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On Smiley, physicals and 7th-round picks

It's late May. The NFL is starved for news. And so I'm writing about a Justin Smiley trade, a conditional seventh-round pick, and a physical slated for Tuesday morning.

I need a minicamp really quickly.

Anyway, if Smiley passes his physical today, the Dolphins will garner from the Jacksonville Jaguars one whole, exciting seventh round pick in the 2011 draft.

If Smiley does not somehow pass his physical, the Dolphins will strongly consider simply releasing him before the start of Friday's minicamp.

Bet on Smiley passing because, well, teams have wide latitude on what constitutes a passing and failing physical outside of a positive drug test. Consider that Brandon Marshall passed a Miami physical recently ... and then required hip surgery.

Consider that Daunte Culpepper once upon a time passed a Miami physical after being traded from Minnesota and his surgically repaired knee was nowhere near 100 percent. Or 80 percent.

So if the Jags want Smiley, they will get Smiley because the physical is something they can pretty much grade on a curve if they wish.

Yippie, Dolphins will get a seventh-round pick!

Bring on the minicamp.


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What's up Mando? Long time buddy. I can't wait for the start of mini-camp either. This is soo boring!
Any word on Patrick Turner and how his injury is progressing. I would love to see him in a single game and see what he can do out there. It's truly a shame for such a big body not to be out there.

good job. we upgraded with proctor because he isnt injured like smiley. being on the field is a key in football and smiley will get injured again. high salary + injury = by by.


I think getting anything for Smiley is a good thing. It works on a few levels. First it is a good thing for him, in-state, and a chance to start if he plays like he can. Second, as stated, he was a goner regardless. Third, both guys we took in the 7th round this year have potential, with Chris McCoy being a sleeper type. Draft picks are never bad things to have. Given our regime's ability to find guys seemingly anywhere, any extra pick is a good thing in my mind. Fourth, the extra late round picks we had in this year's draft enabled us to move up for guys we liked in AJ Edds and Reshad Jones. So yes, yippee, we got a 7th round pick. But that pick could be one used to move up again and get a player we may like who slips next year.

A 7th rounder??? What, the Jags couldnt give up a 6th for their new starting guard???

C'mon... A 6th would have been OK, but a 7th is just disrespectful...
Releasing the guy would have even been more respectable than that!!!

Bootang25 - Totaly agree with you. This is so much better than Smiley getting released and the Phins getting a doughnut. Teams were waiting around ready to poach Smiley. So a seventh rounder is a good trade for us.(at this point) I do believe the Smiley situation could have been handled a little better. I don't know the economic side of roster decisions, but it seemed a bit odd that Parcells told Smiley to stay home, especially because it seems like this FO. likes to keep things quiet, and close to the vest.

ZTs, I hear ya, BUT would YOU give anything more than a 7th for a guy who, after 1 game could very well end up on the DL?
It's always a crapshoot with these things, but I'd be more concerned that the guy WE got for a #2 isn't another Justin Smiley.
I wish Justin well. He's had a tough time of it, and everyone deserves a chance to prove they can get after it. Just wish it could have been us.


I read an interesting thing about the scout we have who is in charge on the West coast, been with the team 11 years. Interesting he seems to be in the ear of Jeff Ireland. Schools like Montana, Utah, and Hawaii have provided us good talent.

Bootang25- These teams have dominated their conferences(Hawaii ??) so they must produce good players. They don't get much attention accept in the region, and localy. I think some of these conferences have unfairly been tagged with the idea that the players can't compete with larger more high profile colleges. The WAC, and Mountain West have proven that they do have good players, and given the opportunity they can compete. I think scouts have realized that even with smaller schools that some of these kids can play. Montana will never be Florida, or Cali, Texas for talent pipelines. But the program wins, and attracts very good players. The same for Utah, Boise, J

This is a joke, all the media said Miami wasn't going to get anything, zilch, and cried how mean Parcells was being to Smiley. LO and behold, they got a pick, you can make fun of it being a 7th but 2 weeks ago + you said his shoulder was shot.

Well said "Bootang25" and "Darryl". Pick are like money in the bank or credit on a card.

Guys like Jason Ferguson have been drafted in the 7th... and like you pointed out Bootang, you never know when you need a "Deal Greaser" to use to move up or down to go after a guy you want.
I read where many feel what is going on is re-building the re-build. That is just not true... this is "Upgrading" at positions and that is a HUGE difference. It is getting to the point where their Offensive line will have an "Elite" tag on it should their effort and coaching match their size and athleticism on paper and in work outs. Get a couple good backs running behind these guys and you start looking like th 1991, 2, 3 and 4 Dallas Cowboys with Emmit Smith. You may have beat them... but you damn sure got bloody and hurt doing it, And they made a game out of it every time. Shanahan was the same way with his back-to-Backs in 97-98. That O-line wouldn't even talk to the media... EVER! The Media were not even allowed in the back of the locker room where the O-lines lockers were... you would get you ass beat going back there without being invited. Take an "Elite" Offensive line and a "Competent" Qb along with a couple strong RB's and some Possession receivers and you are a dangerous team without even talking about defense yet.

Diddn`t we get lex Hilliard from Montana in the seventh?

Jeremy... No Lex was taken pick #204 in the 6th round in 08.... Still a nice grab that far down...Right?

Kenny, Trust me...a player's health is NOT something they listen to the Media about.

They have these dudes called DOCTORS!

Derek - I couldn't agree more.

One of the first things that sparano said to his Assistant Coaches was;
"Don't fall in Love with any of these guys."

They're ALWAYS looking for upgrades.

Look at the depth we have built on both sides of the line. This is where the games are won, This team is constructed a lot like the Giants that won the Super Bowl 3 years ago. That team had tremendous depth on the defensive line. able to rotate players in and out they could keep up the pressure without getting worn out. A big physical offensive line that dominated the pint of attack. A tandem of running backs that all brought different looks, and a big time wide reciever that allowed their young Qb. some wiggle room. So that every pass didn't have to beee perfect, but just where he was the only one who could catch it. The last comparison, and I hope this will happen here. Every player drafted by the Giants that year played, and contributed. They may not have started, but all played big roles throughout the season, and playoffs. All of them played in the Super Bowl

Suprano is an offensive lineman from his college days. yet, he has no clue in evaluating talent.

Did they not know that the reason San francisco did not resign Smiley was because of a defective shoulder?

dumb dumb dumb

I am really impressed at how well the coaching staff has done at this position after its neglect since the days of Webb and Sims. I would love to have back some of the stuff I through at TV's and around the house while pissed off about having a crappy O-line and not being ale to move the ball for nothing. OR watching the QB get hammered when it was the worst possible time for that to happen. I'm dead serious when I say a elite O-line will take a team to a Super Bowl. Just as long as they play to their ability and get some good bounces I feel its the Key unit on the field.

And yet they still were able to get two solid seasons (minus a couple games) out of him and gave Long a good push to his career... Dumb Dumb Dumb comment....

What is it time for for loony toons again!

Look if Smiley is as broken as they say he is then I cannot believe what kind of hole the Jaguars are in to trade for him. If Smiley is as banged up as reported by the Herald then there is no way he would be a starter on an active NFL roster. Really if it's as bad as they say it is then we're lucky to get a draft pick for him instead of nothing then releasing him.

Smiley is going to be one of those guys who will give a team 11 to 13 really good games, and after that it will be a coin toss. If The Jags can use him like Miami to fill the spot until they can get some long term answers then Its good for Justin and the Jags. I don't think anyone said Smiley was Done... Miami just is not willing to have a guy who they cannot have 100% confidence in around right now... the Jags may have a bit more lateral in that area. He can also help any O-line rookies the Jags may have taken in their transition.

You can't evaluate any Coach until after at least four years on the Sideline. (Cam Cameron doesn't count as a 'Head Coach'.)

Four years is also about the time it takes to shape the structure of a team and have a decent idea if they're built to compete consistently or not.

The Dolphins are on Year 3.
They make us feel like they have a chance to win -- so for now, the rebuild seems to be going pretty well.

I think they took that 7th rd pick to control where Smiley lands. Don't forget that the Jets just release Faneca, so there is question marks at one of Jets guard spots. I am sure if Smiley was released the Jets would have been in hot pursuit.

Not only that Yazzi, But Sparano is in a very unique situation. Yes, he was the head coach from out of the gate. But I believe everyone realizes that in his first year Parcells had him reeled in pretty close to the vest, He was teaching, Grooming whatever you want to call it. You can see the growth from that first preseason until now very clearly. Last year he had a lot more leverage and say so... and he will likely have the entire responsibility this year. If Tony really gets his mind around what it takes to win, and I believe he has been shown for certain, but if and when he REALLY gets his mind around the team... he will be a incredible head coach. He is learning from a guy who has a "down line lineage" of more then 30 coaches, 10+ of them being Head Coaches in the NFL and some being SB champions. Sparano is getting the "Whole Deal" not just being some assistant who goes out to make it on his own. I feel Miami should consider itself lucky to watch this guy develop and our team do the same along with him.

Also I think Sparano is under little pressure as long as Parcells is around. It maybe a tad unfair to Sparano, but I think most people think this is Parcells team, and he is calling the shots. Not the plays, but I would bet that if you took a poll af casual Phin fans, most would say that Parcells controls most of what happens here. I could be absolutley wrong, and totaly off base. But I think Parcells takes a whole lot of attention away from Sparano. This isn't a bad thing, like you said Derek Sparano is being taught by the best.

Darryl, the good thing is Bill cannot expect to get all the "good press" when it all goes right, and then get to lay it all at Tony's feet when things go bad. And so far that has not happened. I think Tony has a learning curve and he is doing well. The day will come when the Dolphins are 100% his responsibility. With the help of good D-Co and O-Co guys and and a solid guy like Jeff Ireland behind him I feel he has as good an opportunity as anyone. I feel like he gives a damn and it shows on the field. He isn't wandering around like Wanny with his hand on his forehead looking lost for a thought.
Let his win a SB or two and the whole world will change for them and this team.

I say "Two" Superbowl's because if Miami wins one you can guarantee every team and Media talking head in the Country will call them a Fluke. Those North Eastern Homers would never concede that Miami just plain won... Hell, Rex Whynin could not even face/admit being swept... hell he could not face/admit the loss on MNF... so Miami will have to win 2 just to clear the talking heads BS.

That 7th was expected. All they're doing is loading up on extra picks to make up for the 2nd they're missing next year.

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Go Armando Salguero! Great information! I just know that Miami is going to be a powerhouse again! Go Miami!

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Go Dolphins!

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Armando, are we seeing the start of a trend here? Smiley and a large contract sliced now when the cost is relatively light due to the non-contract year. Will it be followed by Berger being traded in favor of the cheaper Grove and Proctor. Berger has a rather large future cost and w/o a labor contract no penalty for the decision? And lastly, on Smiley to Jax, the trade was labeled as "conditional." Do we get more if he turns into a starter?

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We are the king of the 7th round pick.

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Great move as many Journalists keep bashing the trifecta
1) Avoided Salary Cap hit if he was to get injured in OTA or TC
2) Avoided Salary Cap hit via trade
3) Obtained a 7th that will help you move up in later rounds or sweeten trade deals in 2011
4) Signed OL for Depth when you can pick replacement from Thomas, Garner, Jerry or Berger

Look for Grove to get the AXE or Traded if he doesn't step it up in TC.

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We can turn two 7ths into an extra 6th if we see a 6th round sleeper.

Very happy Fins were able to get SOMETHING for Smiley...was worried we were getting nothing...have a good day, some of have to do work that adds production to society while others spend the day looking for conspiracies and boogeymen that are not there...

Derek, so right. The bias the media has against Miami is ridiculous. So tired of the wets bandwagon press because Buddy's son is an easy quote. Sancheese is the next Marino/Montana to listen to the press, and though Revis is a very good cb he didn't invent the damn position.We need to kick arse for the next few years to get the respect we deserve but we will be able to say we earned it on the field not on paper where the wets and thier fans get it now.

I think the Wild Cat gets Shelved as we turn our offense into a powerhouse, finally getting the respect and the AFC title.

To all posters critisizing Parcells or Sporano, I say, Wow, I did not know south florida had so many general managers. Incredible. And so many seem to know how to build a football team better than A 2 time superbowl winner like Parcells. Stunning! We gave up a 7th round pick for a younger, healthier 7th round draft pick. Oh, the unfairness! Please, everyone, get a life! You are not nearly as smart about football talent as you and your fantasy football friends think you are, or you would actually work as a scout for a REAL football team. To think you know more about running an NFL team than Parcells is like the guy who watches the surgery channel and think he could perform surgery than the 'idiot' surgeon. haha Thank goodness you are at home, stroking your....ego, and not actually involved with the Fins.

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Kenny i agree with your 1:07 post.

this dude writes a blog, whines about how Miami is rebuilding what they rebuilt... complains about Smiley and Wilson moves... and when they rid themselves of the non effective and often injured guys and he gets so sacastic with his words. you cant win with these guys(media and these bandwagon type fans).

if your personality is anything like your writing, i just might call you Amanda cause you sound like a lil whiny girl in this one

P.S. For all of you who think the new 'regime' has no ability to judge talent, let me drop a few names on you: John Bosa, Eric Kumerow, John Avery, Billy Milner, Sammie Smith, Jamar Fletcher, Jason Allen, Ted Ginn, etc, etc... Yeah, we were perfect before Parcells and Sporano showed up. Please....

Oops, Smiley was a 2nd round pick, my bad.


No Homey, see what an idiot u are..Proves what a joke u are...I'm not abodybuilder, I live the Fins and Marlins, I live in Lake Worth Fl at 6th ave n Military...I ve spent plenty of time at Flannigans on the bend at A1A just south of Boca in Hillsborough...I work for ur hated US Government as a Customs Officer at MIA...And I have posted my seats on this blog during football season for friend and foe... But of course since u spent ur time polluting the Sun Sentinel all these years u wouldn't know that...all ur little mind is capable of is thinking I'm NJ cause ur an idiot...the wonderful thing is ur taxes pay my salary, vacation and my pension...so in the end I win, u lose..have a Phintastic day!!!

The "Conspiracy" Lives, Please home, give it a rest, And get help on your "man-crush" with Bobby12 and NJ, I mean NJ never posts anymore.......

scrubman91... i agree w/u man!

how many free agents has Armando signed??? how many drafts has he prepared for and actually drafted players?? and not to just pick on Armando but im amazed at how they fans think they know more about these guys who built football teams for a living. i think we had one hell of an off season. 1-15 peolple and that was not long ago, appreciate what they are building!

Wow, Bobby, We posted the same thing about "Home" at the same time, I'am tired of this "CYST", I wish Mando would surgically remove said "Cyst".........

and just a note on the Super Bowl in NJ/NY...

i am from NJ, born and raised and i am not in favor of it here. wasnt it just a few years ago when fans and the media complained about the rainy game(Ind vs Chi)??? how the weather took away from the game. i remember there being talk/rumors of dome stadiums only being host because of that game.

i am hearing a lot of media outlets in favor of it now, but watch, if it comes here and bad weather plays a roll in the outcome, they will be the 1st to complain and rip the NFL for bringing it to a cold weather site. and dont get me wrong, i toured the stadium and it is beautiful, but had it had a roof i would have a different stand on it. and i understand why the Gmen/Jets didnt want a roof(cost and outside elements for home games)

Numbers, I wonder if they'll complaine at 35 degrees and rain at a super bowl up here in the north east, compared to 65 degrees and rain in miami....

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