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NFL's top 10 RBs and nary a Dolphins mention

Quickly, which two players have carried the Dolphins offense the past two years?

Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams should have been your answer, although some contrarians among you will surely find another name to post in the comments section.

The point is these two players have been more than solid in that Brown was a Pro Bowl player in 2008 and Williams had a renaissance of sorts in 2009, ranking 10th in the NFL with 1,121 rushing yards while also scoring 11 TDs, and setting the widest span between 1,000-yard seasons in NFL history. Williams established the record at six years between 1,000-yard seasons, breaking a mark (5) previously shared by Mike Garrett, Gary Brown, Ernest Byner, Ottis Anderson and Mike Anderson.

So Ricky and Ronnie are pretty good right?

Apparently The Fifth Down blog at the New York Times doesn't think so.

In rating the NFL's top 10 list of RBs, author Andy Benoit mentions Rashard Mendenhall, Cedric Benson, DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Frank Gore, Maurice Jones-Drew, Ray Rice, Steven Jackson, Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson.

And in what feels like an honorable mention category, the blog mentions Ryan Grant, Felix Jones, Shonn Greene, Michael Turner and Ryan Grant.

Now, I get that Brown was injured much of the 2009 season, but he did gain 648 yards and score 8 TDs, which surpassed anything Greene did.

But the facts are Williams had more yards, a higher rushing average, a longer long run, and scored more TDs than Mendenhall. He outgained Gore, DeAngelo Williams, Jones and Greene, and had a better average than Grant, Benson, Peterson and Jones-Drew.

Maybe on a whole I would personally prefer to have some of those guys on the list ahead of Williams or Brown. But not all of them.

Williams, for his 2009 performance, belongs on the list considering the blog states the list is strictly based on 2009 performance and not on what players one should pick for a team in the future. Of course, the blog also promises there will be disagreements.

They got that right.


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Consider the source !!

Armando, it's the New York Times, who cares what they say. Except the old guard, nobody takes them seriously anymore.

Do they answer who are the best RB duo or depth chart in the league? Ronnie and Ricky strength are they complete and spell each other and play very well when both are on the field.

Surpassed anything Ronnie Brown did? 300yards+ in the playoffs pal.

Agreed mando! Putting shonn greene on that list ahead of ricky is just insane. Ricky is a top ten back. Bar none. Ronnie is as well when healthy. Just the facts.

Nobody said, "First". Lol....

Yawn. Stupid lists get attention on this blog?

Dolphins never get any love from any news media outside of Miami. It is just the way it is.

Yawn, stupid comment by Snowman.

I love it!

While those guys look good on paper, our guys look good on the field.

Ronnie and Ricky can hang with almost any of those guys. The beauty of it is, they're BOTH on our team.

Give me Ronnie/Ricky over Mendenhall, Benson, and Frank Gore any day of the week. Those other top 10 backs deserve their spot.

Shonn Green? He has potential but hasn't done squat yet, take it easy there New York. Ryan Grant is nobody and Felix Jones is the most injury prone of any NFL running back and is not a feature back at all. Michael Turner even only has one good NFL season under his belt

It's new York! Of course they won't pick Dolphins. Like Ronnie once said "you fear what you do not understand". Besides they traded away Leon Washington Shows how dumb they are about running backs.

I'd agree with the blog, that Ricky and Ronnie aren't in the top ten, if the blog was looking into the future and rating the top ten for next year. But the first thing the blog says is it isn't rating the top ten for 2010.

Then the blog says the rating is based primarily on film study of all 32 teams from 2009. And from this film study the author found that the film showed Steven Jackson had the most heart at the RB position.

I'm no pro, but I don't believe film study is the best way to measure the heart of a player. Besides, having the most heart measured by film study shouldn't put Jackson ahead of Ricky on the list for top ten of (primarily) 2009 based on film study.

I think it might be easier to name the guys that are better than Ricky and Ronnie.

Short list: Peterson and Johnson.

Seriously, anybody want to add to this list?


Did you happen to see on the same blog (from yesterday)that he mentions Henne as a QB who will soon become elite and there's nary a mention of Mark Sanchez?

I thought that was pretty funny.

While Ricky is a great back, he is not a top ten back, Fantasy wise at least. But to metion Mendenhall, and Greene is ridiculous. I HATE NEW YORK ! And EVERYTHING about NY !!

NY Times = A bunch of liberal hypocrits!

The more I look at this, the more incredulous I become.

Dastardly I say! What kind of slanted travesty is THIS?

The title is an obvious and very misleading misnomer.

I think it should read: Some worthless top ten list based on my biased no account OPINION!

Thanks Andy Benoit, but..ah...NO THANKS!

Retardation at it's Finest.

Odin, as much as I love Ricky and Ronnie, I'd take J. Stewart, D. Williams, MJD, Ray Rice, and C, Johnson ahead of them. Might be a different story for Brown if he coudl stay healthy. But for sure mendenhall is crap, Benson is average, and Frank Gore has a worse injury history than Brown.

Ricky Williams money.
Ronnie Brown money.
Hope money stays healthy.


You should realistically add to the list of better rbs: Steven Jackson, Deangelo Williams, Maurice Jones Drew and Frank Gore. That would leave Ricky somewhere around #7. As far as Ronnie is concerned: He may be better than a lot of these guys but his injuris just get in the way, it is hard to list him as a top 10 back because of that history. I would still take him over Greene and Mendenhall who are just too unproven IMO.

Well, Ricky does have fumbulitis...Brown was injured, but, they it would hard to argue Brown not being in the top 10

I think it is safe to say... when Ronnie & Ricky are both healthy, there is not one team in the NFL who looks forward to stopping them. And, that shows in their (Ron and Ricks) stats. I saw a few defensive players last year who had a look on their face like.."Damn, here he comes again"... The Jests had NO Answer for them on MNF... On 2 goal line stands NY could only watch as they pounded it it in... they had no remedy... Screw NY!

Mark in Toronto,

Point taken. No problem.

I'm not saying that Ricky and Ronnie are better than all these guys. There's alot of things that factor in, in the real world. Age, injury etc, etc.
My point is calling it a top 10 list and then hi-jacking the criteria to justify some dubious choices.
If your looking for fantasy picks the criteria changes. If you're calling it The NFL's Top Ten RB's it should relate to how any given RB contributes to his team on the field.

Rashard Mendenhall???????? LMFAO!!!! There goes his credibility

New York has their own paper now? When did that happen? No worries......we'll blank the Wets again this year, even with the vets they paid $$$ to get that have AARP cards...Fins are building a team for the decade not for the moment.

Not hard to figure out... We are talking about the NY Times here... They are too busy looking at the hot dog eating dirty sanchez and fat coach in a little coat Rexy Ryan through rose colored glasses

Fat guy in a little coat, a classic! SNL....

Ask Bill, your post brought back some good memories from last year. Loved pounding the Jets and Colts d's on Monday nights. With more pieces in place, it should be better this year.

Odin, Ricky and Ronnie are still top 10 backs though and the 2nd best tandem in the league. Nice position to be in. Carolina is the only team with a better duo.


I would give you Deangelo and Jackson at the most.

Gore? C'mon MAN!

This is BS Ronnie and Ricky are way better than Mendanhall who only had one good season deangalo williams had 2 good not great seasons and jonathon stewart is awsome but only had 2 ok seasons and wtf cedric bensin is CRAP

Ronnie Brown is an elite, top 8 RB in the NFL when he is healthy. He is not elusive and doesnt have excellent vision, but his size/speed combo is 2nd in the NFL to only Adrian Peterson. When he gets to the 2nd level, DBs are running out of the way. But he is not a top 10 back based on 2009 performance b/c he missed too much time.

Notice they left out Thomas Jones, the AFC's leading rusher, because their bone head front office let him walk!

Shonn Green (I can tell his mom was a prostitute by how he spell his name), Rashard Mendenhall, Jonathan Stewart, and Ryan Grant are all quality backs, but have no business being on a top 10 list

Well, Ricky does have fumbulitis...Brown was injured, but, they it would hard to argue Brown not being in the top 10

Posted by: Marc | May 04, 2010 at 03:02 PM

Marcie, checks the stats bro. Peterson fimbled more than Ricky.
I'm not saying Ricky's better, I'm just saying fumbles don't always tell the whole story.


FYI: Former Dolphins FS Gibril Wilson is visitng the Bengals today.

Countdown to Wilson joke on a comment is now on .....

Thats fine that they don't mention Ronnie and Ricky, we all know what type of RBs they are. Remember the Dolphins were the best rushing team the first half of last season, before Ronnie got hurt.

Also, Not much talk about our wildcat formation these days. Most people, and analysts have forgotten about our wildcat. I think with the additional of Brandon Marshall, and healthy Ronnie and Chad throwing pretty good; we are going to see some good stuff in the wildcat this year, but shhh.

Which Ryan Grant do all of you guys like the best, the first Ryan Grant, or the second Ryan Grant. But putting Shown Green, Felix Jones, or Rashad Mendenhall on this list makes me scratch my head a little. I wonder if this guy was a Tebow for president guy.

Gerbril Wilson to the Bengals?

Let me check the schedule.


Hell at least they didn't mention Brandon jacobs,Leon washington, Curtis Martin,Thomas Jones, and tiki Barber. Then i would've really been suspicious.

1.Chris Johnson
2.Adrian Peterson
3.Steven Jackson
4.Maurice-Jones Drew
5.Ray Rice
6.Frank Gore
7.DeAngelo Williams
8.Micheal Turner
9.Cedric Benson
10.Ronnie Brown
Honorable Mentions: Thomas Jones, Ricky Williams,Ryan Grant, Johnathan Stewart, Clinton Portis, Kevin Smith, Matt Forte, Brandon Jacobs

Based on 2009 stats? OK.

Just to be fair to Ricky and Ronnie, we did have our no.1 go to guy Ted Ginn guaranteeing 8 and 9 guys in the box.

Even THEN we were a top rushing team right up until injuries to Brown and the OL.

I'm looking forward to this season.

the beast of two BACKS are in MIAMI no doubt

1.Chris Johnson
2.Adrian Peterson
3.Steven Jackson
4.Maurice-Jones Drew -NOT
5.Ray Rice -NOT
6.Frank Gore -NOT
7.DeAngelo Williams
8.Micheal Turner -NOT
9.Cedric Benson -DEFINITELY NOT
10.Ronnie Brown

Armando, Do you know if Dan Beaudin will be asked to come back for any more OTA's or to training camp. A friend of mine who writes for the Missoulian told me he heard Beaudin did not fair well over the weekend.

This is the same kind if disrespect the Dolphins have been getting for the last decade... No matter where you look, ESPN, sporting magazines/websites, you still get no mention of any Dolphin... even after going 11-5 a couple seasons ago...

The '72 team isnt even considered as one of the top three all-time teams anymore because people put them behind the '70s Steel Curtain, the '85 Bears, and those dam '08 Patriots


I know you liked Beaudin, but his quickest 40 time ever was 4.99.
I know speed isn't everything(yes it is), but I think they're looking for a faster pass catching TE.
I think we got a couple of guys like Beaudin already.

Does anyone consider the New York Times a legimate newspaper any more? I don't know anyone that does.


Of course the NEW YORK Times has nothing to say about the Fins..I would expect nothing less from anyone of those rags up there...

Bobby, I will say there great for cleaning windows..



I am so sick of "post doesn't belong to the blog"

This crap has been going on for weeks now.

Hey Mando, how about an explanation as to why this keeps happening. Something along the lines of "Sorry guys, such and such is going on. We expect to get this ironed out by so and so."

At least let us know somebody gives a sh*t and is working to get it corrected because from this end it appears nobody does. If Jeff Ireland were running this thing, at this point he’d have been vilified for not caring about the fans and for his lack of PR skills ;)

Ocho Cinco should enjoy camp and practices.

I hate the jets but based on what they did last year how can they not put Thomas Jones on the list...

That said if Brown could stay healthy he would definitely be a top 10 back... HANDS DOWN.


"The 08 Pats lost they shouldn't even be in the conversation"

I've been wanting to say that for awhile

Doof, I'am sure mando's busy and doesnt check his blog hourly.....

Find something like this ridiculous. Ricky had a phenomenal season! Brown would be great but his durability stinks. Ricky's age is a bias against him. Over 30 RB couldn't possibly be good enough to include on a list like this.

Meaning what Menace? That he doesn't know his blog is down for hours at a time and has been numerous times going all the way back to the draft? It's gotta be affecting his numbers. I'm sure he's aware of it.

Chris Johnson
Adrian Peterson
Ray rice
Maurice jones-drew
frank gore
Steven Jackson
deangelo Williams
Ronnie brown
Ricky Williams

in no particular order only 9 but the best right now

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