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Odrick hires Rosenhaus as new agent

Drew Rosenhaus doesn't like to tell folks exactly how many clients he has because other agents use the number against him, believe it or not.

Whatever the number, you can consider it increased by one.

Today, Miami Dolphins first-round pick Jared Odrick signed with Rosenhaus, joining a stable of clients that include a handful of other Dolphins players.

Rosenhaus works well with the Dolphins.  The most recent example of that is the Justin Smiley situation that seemed bogged down since March but got resolved within three weeks of Smiley hiring Rosenhaus. I'm not saying Rosenhaus resolved the matter, but he probably helped it by reworking Smiley's contract so he could be traded to Jacksonville.

Odrick, selected 28th overall by the Dolphins in April, fired previous agent Peter Schaffer last week.

Anyway, practice starts in a few minutes. Come back for updates after practice. For real-time updates, follow me on twitter.


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That just cost the fins another mil

You heard it here first.

PUP list for Week 1 : Clam Chowder

He'll get it done quick. Good move for Odrick.


Good thing hes already signed!...he is signed right? lol

I've always gotten the feeling, especially the last two years, that crowder doesn't want to be a Phin.

When I hear the name Drew Rosenhaus I think of two players, Eric Rhett RB for the Bucs and our own Matt Roth DE, and what happened their finally year with their respective teams.

Who Cares....Give me Football news!!

Any of you guys visit NFL.com and see the poll on the homepage? Question: "Which young QB will be the most improved in 2010?" Henne sits 3rd behind Sanchez (29%) and Flacco (25%). Really!?? First off we now have the biggest name at WR in the NFL right now and Henne played well despite NO big threat at WR and worse, many wasted passes/throws to Ginn Jr. Sanchez will improve, but this can be easily argued with how the Jets army looking to change their heavy run offense and strong defense philosophy anytime soon. And Flacco!?! He's already proved himself in his first year a few years back and aside from going to the SB, it's a high risk to bet he'll have a bigger difference in stats than Henne will. Way I see it, Flaccos already great and Sanchez will be protected once again under the Jets running game, at to which is a great strategy and one I don't blame the Jets for doing. .. Guess we'll wait and see.

Dolfan484--- I agree that Flacco is already very good but he is a young QB and can still get better (the addition of Boldin will surely do that) so he should be in the poll and I believe Henne will better than Sanchez, hell he out played him in the game against the jets last year by a lot in my eyes and considering our WR's are all #2's and slot guys with Marshall in town it should benefit Henne

Agreed... without hiding Sanchoke behind their running game he will be a total disaster. This kid is an interception machine. 5 in 1 game... WOW! Plus, he can't throw in the wind... a Great Pick to play in the cess pool known as the meadowlands if you ask me!

Too bad their running game won't be as good this year and that other teams have now figured out their blitz packages... I see 6-10 for the pets... snicker

Yea Flacco can definitely improve especially with the aquisition of Boldin. I truly hope that we put the offense into a more "traditional" style offense (Marino style!). Lol in all seriousness though we will still be a 60-40 run first but I think as the bond between QB and WR grows, Henne will start shifting the scales in his favor. I can't wait to see this happen as we haven't had BIG plays since Marino. Pennington should also be great again for Henne this offseason to further improve accuracy and patience. .. I believe we will have a top 10 defense but on the flip side I think we will be towards the bottom in giving up deep pass plays. High offense numbers, run defense, but low in pass defense.

Whoops, I meant top 10 offense. Top 10 run defense, but 17th in pass defense. Book it. : P

Show me the money!

BP CEO Hayward, who had previously said the environmental impact on Gulf of Mexico would be modest, upgraded his assessment Friday to an "toxic environmental catastrophe."

Next Time
Think I`ll Just Get My News From Home

On the morning of May 14 2010
Home Told Us
The Leak Was Bout 1 Million Gals per Day
Mainstream Media And BP Were Misinforming Us

Home Said
"Toxic Ecological Disaster of Biblical Proportion"

"Biggest Ecological Disaster In USA History"

Jared Odrick Should Punch BP CEO Hayward In The Mouth
Environmental Patriots Want To Spill The Red Blood
Of This Greedy Double Speaking Arrogant Pompous British Corporate Scumbag

Maybe A "Top Kill" procedure or
Shoot Golf Balls & Rubber Tires At This
Environmental Patriot Enemy #1

Dolfan848-- very true but Henne is still learning so we still have to take caution with our play calling and having a run first offense will help him but who knows maybe he'll come out slingin' the rock and they'll unleash him because he can make any throw needed and I still dont understand why they wouldnt let Pennington be on the sideline last year I know they have the injury rule but there should of been an exception he could have helped Henne big time during games!

and I hope your wrong about the pass defense, Im holding out hope Smith & Davis become the next Madison, Surtain combo for the Phins :)

I will not rest until I have you holding a Coke, wearing your own shoe, playing a Sega game featuring you, while singing your own song in a new commercial, starring you, broadcast during the Superbowl, in a game that you are winning, and I will not sleep until that happens.

By Omar Kelly

"Dolphins DE Phillip Merling, who was arrested on Thursday for striking his pregnant girlfriend, is participating in the minicamp. "

By Armando

"I do not see Phillip Merling on the field. Merling was arrested for aggravated domestic battery Wed. And was in jail thru Thursday"

Who to Believe?????

Nate Garner seems to have serious injury.

Jerry and Thomas job to loose.....


Who is spewing more Toxic?

BP broken drill line or
Home broken record

lets vote people!!!!!!

I like very much Madison and Surtain. ¿What make Madison and Surtain so good?, Madison was not so phisically gift. In my litle football understanding, it was the intelligence and the pass rush, with the intelligence I mean they took the rigth angles, they are allways in the best position, they made good reads of the opponents gurds, etc. Somethings that can be achived with the practice.
Pass rush wasn't in their hands, but I mean the team work, J. Taylor was in his prime.

No word on Patrick Crayton?

Adrian solorza--- Madison & Surtain were great CB's, both were pro bowlers numerous times...

Totally gree WHAT! and IMO they (Madison & Surtain) achive that (pro bowl) because of the practice and the study, like an artist. Smith and Davies are phisically gifted, I hope they will be commited, and the sky will be their limit, (with a good pass rush support of their teamates)

Philip Merling Is At OTA Today & Working With The Team

Why Wouldn`t Merling Be There

DV Issue Bailed Out & Not Suspended Yet

This Might Give Merling The Kick In the @SS
He Has Needed

Merling Must Improve Now & Stand Out

Now Get Me Some Water, WaterBoy! LOL

sean smith SUCKS
Get over the hype

This chump has had more ops than anyone
and Not One Big play

Yet burned plenty
Cannot Tackle
Sucks on ST

Vontae did not start til game 7 and
Had 4 Game changing INTs
+ Picked off 2 point conversion
+ Hits Harder Than Any CB in the League

Home you trippin.... but I do agree that Will Allen will start of Sean "Softie" Smith.

I don't think Odrick is signed yet. Getting the 28th pick signed is pretty painless, though.

Home, after all those posts, I finally agree with something you said. I'm all for boycotting BP.

Gotta Step Out
Check Back In an Hour

Pistol & WaterBoy
Hold The Fort

Armando tweets:

Miami Dolphins minicamp begins and Marshall is on the bike and Turner is walking around the field.

RFAs Ronnie Brown and Anthony Fasano are practicing. Both have injury waiver agreements.

Channing Crowder who missed OTAs previously (foot) is practicing.

DE Lionel Dotson and NT Jason Ferguson are not practicing. Working on the side.

Merling is at practice.

Loved reading that the Wildcat was used today, and yes, one play resulted in a TD to Joey Haynos, over Karlos Dansby. I love it. You know Dansby's like damn, that's some crazy stuff

Waterboy, what is your reasoning on Crowder?

Bootang, they have to keep it in the playbook. They run it better than anybody. You giong to Sams today?


I don't see why they wouldn't keep it, we still have Ronnie who is the engine to that offense.

I haven't seen anymore impending crab invasion news, so I don't have a Sam's trip planned yet.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I just read

"Gotta Step Out
Check Back In an Hour

Pistol & WaterBoy
Hold The Fort

Posted by: Home | May 28, 2010 at 11:49 AM"

I'll tell you right now Mr. Salguero he better not boss me around...he's not the boss of me.

Why didn't I get the keys to the blog...havn't I brown nosed you enough will all my Mr. Salguero this and Mr. Salguero that.

Then you go and give the FNG (Bleepin new guy)the promotion and the keys to the blog ? !

Well I have also just fired my agent and hired Drew Rosenhaus after reading this.

Lines have been crossed

Soiled :)

Bootang, we are safe for now. They have gone back to Alaska to regroup after their plot was uncovered here. I wonder how Marshall will be worked into the wildcat. You have to find some way to involve a weapon like that.

Sam Madison was so good because of his physicality. IMO, he was the best of his time at jamming receivers at the LOS and disrupting their routes, much like what makes Revis so good today. I see Vontae becoming a similar CB, not so sure about Sean Smith, but he's so athletically gifted that its hard to imagine him not becoming at least a decent starter in the league.

This may be a crazy thought about the wildcat, but I would love to see a set where Ronnie gets the snap with Pat White lined up wide coming around to take the handoff from Ronnie with multiple options on what they can do. Ronnie could keep it and run, or hand off to White who can run or pass, or Ronnie could even pass, I mean the possibilities.....

Soiled, I don't know why I was asked to hold a fort down. Is it Area 51?

Ron, I like the idea but I just can't help think stretcher when I think of White getting the ball.


I believe the way Marshall best fits in the wildcat is his blocking ability, he is a beast. I do think you will see an end around for him out of the wildcat at some point. I think the bread and butter play for him this year will be the bubble screen, especially in the redzone.

LOL Soiled :) you get my vote!

Who is spewing more Toxic?

BP broken drill line or
Home broken record

lets vote people!!!!!!

After much thought my vote is Homey... "the self-promoting broken record"

I'll bet my left nut, raise you my other testicle, and throw in $50,000 just for kicks, that Home is cross-eyed and morbidly obese.

My vote is home...I've been reading this blog a lot less since his conspiracy and clairvoyance laden arrival. I would love to just read about people's Dolphins related discussions and opinions, not his drivel.

All That Pounding on the Table
To Fire teddy bear &

Sign ProBowl TD Scoring WR BranGetterdon Marshall
Is Already Paying Dolphin Dividends

Seems BranGetterdon Is Fired Up Today
Mentoring & Coaching All The #2 & #3 Dolphin WRs

The High Dolphin WR Energy Is In The Air At
Todays Miami Dolphin OTAs

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Home. He is proof that LSD abuse is not good for the brain.

Lets Not Be Too Quick To Discount Chris Clemons

Clemons Showed Ball Hawk and Thunder Crashing
Tackling Abilities In Dolphin camp 2009 & Preseason

Clemons Tightened Up A Bit In The Steelers Game
and Displayed Some Rookie Jitters

Clemons Is Back To Ball Hawking & Read The Play Well
Picking Of Chad Henne to
Soon To Be Let Go Nalbone from NJ

Keep the Faith for Clemons
We Need Chris To Step Up
Esp w/Reshad Jones coming out today with knee wrapped


Who is HOME?ANYBODY?Knock,Knock?Guess nobody is HOME.

Geez, how many players does Drew represent? This is starting to become a monopoly.

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