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Merling arrested for aggravated battery

Defensive end Phillip Merling is in the Broward County main jail this morning after being arrested Wednesday for aggravated battery on woman, according to the Broward Sheriff's office.

Details of the incident that led to the arrest are still forthcoming but this one is not good: The woman Merling allegedly hit is pregnant.

And the initial report says Merling knew or should have known that.

Merling is the fourth Dolphins player arrested since the end of the 2009 regular season. Will Allen (DUI), Ronnie Brown (DUI) and Tony McDaniel (domestic battery) were also arrested this offseason.

The Dolphins are still gathering information and have no comment at the moment.

This is never good news. But the news is worse when the player combines off-field problems with those on-the-field.

And Merling, it could be argued, has had problems on the field. After being drafted 32nd overall in the 2008 draft -- the 32nd pick is typically a first-round selection but was the first pick of the second round in '08 when New England lost its pick -- Merling has been inconsistent at best.

His practice habits have been internally criticized by coaches. Merling admitted as much to me last year. His performance in games has been better, but still not good enough to earn him a starting job.

Merling was working with the first-team defense in Miami's most recent OTA session open to the media. The Dolphins begin a three-day minicamp on Friday.


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Welcome to the starting gig, Mr. Odrick.

I think when they drafted Odrick, Merlingd days were numbered. They may try to ship him of for a low draft pick to the Chiefs. What a disgrace, if its true. Once the facts come in, and indeed if they support these claims, I cant see Merling being around too long.

We don't need em. Cut em!

WTF!!! Merling is a dumb motha you know what...

LE Odrick
NT Starks
RE Langford

That's the way it was gonna end up anyway.

Piglet, I don't think he is gonna lose his job. However, he might get suspended for it.

Drop his arse...who needs this? He couldn't even win the starting job on the field and fortunately this is a position of depth for us right now.

Tofu Dan

Could not have said it better myself....

I don't understand sometimes what some of these players are thinking

I understand that there humans and can make mistakes, but where is the self control.

Hitting a pregnant woman really why not just leave and hit the gym and get your fustrations out that way!

I can understand friction with your lady (I'm Married) but not once ever has the thought of hitting her has crossed my mind.

Hope this is the last arrest we hear about this year from the phins.

And Hip Hop weekend has not even started yet.

Cut him, what a piece of work. Total loser.

what's wrong with these guys? Geez... they're acting more like the lowlife pets than Dolphins. This franchise deserves better!!

P.S. Great interception of ole'man river Favre though...

Ken, lol... This should be interesting.

If it's true he deserves everything he has coming to him. Nothing can be much worse than hitting a pregnant woman. What's next? Punching the baby?

I know that assault can be something minor as hell but this is really not good.

Bottom line if he's guilty he deserves everything he gets including being cut or hopefully traded. I was hoping with Odrick coming here he would finally step up his game but if this is true I just want this guy gone.

No problem.
Step 1: Fine him 50k
Step 2: Ride the pine at start of the season
Step 3: Trade in Off season or cut before Salary cap dump time opportunity expires.

He is a backup that never lived up to his potential.

His mug shot on the SunSentinel is priceless!!!

Hey CMDeOro:

It is like this was the opening act. Mando was taking some heat for his last blog, looks like he was on the money.

NFL players are used to getting slapped on the wrist in these situations. But hitting a pregnant woman? Wouldn't be surprising if they came down harder on him.

Cowardly act.

Two game suspension coming on down for aggravated battery.

add him to the list of 2nd round picks I'd love to have back..

At least he returned that INT to beat the JETS

Ryan Baker will fill the void at DE if Señor Merling is sent to the slammer

Wtf is happening in Miami? Used to be that the UM generated all of the thug headlines, while the Dolphins were squeaky clean (Mercury Morris notwithstanding.). It seems the roles have reversed...

Can u say "outta here"....I mean...there was a story a few weeks back that he was "really making an effort" to get better on the field....maybe he was....had he been arrested for a "suspended license"...I think the front office lets him slide....but this? A pregnant woman? Dude...your gone like Cecil Collins, Sammy Smith and Lawrence Phillips.

Merling is another guy who can't string a sentence together. He is obviously dumb. He sounds like Ted Ginn at his interviews.

Cecil Collins.... I forgot about that nutt case.

Has this group drafted ANY good players? The most success they've had is with the old regime's players. I'm concerned.

NFL Draft Time Machine, take me back to 2008. "With the first pick of the second round, the Miami Dolphins select Desean Jackson."

see u dont need hip hop week to get into trouble

Ken commented on 'Merling arrested for aggravated battery'

2010-05-27 11:17:50 -0500

Has this group drafted ANY good players? The most success they've had is with the old regime's players. I'm concerned. Jake long


Nother Bad Character Issue for The Miami Dolphins

Was Is It Merlings Baby & "Girlfriend"

Probably Alcohol Related

Hope Jared Steps It Up, Now

The 11:17 post was not me. Or at least this Ken. Could be another one out there.

That damn hip hop made him do it!

The Wrong Psycho Crazy Woman

Can Bring A Man To Madness

Ask Brandon Marshall

First Signs of Craziness from Psycho Witch

Pack Up Your Belongings
Head For The Door
Change Address & Cell Phone #
Do Not Look Back

Just Cuz Woman Got Knocked Up, Does Not Make Her In The Right

Stirring the Pot

Dear Mr. Salguero

"This is never good news. But the news is worse when the Stripper/Girlfriend/Babymomma combines off-stripper pole problems with those on-the-stripper pole."

If she doesn't take merling to court for 20 million it will be a black eye to girls like
Silvia Mena who is currently sueing Albert Haynesworth for 10 million.

Look for the Scripclub the girl works for to seek a trade with another scripclub.....seein how she's bruised and knockedup...they will be looking to upgrade.

Sports talk...sorta

Soiled :)

Anyone who hits a pregnant woman ought to be castrated, never mind losing his job. I don't care what the excuse is, there are certain things you do not do. If Merling did this, the Dolphins need to kick him out, stat.

Bring on a replacement from the CFL

Another sterling member of the floundering Miami Dolphins.....beating on pregnant women

Alright Miami!

Way to go fellas. Class of the AFC East. Wow is the TriFecta AWESOME. I guess we can lump Merling in now with other great TriFecta moves like Smiley, White, Wilford, Wilson ... oh baby the list keeps growing.

Hey maybe Ireland forgot to check if the guys mom is a prostitute. Maybe Merling should get some relationship advice from Marshall. Just sayin.

And when you say Miami you're talking SuperBowl.


Jake Long was a no brainer. They had a the 1st pick. A monkey could've made that pick. It was either him or Matt Ryan. A Fantasy Owner could've picked one of those 2.

Kind Regards,

Pat White

Headed out to Deerfield Beach by the North Side of the Pier/Boca Inlet Area Friday

U Ever Get Down That Way?(only 30 minutes south of Jupiter)

Gonna Have Some Adult Beverages After Day In the Ocean

Cut him. No need for people like this in your organization. He's a coward for hitting a woman and worse for hitting a woman who is pregnant.

As for the Miami Dolphins organization, they are looking worse by the day when all they are touting is that they only hire character personnel. Maybe they should re-evaluate their screening process.

Now the Jared Odrick pick looks good. Merling is a career backup, a bust for a high 2nd round pick.

What's even more depressing is that these athletes can't seem to think about anything further than 2ft in front of them and continually put themselves in these situations! STUPID! Risking money, because of no self control, that many people will never have a chance to earn.


I live in Delray, but surf in Jupiter/Juno alot... go to deerfield every once and a while, but usually delray public beach... waves are small but fun here today

This happens on every team, not just here.

You've got to be kidding me




Some one is using my name on this blog. I am out of here for now.

Merling the magician
PFFFT out of a job with Miami!!!!


Typing monkey


What an idiot!

Rey Rey

U R only maybe 10 miles from me
Live right near Palm Beach county line
Deerfield Beach is just east of me
Thats My Stomping Grounds
Hot Area for Surfing, Beach Volley Ball, etc
Best Nonstop Parade of Hotties Anywhere
Add The Raw Bars, Live Steel Drum Calypso Music,
Former Dolphin Bob Brus Sports Bar with outdoor patio bar across the street from the busiest Island water Sports,Ho Jos Beachfront Patio Bar, JBs on the Beach & Flannigans on Ocean Blvd

Great Place To Hang
Peace carlito the surfer

Merling didn't even get to go to the hip hop concert. Poor guy. This stinks for the whole team, for those who say just throw Odrick in there. I'm sure thats not what the trifecta wants. Not many rookie defensive lineman, no matter where they are drafted , are ready to start, I didn't see Odrick as the starter, but part of the rotation that got him in situationaly. If Merling cannot play(we should hold judgement untill all the facts come out)Do we move Starks back outside. We do have Solai, and guys we are looking at playing nose this summer?

Anytime there is domestic abuse called in, someone has to go to jail. State Law. I will hold judgement untl the facts come in. But this is still a dumb move, these guys just need to learn to walk away.

Just saw this, if this is true then what a disgrace. Expect him to be cut once the dust settles

Whoa. We're talking about a 2nd round pick(which he was). And he has been in the league for two seasons and we are already giving up on him? Getting arrested is stupid. But if the NFL cut everyone who had been arrested then we wouldn't have enough players to field all 32 teams. A fact. I think we are talking bust when the guy actually came in doing a lot of good things and has shown flashes that he can be dominant. We need depth. That's what is important. Getting rid of him? Are you guys nuts?

Just Saw Philip Merling Mug Shot on local South Florida news

Hate To Rush To Judgment.....but
...Looks like
Disheveled Drunken Bum w/Eyes Half Shut
...and Nappy Hair Sticking Up

of course maybe
He is not that photogenic LOL

Later Merling....Detriot?

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