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On Smiley, physicals and 7th-round picks

It's late May. The NFL is starved for news. And so I'm writing about a Justin Smiley trade, a conditional seventh-round pick, and a physical slated for Tuesday morning.

I need a minicamp really quickly.

Anyway, if Smiley passes his physical today, the Dolphins will garner from the Jacksonville Jaguars one whole, exciting seventh round pick in the 2011 draft.

If Smiley does not somehow pass his physical, the Dolphins will strongly consider simply releasing him before the start of Friday's minicamp.

Bet on Smiley passing because, well, teams have wide latitude on what constitutes a passing and failing physical outside of a positive drug test. Consider that Brandon Marshall passed a Miami physical recently ... and then required hip surgery.

Consider that Daunte Culpepper once upon a time passed a Miami physical after being traded from Minnesota and his surgically repaired knee was nowhere near 100 percent. Or 80 percent.

So if the Jags want Smiley, they will get Smiley because the physical is something they can pretty much grade on a curve if they wish.

Yippie, Dolphins will get a seventh-round pick!

Bring on the minicamp.


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SO the famous Carlito is banned for life?
Must have been a harsh exchange...



I would agree with you on Crowder but one things going to save him.

Dobbins is putting Crowder on the Shelf.

It's hard to be the whipping boy when you're setting on your AS..........

As for Dan Henning, Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad would be the first to praise him for his ability to utilize a number one wide receiver. Both guys led the league in receiving at different times. He knows how to run an offense suited to its talents. Also, David Lee is really good with QBs, and I am sure both of them have worked with Henne a lot as well. I'll be shocked if we don't have a top 12 offense next year, I really will.

I don't think Carlito is actually banned.

He got mad and left.

Armando was doing his chicken little, the sky is falling bit and Carlito called him on it.

Armando was pretty harsh on him and the sad part is........Carlito was in the right!

Chad Henne needs to throw less INTs for any chance of playoffs.

Also, dont throw to Fasano in game one.

So, does anyone know how banged up Marshall really is? I'm hearing everywhere that his injury is stopping him and Henne getting on the same page (as QB and WR). But can't they do that now (just without Marshall running around)? I mean, Marshall can tell Henne how he breaks his routes, where he likes the ball, etc. He can see how Henne throws the balls (using a stand-in, here's where Patrick Turner could have come in). I know they can't get the "feel" going since Marshall is hobbled, but they can at least talk and get on the same page that way. Anyone know if they're doing that (did Mando mention anything about that)?

DC Dolfan, the bonding is overrated. They will get on the same page in TC or in Preseason. This isnt the OL taking time to Gel.

Marshall will be fine.

Henne needs to understand all passes are not cannon balls

come on Armando you are better than this. to take that approach... "IF this was any other year....blah blah blah" is weak man. lets deal with facts, it is NOT any other year, this is this year, this years rules..it is what is what man.

Not Likely Turner To Be Traded

Still believe Camarillo has similar/same set of skills as some other WRs on the Dolphins

Hartline & Bess R Here To Stay

Camarillo with 100% completions last season has his trade value at its highest for him

Although politically speaking a Camarillo trade would not be popular in our emerging Spanish Miami Dolphin Football Market

Surprised NOT EVEN ONE REPORTER has gotten
The Scoop on Pat Turners Surgery

Inquiring Dolfans Want To Know

Brandon Marshall as a Pro Bowl WR Teacher/Mentor
Could Help Pat Turner
Turn Himself Into One Hell Of A Dolphin WR

No More End Zone Failed TD Passes
To Ricky Williams in the RED ZONE

Pat Turner can Catch an 11 foot high ball thrown by Henne in the End Zone

Pat Turner is more a likely a bust than a beast.
Keep your expectations real Homey

Also, the QB should NEVER be on the field for the wildcat.

Agreed, when I said a better passer, I was referring to Ronnie. Should have been more specific. Ronnie is a beast in the WC. Just wish he presented a little threat in the passing game..:)

Who gets Shafted?

1) Penne
2) Patty White
3) Thigy

my vote is for White

Marshall will be fine. There are plenty of more pressing issues on this team.

Can't wait for camp. This is going to be a real interesting season. I don't really see it being a playoff year, but they could surprise. It will depend on how quickly the defense gels.

I think 2011 is our year, assuming there is a season in 2011.


I knew what you meant, if only Pat White had Brown's size, the wildcat would be super deadly. The point of the wildcat was it got Ronnie and Ricky on the field at the same time, well we still have them, and a better blocking WR on the outside. It is still a nightmare to stop, as long as it is power wildcat.

Expect Pat Turner To Be A Proud Member Of The Miami Dolphins WR Corp
Expect The Trifecta
To Stay The Course with Pat Turner

Expect The Trifecta
Not To Be Concerned with Media or Dumbed Down Fans looking for instant gratification

That is why they have McDonalds drive thru windows for the masses that dont care what kind of product they get
as long as it is fast and they dont have to think LOL

If Ronnie and Ricky run the Power Wildcat, then Pat White version is the PowerPuff Wildcat?

home, NICE POST AT 2;19


Henne and Thigpen are keepers. Young, strong armed and all kinds of upside.

Pennington could be a more experienced QB coach than David Lee.

Barring an unexpected trade or possible position switch, Whites's the odd man out.

I can't see a Bill Parcells led team picking White over any of the other three.



Jake Grove In The last 3 NFL Seasons
Has Missed More Than Entire Season (16 regular season games)
Due To Injuries

Signing Procter Was Another Prudent Move

Dont Worry about the O-Line

Worry about the Dolphins Defense & Pass Rush Replacing The Aging Veteran Pro Bowl Players JT & Joey

Worry about Our FS

Turner will get his shot this year. It may be his last shot, but he'll get one. The Trifecta isn't giving up on a 3rd round pick this easily.

Pat White could be through. I think he is. I don't think he'll ever recover from that injury last year, at least not psychologically anyways.


I disagree with you.

home, NICE POST AT 2;19

Posted by: ALoco | May 25, 2010 at 02:21 PM

Just kidding Aloco and Home.

I couldn't resist :)


Were good man. I know the dude called himself kristopher but with all the nonesense here if it walks like a baby, and talks like a baby, then it must be a baby.

Thats where i'm comming from. Armando, had it straight in here for a min. Lets hope we can ride out the rest of the day


How do you think Henne will do this year?

Still See Camarillo & Thigpen
As Good Trade Value
& Expendable Players At This Juncture

No Reason Why
Pennington cannot wear baseball cap and carry clipboard for 2 more seasons as Back Up QB

Pat White Is Not Going Anywhere But
3rd String QB

Believe Roth & Smiley Trade Value Was Mishandled
and Not Should Have Been Handled In A More
Clandestine Manner for Optimum Results

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Henne the Hero

ThanX Aloco
Hope U Took My Advice Friday and Avoided Buying Stocks
As Miami Dolphins Stock Is Up
As U Will See With A Winning Record & Strong Probability of Winning the
AFC EAST Championship

USA & World Stock Markets Are Down Precipitously since Friday

Hope This Correspondence
Finds U Doing Well


Is that you? How have you been?

Home predicts White stays. What do you say?

Still See Camarillo & Thigpen
As Good Trade Value
& Expendable Players At This Juncture

Pat White Is Not Going Anywhere But
3rd String QB

So you're saying White will be a better NFL QB than Thigpen?

Camirillo and Thigpen are good trade value, or they will be traded?

You always astound us with your psychic abilities, but could you be a little less cryptic.

Spell it out for all us fast food loving dummies.





I always"PEAK" early................but just as long as Iam satisfied that's all that matters.... Right guys????

This blog is on fire today. There's over 100 football comments since Mando laid down the law.

I love it when the law gets laid down!

Mando, your thoughts on who wins the LG spot? Thanks.

Also, I don't miss carlito one bit. Dude was disrespectful and left the blog. Good riddance.


It was the real Carlito.

I don't know If I would say Henne peaked early last year. To me it seemed liked he wasn't getting as much support(RB, WR, OL) later in the year.

law gets laid down?

brown noser supreme

Don't give up on Turner just yet.He is taking baby steps now but he has potential.Also,I would hope that you true Dolphin fans aren't in the mind set of waiting til 2011 for a play off run....it's gonna happen now.You know why?Because it isn't expected.I'm excited for the possibilities that this team has and if you go into the season looking forward to the next season,then something isn't right.If we lose our first 4 games then I might join the "Wait til next year" approach....until then,we are the team to beat.Come and get it while it's hot.

How about that... I asked about Carlito and he makes a Cameo. LMAO


Patty White is no dark horse. He is a pony in a horses race. Cut your losses and get more reps to Thigpen.

FlPD agree with you. Carlito was disrespectful and carlito chose to leave.


I have a problem with authority figures, SO, F the law!

I don't think Carlito was disrespectful. He just had what I would call an intolerance for stupidity.

Donald Brown will edge out Jerry at LG. Brown and Cognito are two of the strongest guys in the NFL. Our ground game is going to run people over this year.

I have a question, can the Team put Turner on the IR (first 6 weeks) even if he is ready to go. Just to hold on to him, instead of cutting him and see how the WR position unfolds, or injuries occur?



Why you protect him so much?

Aloco = monito

here we go again
Beware of Posers

Sorry Odin I now know why you agree with carlito. It seems back then you too were being disrespectful toward Armando as well. Forget it, I know now

Who is Donald Brown?

Waterboy, wrong it is not aloco. He loves Odin way too much to go against him.

I guarantee you that there isn't a bigger Dolphins fan alive than me.I promise you that.Will I get nutty in the pants if we falter.....sure I will.Will I rub it in every non believers face if we win it all?You'd better believe it.Dolphins all the way.

LOL @ Odin

NEVER said that Pat White would be better than Thigpen

Saying: Henne is our Miami Dolphins Franchise QB

Pennington should be our Back Up QB the next 2 years as he is already signed, quite capable and very reliable

Pat White should be 3rd string at this juncture

Thigpen is now worth more than a 5th rounder
which is what we got him for
Not much more
A little more

We Dont need Thigpen
Other Teams Will
Esp if Injury to QB in Camp or Preseason

Thigpen has No real future with the Dolphins

That being said
Was also impressed with his play
Throwing/foot movement etc

We Dont need 4 QBs & The Fins Cannot Get Much For 2nd Rounder Pat White at this Juncture

This Is Why Pat White Stays % Is Listed As #3 QB

beerndrums, it would be nice to rub in the Jets fans faces. And Pats fans too.

Curious how Monito and Aloco flip flop entries...

Who is Donald Brown?

Posted by: Waterboy | May 25, 2010 at 03:22 PM

Ha Ha! You got me. I don't know why, but I always call him Brown. Every freaking time. It's like some sort of mental block.


Waterboy, You adding fuel to the fire by suggesting that aloco and I are the same. Heck you are posting at the same times, maybe you are aloco....get real

Donald Brown, isn't that dude in Indy? RB?

Its like Jamillion, with his Tulver will be our Free Safety instead of Culver

I guess you do have a better command of the written word than Aloco.


It wasn't just that thing with Armando.

Carlito knows sports and he doesn't post crap unless he knows what he's talking about.

He actually has excellent insight and can put things in the proper perspective very quickly.

He was a very integral part of this blog before it went to shi.......!

Would you guys trade Cobbs or Hillard if forced to move a RB?

Odin, you can argue the same for (New Jersey).

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