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OTA today culminates a bunch of fun days

It's been a fun few days and today's morning OTA practice should be the culmination.

To recap:

On Friday, before I went on vacation, I left you with my 32-1 NFL precamp rankings. I ranked the Dolphins No. 10, just behind the Jets but ahead of the Pats and Bills. Many of you accused me of being too optimistic. Others said I had drunk the Kool-Aid. I wonder if you backed off your criticisms when you saw Sports Illustrated's Peter King rate the Dolphins No. 6 three days later.

On Sunday, my column comparing the Dolphins and Jets as virtual equals published in the Miami Herald. I got a couple of e-mails from Dolphins fans. I got a ton of e-mails and tweets from Jets fans. Some examples:

From John Link of Poughkeepsie, NY: "I am not one to trash other teams like this but the Fins just don't look good this year. Stop lying to yourself."

From Steven Lorenzo: "How many playoff games did cryami win?"

I spent part of my weekend responding to some of the more logical e-mails. (That means I answered like three e-mails.)

And in between my wife and I went to Universal Studios and Orlando and visited her folks!

But today is a work day. Today the Dolphins are doing their OTA thing. And I'll be at the 10 a.m. practice to report, analyse and opine on it for you.

I would not expect nose tackle Jason Ferguson (quad) to be 100 percent yet so I'll be watching for that. It'll be interesting to see what degree if any Ronnie Brown (lisfranc) is able to participate.

And yes, if Brandon Marshall has chosen a number, I'll tell you what it is.

Follow me on twitter to get the updates from the field. And come back here often because I'll be posting fresh new stuff throughout.


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numero uno

I believe mando...keep up the great insight! Playoff bound in 2010. F the Jets

Welcome back Mando.
I wanna know who is getting most of the action on returns.
Also what group Turner is being used in, and how he looks, same with Pat White.
How certain players look weight and condition wise...ie. White, Merling, Carey, Soliai, Wake.
...and of course the rookie reports.
Have fun tomorrow.


Hope you and the family had a good time at Universal Studios....

Planning on the taking the 2 year old there this year (Hollywood)....

I think if we don't incure to many injurys this year, we will at least secure a wildcard seed....

Maybe a 10-6....

Have a very young defense, and the verdict is still out on Sean Smith in my eyes....

Think he has alot of potential, but needs to be more physical....

Watching Edwards muscle him and Clemons for a TD last year made me sick....

Phin up....

The yets fans have all officially lost touch with reality. I hope we knock their teeth out week 3.

Welcome back Mando.....i do rate the Phins 6 to 10 th....I really think we will surprise...next year we can win the whole thing im sure....Il fly over for it and maybe we can have a tailgate party all of us eh??????

They just need to make the playoffs. Anything is possible after that.

It's amazing how people forget things. Like the fact we beat the Jets both times, and that the only reason they made the playoffs is because Indy threw the game to keep the Steeler out, came from behind with seconds left on the clock against us. We out played them all year, we should have been in and the jets should have been out.

welcome back Cuban. i got to admit that i miss this bloq. i really enjoy your great work...and happy flag day to all my Haitians out there!

Your Wife's Folks live in Universal Studios?

Thats COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This season can't get here fast enough.

it's awesome.. it's becoming like the good old days.. Fins vs Jets rivalry is increasing and fighting to win and dominate the division.. which means only one thing, the Patsies and Billies power is disappearing...

Go Fins!

Didn't Sports Illustrated pick the Dolphins to win the Super Bowl the year Nick Satan led the team to a 7-9 record? I don't put too much stock in their opinions.

Hello Mando, good to have you back. So guys just wondering, what do you think of the following players:
Nate Garner (OG)
Davone Bess (WR)
Lex Hilliard (RB)
Tim Dobbins (LB)
and ....
Mike Nolan (Defensive Coordinator) Which I think could have a bigger impact this year than Marshall (fine let the shoe hurling competition start with my face as the main target)

Mondo could u take a close look at the 2009 draft class and tell us who bulked up and if sean smith found an attitude? Thx brother ill b waitn for post later 2 day!

Some random thoughts...

It's about freakin time we have a little taste of a REAL sport!

Lookin forward to straining through the minutia for positive tidbits or gleaning some possible indications of who might shine this year. It will take some practices with pads on to gain much intel.

You didn't hear it from me first but the Fins will suprise this year...and that prediction is sans the Kool-Aid.

The thing I like most about the offseason FA arms race with the Jets is that we grabbed players in their primes and the Jests got a lot older.

I hope the Pats keep declining. Anytime a guy the caliber of Brady is in the mix you have a shot to be pretty good. I keep having flashbacks of trying to kick dirt on the Bills and the K-Gun offense every year as they headed to the SB yet again... sheez that sucked.

Cheers all,

Armando I got a question what's going on with Patrick turner is he going to play a down

Those late 80's early 90's games against the Bill's were definitely a tough pill to swallow. Miami could be 11-5/10-6 and looking like a million... 8 days later on Monday morning after the Bills game it would be a whole different story. That K-gun Bills team went down slow and with a hell of a fight. And, the longer they stay down the better, so long as they never start putting all the high draft picks together to make another challenger.

I will have to agree, Miami will be a tough team to play. Even tougher for those teams who take them lightly as I hope the Jests do.

Go Dolphins '10 !!!







I would like to see IVY,DT and VINCE O,DE make the team (even the practice squad) .... and what happened to the big TE from Montana?

How about trying Pat White on Kick Returns while he is learning to play QB ....



giving the Dolphins good rankings. It's going to give us away. we want to be a sleeper.
The team to sneak up on every one.

The not yet fans are total scum. I wouldn't expect anything else from those losers. Best to simply pity them as they back a broken and hapless franchise. JEsTS FN SUCK

Waiting for the Jets to IMPLODE with all the Players Ego Trips for MORE $$$$ and every-one telling them how Great they are from Last Year...

You wife's folks work at Universal Studios?

Three emails responded to! That's good Armando. That's good.

Dear Mr. Salguero

looking Tall, Tan and Handsome I see

Myself, Odinseye, The Cuban Menace and some of the other posters had a party on blog property. I think their may have been drugs and alcohol also on blog property....well at my desk there was.

Cleaned up best we could...Cuban Menace put the trash out to the curb.

Odinseye was susposed cut the lawn but got drunk.

Got Aloco to cut it...cost me 2 meatball subs(its like currancy for him).

Carlito from Golfito has not called home yet :(
The new guy struggles for acceptance and is being mocked by some poster with the exact same(signed in) name....wierd.

Anywhoo welcome home

Soiled :)

Welcome back Armando...lets get to work


The past few days recapped and captured in the uninquness that is you

Mando, they say newspapers write for an audience of an 8th-grade education. So how far lower did you have to get to respond to Jets fans? Like 2nd-grade? 1st? Maybe you couldn't even use words, you had to use symbols and pictures like old Caveman drawings. Jets are pathetic, God Bless You for putting up with them.


I think the Fins/Bills rivalry (90s) were the best. Not because we won...but because were at least relevant in those days. Maybe its that time again

ThanX for the anywhoo welcome Home, Soiled
or were U welcoming Armando back, Home

Glad the Warden Is Back
The Inmates doing NOT such a good job
Running the Asylum

Must Rectify The Impostering a
The Truth Will Set U Free

Would Like To Hear News On RGM
Understand His Return Abilities R Quite Good
As Well As WR Abilities

Home Is Pulling for The Bess Twin
As We R In Need For a Wet Watermelon Seed KR/PR

Welcome Back Armando

The Original
Homey D. Clown

Home Signing In
My post above

Armando & IT Dept
Please Check This IP from North Broward
Near Palm Beach Line with Imposter Posting
In Blue under my posting name and
Lets Squash This Immediately


F the Jets. They'll implode this year. 8 wins max. I read on ESPN that Revis is asking 20million/year. There are gonna be some un happy players in NY

Also want to know if Dirty Richie still
Has A Better Sleeve of Tats
Than Jake Longs Ever Growing Arm Tats?

Does Channing Crowder Still Look Like The Predator with Tats All over His Body and Far Away Eyes?

Has Pat White Added Any Surrounding Ink
To The Christian Cross Tat on his Left Bicep?

Are Donald Thomas`s Enormous Guns
Still Bigger Than Jeff Ireland`s Head?

How Bout all the Rookie LBs?
Who Is Standing Out The Most?

thats 3 too many emails to be replying to while on vacation.... just saying!

Also follow Dolfans United on Facebook and Twitter for up to the minute news on your Miami Dolphins http://facebook.com/dolfanunited

Nolan Carrol May Turn Out To Be An Outstanding Pick
As Home Is NOT sold on the Fraud sean smith as CB

Can/Will This 5.11 Rookie CB Nolan Carrol Unseat The Fraud
Before It Is Too Late?

After Breaking His Leg This Rookie Can Still Get It Done

With His Blazing 4.39 Speed Will Nolan Carroll Have A Shot As A Miami Dolphin Return Man?

Carroll had an impressive showing at Maryland's pro day with a 37.5-inch vertical leap, a time of 4.39 seconds in the 40-yard dash and 17 repetitions on the bench press.

Homey D. Clown Wants To Know

Is Justin Smiley Still @ Home
Eating Rabbit Stew and Waiting For A Trade Before Memorial Day?

Will Jared Be Able To Fill Jasons Shoes?

Understand "Big John" Is 6.5 330 LBs
Should start Left Guard But
Is John Jerry Mean Enough or
Will He Learn How To Be A Mean & Nasty Offensive Lineman From
Grove, Incognito and Long?

Hey good nick name 1701972
17 victories
0 losses
1972 the season

The wets are AGAIN this year paper champions before preseason starts. Doesn't that sound familiar. When the season begins reality will set in as usual for the wets . . .season chumps as usual. Enough about the lowly wets who will be swept again by the phins and fight it out with the bills for AFC E bottom dweller.
The Phins will win the AFC E this year. Pats are headed in the wrong direction but will finish 2nd.
Anything is possible after that.

Is Reshad Jones Gonna Be Da Man?

adrian solorza- thanks! Go Dolphins!

Will 6.5 Physical WR Pat Turner Look Good Again Like Home Reported Last Year?

Will Henning & Sparano Game Plan Utilizing Pat Turner?

Good luck with your OTA today. Just make sure you guys keep your eyes open for unwanted prostitutes. Looking forward to JT running a tight corner on Long and then putting that Brady want to be Henne on his rear.

Its ok though guys. No Henne no problem. I'm sure noodle arm Pennington or Pat White (tisk tisk) will be able to lead you to greatness should Henne falter. Regardless your secondary is pathetic and outside of Y Bell are useless (yes that includes S Smith and V Davis with their 2nd worst in the league 20+ passing plays per game).

Will the Miami Herald Have Better Miami Dolphin coverage in 2010 or

Will Hold Your Nose Political Reporter turned Token Dolphin Reporter Omar Kool Aid Kelly Getting
Every Dolphin Game Prediction and Player Assessment Wrong Like
"Ernest Wilford Looks Great, Should be Dolphins Starting TE" or
"sean Is An elite Pro Bowl CB that will lead the division in INTs" or
"Ronnie Brown & Chad Henne are Not Good Football Players"

coupled with an 11 year pie faced no lip baseball reporter
Out Do The Amazing Armando?

Dolfans Everywhere SAY NO WAY!

Stay Tuned To the Miami Herald
Home Of the Miami Dolphins!

J - E - T - S! SUCKS! SUCKS!! SUCKS!!!

Mando--- You should have responded to the cryami playoff wins questions like this.

"How many times did the jets beat Miami last year"?

hahahaha screw the jets and all there fans and especially that fat tub of lard coach they have

Hey Mando, can you check out B. Marshall's jersey number so I know what I am getting, I ordered his jersey the day after the trade and they are not shipping until he picks a number, and if you see him tell him to hurry it up, i wanna rock that jersey at my fantasy football draft....

Brandon Marshall wearing 19? Wow, I didn't see that one coming

BM wearing 19...LOL

BM is wearint 19 on the exercise bike, not a good sign hey mando tell him to get his butt out there with the rest of them...

Linebackers! Tell us about the linebackers. JT Roth Porter all gone. Who is coming to play this year?!

I wish I could kick every yets fan in their tiny nutts. It must suck to be the ugly step-sister in your own city.

When Home said FAs Karlos Dansby & Brandon Marshall
Would Be Miami Dolphins

The Sportswriters & Doubters Said:
U Must Be Crazy
U Must Be Nuts

Karlos Dansby & Brandon Marshall
Are Wearing Miami Dolphins Uniforms

And Home
Once Again
Beat "The Experts"


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Armando, is BP wearing the Panama Jack hat?

All you Zach and Jason lovers were screaming last month over a) Not giving a ransom to sign old #99 dancing boy (waltzing into camp while his erstwhile teamates practiced) who was going where the money was best anyway or b) not retiring 54 for making lots of tackles (which he was supposed to do anyway in a defense that, by scheme, protected him from much bigger linemen as he hid behind a very good nose tackle allowing him to plug the gaps , albeit usually several yards down field and those yards got larger as the game wore on as he got weaker - not stronger in the 4th quarter). Well those players would be the first to tell you revisionist historian idiots that the guy no one talked about who made their careers was Timbo. Morons. I'm outta here...


Didn't realize that king had dolphin's 6. As far as I know he is the only expert (national - no offense, mando) that is high on the Fins. I personally think 6 - 10 in rankings is about right. As far as those jets fans emails go, just ship them to jersey with the rest of NYC's trash. Did you know that there was once a supreme court case permiting the city of New York to ship their trash to New Jersey.

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