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OL Cory Procter scheduled to visit Dolphins

With Justin Smiley on the outs and Nate Garner not practicing because he had an offseason surgery the team declined to specify, the Dolphins are apparently in the market to help their offensive line.

So free agent offensive lineman Cory Procter, cut by the Cowboys on Monday, is scheduled to visit the Dolphins no later than Friday, according to an NFL source.

Procter, 27, has already visited the Broncos and the Patriots.

Procter is primarily insurance against injury in the interior of the Miami line. He was active for every game in 2009 but appeared in only five total plays from scrimmage, according to the Dallas Morning News.

A center by trade, Procter played left guard in 2008 when Kyle Kosier was injured. Procter is 6-4 and 311 pounds. Procter was signed by the Cowboys off the Detroit Lions practice squad in 2005. The Lions signed him originally as an undrafted free agent out of Montana.


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Jets will be 2010 world chimps!

GO MIAMI!!!!!!!

Why is & used instead of and. I'd really like to know

Posted by: Supermike13 | May 19, 2010 at 09:45 PM

Supermike13, are you also JP 55....Ghey?

If the guy is a drummer in a heavy metal band, i want him on the team. O.k. that doesn't make football sense, but i don't care. Drummers are crazy! We need more crazy.

drummers crazy?We are not...NOOOOOOOOOO

pay, LOL

Drummers are ok, Bobby not ok



You guys are all over looking one HUGH IMPORTANT question....

Mando, did you pay the extra $$ and get the express pass while at Universal Sudios???????????????????????

I hate over looking HUGH....

HUGE... Got it this time.

Just messing with you Roman...

I know, how do you see us doing this year. I think we will win the division as long as we, that is...(Ronnie, Will Allen, Jason F., Cobbs, Offensive Line Etc.) stay Healthy

I think we will win the division IF we don't gey of to a crappy start. We can't start off 0-2, 0-3 or 0-4 and hope to have a realistic shot because then there is no room for error in DEC. That may be part of the reason we bombed our final 4 games when we had a chance to get back in it. I think we were to toght.

I believe we can win the division in SEPT with the right start

We also need a szck/pressure master. (and no I don't miss Jason Taylor). I'm not sure where thats gonna come from yet.

damn...sack. Thats what happens when you talk sh^t

kris you gotta admit, it is alot better around here without NJ.


Thats all I ever wanted.

I believe he still lurks around on here posting under differnt names. But since he made those asserations and overly aggressive predictions about Dansby and Marshall and has been proven the fraud we all knew he was he is just to intimidated to post un the NJ name.

Now if only some of his boys would follow suite and peace out

kris, fine response. You are a man of character and NJ is just a character.

I disagree with you that NJ is intimidated to post under his usual name. It never stopped him before. He posts in other names, so it is to look as if there are many that think like he does. Plain and simple. Watch for the attacks now....

Q)What do possoms and the jets have in common?

A)They both play dead at home and get KILLED on the road.


sean gough where u at?


Thanks. I try to be an honest broker on here but its hard man.

Your point is well taken about posting under his name. You are probably right.

As far as the attacks go. Oh well...their old. We know what to expect.

1. Attack posters football knowledge
2. Attack posters personally.
3. Insult poster and call names (krissy) as an example
4. fake post under my/your name. Even with the ability to sign in in blue.

This Proc-tologist would do wonders to the OL depth.

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