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Smith guarantees he won't be shut out in 2010

As you may already know, my column in The Herald today shares the feelings the Dolphins have about all the moves and boasts the New York Jets have made this offseason. I talked with cornerback Sean Smith to gather information for the column and I wish to share here some of the material about Smith I didn't use in the column.

Smith, who started all 16 games at cornerback as a rookie, is locked in a competition with Will Allen and Vontae Davis -- three men wanting two starting jobs. My opinion is Davis is going to win one of those jobs and it will fall to Allen or Smith to decide the other.

So what does Smith think of how he did in his rookie season with hindsight giving him clearer vision of 2009?

"I think I did some real good things out there," he said. "I don't think there was a game where I was getting my butt whipped all game. I would say there wasn't any receiver that had my number for a whole game. I think my coverage was solid for the most part. Even though I didn't have any interceptions, I'd say my play was above average for a rookie."

The zero interception statistic is obviously one Smith isn't thrilled about. He says, indeed, guarantees that number will change in 2010.

"I guarantee that will change this year," he said. "Guaranteed. No way I will go another year without an interception. It's impossible."

Smith might have thought he was going to be an interception machine after collecting two in the 2009 preseason. But the real games are different and the higher stakes obviously affected Smith's coverage plans.

"The first year I moved to corner from wide receiver, I had four [interceptions]," Smith said. "So I was like, 'It's not really that hard, I don't see how guys struggle.' Next year I had five. Then I had two in the preseason and I thought, 'We'll keep rolling.' But then you get in the game when it really counts and you don't want to be that guy that messes up.

"At times I was being a little bit too hesitant. And we were in some close, close games and if I gamble one time and I get beat, I'm like, 'No way. I'm not bearing that on my shoulder.' You can't play like that."

So how far does Smith believe he's come one year into his career?

"I'm a lot more comfortable," he said. "I'm talking out there. I'm more vocal. I'm able to disguise things. I'm able to feel like a real vet, you know what I mean? I got the rookies asking me things. It's good to give advice instead of asking all the time."

Smith is also being smarter about his body and training regimen. Last year, he'd eat fast food and not concern himself with massages or icing down. Now he's eating more vegetables and fruits and staying away from fast food.

He hopes that will help him avoid the letdown he felt the final five or six games of last year when he felt somewhat worn down.

"I seen guys getting ice the first couple of weeks and I figured, 'I'm fresh I'm good,' " Smith said. "But after a while I had to take their advice. It was tough but I got through it.

"As the year went on I started to get the feel for body language of the receivers, learning how he lifts when he's going to break down. When you're watching things from the side you can tell when he's going to stop but when you're watching things from dead on its harder to tell when he's going to (drop) the hips."

It should be an interesting competition at cornerback.

[Check back throughout the day Saturday for updates from Day 2 of minicamp.]


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Haha that was funny you turd. Good job ruining this blog.


Davis should win easily, but I wouldn't be too surprised if Allen beats out Smith for the other spot.Should be a good battle though.

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fake home fake carlito. You have nothing to offer this blog. Ur an ignorant fool who if ur not a Jet fan u may as well be. Actually you prob are a Jet troll. Ya hear that any dolphans who care. A turd Jet troll is ruining ur blog. Lol you dirty scum sucking jet crap. Have at it punk.

Smith starts. No competition here. Youth. Parcells guy. Allen is nickel.

Fake THUNDERBOLT at 11:38

Any word about Turners injury?I hope this doesn't end up being another Roth psycho injury like last year.Also about Ronnie Brown and his contract situation....he really needs to have an injury free,1000 yard season if he expects a big pay day,and I'm not convinced it will be the Dolphins giving him that big check.

I never thought about it from that angle Jimmy.I stand corrected.

Fake THUNDERBOLT at 11:42, watch this guy, he gets nasty

Smith and davis will be the starters this year. Allen will play the nickel and that will be alot playn the pats n jets twice vikes n packers. Plus allen is coming from knee surgery. why dont we wear the aqua jersey on top of the aqua pants anymore? Does anyone know?

John, that's your contribution tonight? Why don't we wear aqua jersey on aqua pants? Thanks for stopping by. Deep blog John

There is no way fake thunderbolt is a dolphins fan. U must have a personal vendetta against armando. Every day same garbage. Dude ur such a loser go get laid. Serously even if you have to pay for it. Armando till u fix ur blog i Wont be buyin the new app. Just sayin.

Wow, Thunderbolt won't be paying $1.99 for new app. Way to take a stand and hurt the Herald. Just sayin

You thought your wife was selling Avon?

The real one is here. Tommy dont pay attention to the other one

I'm gonna kill that biatch!!!!!!

John, because aqua on aqua is bush league. It looks too generic, and its just not traditional Miami Dolphins. I also do not like when they wear the orange tops. I understand the desire of some to change it up every now and then but this isn't high school, its the pros, lets keep it traditional. Especially for a team that has such a rich tradition.

That being said, I could honestly give two chits what kind of uniforms they don, as long as they play like champions.

Sean Smith sounded very good and intelligent there. I have seen people post some of his twitter blurbs, and from what I had seen, I couldnt say intelligent. Not that I thought he was a dummy, it's good to see he has been putting in the time and he has a grasp that the mental aspect is equally important to the physical part. All that being said, after rewatching every game, I am strong in my opinion he is a boundary corner, and will struggle to be elite. He will start, but I believe this is as much with his skills as it is his inability to be effective in the slot. From what I have seen, Davis could be elite, but if Smith turns out to be, I'll be surprised.

"As the year went on I started to get the feel for body language of the receivers, learning how he lifts when he's going to break down. When you're watching things from the side you can tell when he's going to stop but when you're watching things from dead on its harder to tell when he's going to (drop) the hips."

This statement is a sign things are "begining" to slow down for him. Then there's this statement:

"but when you're watching things from dead on its harder to tell when he's going to (drop) the hips."

This part of the statement tells me the game still hasn't slowed enough for him to completely dominate opposing wr's. But when he is able to tell when the wr is going to "drop his hips" he will know exactly when to drive on the ball and become an interception machine.

Right now he seems to still be in "reaction mode" which still isn't so terrible because he realizes that's where he is. Guessing gets db's into more trouble than anything else. It's better for the wr to make the catch and the db to make the tackle than give up 7pts.

Sean Smith's words have no credibility yet. He told me to get used to him making interceptions after a highlight reel pick last pre-season. I'm still waiting to get used to it. Less talk. More action.

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Another busted miami draft. How the hell do you let a once in a generation talent like Dez Bryant go? Now we have a bunch of special teamers.

Dez who? HaHa now that's funny.
Did you hear the Dez Bryant interview on ESPN?
Barely literate. The guys IQ is like 80!
Another busted Dallas draft. He will fail in droves.
This years Miami draft will be better than the last 2 which is says A LOT!
Get used to it losers
Miami Wins the AFC East again

"Once in a generation talent"
What type of drugs are you doing really?
This guy is not smart enough to make it in the nfl. He could get by in college when the talent was not as condensed. In the nfl you need smarts . . . at least a little. Dez falls chort of at least a little. Let him collect his money from Dallas a Roy Williams did (another Dallas bust) and fade away back to the getto

Did you hear the Dez Bryant interview on ESPN?
Barely literate.

Posted by: Joeswilly | May 29, 2010 at 04:16 AM

With all due respect Joeswilly, you give him too much credit. SERIOUSLY, he more than qualifies as illiterate.

Not smart enough to make it in the NFL?
He's come a long way, but the fact is, Dez aint smart enough to make a sentence.

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Poor DeZ. lol ThunderBolt,now that guy is me,myself,and Irene!!

Oh yeah the Orange uniform's are awsome, no one else has anything close, and we are 3-0 when we wore them!

I think that Smith will get the other job with Davis we need young corners to be more versatil, they already had one year of experience so this will be a good year for both since Mike Nolan is taking care of them

i am sure smith will have a better year this year ,he's getting better and smarter .

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I see we're off to a good start this morning.

he seems very happy and can speak english which a good thing .

Good Morning Dolfans & OTA Watchers

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I agree that Sean Smith will have a better season than he did last year...Safety play and Linebackers will be paramount!I agree with those that say he is out of position and gets turned around alot but for a rookie that is common.most of the negativity surrounding him on this blog are unfounded.Expectations are wat too high.

"way" too high...sorry..need coffee.

Ok sean
Know U Will Read This
U Media Ho! LOL

Stop Running Your Mouth
And Start Playing Insanely Good Football

Your Juvenile & Immature
Self Promoting BS
Is Puke Inducing

U Have Earned Nothing
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Not home?

Does anyone know how Turner even got hurt?...splinters? Practice squad? Offseason?

I agree with Smith that it unwise to gamble too much as a rookie corner...good way to get to the bench though if you gamble and lose.

Good Question Sammy29

Surprised Turners Injury Has been Kept Top Secret

Dont Think sean Can Prove He Is a starter At Any NFL Position

Vontae Will Challenge For a spot In the Pro Bowl

Who Da Man?

Top Secret or.....he needs to rise above the pain to win a spot on this team?

Pat Turner Will Shine
In the Miami Dolphins Sun

Home, What's with the extreme hatred for Sean Smith?....It's like you would prefer to see him fail.It's not like he's Wilson.If you think he's a weak link that's your opinion but I don't understand yhe personal attacks(back to the ghetto?)I wish the best for every Miami Dolphin.I don't look through Aqua colored glasses though.I see alot of players on this team that have played worse than Smith and have more experience.

I hope you're right about Turner...that would certainly change the dynamics of our passing game as I believe we have too many receivers on the roster that bring the same thing to the table on gameday.

Will Allen will be better as the nickel guy inside. I don't see the Dolphins letting him become a "progress stopper."

Will Allen would better cover the slot in my opinion because of his experience and agility.Good post FLPD

Been Stirring The Pot on sean Since
Saw His Sub Par Performance In Dolphin Camp 2009

Dont Think Just Cuz A Player Is Tall
Makes Him Great

Saw Almost EVERY WR Beat This Guy In Camp

The Hype On Him is Def Not Deserving
Premature Over Inflated Ego

Home stood almost alone on this view since last June/July

Since the season started last year
Anyone that Truly Watches CB play and Reviews Tape
Would Certainly have Reservations on This Player and See How Darn Lucky He Was Last Year
Now maybe 25% of fans
Can See What home is Talking About
The Rest Of The Sheep
Just Want An Egg McMuffin & Coffee

Truth Hurts
sean Is Not That Good
ANY Good NFL QB Can Take sean To School

That was a good column about what the Dolphins think of the Jets, Armandito. I love what Jason Ferguson said and Ronnie Brown always has my respect for his hatred for the Jets.

I guess I haven't noticed the ego thing.I'll have to take your word on it as you are probably better informed.I do watch corner and safety play but could probably benefit from a wider tv!I though he had a respectable rookie campaign.As I've stated before he should have a better season with better supporting cast.We will see what this year brings.I hope you are wrong about him.

Will Allen & Vontae Davis Should Start

Chris Clemons will Rise & Deliver at Safety

Dolfans will Like What They See

Keep It Real

Wise To Quell sean & Ecuador volcano
"The Throat Of Fire"

Eruption Not Good

The Prophet


I saw that column, and I also saw Ronnie's interview on the team's website. He is my favorite Dolphin, but that has nothing to do with my post. I really hope he puts it all together for 16 games this year. The guy is classy (DUI aside) and he works as hard as anyone. He is unselfish, and as the Wildcat showed, smart and versatile. The injury bug seems to find him, and betrays him. With a great run blocking line, a QB that can make throws to all levels, a WR to prevent consistent 8 man fronts, and depth at the position to keep him fresh, Ronnie should have a HUGE season. The guy deserves it, he really does.

HOME, Who plays nickel? If you don't like Smith now you'll hate him at nickel.I wanna believe you about Clemons, but.............skeptical.

How Bout Who Ever Nike Nolan Tells Us

Clemons Has made Some Great Plays &
Is A Natural Ball Hawk

Know this rook tightened up in real game situation but
Consider This An Abberation

This Pup Bites
Expect some game changing plays from Clemons
Reminiscent of Troy P.
and not just the hair

Home Is Pulling for Chris Clemons

*Mike Nolan

There Is Another Nolan
To Keep A Serious Eye On

Rookie CB Nolan

Expect CB Nolan To Rise

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

The Prophet
NostraHomeUs Has Spoken

I am pulling for him too! He seems to be the best option we have.I like his range also.I really wanted Jason Allen to step up but that seems unlikely.

sean smith Should Not Have A Speaking Part
With The Miami Dolphins

Respect Is Earned Over Time

seans Ints Trophy Case IS EMPTY

Y-Bell, Starkes, Dansby & Some Vontae

not sean "The Poser" smith

I am usually a descent talent spotter but my friend reminded me of my lowest moment....I said ....wait for it....."Avery is the next Barry Sanders"..."mark my words"....LOL!!!! Oh my god!That should have tasted like sh it coming out of my mouth...too funny.

Good & Fair Observation @ 12:21 AM

However NostraHomeUs Sees The sean Glass
As... Half Empty

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