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NFL's top 10 RBs and nary a Dolphins mention

Quickly, which two players have carried the Dolphins offense the past two years?

Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams should have been your answer, although some contrarians among you will surely find another name to post in the comments section.

The point is these two players have been more than solid in that Brown was a Pro Bowl player in 2008 and Williams had a renaissance of sorts in 2009, ranking 10th in the NFL with 1,121 rushing yards while also scoring 11 TDs, and setting the widest span between 1,000-yard seasons in NFL history. Williams established the record at six years between 1,000-yard seasons, breaking a mark (5) previously shared by Mike Garrett, Gary Brown, Ernest Byner, Ottis Anderson and Mike Anderson.

So Ricky and Ronnie are pretty good right?

Apparently The Fifth Down blog at the New York Times doesn't think so.

In rating the NFL's top 10 list of RBs, author Andy Benoit mentions Rashard Mendenhall, Cedric Benson, DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Frank Gore, Maurice Jones-Drew, Ray Rice, Steven Jackson, Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson.

And in what feels like an honorable mention category, the blog mentions Ryan Grant, Felix Jones, Shonn Greene, Michael Turner and Ryan Grant.

Now, I get that Brown was injured much of the 2009 season, but he did gain 648 yards and score 8 TDs, which surpassed anything Greene did.

But the facts are Williams had more yards, a higher rushing average, a longer long run, and scored more TDs than Mendenhall. He outgained Gore, DeAngelo Williams, Jones and Greene, and had a better average than Grant, Benson, Peterson and Jones-Drew.

Maybe on a whole I would personally prefer to have some of those guys on the list ahead of Williams or Brown. But not all of them.

Williams, for his 2009 performance, belongs on the list considering the blog states the list is strictly based on 2009 performance and not on what players one should pick for a team in the future. Of course, the blog also promises there will be disagreements.

They got that right.


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the herald has no money to fix stuff, DON'T BLAME ARMANDO FOR THIS .

Thats true doof.....

I blame Greg(Lefty)Cote for the outages..

Aloco, I'm not blaming anybody. I get sh*t like this happens. I am just so sick of that "post doesn't belong to the blog" lmao

Aloco, What is the movie of the nite???

As for the article, meh, who cares what some writer in a NY paper says.
I like Brown and Williams but RB is such an abundant position in the NFL it doesn't matter. Hell, I'd take half the players on that list and a bunch more not mentioned and replace Ronnie & Ricky no prob. Or keep Ronnie & Ricky instead of those players no prob.

IMO Johnson & Peterson are tier 1 and 50% of the rest of the NFL RBs are tier 2.

Wait till this year with our O-line, gonna be sweet...

Not to mention what will happen if they load the box with 8....

Death from above!

Hope we have some sweeeet play action action this year. What ya gonna play? The run? The pass?

My as$!

I agree Po, can't wait...

I have a very dumb question why write & and not and?

Its gonna be a great year Finatic.

About this artcle.... It's simple the NYT are a bunch of jets fans , of course they did this on purpose :)

Mike, There's no such thing as a "Stupid" question, only stupid people asking stupid questions.......just kidding, couldn't help my self.....

Thares a artical on the palmbeach post about Miami considering moving pat white to reciever. Anyone think it's a good move or cut em??? Pat white is like my lil brother now and I hate to see him leave but if it's for the best, then I understand...

Fin, Pat White needs to call it quits, I mean that hit he took vs. the steelers gave me a concussion....

It's too soon to do anything with White IMO.
See if he grows in skill and size this year then pull the trigger one way or another.

Gotta give the boy credit for BALLs the way he took that hit this year, un-like Ted(no ball)Ginn. Thats why Ginn is down the road and he is not.

Agree po, To bad Ted(King of ALL sidelines)Ginn couldn't get some of Pats Testicular fortitude..

10-4 guys... I look back at that play and it didn't have to happen going off the field. I felt dizzy after that hit too.lol

I'm actually trained in my job to use the ampersand as opposed to the word "and" for data recovery purposes. (It eliminates a variable.)

This makes it confusing for me when I write anything else because I find sometimes I use "&", other times I use "and". I usually have to proof anything I've written because I will normally go 50/50 with them as is evidenced by my post @ 6:55.

I assume this is what promted your question...



Mando, your IT people suck.


Is this thing on?

I'm fat

I think Mando shut it down.

Yeah the conversation had deteriorated to ampersand's and Pat White getting knocked the F out!


You're being much too polite to yourself Rex.

You're a F'ing SLOB!

Hey, don't you EVER accuse me of being polite!!! You got that you F'ing viking?!

Rex calm down. I swore for a second I thought I saw your heart stop. I need you to at least make it to week 3 for the Sunday night game and the beating we got for you man. Keel over in the 3rd quarter, I don't care. Just not now man, please.

You just wait Rex Ryan!

I'ma git cha!

The next time your fat a s s is prancing up and down a sideline-BOOM! I got cha!

I can't miss, you'll be the only thing moving that has it's own gravitational pull,

OH yeah! Your A S S is MINE!




Oh s h i t!

If anybody asks, I wasn't here.



This blog site is a disaster and it's been going on for weeks. call me when it's fixed.

Outside of Miami, not many people are taking the Dolphins seriously. They automatically presume Miami will be third in the AFC East pecking order and won't be a threat to the Jets or Patriots. As a Dolphins fan, I kind of like being put on the back-burner. It worked out in 2008.

go dolphins

NJ YOU broke the truth. Your jealousy of cuban menace must stop. You f'kin plumber, go home

Wow , thanks menace for saying alex attacked first, then why say something about me in the 1st place. olive branch my arse !!!Posted by NJ

You see you gdamn plumber, stick to plumbing. YOU broke the peace, you are jealous of the cuban's popularity on this blog. Cuban is 10x more popular than you with 1/10th of your football knowledge. ahhahahahahahahahahah

Posted by: lechon | May 04, 2010 at 10:37 AM

AHHHHh, someone else agrees with me too. NJ you broke the discipline

Carlito , Maryland did NOT run a 3-4 when starks was there . Next time i'll make sure i won't answer your question when you ask one.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | May 04, 2010 at 01:21 PM

NOW NJ you apologize for your nasty behavior to the wonderful carlito. What do you expect from a lousy plumber, roids are ruining you. Like that other dude says, stick to dumb bells you dumbell. bwahahahahahahahah

Interesting how the 5th down blog lists 2 RBs in the top 10 from Carolina...that's 20% of the leagues best running backs are on the Panthers...a team that wasn't even in the top 10 in rushing yards.

Is this site working? Hello, Hello

.Manny lawson to dolphins in a trade of 2011 3rd or 4th round pick---

would give us a SOLB who has a lot of talent---and has experience playing strongside OLB---Was a nolan 1st round draft pick---that had his best year last year 2 yrs removed from his rookie ACL injury-----he is in a contract year and the 49ers signed travis laboy and have given willis 30 million garunteed, and have to pay vernon Davais next-----

not enough money to go around so it makes sense to move Lawson if they dont have the money to give him long term deal----

Shefter wrote an article saying there was 1 team in particular very interested in trading for Lawson---im hoping we are that team---it would allow misi and wake to compete for the weakside---

my official rumor---manny lawson trade watch

Allen, this is a blog about running backs and you're talking about linebackers. C'mon, pay attention, man!

Kevin, allen is cool. Let him be, as long as NJ is not here, all is good

Oh man..........I think the clock is slow......

Funny.......I don't feel tardy...........

Yeah, yeah, yeah...............

Back to the jetsblog where I'm more popularly known as AlocoJet

Allen, Is Lawson an old Nolan guy? I know he was hurt a few years ago, and has never lived up to the high expectations that the Niners had for him. Singletary can't stand the guy, so perhaps a chane in location will help motivate him(as well as a possible reunion w Nolan)

Outside of Miami, not many people are taking the Dolphins seriously. They automatically presume Miami will be third in the AFC East pecking order and won't be a threat to the Jets or Patriots. As a Dolphins fan, I kind of like being put on the back-burner. It worked out in 2008.

Posted by: Jose T. | May 04, 2010 at 11:10 PM

No big news there..but then again when has places like ESPN,CNNSI,CBS, OR FOXSPORTS EVER BEEN RIGHT about anything they've predicted for a season---if i had a penny for every time they weren't, i'd have my own blog site that at least would be in WORKING order!!!!!!

Darryl and Allen,

I know you guys mean well and I know you're big time DolFans.
Seriously though, after making Dansby rich and using picks 40-119-212-252 on LB's, getting Dobbins in a trade, cutting Porter and letting JT walk, I don't think Lawson is a priority.

Odinseye , allen wants every name that becomes available or is rumored to be available. First it's sharper and atogwe , then lat week it's adalius thomas and now it's manny freaking lawson. Manny lawson , are you kidding me. SF pays willis 30 mil and needs to sign davis . so SF doesn't have the money to pay lawson yet miami has the money for lawson after paying 90 mil for marshall and dansby. LOL !! Un freaking believable. I didn't even mention the fact that miami already has no 2nd round pick next year and allen wants to trade a 3rd or 4th round pick lawson. Then miami just drafted 4 lb's and brought in 2 more veterens with dobbins and dansby !! Talk about playing madden football. This is to much !!!!

Odin, I agree, I was trying to get some more info as to why Allen thought Lawson might be a fit here. Also I don't want to beat a dead horse, but before the blog got cut off this afternoon, we were discussing Beaudin. I didn't think he was going to get a shot on a roster, let alone have a chance to make this team. I'm an unapologetic Griz homer, and it is cool to see the Montana guys get a shot. Beaudin is a good reciever, he made alot of huge catches for the Griz over the last 3 years. The problem is at Montana, he wasn't even the top Te. Plus they really only use the tight ends in underneath stuff, crossing patterns, and out routes. I would like to see a tight end that can stretch the seems, as well as be a security blanket for Henne. I'll drop the Beaudin topic, I just wanted to see if Armando had anything on him.

NJ shut up plumber. allen is a better person than U. Your jealosy of c.menace is your doom. Roids can hurt U, fool


I didn't mean it like shut up about Beaudin or anything like that.
I actually got interested in him after reading your post about him. I didn't know anything about the guy. As usual though, I was hoping for the best.
I just thought I would pass on the info about his slow 40 time. From what I could find out that's his ONLY setback.

Wow this article slipped me an Ambien....goodnight zzzzzzzzzz

Odin, Thanks. I wanted to put the Beaudin thing to rest for the good of the other bloggers. It is cool to have discussion about a player that probably would struggle to make the practice squad!

Blog Up!

PS: I hope this one works!

Either Andy Benoit conducted his "film study"while under the influence of some mind altering substance or he didn't really do one.I believe he just sat down and wrote it off the top of his flat head.

The Fifth Down blog at the New York Times

Isn't this all you need to know?

Typical of a new York paper to exclude the dolphins players in something positive.. Oh an when did the new York times become the sports aficianado..? What a joke.. Like the jets a joke

NJ----take a deep breath---u act like every comment i write is about ur mother or something---relax---

I was just creating a rumor from a Shefter atricle he wrote a month ago----

1. You can never have enough pass rushers, and when you have the abilty to acquire 1 who is 25--- you have to weigh your contract options---

2. i truly feel you cant go in the year with misi and wake ---with no veteran experience or competition for them---some1 will be added

3. i was just adding another viable option that was outside the box, b/c i never heard any1 mention it before---

4. Darryl---good question its interesting to try andd figure out if Nolan is disappointed with him or understands thats a tore his acl and last year was the first year he was completely healthy---he played at the same high level JT did last year at the same position---but at 25 his best years are ahead of him---

Thought the blog was losing steam with an atricle about top 10 RBS---just tryn to add a rumor to spark some debate-----every1 take a deep breath

I find it interesting that on today's blog, they had Santonio Holmes as a NY Jet, but Brandon Marshall as a Bronco (not a Dolphin)....a little favoritism perhaps??

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