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McDuffie wins $11.5 mill suit vs former team Dr.

Former Dolphins wide receiver O.J. McDuffie on Wednesday won an $11.5 judgment from a malpractice lawsuit against former Dolphins team doctor John Uribe.

A Miami-Dade Circuit jury returned the verdict after a two-and-one-half-week trial.

McDuffie accused Uribe of malpractice in the treatment of a left big toe injury he suffered in 1999. McDuffie's lawyers said an MRI showed severe ligament damage, but Dr. Uribe told McDuffie he would recover without ever informing McDuffie of the ruptured ligament.  His injury worsened as he continued to play with it. He has had two surgeries on the toe since 1999, and was released by the Dolphins on Feb. 28, 2002, after nine years. McDuffie officially retired in August of 2002.

McDuffie is said to have reached a settlement with other doctors involved in the case.

Both McDuffie and Uribe were unavailable for comment. A source said an appeal by Uribe is likely.

McDuffie played 116 games for the Dolphins from 1993 to 2000. He had 415 receptions for 5,074 yards and 29 touchdowns and also returned two punts for TDs. McDuffie, 40, was Miami's first round pick in the 1993 draft. He led the NFL with 90 catches in 1998.

Uribe was the team's chief orthopedic specialist throughout the Jimmy Johnson coaching tenure and until the final year of the Dave Wannstedt years. He is also the former team doctor for the University of Miami football team and has successfully treated patients such as Frank Gore, Willis McGahee, Javon Kearse and Shawne Merriman.

Uribe remains the team doctor for the Florida Panthers.


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Jimmy Johnson did not draft O.J. McDuffie. What kind of fan are you?

McDuffie might be the
best Player that Yimsieee Yonson ever drafted.

Posted by: Yazzi | May 05, 2010 at 08:45 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/05/mcduffie-wins-115-million-suit-vs-former-dolphins-doc.html#ixzz0nA3FUf8y

Jack Lambert, the Steel Curtain Hall of Famer, as great as he was, had his career ended by turf toe. That was one of the detrimental effects of the early forms of artificial turf. I still think of how Csonka treated artifical turf as one of his top pet peeves.

It was a bummer that OJ McDuffie's career ended earlier because of turf toe. He was a fine WR; he gave his all; and he made plays for the team. I don't know all the facts of his case but I'm sure he did what he had to do to protect himself. There's also a difference between playing hurt with the assorted nicks and bruises that are part of the game and playing injured with torn ligaments or turf toe.

Don Shula drafted O.J. McDuffie and not Jimmy Johnson. O.J. was one of the most reliable receivers the Dolphins have ever had. The toe problem cost him several more years in the NFL. When he stopped playing because of the injury he was the most productive receiver on the team.

Good for OJ. God knows he still a couple good seasons ahead of him if it wasn't for some bone head Hialeah doctor. Lol.

what everyone fails to see here is what this does to a physician. no malpractice insurance will cover that large of a settlement. is a big toe really worth ruining a hard working doctor's life and family? this is outrageous and the reason there needs to be caps on the amounts people can recieve in these types of suits.

Workers in the construction industry are equipped with boots that have reinforced toecaps to prevent this type of injury. In other work environments, employers are liable for a toe injury compensation claim in the event that they've failed to provide adequate employee protection and you suffer a toe injury because of their negligence.

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