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Next chapter for Thomas: Fatherhood, coaching?

It is a logical next step for Zach Thomas and he has obviously considered it: Coaching.

But the perfect opportunities aren't necessarily there right now and he doesn't need the money and has a new four-month-old son, Christian Zachery Thomas, he'd like to spend some time with first.

So Thomas probably won't be jumping right into coaching immediately. But would Thomas eventually like to be reconnected with football, perhaps as a coach or scout or something?

“I do," he said. "Right now because of my time commitment I am doing a lot of other things, but I have to stay involved somehow. But I know if I was a coach somewhere, maybe I should start at a high school level or something because I think that I would be even more extreme. When it comes to watching tape, never thinking I got enough, getting everybody prepared. I think I might give too much information, you know, when you get out there with players and they have too much information they can’t even think.

"I love the game, I want to stay involved, but I want to be a better husband because I wouldn’t come home much and that’s just the truth, and [wife] Maritza knows that. I thought about radio, but sometimes I am an emotional guy and I don’t have [PR vice president] Harvey Greene right next to me to give me a cool down period right after a game, because you all came rushing to me after we lose and you all knew you were going to get a quote. So I feel like Harvey and them would box out and try to give me a cool down period, because that sometimes gets me in trouble, letting emotions get into it and then you look back and go, ‘Man I shouldn’t have said those type of things’.

"That is probably why I won’t do radio but I want to stay involved with something I am good at. You only have to be good at one thing and (football) is one thing I am good at, and now I am going to move on and see if there is anything else I am good at."

Thomas had an audition to work for the Dolphins new flagship radio station but the same team-employed genius who didn't want me on because I wasn't enough of a homer for his taste -- truth is apparently not a virtue for some folks -- also passed on Thomas because, well, some people simply don't get it.

The Dolphins do have a linebacker coach vacancy they could fill if they wished. But that's appartently not a possibility right now.

Would be sweet though, wouldn't it?

Just sayin'. 

[BLOG NOTE: Come back later today because I'll have an offensive line related post up.]


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Its only the natural progession for a man of his talent and knowledge. He already replaced Jack DelRio once, may Jack is just keeping the seat warm for him again

Was being sarcastic I do like crowder and wanna see what he can do with a food dline up front and dansby right next to him. just always have been a fan of Zack and agree he would make a wonderful coach and mentor to all of our linebackers not just the new ones...

Mando, I'm loving the Zach tribute blogs you have been giving us for two days. Next to Dan the Man, Zach is my favorite Dolphin. Thank you sir.

As for the fact that you couldn't get that radio gig, I say fie on them. Are they too blind to see that you have a perfect face for radio?!

Zack could teach these new boys how to play the game right. It would be a perfect fit, but I doubt the trio have enough confidence to do it.


One of the things I really liked from Zach's press conference yesterday, and there were many, is you could tell Tony and Jeff were not lying when they spoke of their respect for him. Tony especially. Looked Zach right in the eye the entire time, and you could tell he was being genuine. That being said, I truly believe whether or not Zach wants to get into coaching is up to him. I think Tony knows the long hours that it entails, and I am sure he has advised Zach to simply take some time with his family for now. In a year or two, I wouldn't be shocked that Zach took a coaching job with our team.

That man knows the position he studied video so much I am sure he could probably coach most of the entire defence... He knew what was comming imagine if that would rub off on these guys

If the coaching staff has an inch of intelligence they would hire Zach as a coach. No one can break down the films and find the edge like Zach. We have 13 linebackers because we just aren't sure about our linebackers. Dansby should be great and Crowder is always Crowder. Couldn't we sure use that winning edge that Zach could bring. This is a no brainer. Sign him up as a coach and give us that something extra against the Pets and Cheaters!


I don't think it has anything to do with the staff not wanting to hire Zach. Now would be an odd time to add any coach, and Zach himself said right now he wants to spend time with his family. Now at the start of the offseason next year, I could see Zach becoming a part of the coaching staff.

He would be a great coach I would think. I like the fact taht he is committing time to his family though. really important. This is just one of the few "TRUE" good guys. Imagine if he could teach our linebackers to play as he did? OUCH to the rest of the NFL!!!

Of Course Zach Would Make A Great LB Coach

As Well As
The Most Important Job In the World
Being A Terrific Dad

Kudos to the Dolphins for doing something right. Zack to coach and Jason to play, some combo.

Mando, I've listened to you on 790 The Ticket a lot almost every time you're on and I think you're great.

You have information, you are funny and you don't get all stupid like Lebotard usually does. You are entertaining.

The new flagship, whoever that is, has made a mistake. Two mistakes -- not hiring Zach or you.

Hope Zach

Can Also Help Out With Our Environment & His Backyard, The Atlantic Ocean & Hillsboro Beach

My Beach Also

Monroe county(The Keys)
Dade county(Miami & Dolphins Stadium))
Broward county(Ft.Laud & Dolphins Training Facility)



& So Far BP
Has Dumped 655,000 Gals of Toxic Chemicals In A
Failed Attempt at Clean Up
adding to the toxic levels

Told U To Take Your Last Swim, Armando

Zach will make a great coach one day becuase what made him a great player was the preparation which translates into coaching. Would love for the Phins to jump on him because he seems to be a guy would would work well under Sparano, so if it does not happen this season, perhaps next. Another option to keep in mind would be UM and Randy Shannon, as he was one of Zach's position coaches early on in Zach's career.

These last 2 days have been awesome taking a stroll down memory lane with Zach.

I want to thank Armando, Cote, and Darlington for their articles.

I also want to thank some of teh bloggers here for sharing their memories too like Bobby, Bootang, Poizen, NYSCott, and others. Enjoyable posts guys, great stuff.

Zach Thomas forever!!!

Armando please name the idiot at the flagship station. It would be awesome if you called him out. I'd write a letter to his boss.

Ricky and Ronnie rule

It was great seeing Zach smiling again. What a great guy! By far my favorite Dolphin (post-Marino era). Great character, great heart, great human being. If this team could get 53 Zach Thomas clones, they'd be an unstoppable force. Good job Trifecta, you did the right thing here.

Be careful Armando, the toes you step on today could be connected to the ass you kiss tommorrow. Just sayin, not hating.

Z||||\\\\\\\\ Z
Z ~~ ~~ Z
Z ▄ Ω ▄ Z
Z \----------/ Z

He could be a consultant and be able to work from home to break down film for the backers. Then spend just a few hours a week showing them what he found, how he found it. Teach them how to study film and what reads to look for. It does not have to be full time on the field showing them what to do. His value is his knowledge. Someone else can show them how to train and knock heads.He can teach them how to be ready mentally to play the game and get that edge.



Zach Thomas will always be one of the greatest Dolphins players of all time, not just LB or defense. He would make a great coach much like Mike Singletary, and would bring the same fire and determination that he does.

Zack would make an awesome LB Coach and I hope that when he's ready our FO makes the offer.
On a different note, I thought Armando was too lazy to hold a grudge! Who knew? Lol.

to be or not to be .....

I loved Zach I am glad they came to their senses he deserved to retire a Dolphin for sure

Zach was the man, good guy and player. I'm just wondering if the FO would have even done anything nice like this if there wasn't such an outcry by the fans, current and former players, and the media?? Whaddaya think people?

"Armando please name the idiot at the flagship station. It would be awesome if you called him out. I'd write a letter to his boss."

Posted by: FLPD | May 21, 2010 at 12:44 PM

If you've listened to Dolphins radio the past few years, you'd know. Dude tried to make lemonade out of 1-15. It's pathetic. To give you a hint: he played receiver in the early 80s. First names begins with J, last name begins with Cefalo...Oops

Zack joked during the news conference that his timed 40 was really slow, but during the games he felt fast. Truth is, during games he WAS fast. How many linebackers ever closed on the ball carrier as quickly as Zack Thomas?

Love my Z.T jersey

The way he zeroed in on the ball carrier made it look like he was as fast as lightning because he got there and made the tackle so fast.The Miami Dolphins have been blessed with some great middle linebackers over the years in Bunoconti, Offerdahl and Thomas.

I vote we get the blog to finally change it's name. It's long overdue, no? Especially considering the recent flurry of Zach posts. So, goodbye "Dolphins in Depth," hello "Zach Thomas in Depth." Thanks for the excellent coverage of a player who A) Doesn't even play anymore and B)Hasn't played for the Dolphins in years.

Don't get me wrong -- Thomas is great and deserves a ton of props. I can understand a post about his retiring -- it's relevant news. But three? Maybe I missed one, too. I've been trying to read football blogs that do actual reporting and provide insight and/or information, as opposed to this dung heap of ego-fueled grandstanding and half-baked "analysis." It's just too much. A continual reminder of why this blog sucks.

Looking forward to the Flickr gallery of your "Mando hearts Zach" tattoo.

-- Bebo

The canes is where Thomas can go. His name would not only bring in talent but highschool players will leave with the foundation to be a NFL player. Add to that smaller schedule he would have a bit more down time... What do u guys think...

I think there's no doubt Zach should be hired by the fins!!! NOT next year,or the year after, today!!! No one loves this team more then him,and just like coach said when they played him he knew the plays that were being called out,or simply by the formation they were in.What else needs to said.............SIGN HIM UP TODAY!!!!

zak was the smallest man on defense but the toughest and one of the best.

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