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On Smiley, physicals and 7th-round picks

It's late May. The NFL is starved for news. And so I'm writing about a Justin Smiley trade, a conditional seventh-round pick, and a physical slated for Tuesday morning.

I need a minicamp really quickly.

Anyway, if Smiley passes his physical today, the Dolphins will garner from the Jacksonville Jaguars one whole, exciting seventh round pick in the 2011 draft.

If Smiley does not somehow pass his physical, the Dolphins will strongly consider simply releasing him before the start of Friday's minicamp.

Bet on Smiley passing because, well, teams have wide latitude on what constitutes a passing and failing physical outside of a positive drug test. Consider that Brandon Marshall passed a Miami physical recently ... and then required hip surgery.

Consider that Daunte Culpepper once upon a time passed a Miami physical after being traded from Minnesota and his surgically repaired knee was nowhere near 100 percent. Or 80 percent.

So if the Jags want Smiley, they will get Smiley because the physical is something they can pretty much grade on a curve if they wish.

Yippie, Dolphins will get a seventh-round pick!

Bring on the minicamp.


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Thks Cuban, unfortunately I don't think the Herald is capable of banning IP address or wasting time and effort doing it....Sooner or later it will stop when the season starts, till then we deal with it

There are other venues to share crazy beliefs. What do you think they make sandwich boards for.

I thought the aluminim foil hat that Home's doctor provided for him would have helped..... Oh well, so much for science huh??

Hey Armando,

Any idea how this move affects our salary cap ?

How much is saved ?

Thanks for all the info.

cuban, Armando is fair minded and smart. If he bans Home for his silliness, he would have to ban Bobby for his disgusting/insulting posts. Just saying. I wish they would both stop.

I told him to keep his conspiracy posts to 4 times a day.

Mark- The fins save 13 mil over the next three years for the Smiley trade.

As for all the attention over this Home character: have you guys tried ignoring his rants and idiotic posts by not responding? Seems as if your response is exactly what he is after. Sort of like a child who is misbehaving in hopes of gaining attention. Just a thought.

Agree Brian...... like Nancy Reagan said in the 80s, "Just say NO!!!!!"

Brian you are right. You can ignore the posts of Home and all will be well. How do you handled the likes of Bobby? How does one ignore someone who likes to insult people. The key to Home is, that he will not insult you. So ignoring him would work. Bobby on the other hand cannot control his rage.

There Is No One Like Home
There Is No One Like Home
There Is No One like Home

You see Home has posted again, now just ignore it. We all better get back to work to pay more taxes for Bobby's salary.

Ignore him as well. Pretty soon they will get kicked off, as home was on sunsentinel!

Who is they Brian?

Since Bobby likes to brag, that is if he is telling the truth.

Bobby what is your grade GL 7 or GL 9?

Sorry, I meant it

No Problem
A Pleasure To Be of Your Assistance

Walks with the Lord & The Miami Dolphins

advice, you stupid fool. \
Bobby is just a baggage handler.
He tells people he works at MIA which is part true, he is just a baggage handler, what a joke

Home, What are the odds that your "LORD" are giving the phins to reach the super bowl this year???????????

GS 11 advice there is no GL....GS 12 in Sept thks to Obama, anything else u wanna know???

Kristopher obviously wants to handle "my baggage" cause he is now a Fan.

Don't worry :)

Bobby, I know it is GS. I was testing you.

You really should be thankful toward Obama. You make fun of him(NOBAMA) and gladly take his/our money with the other hand.

So you are a GS 11. What step ate you?

Kris STFU you know nothing.

Fake BoobyD at 10:42, but that's ok because my imposter speaks the "truth". Anyway, all u unemployed welfare people have a nice day...Done posting, I need to work, unlike most of u (Home)...talk about me all day now, Man-Crushers

What step are you? correction

Bobby how long have you worked as a customs officer?

Congratulations Bobby, You've join NJ PHIN Fan, Myself, and carlito to have there own stalkers, What' next, Paparazzi???????????lmao...

Advice Im step 3, and I don't hate Obama...ALL Politicians are bought and paid for...we can't provide health care for all our citizens, Wall Street runs over Main Street and our elected reps don't represent us...Vote ALL incumbents out and stop the Left vs. Right fighting, we our not the enemy....

We need to have a hand to hand combat competition for this blog. Make it like Mortal Kombat or Celebrity Death Match.

Customs 4 years now, worked for another Agency for 6 and 4 US Navy...gotta go, flight in, talk later tonite...thks guys, I'm tired of the B/S here too...Dolphins football, drinking beer, having fun, that's what life is REALLY about

Nicely done Bobby.

Well I have verified you, as someone who works for the govt. So Kristopher can go f himself.
Grade 11 is nice, step 6,7 would be better. I did not realize you guys are gettig bumped up to GS12s. Why?

GS-12 because everyone was using Customs as stepping stone to FBI and ICE..to much turnover

I'd be happy with a 7th round pick for Pat White

Well put Bobby. Talk to you later, same place different name,

Brian, Cuban,

Ignoring Home doesn't work. It's his "tripwire" into multiple posting personalities.

If you engage him in any way, he immeadiately employs his Anti-Govt. agenda and tries to "convert" you.

If you ignore him, he immeadiately employs his anti-NJ agenda. He starts posting as multiple people that have a problem with NJ/Bobby.

Just re-read what he's posted today already. He has posted as three different people TODAY.

He even posts as Bobby occasionally. Just to try and make him look like a rude, racist, degenerate.

I'm not sticking up for NJ or Bobby. There big boys. "HOME" on the other hand has some rather unappealing "issues".

One final note: For a peek into Homes world, all you have to do is look at the things he says about Bobby/NJ. Those are a SMALL example of things he doesn't like and cannot accept about himself.

Home = advice

Nice try dude.

Folks this should prove the bobby is not NJ.

NJ hates Obama and despises the govt.


I am myself. Nothing to do with home. Home is out in left field. Heck, not even in the field but in the bleachers. Ignoring home will work. Of course if you keep talking about it he will know you will be trying to ignore him. Just do.

Odin, Must have been cold up there in the Peninsula this winter, I see you've taken up reading Phycology books, Must be a relief to the towns and villages near you....lol.....

Cuban you are wrong carlito and NJ are not even here anymore, therefore have no stalkers.

Cuban tell our little friend Odin that I am not Home, just like I am not aloco. Armando could prove this easily.

There Is No One Like Home
There Is No One Like Home
There Is No One like Home

Posted by: Home | May 25, 2010 at 10:24 AM

People like you should be locked up forever.



Ignoring you is just what you want. You want all of us making you look bad hear on your "Grand Stage".

What a joke. If you're so worried about the Oil spill do something about it. They're accepting volunteers in a multitude of capacities.


Seriously. Pay attention man. I don't randomly jump into peopls conversations and I have a style to my writing just as you do. I have not posted all day (until now), however i have been watching the madness.

Pay attention. and attempt to learn a thing or two instead of just jumping off at the mouth on conclusions.

Sorry, I left out an essential word. My apologies.


Ignoring you is just what you want. You DON'T want all of us making you look bad hear on your "Grand Stage".

What a joke. If you're so worried about the Oil spill do something about it. They're accepting volunteers in a multitude of capacities.

Posted by: odinseye | May 25, 2010 at 11:20 AM

Patrick Crayton might be a fin if Rice Crispy Mullens doesnt light it up on Punt Return duties.

Look for Turner to get dumped soon after he recoups from injury.

Mando, this blog is in a sad state with Trolls, impostors, posers, wanna be fox journalists, instigators etc

Please come by and mow the lawn before its too late.


Kris have I insulted you?

Also I find it funny that you, Advice, like many others on here find it easy to critisize others like Home and shout STFU at me, but let others spew anything they want. Are you easily intimidated? Do words on a computer screen scare you? Is that why you were so quick to bow down in what you refered to as a test? and who made you the official test giver any way?

Can you see my style now?


I am not insulted. I just have little time for ignorance. I have a stalker who is posting ridicoulus stuff in my name and I would expect a poster as intelligent as yourself to realize that. You are normally one of the more level headed guys on here

odinseye: (@ 11:09 AM)

But the 'End Game' would be HIM ...alone

- having the blog all to himself

- talking to himself

No one else would bother to visit because its not very appealing to deal with him.

So...at some point, there only be would be a 'Blog of One' (...with 30 fake characters.)

If that not 'Hell in Cyberspace' then what is?

Its pretty Sad.

Folks, football talk, Dolphins talk, sports talk and interaction with each other.

EVERYTHING else from this comment on down will be deleted.

Thank you.

The lawnmower is here!

Thank you Mando!!!!!!!!!

Mando, If this Fins dump Pat Turner will there be a grievance filled because he is hurt?

EVERYTHING else from this comment on down will be deleted.

Thank you.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | May 25, 2010 at 11:35 AM

No Armando, THANK YOU!

I think the team will let Patrick Turner get healthy before making any decision on him, Waterboy.

Armando, you should delete from that comment up, too.

Armando, how are you Guards for the Oline in order of preference?

The bulk of the problem isn't so much the bs talk, but the 125 different signin names. If I want to talk nonsense, such as crab people and Sam's Club, I do it, under my name. If I have a disagreement with a poster, and Rob in OC or NJ can attest to, I do so, under my own name. I voiced my displeasure with Home, under my own name. Threatening someone in a blog is just stupid, but even more stupid and cowardly is posting under different names. I guess if I never had anything to add that anyone agreed with, maybe then I could make up other names so as to create a group of people that share my opinion. Fortunately I can form an educated opinion, can back it up with tangible facts, I understand a blog is an assortment of ideas and not everyone will, or should agree on everything. I don't even understand the point of the insult and fake names. The old saying is two wrongs don't make a right, well just because Bobbyd hurls expletives doesn't make others bs any less bs. This blog was amazing in the weeks leading up to the draft, and unfortunately has taken a fatal turn for the worse.

do you have the dates when they need to trim down the roster from 80 to 70 to 60something to the "Right 53"?


Well....is Patrick Crayton better than someone like Hartline? (I realize Hartline has more upside but whose a better receiver?)

How does he Rate?


You get an up close and personal with Turner and management.

Whats the deal. Is he slow (in the head) or is it something else? Has Managment really mis-judged his talent?

Why can't he get on the field?

I think that the cleanup of this blog will be a little easier than the gulf oil spill.

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