

I believe Brian Hartline will not only be good, but I have the feeling he is going to emerge as one of the best WR in the NFL in the coming NFL season.

The fins WR for this year, barring injury will be

1) Bess
2) Marshall
3) Camarillo
4) Hartline

A fifth WR will most likely be a specialist KR/PR which with a good TC will be Rice Crispy Gullens

Trading Bess or Camarillo when the WR trade values are at an all time low would be stupid.

I have noticed that NJ Phin Fan does like you to well Home?? You even cause him to not come on here and/or post on here. Very nice my friend!!

Nice positive post today Armando.

I think your right on all counts and the big bonus comes from knowing that probably 2, 3 or 4 of the rookie class will make a substantial contribution. Until we find out why Reshad fell to the fifth round I'm thinking he can be a huge plus for us this year. Since we're drinking the kool aid today wouldn't it be great if one of our rooks was rookie of the year this season?????

U All Know This Will Be BPs

Last Chance & Last Dance w/ The Miami Dolphins

So Going All In with Brandon Marshall
Will Be It For The Bill Parcells Legacy

Home Was Thinking About The Brilliant Brandon Marshall Trade and Bill Parcells Connection:

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***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

On a side note, Indianapolis has the SuperBowl in 2012. Does anyone know if the halftime performer has been decided? I am think ing it has not been decided yet, but I am going to make a guess....John Cougar Mellencamp!!! You heard it here first straight from INDIANA!! Haaaaa

Home, with Regards to Nalboner , this guy was cut twice from the Pratice Squad . No chance this guys stick around this year.

I like Sperry better than Haynos. Haynos cant break a tackle and his only asset is his 7 ft tall.

What is the best solution for Pat White? I don't see where he will find a roster spot on this team. Do the Phins cut him outright, sign him to the practice squad, or try and trade him? I keep saying change his number, put him on special teams as a return guy in the preseason. See how he does returning punts, kickoffs. Maybe that is way he finds a spot here.

Fins will not keep 4 QBs, they will keep 4 RBS instead.
With Cobbs and Ronnie coming back from Injuries that might even keep Sperry on the 53 man Roster.

Trifecta is waiting for an injury to some famous QB in TC to trade PigPen for a decent pick. If this fails, send Pat White to CFL.

Pat White cant be signed to the PS because he was active in too many NFL games last season.

1) Cut
2) Trade
3) Move to Cleat Guy job

Waterboy, Thans for clearing up the PS rule. I did not know that. Cleat Guy Job sounds about right.

Turner is camp fodder, doubt he cracks the 64 man cut.

IMO, regarding pat white, i was also upset that we blew such a high pick on this guy. however, i want to see what the damn kid can do!!! don't cut this season would be my vote. unless we get a 3-5 rd pick for him don't trade either.

Cut thigpen absolutely!!! he didn't debut very well against the steelers and he is no rookie. we'd probably see more of that in the future.

Yes WaterBoy
As stated earlier Nalbone being let go
Esp w/ Obvious Marshall addition and less TEs to be used
Seems like a No Brainer

In Regards to Haynos
He did score a couple nice TDs getting good separation for the tallest member of the Dolphins team
Dont think anyone is Gonna buy his Football Jersey though LOL

Did U Know
Last Year New Acting NT Tony McDaniel from the Jacksonville Jaguars
Punched Haynos In The Face

U Prob Thought McDaniel Only Smashed His
Girlfriends Cell Phones

Does anyone else think that when Henne has his helmet on he looks like Will Ferrell?

I think Mcdaniels can outrun Haynos. Just saying, anyone have Haynos 40 yard dash time?

Its like watching in slow mo when he is trying to get open.

PS Lex Hillard is an underrated pass catcher.

He looks like a squished potato

"Cut thigpen absolutely!!! he didn't debut very well against the steelers and he is no rookie. we'd probably see more of that in the future"

Posted by: dolfanSF

Plungie nominee of the day

Cut Thigpen?? Absolutely not..kid played well against the Steelers and is are #2 QB...upside with him

My Prediction is that Sparano's shades will drop off his face when he bear hugs Carpenter after an extra point in the last preseason game.

sounds funny but I think it'll be Bess that gets traded & that is why Marshall has not got a number yet!!! Don't make sense but just a feeling??? GO FINS!!!

My breakout player is going to break out right out of the gate in his rookie year:
Jared Odrick (aka Shock and Awe)
A two-time All-Big Ten First-Team selection, while being tabbed the 2009 Big Ten Defensive Player and Lineman of the Year, en route to All-Amercan honors...Finished his senior season, with 41 total tackles, 11 TFLs and seven sacks...The complete package with great size and size potential...Possesses excellent strength, agility and playmaking ability...Athleticism is off the charts, with the ability to hold his own against the run, penetrate and get after the passer, or drop back in coverage if need be...Tough for any offensive lineman to handle one-on-one, as he uses his strength to SHOCK and AWE...Solid tackler that finishes well...Dolphins add the productive Odrick to a defensive line that should be better this season.

Read more: http://sports.miamiherald.com/merge/tsnform.aspx?c=miami2&page=nfl/draft/2010/bio.aspx?p=8872#ixzz0npnl0iBm

Most of my breakouts are the same as Mando - but I have more faith in wake. Not a fan of relying on rookies - most oft breakout guys are in 2nd or 3rd year. Here are 2 more names worth considering: Donald Thomas and incognito. If either of these guys can dominate the line of scrimage - we will have a great running game.

On the subject of oline how bout Jake grove. He needs to stay healthy. That will be a breakout year for him.

Finally here is another guy I think many people don't have faith in: pat white. Couple bog runs out of the wildcat (and maybe a couple of completions) would be nice

Is it too crazy to have dreams about the Dolphins and stressing the tougher games this upcoming year??? Just wanna know if I should seek professional help or not.

KillerFin - You are nuts on that thought. Bess is not going anywhere!!!

enrique1085...the best medication for stressing the tougher games and/or watching the tougher games is to drink more beers!!!!

Does no one remember the big contract we signed Camarillo to two seasons ago? I don't think he's going anywhere.

Is it too crazy to have dreams about the Dolphins?
Posted by: enrique1085 | May 13, 2010 at 02:25 PM

Hell No enrique!

It`s a beautiful day, the sun beat down
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I had a dream that Incognito pancaked JT on a sweep block as Ronnie Brown flashed his smile while strolling to an easy touchdown.
Then Rex was caught on camera dropping an F Bomb


What's up with the Sean Smith hate?

Drew Bree's said Smith had the best coverage he had faced up to that point last season.

I'm not saying Smith is better than Davis(though I think he will be), but there is a reason opposing QB's went after him more than Smith last year.

Smith and Wake are my breakout picks.

On passing downs Nolan's weakside LB basically becomes a DE. He'll play with his hand on the ground. I think he will be moved around a lot and used much like LT was used by the Giants.

Lebron James will be available for Training Camp as a TE once he loses tonight.

I think he can beat out Haynos


SPOOKY! I keep having the same dream :)

I can't wait to see JT being a non-factor in his new ugly GayGreen uniform.

Why are you dreaming about sweaty men? Kiddn....
Yeah I could see that play happening more than once bro

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