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NFL's top 10 RBs and nary a Dolphins mention

Quickly, which two players have carried the Dolphins offense the past two years?

Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams should have been your answer, although some contrarians among you will surely find another name to post in the comments section.

The point is these two players have been more than solid in that Brown was a Pro Bowl player in 2008 and Williams had a renaissance of sorts in 2009, ranking 10th in the NFL with 1,121 rushing yards while also scoring 11 TDs, and setting the widest span between 1,000-yard seasons in NFL history. Williams established the record at six years between 1,000-yard seasons, breaking a mark (5) previously shared by Mike Garrett, Gary Brown, Ernest Byner, Ottis Anderson and Mike Anderson.

So Ricky and Ronnie are pretty good right?

Apparently The Fifth Down blog at the New York Times doesn't think so.

In rating the NFL's top 10 list of RBs, author Andy Benoit mentions Rashard Mendenhall, Cedric Benson, DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Frank Gore, Maurice Jones-Drew, Ray Rice, Steven Jackson, Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson.

And in what feels like an honorable mention category, the blog mentions Ryan Grant, Felix Jones, Shonn Greene, Michael Turner and Ryan Grant.

Now, I get that Brown was injured much of the 2009 season, but he did gain 648 yards and score 8 TDs, which surpassed anything Greene did.

But the facts are Williams had more yards, a higher rushing average, a longer long run, and scored more TDs than Mendenhall. He outgained Gore, DeAngelo Williams, Jones and Greene, and had a better average than Grant, Benson, Peterson and Jones-Drew.

Maybe on a whole I would personally prefer to have some of those guys on the list ahead of Williams or Brown. But not all of them.

Williams, for his 2009 performance, belongs on the list considering the blog states the list is strictly based on 2009 performance and not on what players one should pick for a team in the future. Of course, the blog also promises there will be disagreements.

They got that right.


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Nice gripe Armando
But who cares what the 5th down thinks, it's a delusional jets blog

There are few guys on the list that are premier RBs in the NFL but some of them aren't exactly probowl players

Speaking of jets bias. No mention of Thomas jones

Typical Amondo
Also negative even to the point of quoting
New York media who cover the Jests

The one thing that jumped out to me was... "Where are all the great RBs of the NFL?" It just seems to me that we've hit a lull in the history of HOF-level RBs playing in the league. AP is the only HOF sure-shot in that list. Johnson is a great back, but even he will have to add to what he's already done to be a first year selection. And a few of the guys listed by the NY-Biased Times are simply just good.... not even close to great.

I could go on about how the Miami RBs were slighted by the blog, but then... It IS a NY paper, what else would we expect.... quality journalism??? (yeah, right).

What's missing is speed and big play ability. While the AP's...C. Johnson's and soon to be CJ Spillers are reaching the 2nd and 3rd level and churning out 40...50....60yd td runs. Brown and Williams lack the speed and explosive ability to consistently make big plays without tremendous blocking. We need an explosive...elusive...fast back that can gain chunk yardage...not just move chains.

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