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Merling arrested for aggravated battery

Defensive end Phillip Merling is in the Broward County main jail this morning after being arrested Wednesday for aggravated battery on woman, according to the Broward Sheriff's office.

Details of the incident that led to the arrest are still forthcoming but this one is not good: The woman Merling allegedly hit is pregnant.

And the initial report says Merling knew or should have known that.

Merling is the fourth Dolphins player arrested since the end of the 2009 regular season. Will Allen (DUI), Ronnie Brown (DUI) and Tony McDaniel (domestic battery) were also arrested this offseason.

The Dolphins are still gathering information and have no comment at the moment.

This is never good news. But the news is worse when the player combines off-field problems with those on-the-field.

And Merling, it could be argued, has had problems on the field. After being drafted 32nd overall in the 2008 draft -- the 32nd pick is typically a first-round selection but was the first pick of the second round in '08 when New England lost its pick -- Merling has been inconsistent at best.

His practice habits have been internally criticized by coaches. Merling admitted as much to me last year. His performance in games has been better, but still not good enough to earn him a starting job.

Merling was working with the first-team defense in Miami's most recent OTA session open to the media. The Dolphins begin a three-day minicamp on Friday.


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Is your surfboard airbrushed as a giant meatball sub?

Merling? What more can you say, cream rises to the top and the rest of the crap eventually settles to the bottom. Seems this is where Merling's been destined since day 1 on the practice field. Maybe time to "cut-bait."

Merling Made A Great Infamous Play Against Brett & The Jets in the Last Game of 2008
Intercepting Brett & Knocking Him To the Ground
As Merling Ran In The End Zone for A Pick 6

Since Then Philip Has Been Deemed As Lazy and Practices Halfheartedly

Merling Has Gained a Good Bit of Junk Weight and Now
His Sluggish @ss Looks Like The Back End Of A Volkswagen

With Jared Odrick In The Mix
U Think Philip Would Be Staying Focused Working Harder Than Ever And Working His Lard @ss Off


Everyone's jumping on this without the facts!
Let's see young girl gets pregnant by a 300 lb NFLk player, then right before Training Camp decides she wants some cash only he won't give it to her. They get in a verbal arguement and when the cops show, she says he hit her. He's off to jail and the media has a field day!
Let's wait till we get the facts before buying him a bus ticket.
That's all I'm saying.

Agravated battery doesn't mean that he actually hit anyone.

Just touching an officer is battery. Police have their own particular way of describing events so that they can write up the most damning charges.

Remember they tried to charge that guy with intentionally running over an officer which was obviously a COMPLETE & TOTAL exageration and distortion of the facts.

Man, Brandon flowers went one pick later, and was a guy I really liked at the time.

Too bad Merling, you had a big chance and blew it!

Funny how Armando just posted below about "Hooray Dolphins are staying in this weekend at training camp so no arrests" lol

Money jacket, you are right to a point. You must draw a line some where though. This guy hit a pregnant woman and he should get penalized. We have the depth to do it. Besides the most he will get is a 2 game suspension if any at all.

Know This Much
Spent A Month In Weston last year
Weston, FL is an upscale community which takes huge pride in the Miami Dolphins
Arvida Co & Dan Marino developed this beautiful
Dolphin Players & Fans reside here and worship the Miami Dolphins Like No Where Else in Florida
That Includes the Weston Police Dept

That Being Said Philip Merling
Would Never Had Been Arrested Without Just Cause In This Miami Dolphin Community
If Anything Weston Police Dept
Did Everything To Avoid This Arrest
As Not To Tarnish The Image Of This Miami Dolphin Player & Team Name

PhinfanNdothanAL, I agree with you. However, if he did do something he needs to suffer the consequences. I doubt he gets kicked oort the team for it though.

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His girlfriend / wife must have a listening problem.

Maybe she changed the channel and...slap slap....

PhinfanD,I hear ya.The media is gonna bury this guy because "She said".If you believe everything a woman says,you've got issues.

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Wow, a _____ football player in trouble, why that almost never happens. Why can't these rich retards just be happy.

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Lots of folks here are jumping the gun. However, I feel where they are coming from. How many players need to get arrested, fined, suspended, etc. in the league before they realize, men should not put their hands on a woman (unless their lives are in danger)? This goes for all men (every man on this blog), but EVEN MORE SO goes for athletes (since they have a big target on their backs). These gold-diggin' females are just waitin' in the wings for an athlete to hit her so she can get paid.

I'm not saying that's what happened here. I'm saying that we've all heard the stories, we've all seen the history of players in the league and domestic violence, or aggravated assault, or whatever else you want to call slappin' someone. I just wish these dudes would wise up and learn to walk away or communicate better to handle a situation before doing something physical. The NFL needs to have mandatory anger management courses for players either for life or until a player is like 30, when hopefully they're mature enough to handle their business respectably.

Now, on to Merling, this is too bad. I think he was ready to step up this year. I think he has good skills, but needed a kick in the rear to get going and make himself better. I thought Nolan would be a good teacher for him, show him how to play in this league. Now, who knows, but I doubt he'll be seen as a long-term player for this team (I think this on top of the past might sour the Trifecta on Merling). I hope not, I like his size and think he can help this team, but I'm not defending stupid players anymore. They make too much money compared to the peanuts I make, and I have to follow the rules, I'm sick of defending them when they think they are above the law.

If the charge of Aggrevated Battery sticks, Merling could face a second degree felony, and up to fifteen years in the hooskow.

The definition of aggrevated battery includes
Use of a deadly weapon-
Intent to cause serious bodily harm-
Hate Crime-
And in Merlings case any battery involving a child, elderly person, or pregnant woman.
The grey area here is that even the slightest bit of battery on a pregnant woman falls in the area of aggrevated battery. I believe that no matter the situation, a man should never strike a woman. Merling may have just had a second of bad judgement, and gone mad. He could have beat the crap out of her. But in Florida, the punishment is the same.

"The Hooskow"Now Iam ROTFLMAO, That's an oldie Darryl, Only some one from the "Bad lands" would refer to "Lock-down" As the Hooskel..............

Anybody down Miami way going to "ARREST FEST" this weekend at the Beach??????

All 4 should be cut!! parcells said himself no thuggs!!! Cut all 4 we will be a better team without them

Wow, so Ericatl, you'd cut Ronnie Brown for a DUI (one stain on an otherwise spotless record)? Sounds like someone doesn't believe in the American ethos of 2nd chances. In that case, let's give the death penalty to jaywalkers. Why stop there? If you fail outta school, take that brain and donate it to science. Why not arrest any poster that makes a stupid or hurtful comment on a blog?

And we wouldn't be better off without any of those players (that'd just be more holes to fill).

Assault on a pregnant woman is right on par with child abuse in my book. This dirtbag needs to have an immideate dismissal if these allegations are true.

What up Menace! I've heard they serve a mean crab cake at the joint in Broward County!

Have to wait and see what really happened here. "IF" the charges are true he will face punishment by the law first, the league and the team second. There are always two sides to every argument so lets wait and see what the facts are.

Good job Mando. NIce to see some news that actually relates to a team member, (instead of some ridiculous post about hip-hop festivals).
Of course if the team starts thinning out due to arrests maybe the coaches can go to the hip-hop event and hold some open try-outs on the beach.

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The blog is heading into the abyss once more.

I like Carlito's role as a drive by shooter here on the blog. He has some nice zingers to share.




Another Trifecta airball. You just can't fail to draft a starter with a draft pick that high.

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