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Marshall (hip surgery), Turner (other surgery) out 'til camp

Well, things just got a little more interesting.

While the Dolphins are expecting marked improvement from their wide receiver position, two players with the biggest set of lenses on them at the position will probably not be practicing this offseason.

Coach Tony Sparano said today Brandon Marshall had "a routine procedure," that will keep him out until the start of training camp. Sparano then confirmed the procedure is a surgery to "clearn things up," while declining to be specific about the body part in question.

ESPN is reporting the surgery Marshall had was hip surgery. Marshall had hip surgery last year in Vail, Colo., and missed the start of training camp as a result. 

[Update: I'm told Marshall had surgery on the same hip two weeks ago. It's interesting perhaps only to me, but Marshall passed a Dolphins physical while requiring surgery.]

[Update 2: The Herald's Jeff Darlington is quoting a source close to Marshall that is saying the procedure was not to the same hip but the other hip and that it was not a clean up. Now that we're all totally confused, I'm sure the next story will be that Marshall really had ankle surgery.]

Asked if he knew about the need for this surgery before signing Marshall, Sparano paused ...

"Well," he said. "No."

Marshall was nonetheless in good spirits today.

"It's definitely frustrating, but you know, some things you can't control," Marshall said. "In my past, I learned that, not to worry myself and hold my head down when I can't control it. I'm just going to do the best I can with the mental reps and prepare myself that way."

Patrick Turner likely will not work this offseason until training camp either, the coach said.

Turner also had surgery this offseason and was only allowed to walk around the practice field today as the rest of the team practiced.

This has varying degrees of importance.

It is clear that one of the things the offseason is meant to provide is chemistry between a quarterback and wide receiver. So it is important for Marshall and Chad Henne to have been able to work together and learn each other this offseason.

I remember Dan Marino used to say it would take three or four months for him to get to know a new wide receiver. Training camp doesn't accomplish the feat by itself because of the time constraints and because other players are taking repetitions.

So in that regard, this is a setback for the Dolphins passing game being on point immediately between its starting quarterback and go-to receiver. Is it a huge deal?

Not if Marshall can be his 100-catch self in time for the regular-season opener.

On the Turner front the issue is different.

Turner is not an accomplished player. The issue with him is whether or not he's going to get enough work this offseason to make the significant and necessary personal improvement to compete for a job in training camp.

Sure, one needs to worry about his ability to get in synch with Henne also. But the greater worry for Turner is whether he can carve a niche for himself on the roster first and the gameday roster second. He was unable to earn a spot on the gameday roster consistently as a rookie and didn't figure at all in the offense.

So he needs to get better. Can he do that in training camp? After not working much this offseason? While coming back from some unknown surgery?

I don't like his chances.

Other offseason surgeries for the Dolphins: Nate Garner, who didn't practice Wednesday. Reggie Torbor, who didn't practice Wednesday, Channing Crowder, who didn't practice Wednesday. I know Crowder's surgery was for a lisfranc injury. The Dolphins are being coy about the reasons for the other surgeries.


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ricky and ronnie need each other no doubt

Ricky certainly can’t carry the load by himself anymore because he breaks down as was evidenced by his drop in productivity towards the end of last year and he has always had fumble issues but during his time as the second option he rarely fumbled and was very effective. I love him as our second back.

Mike Hunt, ousted alma necia pobres!!!

I love Ricky but I don't trust him anymore. and I never want him throwing again out of the wild cat.

I'm not ready to let Ricky go...but I think it is time he moves to the 3rd back in the rotation. I liked what I saw from Lex when they let him carry

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Also really like "The Hill"

Have seen almost all good plays when he touched the rock

Some downright amazing as "The Hill" fought and got some tough 3rd & longs for a First Down

R & R Express Must Leave There Legacy This Season
As Expect Ricky To Retire after this season

O-Line plus Brandon Marshall Should Help The R & R Express Out Immensely This Season

Thats what I'm talking bout Home.

Lex showed flashes of a back that is ready that was hungry for playing time. I expect to see more of that this season. Really push for that number 2 spot.

Mike Hunt, ousted alma necia pobres!!!

Posted by: Machupichu | May 19, 2010 at 07:49 PM

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Ricky throwing should never happen. Marino should never run. But after seeing Run Ricky Run. I can't hate on that man. He has become something more than just a R B to thisfranchise. Those two years we ran the he'll out of him, good years from him. The team?
Hell when was the last good year we've seen from them

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Kris...I hear ya. But Ricky for one more year isn't bad. This isn't griffy hanging on...if we use 3 backs I want Ricky to be one of them

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Peace out

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Yatil Green did not have knee issues, he had frail leg bones that kept breaking. He broke a leg each of two years in preseason. Not the best way to make it on an NFL roster.

I had hope for Turner before this, now I have a feeling he will never play a down of offense in the NFL.

This blog is descending into a kindergarten shouting match, I would really love it if Armando would take control of the infantile nonsense here and either delete the posts or delete the posters accounts.

I agree with the bs posts. I use to come on here for thoughts about a post and have a mature conversation. Now all this app is is kindergarden bs. Jets this Miami that jets this etc. I want a site that has Miami dolphins news and no bs. Maybe it's time to look into another App



I'm not worried about Marshall, last year he missed part of training camp and still had a 100 catch season. With Kyle Orton throwing to him. Last time I checked Kyle Orton was still a mediocre QB. Chad Henne is better then mediocre. Marshall will be in the pro bowl again.

I'm not too worried about Pat Turner either. Do the math. Marshall + Hartline + Camarillo + Bess + Turner= Turner being used in a 5 wide set. I can't remember us using a 5 wide at all. Translation not a big deal
Go Phins!!


I'm not worried about Marshall or Turner. I still think everyone is sleeping on Turner. Coach said that he was working his butt off this offseason and made great improvement from last year. This "Chemistry" thing has been going on since they traded for Marshall, they all have been running routes with the QB's this offseason. Turner is a sleeper, and I think with this time off sort of speak, he will be able to pick up some much needed tips from Marshall, my suggestion to Turner is to pick his brain until Marshall tells him, "Look, you know everything I know, now just go out and execute"

This is not good! I don't think the head coach new our "star" reciever was going to miss this much practice.

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