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On Pat White and today's final minicamp day

It is the third and final day of the Miami Dolphins minicamp and while we're waiting for the start of the morning practice, let me share with you some Pat White knowledge.

As you may know, I wrote my Sunday column on White, making the point he needs to improve dramatically and beat out Tyler Thigpen to earn a spot on the roster this year. He's definitely not on the team yet.

Well, there were topics that came up during my interview with White that didn't make it into the column. One such topic was the quarterback's ordered discarding of his glove on this left (throwing) hand.

White says that move affected him, but not necessarily physically.

"Did it affect me? Probably more mentally than physically," White siad. "It was just a little extra grip. I spent four or five years in West Virginia where there's not really a lot of humidity and then in snow games when your hands are frozen it helped out a lot. I just got accostomed to it."

I also asked White about that regular-season finale when he got knocked out. Seems White can joke about it.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I don't remember anything about none of that. I just don't remember," White said seriously.

Then he smiled. He was putting me on. He remembers.

"No, I would just like to say it made me wiser," he continued. "This is the NFL. Guys do this for their job. We like to call it here recess, but a lot of guys out there are bigger, faster, stronger."

White said he has to recall his baseball days in the future and slide.

[Practice begins in about 30 minutes. I will update you after the workout and interviews right here. You can also follow me on twitter for quickie updates from the field.] 


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White has the potential , ala Doug Flutie. If he gets first downs and moves the chain, nobody will peck at him like last year. You can't get rid of a guy you let throw 1/2 a dozen passes last year. But...you have to move on after this year, if he doesn't work out. I like him throwing out of the WildCat a lot more this year.

The only potential White has is possible trade bait. Simply don't see him as an NFL QB.

Get what you can and move on.

Yes learn how 2 slide but just don't become like teddybear ginn who would drop at the sound of butterfly wings flapping

This pygmy was and is the greatest mistake the Dolphins have ever made in there history. This guy just needs to get out. He is a joke.

white is garbage, cut your losses and move on

Joe you`re funny. I`ve had the pleasure of watching Flutie for a long time. He was QB for the Stamps for a few seasons and the CFL MVP at the same time. He was awesome then. Pat White is not in his league.
Flutie was a field general. He managed the game like the best ever and I mean that.He had go to plays like the Naked Bootleg. Nobody has ever run it as well. He had presence on the field and knew where his recievers were. In general he made the players around him better.
With Pat White you don`t see these qualities,you see a young football player who has a weak arm and poor vision. You see a kid trying to move up but with serious roadblocks infront of him. This is a team that really looks like it can win now. Why would they have a QB to maybe develop as a backup on it. They`ve already got a young starter!!!
One last point about Pat. I don`t think he could even make it up here in the CFL. He can run around on the foeld but with the huge field I don`t think he could throw an out. Yes the out is a hugely important play up here too, and you need a strong arm to do it.
The sooner Pat White decides to change positions to Wide Receiver the better for him...or sports to baseball!!

PW may have the will, and he does have some talent, but I just don't think he has the size to be an NFL QB! Just like everyone got bigger and faster when you go from high school to college, there's a big jump from college to pro. Other than the fact that he was intriguing as a Wildcat option, I really don't know why we took him in the draft. Maybe, it was to keep another team from drafting him. It just didn't make sense then and keeping him doesn't make sense now. And, we still have one more player to release to get down to 80 before training camp. He's a prime candidate to go.

Tracy474, I see you finally settled down. You were crying about certain people on these blogs. Dont cry son, thanks for stopping by

Rumor that I have heard was billacheat and tha patsys where lookin at white and we took him partialy cause of that!

I could be mistaken, but I thought it was his accuracy that was off and not his arm strength. I dont mind if the Fins hold on to him, he is talented, works his butt off and he is a class act (FIRST CLASS at that!). He is an amazing athlete, and the fact we spent a second round pick on him should keep him here at least another year. He's just to special to give up on so soon.

How things change. Usually when Mando posts a blog about Pat White, there's a whole slew of folks who come on to defend him (talking about how good he WAS, or that it was only one year, or we need to give him time to develop). I think maybe people are starting to wise up. There's plenty of QB's who came to the league with high hopes and expectations who just couldn't cut it in the NFL. All teams have draft busts. The difference is the good ones know when to cut their ties to stop the hemorraging. It might not exactly be that time yet with White (I like that he's gained weight in the offseason). But, that time is coming very soon. If I'm Pat White, I opt NOT to work on WildPat, and ask to work more on throwing the ball so that he can complete some passes in the Preseason and keep a job.

Don't know but if what Mando says is true about 65% compleations we may have a real battle here for tha 3rd string.... Either that or Mandos trying to raise his trade value... Lmao

Go get em Armando

The crew on the sentinel said they are way better than U
They said U could not hold a candle to their @ss when it comes to Miami Dolphin reporting

Of course Home believes competition is healthy

So Don`t come back with a "Junk Shot" after a failed
"Top Kill"

Had Enuff of the British Petroleum Dog & Pony Show?

Pat White Put on Bout 8 Pounds of Muscle
Since Last Season & Further Reduced His BMI

Now Pat White Needs To Put The Gloves Back On
& Play Pure Instinct Football

The Rest Is Conversation and

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

U Have To
Give Em A Hand

The Oil Flow Is A Tremendous Success For The New World Order

Devilishly So

Advice to Home. Make fewer posts. Between you and your faker, the posts are getting out of hand.

The 3 Dolphins that can't take a hit are Penny, Brown & Cobbs.

Smith didn't have an interception last year, but did have 10 poorly thrown passes defensed. Davis had four interceptions, including one returned for a touchdown against Buffalo.

Ok sheep
Chew on this & stop believing in fairy tales

On sean smith

The knock was big plays. Smith surrendered the most yards per completion (19.8) among all NFL corner backs, according to Pro Football Focus.

sean SUCKS



Home i dont think I am getting through to you.

What do the following all have in common: Sean Smith, Phillip Merling, Pat White, Patrick Turner & Koa Misi?

A: All were 2nd round picks by the 3 stooges.

Homey D. Clown

Loves Pat White

Pat White Is A Winner

U Have Seen Nothing Yet, But
U Will

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Free Oil

Compliments British Petroleum

Grab a couple 5 lb Buckets

Head to a Beach near U & Fill Em Up

Off Season Sad Humor by
Homey D. Clown


Davis was 4th worst in the NFL at yards per completion, AND gave up 6 TDs. You can't use stats only when they are convenient for you. If you want to bash Sean Smith and praise Vontae Davis, that study by pro football focus is a bad place to start.

Vontae Is Going To the ProBowl Soon

Vontae Was Covering Randy Moss (ever heard of him)

Intercepted Brady to Moss &
Both times saved TDs

sean could not cover 3rd string Patriot WR Aiken

Vontae Is The Hardest Hitting CB in the NFL

Vontae Davis Is To His Craft
What Mike Tyson Was To His
(Thats Right, Home Was & Is The First To Compare The 2 Very Similar Athletes And What They Are To Their Craft)

Home Knows The Reporters
Know Exactly What Home Is Talking About
Comparing Vontae Davis To Mike Tyson)

Armando Please Explain To The
Miami Herald Dolfans
If U Know What Home Is Trying To Explain To Your Fans On The Davis vs Tyson Comparison & Knock Out Punch Pit Bull Style

Oh Yeah!
Home Knows

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

They both sucked but they were rookies with no over the top help... I for one think they both did a great job concedering the position they were thrown into... And I look for great things from the two this up comming season with one more year under their belt and hopefully an upgrade to tha fs

Home u utube that booming 101?it's about bp and how they f$@&ed everything up....

My ears are still ringing from that hit Vontae Tyson put on Thomas Jones

Oh Yeah, Vontae Tyson!

thank for the artical mando. hope they don't give up on P.white just yet. I want to see the wildcat they invisioned when they drafted him.

however, from you artical coach sprano saids:

`Pat's done a great job right now,'' Sparano insists. ``His offseason has been outstanding. Pat's put in an awful lot of time . . . He's put a lot of time in, watched a lot of tape, done a lot of studying on his own and with [quarterback coach] David Lee......"

which sounds like he's a goner already.

The Pat White issue is going to have to be answered through his performance in camp. 53 guys... that's it. That is all we get and every one of those positions are important. Just look at last year when the Phins were ready to put the ball boy on the O-line because they were literally out of players. ANYONE trying to push White as being more mentally prepared or experience ready then Thigpen to take over this team if Henne goes down is gonna have a tough time making a solid point unless we see some serious change in his level of performance. In all honesty at this point in their careers there would not be a HUGE drop off in talent if Thigpen took over for Henne today. I don't believe Thigpen has anywhere near the upside that Henne has. Or the arm strength and mental aptitude. However, I firmly believe Thigpen could run this club all 16 games without a complete collapse. Anyone care to argue White could do the same? White played a great NCAA career, but hasn't proved Jack at this level. We'll just have to see.

white will be on the roster, thigpen will be traded. i have 0 doubt! only way this doesn't happen would be if pennington doesn't get back to form. but thigpen will get more interest from teams because he has started more games and been in 2 different systems.

i love the hater who go by 5, going in cold, pass attempts to call a guy a bust. it was accuracy not arm strength. pat white has more than enough juice on his passes.

if white is a pygmie, the drew brees must be verne troyer considering he is 2 inches shorter!!!

he was asked to learn two seperate playbooks, plus opposing teams plays to run the scout team. he was given 3rd snaps in camp, preseason and a part of the regular season. he was asked to change his footwork, his throwing motion, his release, take off his gloves, and change his drops. then he was pretty much asked to run the same play on most of his actual snaps. but yes, he's a bust because of his rookie season?? get F-ing real!!!

from what even armundo(biggest pat white hater) has said, he is completing at a near 70% rate and going though his progressions better. coach says he's been an animal studying and getting into better shape. so i am confident he will be the #2 QB on game days, and eventually be the actual #2 QB!!


Patrick Turner was a third rounder but has Yatil Green scented perfume on.

I will give Misi a chance as he has not played in the NFL yet. He seems smallish to me. Time will tell but me down for a not sold.

Sean Smith has ability but we shall see if his change of direction sharpens up this year. Sparano says he is more well muscled and he sounds like he has changed his diet for the better so we shall see.

Merling is Mr. Flash. He flashes potential then regresses. This latest boxing of the ears of a pregnant lady is not going to help him at all. Too bad his practice habits weren't better. The fact they brought in Odrick means the Fins Brass is not impressed too much.

Pat White... I am one of the minority of people that actually saw the logic in the Pat White pick. If you watch his college career and see his high completion percentage, his ability to throw on the run (which is paramount to taking the wildcat to the next level). Fact is you never know how a college guy will deal with the jump in competition. Thus far he has not handled it well but it is early for him. He HAS to make strides this year. The Fins brass may not even keep him on but I believe they would give a 2nd round pick at the most complex position in sports more than the funky trial that he got last year.

Cheers PM,

It is not a matter of Hate. And Guarantee's are like saying "I Hope so" and "I hope you do too". Making the team is a matter of aptitude and performance in the HERE AND NOW not 24 month old college stats. White was asked to change his drop because "he had no drop" he never played under center his entire time at WVU...EVER! So, making an argument that White somehow knew what was best for his "Drop" makes no sense at all. As far as gloves go... I am raking my mind for the 32 QB's that started last year and how many of them wore gloves.. I believe the answer is Zero. I may be wrong, if so, it is only a very few who do. There must be a very good reason for that or more guys likely would. I would also point out that that White had an entire preseason (just like Henne) to prove himself. Henne was no starter last year. White and him had to compete for the job. Henne was better, period. White will get the same chance against Thigpen. If he loses he should go. Why would you want to keep a player on a roster who is there to cover your azz if your primary QB goes down if he is for all intent and purpose unable to do it at a high level like Thigpen has proved he can? Excuses are a dime a dozen... NFL QB's are few and far between. And good NCAA runs are not a guarantee of a guy being a solid NFL performer. The wash out rate is well over 90%... White will have to really make a HUGE impression in the next 12 weeks to change his destiny on this team. I don't see a Quality back up like Thigpen going anywhere until someone can take his job by performance instead of talk of NCAA days and Excuses about gloves and throwing motion.

Pat White outrushed CJ Spiller by 1,000 yards AND outpassed him by 6000 yards.
I love Pat White.
Pat White can run everyplay Reggie Bush does.
Just because the 3 stooges cannot find a way to get White & Turner on the fieldd does not mean that the other 31 teams in the league cannot.

Shanahan, Belichek, Payton, Holmgren, Phillips etc could all get huge production out of White. Without resorting to backdoor football.
So could the Dolphins. How? Have Henne pitch it back to White 15 times a game and White has the option to run or throw. With Marshall, Bess and Hartline running routes then someone has to be open.

I am also one of those guys who recognized the potential of bringing Pat White into Miami. The year before the Wildcat was extremely successful but at the same time left the team with a Void of a guy who was a true threat throwing the ball. White was, it seemed, the perfect answer. I feel Miami will keep some version of the wildcat intact. Why shouldn't they? It works and it makes some teams (the Wets being one of them) absolutely nuts trying to figure out how to defend the scheme with anything more then whining about it being "A a gimmick offense".
However, as Miami moves into this season we are moving away from a "work in progress" to being much more of a competitor. Being a true competitor means being prepared for bad things. Pennington's injury was likely the best thing that could have possible happened to Miami last year. It place Henne on the field much sooner, since the team was clear to the fans that Henne would be the starter this year anyway. But should Henne go down, Pennington is not ready (his words, not mine.) And White would be a catastrophe. Excuses about Hate, Gloves and Throwing motions that I have heard from some mean nothing when it goes back to having another Ray Lucas running around in the backfield. Thigpen is the only guy (at the moment) who has proven himself capable. White has not. I cannot see any way White stays in Miami short of a MAJOR turn around in ability/progress or a willingness to explore other position. Which is a waste of a roster spot IMO. White has MUCH MUCH more to prove then either Thigpen or Pennington. And Henne is going nowhere.


OIC... I wasn't aware that you were a fan of Pat White but I now recall you bringing up his throwing and passing numbers compared to Spiller's many times before.

While I still say you can't compare White's rushing numbers straight up to Spillers. The threat of throwing a dink pass over an oncoming defenders head = PW rushing yardage as well as if he rolls out and looks downfield and nothing is there he gets to take off when it's best for him to make positive yardage... i.e. if he sees an opening he takes it. Pat White is the most prolific rusher of all time from a QB standpoint but, I don't think he would succeed as either a straight RB or WR imho.

Spiller or ANY other RB has to get the hand-off and forge yards whether there is a hole or not. A rushing QB has the luxury to survey the field before he dashes for rushing yardage. That dual threat is hell on a defense.

Just like it would not be fair to compare Ronnie Browns passing numbers to Henne's as one is a RB and one is a QB. I don't see the logicx in comparing Spiller's passing yardage to Pat Whites?

I hope (glove or no glove) that he can get his accuracy back...the kind he had in college and that in itself would start to show dividends in WildPat packages.

It will be interesting how much Wildcat they do this year. Will it be reduced to mostly just the spectre of them running it to cause the DEF's to have to waste practice time on it or will they do it 12-18 plays a game?

They are very vested in the Wildcat but do you get a guy like Brandon Marshall and then run a lot of non conventional offense?

Hmmm, the plot thickens.



You make some good points. I still don't think that Pat White can make a transition from QB to WR or RB. He simply doesn't want to and has stated that if he were to be moved he would go back to baseball. He is no Hines Ward (QB turned WR) for sure mentality wise.

I would have to disagree that if they lined up Henne with Pat White near him at all that DEF's would not simply charge straight at White and shut down any pitch option. At least not 15 times a game. Maybe as a gadget 1-2 times sprinkled into random games.

I agree 100% that Penny going down may have been a blessing in disguise to accelerate Henne's learning curve for this year.

Pat White has talent (although due to his performance last year its easy for the PW haters to say he has none and be right at the moment). So many QBs only come on after some time to get used to the NFL's speed, schemes and timing.

The Pat White drama rages on and it will be interesting to see how the Trifecta handles this 2nd round investment.


Sorry Derek... It was Price that suggested to have Henne pitch it to Pat White 15 times a game not you.

The wifi unit was chattin me up on the cell and I loused up the post a bit.


Why did they force White to take off his cloves?

Rob, no worries, I would agree pitching it to White is a dangerous prospect and I do not believe White is interested in being a "Half Back" anyway.

I want to be perfectly clear about one thing, Pat White has the talent to achieve whatever he sets his mind to. I feel if is allowed to develop on a team for a few years he may turn into a fine QB. Miami is not in a position to offer that. We are not even 100% sure that Henne is the answer to our prayers. We all hope and pray he is. In reality, for as many QB's as Miami has, they have exactly 1 who is truly a proven NFL winner. The other three are still very subjective. That being the case, I feel they MUST make smart moves with their roster at the QB spot. Giving themselves every chance to win. That means having the best prepared guys there to do the job from game 1 on.

Pat White is a project with great potential ... HE IS A WINNER. It might take another year or two, but I wouldnt give up on him ... Use him as a kick returner while he is developing as the QB of the future ....

That is a great question Mojo. As much as I hate Pat White and that draft choice, I do not understand why the coaches are deciding whether a player wears gloves or not. That is a players choice not a coaches. I hate the 3 headed monster.

Who cares if Pat White wears a glove if he thinks it gives him a better grip. Tom Brady wore a glove for a few years. I think they just need to let Pat White relax and be himself. He's not going to play well if he's thinking about every little thing (think Channing Fry in the conference finals). Just let the man play.

I am a huge West Virginia fan I had the pleasure of watching Pat White for 4 years. I do not think that I have ever heard of a fan base that wanted to oust a player after one year as badly as Dolphin fans. I do believe that he has to earn his spot. If Thigpen, or anyone else for that matter, does better than White then White deserves to be cut. But with his potential within the Wildcat scheme...I just don't see how you would not give it a second year shot. ?? This is a guy who will be able to get those crucial big plays that the dolphins struggled to get last year. Devon Bess was your best playmaker? No wonder why Dolphin fans have little faith. Gotta give him one more year, you have my word that you will see vast improvements and will regret your premature remarks.

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