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Marshall (hip surgery), Turner (other surgery) out 'til camp

Well, things just got a little more interesting.

While the Dolphins are expecting marked improvement from their wide receiver position, two players with the biggest set of lenses on them at the position will probably not be practicing this offseason.

Coach Tony Sparano said today Brandon Marshall had "a routine procedure," that will keep him out until the start of training camp. Sparano then confirmed the procedure is a surgery to "clearn things up," while declining to be specific about the body part in question.

ESPN is reporting the surgery Marshall had was hip surgery. Marshall had hip surgery last year in Vail, Colo., and missed the start of training camp as a result. 

[Update: I'm told Marshall had surgery on the same hip two weeks ago. It's interesting perhaps only to me, but Marshall passed a Dolphins physical while requiring surgery.]

[Update 2: The Herald's Jeff Darlington is quoting a source close to Marshall that is saying the procedure was not to the same hip but the other hip and that it was not a clean up. Now that we're all totally confused, I'm sure the next story will be that Marshall really had ankle surgery.]

Asked if he knew about the need for this surgery before signing Marshall, Sparano paused ...

"Well," he said. "No."

Marshall was nonetheless in good spirits today.

"It's definitely frustrating, but you know, some things you can't control," Marshall said. "In my past, I learned that, not to worry myself and hold my head down when I can't control it. I'm just going to do the best I can with the mental reps and prepare myself that way."

Patrick Turner likely will not work this offseason until training camp either, the coach said.

Turner also had surgery this offseason and was only allowed to walk around the practice field today as the rest of the team practiced.

This has varying degrees of importance.

It is clear that one of the things the offseason is meant to provide is chemistry between a quarterback and wide receiver. So it is important for Marshall and Chad Henne to have been able to work together and learn each other this offseason.

I remember Dan Marino used to say it would take three or four months for him to get to know a new wide receiver. Training camp doesn't accomplish the feat by itself because of the time constraints and because other players are taking repetitions.

So in that regard, this is a setback for the Dolphins passing game being on point immediately between its starting quarterback and go-to receiver. Is it a huge deal?

Not if Marshall can be his 100-catch self in time for the regular-season opener.

On the Turner front the issue is different.

Turner is not an accomplished player. The issue with him is whether or not he's going to get enough work this offseason to make the significant and necessary personal improvement to compete for a job in training camp.

Sure, one needs to worry about his ability to get in synch with Henne also. But the greater worry for Turner is whether he can carve a niche for himself on the roster first and the gameday roster second. He was unable to earn a spot on the gameday roster consistently as a rookie and didn't figure at all in the offense.

So he needs to get better. Can he do that in training camp? After not working much this offseason? While coming back from some unknown surgery?

I don't like his chances.

Other offseason surgeries for the Dolphins: Nate Garner, who didn't practice Wednesday. Reggie Torbor, who didn't practice Wednesday, Channing Crowder, who didn't practice Wednesday. I know Crowder's surgery was for a lisfranc injury. The Dolphins are being coy about the reasons for the other surgeries.


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Looks like Home might have to start looking for another man crush if Turner gets cut.

This is DEBACLE x Infinity!

worst, he Jet fans are lughing their a**es off at us....we should have taken Dez.

Marshal will never play a down in Miami uni.....THAT's why his number is no issue.....

who the EFF is on our medical staff.

Can we rescind trade?!?!?!

Exactly Why The Trade For Marshall
Was the Right Move, Ken

bobby im glad u arent our gm also. hilarious. turner isnt austin, in fact he isnt even crayton. guy is a retarded pansy who is wasting a roster spot.

Armando & Miami Herald IT DEPT



Home Out


Agreed. Also, this whole injury is being over blown. Marshall has a history of minor injuries in training camp. He has not had a full camp for the past 4 years. It does not seem to have effected his performance.

bill_cnnrs, how do u know that???Miles caught ZERO balls his first year, EXACT same as Turner...must be nice to be you and look back NOW but you woulda wanted Miles cut too with ur line of thinking after ONE Year

Did miles make It on the field game day his first year?


Great blogging by the usual guys, NYScott, Bobbyd, Mark in Toronto, and Derek off the top of my head. Anyone else who posted logically thank you as well. Whoever the Home impostor is, super thanks to you, I haven't laughed that hard in a while. And Derek, your analogy of the JT situation with the girlfriend you couldn't wait to be done with, and then missed when you were, was awesome. The JT situation really can not be described any better, great job.

Turner did on special teams

Miles Austin had ZERO catches his first year, 5 his second...bill_cnnrs would have cut him and thought he was a GENIUS....

TOOT TOOT, hahahahahahahaha, too funny. Lol. Hahahaha, that's great. Lol

Eugene Yuss - that's the same thing your dad said to your mom when you were born, this is a DEBACLE x infinity. Your post is ridiculous. Go Fins!! Eff the Jets

bobby would keep turner cause hes tall, genius

That was a very hurtful thing to post.

The FO got skinned by the Broncs.

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Best quote of the day by far, by Brandon Marshall when asked if he thinks his biggest asset is opening things up for the other receivers:

"The way I look at it is Ronnie and Ricky open it up for us"

I love it

bill_cnnrs, difference is I would have also kept Miles Austin too while you would cut anybody that isn't producing Pro-Bowl numbers out of college one year....Obviously you need to read Football 101 cause u don't know too much...good luck with that kind of knowledge your carrying

Bootang25, this is going to be a TEAM effort all around...no one guy will put us over the top!!! I loved when Marshall said that too

It seems the whole team had surgery, I was excited not Im down with thoughts of SEASON IS OVER.


You state that its only may in a earlier post and now within a few hours you say ohh the sky is falling Marshall and Henne won't be on point, blahh blahh blahh.

Dan Marino quote nice but people have different learning curves, etc...if they havnt all ready played catch they will eventually before training camp. By the way camp is two months away as you said so dont panic Marshall was catching balls the day of the procedure, they will be fine.
Good to hear other reports about players on the practice field. Dansby and Misi...cant wait for contact drills when camp rolls around.

Check out the Miami Herald photo of Ferg, Marshall & Crowder riding the stationary bikes together on the sideline
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Marshall with the old ginn jersey looks Hilarious
Marshall is more than 5 inches Taller then teddy bear & over 40 lbs heavier
Looks Ridiculous in that #19
This a Miami Dolphin Organization Intentional Joke
Def Made Me Laugh
U Can See Crowder Clowning Around On the Bike

Homey D. Clown Finds This Picture Very Funny

Posted by: Home | May 19, 2010 at 02:54 PM

and loved by bootang25 my #1 fan
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Posted by: Home | May 19, 2010 at 11:41 AM

Jimmy doesn't like that Marshall is out until training camp.

Jimmy wants to see Brandon now.

Jimmy doesn't like to be mislead.

Jimmy doesn't like conspiracies.

Jimmy knows there are sheep who believe in such things.

Jimmy is out until later.


Lets Ruin The Blog


This is what everyone wants


I'm out catch up to Dolphins nation later, hope Armando has a little more substance for the masses....



NJ PHIN FAN can ruin the blog

and not be banned


Anybody Else Get The Point Yet?!

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C`mon Man!

I'm out too, I see our resident dickhead is about to have a breakdown...Enjoy good talking with most of you

NYSCOTT, That is called controll man. Its what you have to have to be a winning orginization. Everyone from the Owner all the way down to the last man on the 53 man roster speaks with one voice. It breeds discipline and that breeds winning.

Oh Home!!!! time to practice your scales!!!!!!!

what's going on armando w/these clowns ? bloggers can't deal w/that any more .

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Mando seems you have a 3 ring circus going on here... what losers! puzzy hide behind the internet

Yeaaaah Gooood Bobbyd12 go away. Remember scum bucket filth that you are.


1701972 you know one of the losers is NJ for sure. You know this. He is so angry and does not take losing very well. No good sportsmanship award for dear old NJ.






Aloco, why should NJ sign in his name? He can sign in others to insult people. Then again, he would insult people using his NJ name. He is not a donkey, but a WHITE monkey on steriods, with no hair on his legs. bwhahahahhahaha

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Well done Machu, I see you used one of my names, now in blue. Looks good. Make the great Inca people proud when you post as Machu. Cuban Menace has nothing to do with me. LOL

Hey Home, how did that Dolphins 2009 first Home Super Bowl winning team predicition work out for ya?

Ya see, when you predict 50 thousand things a day like "Home thinks the sun will come up" and "Home's pecker will be 2 1/2 inches long" then it's a pretty sure thing you'll get some things right.

Insanity is a must on this blog



Thats funny

lol, there must be 50 ALocos on this blog. It's the name people use to post crazy stuff.

kris, just checked back in and read your comment on my post. I absolutely agree with you. I wasn't saying it was good or bad, I was just giving my opinion as to why coach Sparano comes off sounding confused sometimes.

A lot of people comment on that, especially today with his lack of knowledge over the hip procedure.

The only question I have is you mentioned the "one voice" scenario and I'm wondering whos voice that is because no one in the organization talks. I just want them to win but there are certain times when the most insignificant things get covered up as if
they're afraid of compromising national security.

When a reporter asks the head coach if he was aware of a hip procedure I don't think it's necessary for the coach to have to go into his best Nixon impression to skate around the subject. Whether or not Sparano knew about the procedure isn't going to help or hurt the team so if he was truly hiding his knowledge of the situation it seems like wasted energy to me.

SO as I do agree with playing your cards close to the vest, I also can see that in certain situations it's completely unnecessary and may cause our coach to worry about things that he shouldn't have to worry about when trying to prepare a team for an NFL season.

I'm onboard with the one voice theory but they haven't proved as of yet that it works so until they do I will always believe that there is room to refine it.

So were there any prostitutes at today's OTA?

If so, did Ireland have them removed? Or is it ok as long as they are not player's moms?

A picutre paints a thousand words? Nothing like seeing three key components riding bikes. FatChowder, Dante Marshall, and "I was just trying to lose weight" Ferguson.

Okay, the jackasses have arrived, I'm out.

NYscott wise of you saying the jackasses ahve arrived. How did you know it was NJ? :)

Home does not pick all that truck
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Home posted that starting ted ginn was a big mistake in 2009 and our secondary was in for big trouble with no chemistry and weakness In PRESEASON

The problem was never addressed all season

That is why NO HSB2010

Fact is Home Loves The Dolphins and Has Damn Good Insight

Why Dont U get off his back


I like the line about "national security". U got me rolling.

Like you I also want to win. I am on board with what ever gets us there. I am one of the stooges that puts blind faith in Parcells because...well because he has done it everywhere he has gone. To include the jets, Pats, and even the cowboys are better off. So...

Also apperciate your justifying and quantifying your remarks and not just spewing off a bunch off insults because I replied to your post. Thats they way things should be

Truck gets tired of Home’s self-aggrandizement.

Truck thinks Home does have good insight when he sticks to football instead of conspiracy theories and long posts talking about his “predictions”.

Truck is not NJ and will get off Home’s back because he does not want to continue to be part of the problem.

I'm not worried about Marshall and Henne not being on the same page. He had the same procedure last year and had never played with orton either and they did fine together.


Don't bother. The guy has no respect for anyone, you will only be the about the 37th person to try and get this guy to give it a rest. You are merely banging your head on the wall for nothing.


i share your concerns .

Pay No Attention to boontang25
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Needs a Bietch Slap
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