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On Pat White and today's final minicamp day

It is the third and final day of the Miami Dolphins minicamp and while we're waiting for the start of the morning practice, let me share with you some Pat White knowledge.

As you may know, I wrote my Sunday column on White, making the point he needs to improve dramatically and beat out Tyler Thigpen to earn a spot on the roster this year. He's definitely not on the team yet.

Well, there were topics that came up during my interview with White that didn't make it into the column. One such topic was the quarterback's ordered discarding of his glove on this left (throwing) hand.

White says that move affected him, but not necessarily physically.

"Did it affect me? Probably more mentally than physically," White siad. "It was just a little extra grip. I spent four or five years in West Virginia where there's not really a lot of humidity and then in snow games when your hands are frozen it helped out a lot. I just got accostomed to it."

I also asked White about that regular-season finale when he got knocked out. Seems White can joke about it.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I don't remember anything about none of that. I just don't remember," White said seriously.

Then he smiled. He was putting me on. He remembers.

"No, I would just like to say it made me wiser," he continued. "This is the NFL. Guys do this for their job. We like to call it here recess, but a lot of guys out there are bigger, faster, stronger."

White said he has to recall his baseball days in the future and slide.

[Practice begins in about 30 minutes. I will update you after the workout and interviews right here. You can also follow me on twitter for quickie updates from the field.]