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Merling arrested for aggravated battery

Defensive end Phillip Merling is in the Broward County main jail this morning after being arrested Wednesday for aggravated battery on woman, according to the Broward Sheriff's office.

Details of the incident that led to the arrest are still forthcoming but this one is not good: The woman Merling allegedly hit is pregnant.

And the initial report says Merling knew or should have known that.

Merling is the fourth Dolphins player arrested since the end of the 2009 regular season. Will Allen (DUI), Ronnie Brown (DUI) and Tony McDaniel (domestic battery) were also arrested this offseason.

The Dolphins are still gathering information and have no comment at the moment.

This is never good news. But the news is worse when the player combines off-field problems with those on-the-field.

And Merling, it could be argued, has had problems on the field. After being drafted 32nd overall in the 2008 draft -- the 32nd pick is typically a first-round selection but was the first pick of the second round in '08 when New England lost its pick -- Merling has been inconsistent at best.

His practice habits have been internally criticized by coaches. Merling admitted as much to me last year. His performance in games has been better, but still not good enough to earn him a starting job.

Merling was working with the first-team defense in Miami's most recent OTA session open to the media. The Dolphins begin a three-day minicamp on Friday.


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How is it that this blog becomes totally unreadable when "Home" is on it.

Mando please do all your readers a favor and block this whacko from your blog.

Yup Aloco

We are deep and getting better as a team up and down this roster. Allen coming off of injury...dui...not looking good.

@ Cuban just when I thought you couldn't sound any dumber, you say something like that...and totally redeem yourself. Well played!

Guys, I've arrested people before when there arguing with there spouse and all one of them has to say is"He/She shoved me", Thats all it takes, also too it helps to defuse a volatile situation for 2 or 3 days, seeing how the one charged sits in jail for at least 48 hours, Gives the complainant time to either move out or drop charges, 80 % of the time charges are dropped......That's why it's called a "Domestic Dispute"........

Thank you Dan, I'm a Enigma, Wrapped in a secret sauce.........lol

Wasabi Cuban! Wasabi lol

Does the mug shot make Merling look like he his high on the devil weed, or do I need a foil hat?

Darryl, To you (Living where you do)(LOL) everyone looks like there on Dope....(Then again I sometimes think EVERYONES ON DOPE) just my opinion.......


High on devil weed lol

I think our players are trying to make B Marshall look like a saint. That's smart Defense.
A couple weeks ago, a blogger had mentioned that the Dolphins were changing their uniforms, has anyone else heard this?

Yup Cuban

everyone is high on dope or at least Merling was. Dunphy said it best ' looks like hes high on devils weed' lol

Seriously, Merlin got booked and accused of hitting his baby's mama and pregnant with their second, on the face, head, and causing the woman to bleed.
That aint no joke and should not be taken lightly, so thats what hes being accused of...

we shall see when the smoke clears.

I was trying to figure out what the law is in Florida. But I thought aggrevated battery cases go straight to the DA. Even if the person assaulted does not choose to file charges.

Marshall Marshall Marsahll!

Dont even compare...

Flat out double standard and I like jimmy johnston said, you will tolerate a little more from you star player!

Do not even go any further...cause I won't follow lol

OK Dolphins Nation

I'm out have a great weekend guys!

Cause here we come happy Memorial Day!

God Bless, ALL the men women who have served this great country!

Go Dolphins!

Under questioning from the judge, the Virginia-born Merling said he's lived in South Florida for three years and does not own property in the state. Asked what he does for a living, Merling responded, "I play football for the Miami Doofins." aaaaaaaaaaaaght! I see!
Actually 6 Awfulins have been busted..Burp
5-Tony McDaniel
I said the Miami Awfulins were a mess especialy under the tootage of the three stooges..add another bust to the long list of crappy draft choices and free agents.
I don't wanna wish any awfulness on the doofins, but the just have rotten luck.
Look for the potential candidates for future problems, physical or legal>> Jake Grove, Marshall,Vontae davis,incognito,brown.
The other news is they cut Torbor. I guess those two monster contracts will lead to some more cuts. Flag Football, anyone??????

D4L, Didn'T hear the specifics(Were did you get it??)But if that's the case that's inexcusable, makes me want to pull out the ol teaser......And Im not buying the Excuse "But it's Hip-hop week-end"(Sorry guys couldnt help my self......)

This just in... The Dolphins football team has just been convicted of whooping the Jets' ass in 09 & sweeping them again in 2010!!

Torbor has been cut, wake up !!! Can you report the news ?


On the Sun Sent...

Under questioning from the judge Rex Ryan ate the judge

Jet fan

When you get your head out of your ass,

You...will see that the only thing the jets got this off season was older!

And what the dolphins got was younger and better! Rivas island will soon become Marshall Marshall Marshall Island. And their is not one damn thing you, or anyone else will do about it!

Truth is ya backed into the playoffs and got a little lucky at the right time

and your fkn pissed we have whipped you 3 straight. And will continue to dominate you this year chump!

The fins really sucks .


Is out! Dolphins nation have a great weekend!

Leaving for Tahoe!

1/2 of the team are in jail and the other half are thinking about it .

LOL At Jordi.....Doe's Rex Ryan look like Jabba the hut from star wars or is it just me??

Jet fan get your own app!
Breaking news Rex Ryan has just been convicted of rape and aggravated assault on Little Debbie! He busted out his staples in his stomach after his fat, lazy surgery. You're a football coach for God's sake. You have experts at hand who could have worked with your diet, you have a state of the art gym you could have rolled in, You sicken me!

At least they aren't in Jail!! LMFAO!!!!
Hey merling looked liked he got beatup by a JET FAN hahhahharg!

I'am sorry but that last post from "Jets Forever" was very funny,....D4L, Leave it to another Reporter to break this then Mando......

who's fatter rex ryan or the tuna ? i say tuna .

I hope that ain't the way most Doofins look when they report to practice~~~DoinG!!!haha

even jt when he came here we had to clean him up and give a shower .

give him a shower

Jets4ever, Do you guys shower Rex with a fire hose or truck him to Niagara Falls???? Just a "Q".........

Rex lost alot of weight, I think Parcells is alot heavier. Sparano is somewhat meatball-ish too!
Seriously, You got two Big DE McDaniel and merling..beatin on thier wives. It must be the Miami Heat or the savage practices<>

No Cuban, they all shower together. It's Jets tradition: " A team that plays together (haha) stays gay together!"

Jets4ever, Is it true Rex sublets one of his man boobs as a apartment complex?????

You gotta see the MUG shot of merling in the sentinel~~~I can't stop crackin up!

our players treats their wives with respect ,love and class . not like the fin players who treats their wives with belt,disrespect and hits .

Jetfan, Is it true that the jets will go 8 and 8 and still make, and win the Super bowl?????

Jet Fan, you idiot! Ryan lost weight because he had surgery, instead of being a man and working it off like he preaches to his players!

This writer is way better than Omar and beridino and get alot more responses!!!
ARF!!! GO Yankees!!!!!

he done surgery b/c if he would go for a diet it would take him a 10 years to lose the weight ,

Yeah,Rex was a big'n he claims his cholestrol was low, can't imagine how he got that heavy eatin vegetables or fruit.

It sounds to me like a stripper, who knows a lot about birth control and such, may have stopped taking birth control to entrap Merling. Maybe when he found out all hell broke loose. He is certainly under a lot of pressure on the field from Odrick and others--this added vile attempt
by her may have sent him over the edge!

10 years? With the nutrition and conditioning experts he is surrounded by! Not to mention the GYM!

Herb, Are you serous??????????????

he should be fined half a years pay, ole roger needs to start showing some grit and come down hard on some of these guys and this type of behavior will come to a halt. on a side note, 90% chance the woman is white.

Nick, She's Of African decent, Quite good looking, turns out she confronted him about a affair she caught him in, Doesn't look good for Phillip.........

Listen Cuban, there are many wonderful women out there and there are some conniving desperate women with money on the mind. What shelf-life doto you expect for a stripper in Miami?

The realty is with no priors he can work out a non-jail plea if he is guilty. Unfortunately, a withheld adjudication warrants punishment in the NFL.

Wow Armando really dropped the football on this torbor thing he got "scooped"

Also to HERB, They've been together for 4 years and have 1 child together already, Please next time you post from yor trailer know the facts before you write something so stupid, But Thanks for coming by................

Jet fan- you would not look good nor myself in a mug shot! It is not a party.

Marmaduke(GD)Mando gets 'SCOOPED" more then sand going into a bucket at a beach.................

Cuban, thanks for the added info. However after four years and no marriage--did you think he was considering raising a basketball team?--Did you think this was a planned pregnancy?

That's what I am talking about Cuban. Give it to him right between the eyes.

Dear Mr. Salguero

The first thing Merling should do when confronting Roger Goodell is punch him square in the face...thus sending a message to the Dolphins Front office, I'm one bad ass mother bleeper..don't bleep with me.

I should be an agent

Soiled :)

That's Classic "SOILED........... Thank you Uncle Bottoms............

Soiled- you should keep a memoir of your posts, I would purchase them for all my Phin friends for Christmas(never to early to think about Christmas!!) Look forward to your posts.

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