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Marshall (hip surgery), Turner (other surgery) out 'til camp

Well, things just got a little more interesting.

While the Dolphins are expecting marked improvement from their wide receiver position, two players with the biggest set of lenses on them at the position will probably not be practicing this offseason.

Coach Tony Sparano said today Brandon Marshall had "a routine procedure," that will keep him out until the start of training camp. Sparano then confirmed the procedure is a surgery to "clearn things up," while declining to be specific about the body part in question.

ESPN is reporting the surgery Marshall had was hip surgery. Marshall had hip surgery last year in Vail, Colo., and missed the start of training camp as a result. 

[Update: I'm told Marshall had surgery on the same hip two weeks ago. It's interesting perhaps only to me, but Marshall passed a Dolphins physical while requiring surgery.]

[Update 2: The Herald's Jeff Darlington is quoting a source close to Marshall that is saying the procedure was not to the same hip but the other hip and that it was not a clean up. Now that we're all totally confused, I'm sure the next story will be that Marshall really had ankle surgery.]

Asked if he knew about the need for this surgery before signing Marshall, Sparano paused ...

"Well," he said. "No."

Marshall was nonetheless in good spirits today.

"It's definitely frustrating, but you know, some things you can't control," Marshall said. "In my past, I learned that, not to worry myself and hold my head down when I can't control it. I'm just going to do the best I can with the mental reps and prepare myself that way."

Patrick Turner likely will not work this offseason until training camp either, the coach said.

Turner also had surgery this offseason and was only allowed to walk around the practice field today as the rest of the team practiced.

This has varying degrees of importance.

It is clear that one of the things the offseason is meant to provide is chemistry between a quarterback and wide receiver. So it is important for Marshall and Chad Henne to have been able to work together and learn each other this offseason.

I remember Dan Marino used to say it would take three or four months for him to get to know a new wide receiver. Training camp doesn't accomplish the feat by itself because of the time constraints and because other players are taking repetitions.

So in that regard, this is a setback for the Dolphins passing game being on point immediately between its starting quarterback and go-to receiver. Is it a huge deal?

Not if Marshall can be his 100-catch self in time for the regular-season opener.

On the Turner front the issue is different.

Turner is not an accomplished player. The issue with him is whether or not he's going to get enough work this offseason to make the significant and necessary personal improvement to compete for a job in training camp.

Sure, one needs to worry about his ability to get in synch with Henne also. But the greater worry for Turner is whether he can carve a niche for himself on the roster first and the gameday roster second. He was unable to earn a spot on the gameday roster consistently as a rookie and didn't figure at all in the offense.

So he needs to get better. Can he do that in training camp? After not working much this offseason? While coming back from some unknown surgery?

I don't like his chances.

Other offseason surgeries for the Dolphins: Nate Garner, who didn't practice Wednesday. Reggie Torbor, who didn't practice Wednesday, Channing Crowder, who didn't practice Wednesday. I know Crowder's surgery was for a lisfranc injury. The Dolphins are being coy about the reasons for the other surgeries.


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As far as I'm concerned Dolfans shouldn't even say the name Jason Taylor, it's one thing to leave in free agency because of money......but you don't go to the Jets. Marino, Stevenson, Csonka, Scott, and all the other greats would have never done that. Truth be told, Taylor is old and he needed to go into a backup roll so guys like Cameron Wake could develop. He didn't want to do that because he's selfish and then he tried to play the quiet victim role. He goes to Gang Green and their stupid coach and everyone's like good for him - screw that.

I guess Dez Bryant is looking pretty good right about now. The Dolphins will never win another SB until every FO personal is hanged by the entrails of Stephen Ross from the goalpost. I figure Denver's FO and ol Josh look pretty smart.

Look on the bright side, people said that turner would have to follow Marshall 's footsteps this offseason to be successful. So far he's doing a pretty good job. Turner probably hurt himself intentionally so he could get surgery as well

is a hip surgery more or less concerning then some other problem? I know a knee injury can be serious but what's the concern about a hip injury? no big deal, right??

ArmandoSalguero "Marshall had hip surgery last yr. & missed start of training camp. This was a cleanup procedure on same hip. He's out until training camp."
4 minutes ago via Twitter

NY Scott,

Excellent post.

Great perspective.

I WISH I could be so articulate.

Jim Stenson?

Is Stenson Swedish for not having a clue?

Dez Bryant looking good??? LMFAO ROTF. Dez Bryant hasn't done ANYTHING in the NFL vs. Brandon Marshall who has already put up monster numbers....Don't be stupid

Let's all be reassured by some facts from this article.
Last year Marshall had same/similar surgery and missed spring summer camps AND part of training camp. As a result, Marhall walked in and still has over 100 catches and a ton of TDs with a QB of less caliber than Henne in Orton of Denver and also was not able to establish rapport with Orton due to surgery.
So this year situation may be better than last year if Marhall misses no training camp.
So everyone relax, Marshall will be just fine, and the surgery although a concern sounds minor and the true chemistry building begins with exhibition and real games.
If Marshall had excellent year last year in same situation, new QB, surgery recovery, missing spring camps, he will have excellent year this year.
Come week one of regular season, Dolphin opponents will still respect and double team Marshall the same if he catches zero balls or 500 balls in sping camp.
Thus our running game and passing game will all be upgraded so long as Marshall is on field in week one. We will have a good year!!!

Dez Bryant already made headlines...for wearing number #88 and being noticibly out of shape

I don't know which one I want to hear less about. Dez or Jason.

If they're not Dolphins they're the enemy.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Jeff_Darlington "Less than 3 weeks ago, Marshall underwent hip surgery to clean up a more serious procedure done last year, source says. Considered minor."
4 minutes ago Via Twitter

PS: Get over both of them already!

Odinseye, we actually work in CA. We don't sit in the sun all day listening to Jimmy Buffett, drinking Land Shark beer, and reading comic books so we can come up with good posting names. Oh wait, you don't do that....you're too busy playing "make believe GM" and stressing out about a player in May.

Jeff_Darlington "Marshall's surgery last year did not hinder his ability on the field in season, leaving the team optimistic about the latest clean-up."
3 minutes ago Via Twitter

Quite possible that the 2nd, and 3rd round picks from last years draft will be cut. Proof that skill position players(with the exception of "Fracnchise QB.") are a dime a dozen. No way would a high round offensive, or D-lineman be cut after 1 year.

dolfanSF, It was only a "procedure" and not really a "surgery". The surgery to the hip was last season before traing camp and most likely this years procedure was to clean up scar tissue that remanined.

Scar tissue around any joint can limit your range of motion and for a WR range of motion in the hips is very important for getting in and out of cuts quickly while also being able to jump and twist to catch balls that are up for grabs. The surgery was successful and he now needs time to heal the wound so he does not create more tissue or get an infection.

Please provide depth chart for TE
Please provide depth chart at PR/KR
Please stop crying your heart out for JT

Ok, so this was clean-up surgery from last years more "serious" surgery....probaly some scar tissue removed like another poster said....no big deal

odinseye, you are a scholar compared to some of the posters that have visited this site! Don't sell yourself short, I enjoy your posts as do many others.

an interview on dolphins.com with Marshall makes it seem like this is not a serious matter. but coach sprano not knowing anything thing about it seems strange.

Marshall seems like he is going to dominant. very relax and confident. seems like a great pick up.

The Man,

Uh, I don't live in Florida.

I just got finished installing a wheelchair lift into a van for a handicapped woman.

So I do work, but I'm thinking of a change of venue.

This weekend I'm pimping your Momma!

it is a big deal, lets not pretend here. miami didnt even know he needed it, thats bs

All the injuries, minor surgeries, and rookies on second team... the sky must be falling and it looks like the Jets will win the OTA Superbowl for the second year in a row.

See, this is why it fun to read EVERY post... you get to hear such BRILLIANCE as "Dez looks pretty good right now and Ol Josh looks pretty smart"... that is truly Rich.

Man, how great would it be having a 100% untested rookie instead of a Pro Bowl receiver with 100+ catches per year over the last few years? And man-o-man... Josh... he has "TEBOW" and two receivers who cannot even hardly walk yet... man... genius level material.... Thanks poster... I can go back to building this AR10 for my client with a smile on my face.

Check out the Miami Herald photo of Ferg, Marshall & Crowder riding the stationary bikes together on the sideline
Man Does Ferg Look Old & Out of Shape
Marshall with the old ginn jersey looks Hilarious
Marshall is more than 5 inches Taller then teddy bear & over 40 lbs heavier
Looks Ridiculous in that #19
This a Miami Dolphin Organization Intentional Joke
Def Made Me Laugh
U Can See Crowder Clowning Around On the Bike

Homey D. Clown Finds This Picture Very Funny

Odin, if you're pimping out The Man's momma, stop in Cleveland for Mrs James and no fixed address for Mrs. Bryant or whatever her name is.

bill_cnnrs, uh, no it's not....The surgery Ronnie Brown had IS a big deal, cleaning out some scar tissue happens to alot of players...read a little about it before posting an inane comment

According to Sparano's news conference Marshall and Henne have spent a lot of time already playing throw and catch! So given the talent they both have they will do just great.. Also, sounds like Marshall is pretty impressed with Henne and his arm. He stated he has a great arm and great accuracy. We'll be just fine! Go Fins

Odinseye, I would love to pimp your Momma, but the wheelchair always made it hard. Now that you've installed the lift it will make much easier. Thanks so much, I think I can get about 5 dollars for her now.

GREAT WORK MANDO !!! I don't know what I would do without you Armando. Everyday when I wake up (alone) I look forward to reading you're* blogs. You give hope to brown people everywhere. I may have a blue collar job because that's the best I could do. But maybe my kids can write for the Herald with little more than a third grade education.

Don't the Dolphins keep Hush Hush about the depth chart in the offseason?

thanks for that info NYSCOTT.

Don't get why we're talking about Bryant or Taylor. I don't remember them being part of this article? Not sure why they would even be discussed. JT is scum for going to the enemy and not sticking with his home team as a backup and Bryant will prove ot be scum before long.

The Marshall thing really isn't a concern. Did I read he had it three weeks ago? Not sure why Sparano doesn't know this. Turner on the other hand is going to be hard-pressed to make this team. Not sure how he can have an injury after doing NOTHING last year. I can't see how this guy is possibly going to move up the depth chart on this team. I was thinking he might push Camarillo this year for 4th on the depth chart but I can't see it now. He may be close to being done on this team.

ThanX for The Info Today Armando & Staff

Who Is Gonna Break The News First On the Pat Turner Surgery?

We All Want To Know

What Surgery?

Interesting day to start OTAs, lots of news and things to discuss!!

I'm not worried if he missed even more time last year with NEW qb Orton and still had 100+ catches despite his suspentions there will be no problems here doin it again with a better qb in Henne

Thanks Armando, just please don't write a Jason Taylor article, the future is now!!!

Should Enlarge that photo of Ferg, Marshall and Crowder on the stationary bikes on the sidelines
and put it on the Front Page

Still Happily Laughing At Brandon "The Beast" In
little teddy bears jersey

Looks ridiculous in that number of acting #1 WR almost 5.11 186 LB teddy bear ginn

Great Sense Of Humor By The Trifecta

They Truly
Do Not Want To Give The Media or Fans Any Info

Homey D. Clown Is Laughing His @SS Off

Whether it's a big deal or not, we have high expectations for him and our team.

For anyone to say we shouldn't even be concerned is.............is ignorant.

I'm not saying the sky is falling, but I'm concerned. Plain and simple it's a setback. It may not be a big setback, but it's a setback nonetheless.

Good job, Mando! Maybe you can successfully make us all dislike Marshall before Pre-season even starts! What the hell is wrong with you? Feel free to hide behind your nonsense excuse of "I report the facts", but you also write with a tone that tries so hard to create drama and controversy. You add your own personal spin on "the facts" and then you end up instigating thoughts that wouldn't have necessarily been there in the first place. I have to say, as much as I think the Jets are delusional with their "optimism", at the very least, I think I'd prefer those kinds of positive spins, regardless of "the facts". And every once in a while you'll have the gaul to say "this isn't TMZ" or some other type of elitist comment, and that is amazing to me, considering that you follow those exact levels of journalistic views and practices... yours just happen to be on the Miami Dolphins specifically, and not Brad Pitt and co. The point is, you're just a douche, dude, in terms of the way you write most of the time. I know you like hiding behind your "blog hit numbers" because you think we're all here for YOUR blog... but we're not. You're all we got. And most of us think you're a tool.

So Ray Ray - not going to Mando's for Thanksgiving?

Don't worry Mondo I'll still come...

Dante CrapPepper part two???

Dolphins medical staff is a JOKE. Damaged goods in Marshal. Domestic violence allegations, injured, a diva ... going to be another gong show in Miami this year.

Cant wait.

One last thing before I leave regarding the questions on Sparanos lack of knowledge about the Marshall procedure. And this is obviously only my opioion.

It seems to me that Parcells has his coaches and management team scared to death about talking to the media. Every time these guys answer a question you can tell they are searching their memories to recall whether or not Bill said this subject was off limits and/or what they were instructed to say in different situations.

I'm sure the last thing Tony wants after a 16 hour day is to sit down in front of Parcells and get bitched at for saying the wrong thing. And that's why we hear this, "umm, well, yeah ummm, maybe,,,ahhhh,,, I don't know anything"!

Actually Mark, they're going to do Thanksgiving together - just not Columbus Day.

Mark in Toronto, LMAO! That was hilarious.

According to an anonymous source, Turner tripped over Yatil Green, who was attending practice and watching from the sideline. Turner is expected to be fine now that the torn toenail was removed, but Green tore his ACL again.

Odinseye, roll a big fatty, pour yourself a nice bourbon and relax...It will be fine, it was very minor and better to have this pop up now then in Sept or Oct

bobby can down play all he wants. hurts losing him right now, nowhere near as big as during season, but it is a setback

and turner, well he is complete garbage. cut him

We all know NFL Veterans will do anything even elective surgery to get out of OTAs and Summer camp practice

Think Merling(Private Pyle) Is Seriously
Looking @ Breast Augmentation
To Get Out Of Practice

Brett Did Pretty Good last Year with his only practice being
Playing Toss & catch with high school kids in Mississippi
Brett Started In September LOL

Jets fans must be the biggest losers on the face of the earth. Not only do they have enough time in the day to post on their own blogs - but they visit and post on rival blogs as well. Get a dam job and stop leeching of social assistance you piece of garbage!

Armando & Miami Herald IT Dept

How Bout Addressing ID Theft Troll on
Your Blog


3:13 PM & 3:16 PM


Hey Sexy Rexy, we can't wait either. The Dolphins have beaten your crappy team three times in a row and we're looking forward to continuing our dominance over the New Jersey Giants red headed step child (named the Jets) again this season. One last thing, when they move everything out of the meadowlands will the Jets players and staff have to carry the Giants equipment like the little pee-on biatches they are? Also when the Dolphins beat the Jets yet again will your coach stand in front of the team and cry like he did last season? Priceless. Don't worry, maybe some teams will lay down again so you guys can get back in the playoffs. Cross your fingers!

bill_cnnrs, it is MAY 19th. It would be NICE if he was out there but it means very little...Marshall is not an inexperienced rookie...he missed some of training camp last year and made over 100 catches during the season with Kyle Ortin



lets hope he does the same. surgery is never a good thing. jets are most overrated team in football

bill_cnnrs, glad ur not a GM, u probaly would have cut Austin Miles too who had the EXACT amount of catches as Turner had his first year, which was zero, and only 5 his second year...receivers need time to adjust to NFL

Beastmode posted at 2:44:

"Dez Bryant already made headlines...for wearing number #88 and being noticibly out of shape"

He forgot to add to that list that about his mom being a ho.

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