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Marshall (hip surgery), Turner (other surgery) out 'til camp

Well, things just got a little more interesting.

While the Dolphins are expecting marked improvement from their wide receiver position, two players with the biggest set of lenses on them at the position will probably not be practicing this offseason.

Coach Tony Sparano said today Brandon Marshall had "a routine procedure," that will keep him out until the start of training camp. Sparano then confirmed the procedure is a surgery to "clearn things up," while declining to be specific about the body part in question.

ESPN is reporting the surgery Marshall had was hip surgery. Marshall had hip surgery last year in Vail, Colo., and missed the start of training camp as a result. 

[Update: I'm told Marshall had surgery on the same hip two weeks ago. It's interesting perhaps only to me, but Marshall passed a Dolphins physical while requiring surgery.]

[Update 2: The Herald's Jeff Darlington is quoting a source close to Marshall that is saying the procedure was not to the same hip but the other hip and that it was not a clean up. Now that we're all totally confused, I'm sure the next story will be that Marshall really had ankle surgery.]

Asked if he knew about the need for this surgery before signing Marshall, Sparano paused ...

"Well," he said. "No."

Marshall was nonetheless in good spirits today.

"It's definitely frustrating, but you know, some things you can't control," Marshall said. "In my past, I learned that, not to worry myself and hold my head down when I can't control it. I'm just going to do the best I can with the mental reps and prepare myself that way."

Patrick Turner likely will not work this offseason until training camp either, the coach said.

Turner also had surgery this offseason and was only allowed to walk around the practice field today as the rest of the team practiced.

This has varying degrees of importance.

It is clear that one of the things the offseason is meant to provide is chemistry between a quarterback and wide receiver. So it is important for Marshall and Chad Henne to have been able to work together and learn each other this offseason.

I remember Dan Marino used to say it would take three or four months for him to get to know a new wide receiver. Training camp doesn't accomplish the feat by itself because of the time constraints and because other players are taking repetitions.

So in that regard, this is a setback for the Dolphins passing game being on point immediately between its starting quarterback and go-to receiver. Is it a huge deal?

Not if Marshall can be his 100-catch self in time for the regular-season opener.

On the Turner front the issue is different.

Turner is not an accomplished player. The issue with him is whether or not he's going to get enough work this offseason to make the significant and necessary personal improvement to compete for a job in training camp.

Sure, one needs to worry about his ability to get in synch with Henne also. But the greater worry for Turner is whether he can carve a niche for himself on the roster first and the gameday roster second. He was unable to earn a spot on the gameday roster consistently as a rookie and didn't figure at all in the offense.

So he needs to get better. Can he do that in training camp? After not working much this offseason? While coming back from some unknown surgery?

I don't like his chances.

Other offseason surgeries for the Dolphins: Nate Garner, who didn't practice Wednesday. Reggie Torbor, who didn't practice Wednesday, Channing Crowder, who didn't practice Wednesday. I know Crowder's surgery was for a lisfranc injury. The Dolphins are being coy about the reasons for the other surgeries.


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Seasons over.

Sparano then confirmed the procedure is a surgery to "clearn things up," while declining to be specific about the body part in question.

Great! Sounds like a knee to me.

What else do you have cleaned up with minor surgey?



The guy wasn't even activated most of the season.

Maybe he tripped over his helmet standing on the sideline.

Whatever, way to go Pat!

I had my shoulder cleaned up 1 year after surgery, it's probably a scar tissue thing from his hip?

All that sounds like no concern. Yet.

why so secretive?

LOL @ odinseye. Good one haha. This Turner kid is really starting to bug me. Damn.

A new Sheriff and his fearless Deputy?

Sounds more like Keystone Cops.

It's OK ladies, just rub some vagisil on it and hit the showers!

Better now than in September!

All of which means nothing...Marino was great but doesn't mean every QB needs 3 or 4 months with a new WR...Marshall is also one of the best and will not have the same development time as would a rookie or average receiver


I hope you're right. I've had scar tissue removal as well, it's basically nothing.

Rah, rah, here's to being optimistic!

It's still the absolute last thing I wanted too hear about either of them.

So Turner's injury will keep him from putting in the time he needs to improve in the off-season...

Not Good.

I love 6'5" Receivers.... but it looks like this guy's chances of making the team just DECREASED.

The draft really IS a 'crap shoot'....isn't it?

Jeff_Darlington "Sources staying silent so far about Marshall's surgery. Clue #1 from Sparano: "He was throwing and catching the day the procedure was done."
3 minutes ago via Twitter

If he was held out until the beginning of the season I would be a little worried, he will ready by traing camp, that I am ok with!

Turner probably hurt himself playing Madden or something.

We're all going to HAVE to be OK with it.

That notwithstanding, any time he's on the "shelf" is chemistry he ain't developing with Henne.

I hope Misi doesn't break a nail or anything.

They redshirt freshman in the NFL.

Odinseye, and we are not even in physical shape these guys are in. At least I'm not? These guys bounce back really quick.



Wow surgery from riding the bench. Sounds like Ass blisters.


I agree, especially youngsters in this good of shape.

I'm just pissing and moaning.

I'll try to snap out of it.

After living through the disappointment of Yatil Green blowing his knees out "Two seasons in a row" ... and knowing how easy it would be to repeat that... I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with Marshall staying off the field for OTA's. He will still do the classroom work and his workout sessions... but running around shagging Henne passes so they get to "Know" each other does not have that big of a up side as him getting hurt would have a down side. Consider the whole situation a blessing and a chance to dodge a really stupid bullet. As I said on the other blog... Marshall already knows how to play and what string he is playing on. The most effort needs to be placed on the rookies to get them up to speed fast.

Blisters-LMAO :)

100% agreed Derek

I would accept ass blisters as a legitimate reason to miss practice.

Reconstructive hand surgery for Turner?


You're right. He's too valuable of a commodity to be put at risk.

I'm just whinning because I wanted to hear about all the beautiful rainbows he ran under during OTA's.

It is too bad that Tuener won't be able to take advantage of Marshall's absence.

Question is did this problem, whatever it is, have an effect on Turner last year??? Were the Fins trying to rehab him instead of surgery??? This could be a good thing for Patrick in the end

Turner wasn't that good at USC either. I don't have much hope for him.


You could be right. Especially long term.

Still, when you're a 3rd draft pick that didn't even see the field, missing the first OTA's of the new season is an ominous begining.

I personally believe the was the "Fork" in Turner... he may just be done... and that sort of sucks. I was really hoping he got his act together.. we'll see, but there are some hungry azz men behind Turner who are ready to play NOW!!!!

PS.. Odin... I wanted to hear about those rainbows too... so I made up all that shyt to try and feel better and not sound as totally crushed as I am!

Not too big of a deal for Marshall, and the Phins. It is better to get this taken care of now. Remember, Marshall was in a new system last year, with a new Qb. in a place he didn't want to be, and he didn't even really practice, or participate in any off seaso programs, or most of training camp, and he did just fine. This isn't the ideal start, but this shouldn't be an issue.

Here comes a future Doom and Gloom article about Jason Taylor, when will it end??? ArmandoSalguero" I'm sorry, but I see Quentin Moses working first-team today and I think Dolphins already miss Jason Taylor. "#Miami Dolphins.
5 minutes ago via Twitter
After ONE OTA!!!

People can call Marshall a Diva if they want.

Realistically speaking the guy has earned enough room for a little slack.

Turner on the other hand needed/needs to show something and QUICK.

No Worries, more time for Pat White to shine at WR.

Clearly this bogus thought that PW and Pigpen will battle out for QB # 2 is a hype up for a PW trade. Pigpen will make it happen as # 2.

A lot of lingering injuries, better now than during the season.

mortreport "Also see that ESPN has learned Brandon Marshall had surgery on his hip."
1 minute ago Via Twitter

Glad they're "clearning" things up down there!

Seriously though, Marshall and Henne better be putting in some super secret time together. Playing Yahtzee and crap until they're comfortable with each other.

Hip surgery, not knee surgery on Marshall

Odin.... I wanted to hear about all those rainbows too... so, instead of whining about it I just made up all that other crap so I did not sound as crushed as I really am... bastards!

Good work there, Armando. Keep the info coming our way. Thanks.

Mandito forgot to add the following line to his tweet:


If it was Bella-Hick instead of Sparano, I'd think it was all a smokescreen!
We won't really know what we've got till the last pre-season game anywho!
Still better than the Nyets!

It could be his hip, knee, or ankle as cleanup surgeries are usually in one of the joint areas. The fact that he was throwing a ball around directly after the surgery says that it was very minor.

The Dolphins are just being overly cautious by keeping him out until training camp and are smart to do so considering the hefty contract he just signed.

It might set Henne and Marshall back a bit but I'm not worried. I've seen WRs with less talent quickly get on the same page with their new qbs after deadline deals.

Armando if you see this; Do you know if Henne and Marshall spent time playing pitch and catch before the surgery.

I just made up all that other crap so I did not sound as crushed as I really am... bastards!

Posted by: Derek | May 19, 2010 at 02:19 PM

Way to CYA. Never let them see you cry.

(wait a minute.....why didn't I think of that?)

Here we go, let's all over analyze this like we know what we're talking about. Let's all second guess professional coaches and GMs and focus on the negatives. Dude the guy had a routine procedure on his hip and it's May....why does everyone in Miami freak out. He'll be fine by Aug 1st and training camp. As for the Miami front office being secretive, well they're running a professional business and not gossip column. What do you expect Sporano to do, go home and Twitter and Facebook everyone and let them know who farted on the football field today? Iv'e been a Dolfan for 30 years living in L.A., you guys in Miami are truely negative people. "Oh my God, Brandon won't have chemistry with Henne." Like he needed chemistry with Kyle Orton when he was constantly suspended last year.

ESPN reported it was his hip that was cleaned up

Hey you guys! Take it easy on Armando.

It's still way too early!

He feels like Jason left him broke and hungry, at a bus stop, crying in the rain!

The Man, exactly!!! It's May, it's Minor and it will have ZERO effect come gameday vs. Buffalo..that's all that matters

They might miss the Jason Taylor of 2006.

The Jason Taylor of 2009 with his big 7 sacks? Probably not.

To me the biggest Mystery on this team, is what to do with Pat White? Where does he fit in? Will he have any chance to play Qb, or will they move him to reciever, or special teams. Is it worth even saving a roster spot for this guy? If he is to play reciever or special teams, does he have the body to hold up to hits? If a player is sent to the developmental league, does the team that sends him down retain his rights, or does that player become a free agent?

Turner needed surgery? what happened, did he fall off of the bench?

Odinseye, just don't want to hear about Jason Taylor again....He gone, he ain't coming back!!! Let's move on please, the future is waiting

The Man,

I would want to know who farted strong and not any of those wet farts or SBDs (Silent But Deadly). Farting strong with a lot of bass is a good sign.

Armando said,
"One final thought: This is only an OTA. It is only May. Training camp is two months away".

Then 2 hours later Armando said,
"I'm sorry, but I see Quentin Moses working first-team today and I think Dolphins already miss Jason Taylor".

Ummmmmmmmmm,,,,,,okay. I hope everyone realizes that Moses and Anderson are veterans and having our rookies play second team until they get their feet wet is normal for any NFL team. The coaches drew up the depth chart based only on experience because they haven't seen enough of the rookies to base their decisions on talent.

And would it be such a bad thing if Moses and Anderson take the next step and become more productive to a point that they offer great competition at both spots? Or are we just assuming that the two will NEVER get better and have already peaked at a fairly young age?

Well the young emerging Hartline will get a lot of work, and the log jam of youngins vying for that 5-6th WR spot.
So there is a positive side, except for maybe Turner.
But Pruitt, Johnson, Grice-Mullen, & Wallace, come on down. One of these guys might really step forward, who knows.

Sheesh, there's less drama on an episode of "The Hills".

The Man,

We finally got a true No.1 receiver. How long has it been since we've actually had one?

OTA's start and we're all surprised to find out he had his hip scoped. He cost us a lot, and everybody's counting on him being one of our most valuable players.

Yet we're not supposed to be concerned?

Dude, go eat some......vegetarian soup and get back to your flowershop counter!


IMO, which is just that, an opinion, I would NOT hold a roster spot open for Pat White...There is going to be some TOUGH decisions to make on who to keep and who to cut this year...Hartline, Camarillo or Bess, one will probaly go...We going to see some good players be cut BUT let's not lose one of those players because of Pat White...If he doesn't fit in by end of camp let's take out hit and cut him...

If Marshall were a #1 pick and was holding out waiting on an absurd rookie contract it would be even worse...Right? And we would not even know if he was going to be able to play well in the NFL of not.

When... My God, WHEN?... are some people going to let the JT thing finally go? When are those who still think those teams were a hair away from greatness going to realize they were not even in the running. And all of us who thought they were (a player or two away from the SB) looked like shmucks the WHOLE damn time? I suppose some just cannot get the whacked out disillusioned thinking out of their heads that allowed/s them to think it was better then it really was. Like when you break up with that Girlfriend who drove you out of your mind... then get all sad and lonely because all you can remember now are the "Good Times". Conveniently forgetting all the crappy "Post Season" efforts and "Big Game" let downs those guys they cry over were responsible for. You cannot just be responsible for the great plays, you have to own the total let downs also. That is the legacy of the teams between 2000 and 2007.

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