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OTA today culminates a bunch of fun days

It's been a fun few days and today's morning OTA practice should be the culmination.

To recap:

On Friday, before I went on vacation, I left you with my 32-1 NFL precamp rankings. I ranked the Dolphins No. 10, just behind the Jets but ahead of the Pats and Bills. Many of you accused me of being too optimistic. Others said I had drunk the Kool-Aid. I wonder if you backed off your criticisms when you saw Sports Illustrated's Peter King rate the Dolphins No. 6 three days later.

On Sunday, my column comparing the Dolphins and Jets as virtual equals published in the Miami Herald. I got a couple of e-mails from Dolphins fans. I got a ton of e-mails and tweets from Jets fans. Some examples:

From John Link of Poughkeepsie, NY: "I am not one to trash other teams like this but the Fins just don't look good this year. Stop lying to yourself."

From Steven Lorenzo: "How many playoff games did cryami win?"

I spent part of my weekend responding to some of the more logical e-mails. (That means I answered like three e-mails.)

And in between my wife and I went to Universal Studios and Orlando and visited her folks!

But today is a work day. Today the Dolphins are doing their OTA thing. And I'll be at the 10 a.m. practice to report, analyse and opine on it for you.

I would not expect nose tackle Jason Ferguson (quad) to be 100 percent yet so I'll be watching for that. It'll be interesting to see what degree if any Ronnie Brown (lisfranc) is able to participate.

And yes, if Brandon Marshall has chosen a number, I'll tell you what it is.

Follow me on twitter to get the updates from the field. And come back here often because I'll be posting fresh new stuff throughout.


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the jets are kidding themselves. last year they were mediocre. good defense but so-so offense. I'm not sold on Sanchez. but the dolphins beat them twice and shredded their defense. The dolphins were mediocre too. Some how the Jets got in the playoffs and played weak teams to get to the AFC championship. good luck repeating that this year

Remember when the Redskins loaded up with a bunch of 'star' guys some years back? Well, look at them now. Their moron owner took the same approach the jests are taking and it ruined the franchise for years to come.

Thunderbolt, you are joking right about LBs? They brought in dansby, drafted 4 LBs, and have a lot of faith in wake who they couldn't get enough snaps too. They didn't fail to address a hole, they have a plan - I don't know if it will work, no one does. But I don't think letting aging an sometimes problemtic veterans go in favor of young verstile LBs should be viewed as a hole before you see if the plan works. One more thing worth mentioning concerning these LBs. They have the type of skills that our new DC craves - so the combination of those factors may be an upgrade.

B-Marsh Wearing 19.

Just wait, this team is still not done adding FA to this years squad! It's gonna get interesting, I can feel it!

Standley, like who?

I wouldn't go as far as to say that the jets are kidding themselves but I see some flaws: 1 last year's division record shows that they have matchup problems within the division; 2 holmes is out for first 4 games and in that time they play very important division games; 3 they still don't have a consistent pas rusher. Their pass rush is dependent on blitzing everyone; 4 their run game digressed this offseason with the loss of Thomas jones and faneca; 5 I'm not sure sanchez is ready for the kind of pressure he will be under this year. That said I think they are good enough to make a run - but they may need everything to go right for them - which happened last year when they backe into the playoff

LOL @ "how many playoff games did we win" That is so typical of Jets fans- they hanen't got a clue!
They wouldn't have even gotten to the playoffs if the colts didn't pull Peyton Manning and all their starters in a game that didn't mean anything to them (remember, at the time they put in their scrubs, they were beating the Jets pretty soundly)

ArmandoSalguero Others not working today include "Crowder, Turner, Ferguson, Marshall. All are on the bikes instead of on the field."
about 1 hour ago

hey Home give it a rest dont you have a job or some sort of life to live

Ronnie on the field!!

I guess B. Marshall isn't superstitious wearing 19...If I was the Dolphins I woulda had a ceremony and "retired" that number by burning it at the 50 yard line in preseason opener...

Today is like the first day of school. Going to get my timetable and then get back home to sleep.

ArmandoSalguero "Chris Clemons is taking reps as the first team FS."
about 1 hour ago

Pistol, I was thinking more of players of depth, FA that will come and help with the young guys, and provide some more leadership.

ArmandoSalguero" Biggest disappointment of this OTA for me is Cameron Wake has not yet earned a first team spot at WOLB."
2 minutes ago

A little too early to be calling anyone a disappointment. After all Karlos Dansby is not a starting ILB right now according to the SS. Does that mean he's a bust?

I am going to miss Camarillo. Methinks he will be relegated to special teams this season.

FYI. Brandon Marshall picks #19. On dolphins page. Just giving u heads up

Hey, not to bring another sports writer on this blog, Just read a Peter King article on CNN. He picked Miami as a true playoff team ranked 6 in the NFL and the Jets 7th. It is all crap, but still fun to read someone has us ranked really high. Phins were ranked behind Green Bay, San diego, Baltimore, Indy, and the Saints. But he picked us to be the best in the AFC east... :) Anyway, useless stuff in my post, but still fun to read!

"Wide receiver Brandon Marshall is wearing number 19 at the Dolphins OTAs, according to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post."

Miami Dolphins Football Home Fan
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*Like Miami Dolphins 2008 AFC EAST Champions
posted hundreds of Times since preseason in 2008 by Home & Only Home

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*Like Dansby & Marshall FAs signings to become Miami Dolphins posted way in advance

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There Is No One Like Home
There Is No one Like Home

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There Is No One Like Home

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The Prophet

now signing back in

ArmandoSalguero" Don't buy your No. 19 Brandon Marshall jersey yet. He just said he'll have his real number by "camp"
7 minutes ago

Home Is Back In Blue

Any Updates Armando?

Booby seems to be giving us the updates. Armando seems to be twittering away the day.

Smart move Brandon lol

You're article was spot on...the Jets backed into the playoffs and then they got lucky two games. They are not as good as Rex talks them up to be.

Some highlights from today at. http://pwr.com/2jp

Imposter Posting 11:46 AM


Nothing of substance ever from IP ADDRESS @ 11:46



The Original & Insightful

ArmandoSalguero "The two outside linebackers working on first team today are Charlie Anderson and ... wait for it ... Quentin Moses."
2 minutes ago

I think we're in trouble with OLB. JT should have stayed. They would have signed him after the draft.

I think mando is getting carried away withthe first team OLBs on May 19. After all the 2 ILBs are Torbor and Dobbins.

Even IF Moses is the OLB - if he beats out Wake - that means he is surely doing quite well. After all, we know Wake can pressure the passer which is virtually all that position is responsible for.

Cue the We Shouldnt have let JT go...
Cue the Koa Misi is a bust because he is not starting in OTA #1
Cue the Cameron Wake cant cover

wha wha wha....

Dont get alarmed people.

Day One of OTA...LOL. Calm down Armando, lots of things are going to happen between now and opening kickoff

Funny waterboy

Jeff_Darlington "The dreaded jersey saga lives on. Brandon Marshall says No. 19 isn't "set in stone." It sounds likely he might make another switch by camp."
9 minutes ago

New blog up by the way

Bobby, but arent all starters defined today?

Who needs pads, when they can just run around like butterflies....

home boy, do us ALL a favor and check your oversized ego at the door before you enter. You make me want to vomit with all the 3rd party refrences, etc.
Keep it real you poser!I don't know why anyone would want to be you...get over it already. This is not your blog.


I see he got # 19 - Ted Ginnard's old number, not sure if I like that.

Does anyone know if this will be his number or is it just a fill in?

This from the same Peter King who picked us to go to the Super Bowl prior to Saban's second year? How'd that end up? Peter King is a tool.. Ranking us #6 is a curse. The last thing this team needs is pressure. Every year it's the same SB aspirations. Let them just play for crying out loud.

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