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On Smiley, physicals and 7th-round picks

It's late May. The NFL is starved for news. And so I'm writing about a Justin Smiley trade, a conditional seventh-round pick, and a physical slated for Tuesday morning.

I need a minicamp really quickly.

Anyway, if Smiley passes his physical today, the Dolphins will garner from the Jacksonville Jaguars one whole, exciting seventh round pick in the 2011 draft.

If Smiley does not somehow pass his physical, the Dolphins will strongly consider simply releasing him before the start of Friday's minicamp.

Bet on Smiley passing because, well, teams have wide latitude on what constitutes a passing and failing physical outside of a positive drug test. Consider that Brandon Marshall passed a Miami physical recently ... and then required hip surgery.

Consider that Daunte Culpepper once upon a time passed a Miami physical after being traded from Minnesota and his surgically repaired knee was nowhere near 100 percent. Or 80 percent.

So if the Jags want Smiley, they will get Smiley because the physical is something they can pretty much grade on a curve if they wish.

Yippie, Dolphins will get a seventh-round pick!

Bring on the minicamp.


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NostraHomeUS Has Come Out With His Prediction for
The 2010 National Football League
AFC EAST Division

This Is The Earliest NostraHomeUs Has ever Delivered The Prediction

Water, I say keep both and jettison Pat(TKO)White.................

Home didnt someone on here tell you to limit your posts to four times a day?

Home, Who cares.................................

Miami Dolphins 2010 AFC EAST Champions

followed in order by:


NostraHomeUs Has Spoken

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Cuban Waterboy's question was a hypothetical. If you only had to choose from Cobbs or Hilliard.

Home, It is probably safe to say that most of us here predict the Fins will be AFC East Champs, so what gives?

Seems there was a verbal fight between blogger known as carlito & blog writer Armando
Filthy language and insults to blog writer were posted before departure of blogger
Seems like there were some issues there that blew up like soon to erupt Katla

seems Tampa blew their chance at the 2014 Super Bowl... w/having Dickie V in their presentation...lol

Odin's man love for carlito is quite evident by his response to FPLD

Odin, you can argue the same for (New Jersey).

Posted by: monito | May 25, 2010 at 03:36 PM

I agree with what you're saying, still I wouldn't go quite that far-LOL!

Most folks picked the Jets
The others here are not sure who or what they are



Is a troll. He's ignorant as evidenced by anything and everything he posts.

He's just another prime example of the pot calling the kettle black.

He couldn't hold a candle to Carlito when it comes to the Dolphins and that is, after all, why were here.

Hey a 7th round pick is better than nothing.

There we go.

Thank you.

Armando blocked my last two responses to FLPD

He couldn't hold a candle to Carlito when it comes to the Dolphins and that is, after all, why were here.

Posted by: odinseye | May 25, 2010 at 03:49 PM

Boy Odin, I bet you would want to hold Carlito's "candle", short candle that is. LOL 2x

odins eye is suppose to be man of judgment
God of wisdom

Seems like a big role to play

Boy Odin, I bet you would want to hold Carlito's "candle", short candle that is. LOL 2x

Posted by: 2 cents | May 25, 2010 at 03:52 PM

For Gods sakes, get your mind out of the gutter man!

Odin is the almighty GOD OF WAR!

And Home Buoy best not forget it!

NostraHomeUs states Thigpen or Camarillo
Will Be Traded Next

May Not Have This News Released For The
Common Unassuming Oblivious Dolfan
Til July/August

NostraHomeUs Provides This Miami Dolphin News
For U Now

Remember U Heard It Here First at The Miami Herald

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! ******

NFL source tells me Justin Smiley passes his physical with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is traded.

Armando's on point.

Up to the minute reporting at it's finest.

U R No Match For NostraHomeUs

Odin should reside in Minnesota or Sweden
with the real Vikings

C`mon Man, Michigan?

Home, Can you Shed some lighht about the government's reverse engineering of alien space craft???


Onto the next Fins Mystery. The 4 Horsemen (1 pony = Pat White) at QB

Who gets the Shaft?

P.S I like when you interact in the comment section.

Yippe....Smiley passes his physical!!!

Pat White needs some CFL or UFL playing time.

Water, Say bye to Pat(DOWN GOES PAT,DOWN GHOES PAT)White.........................

Mia is out of the running for Super Bowl 2014..

looking more and more like NY/NJ.

looking more and more like its gonna be NY/NJ in 2014

Get A Grip, Man

This Is A Miami Dolphins Football Blog

"Get A Grip, Man

This Is A Miami Dolphins Football Blog

Posted by: Home | May 25, 2010 at 04:16 PM"

Save this one for when we get assaulted with ChemTrail Tales

the fact that the NFL wants Mia to put a roof of some sort on their stadium(rain) is a joke if it is rewarded to NY/NJ and im from NJ

Perfect, They'll be sorry, Temps at 7 pm in the 1st week of feb in NYC hover in the 20s with a stiff(HaHa,he said STIFF) wind in the 20 to 30 mph with rain/sleet/snow, They(The news media)will be Wishing they were in Balmy Miami....


Seriously, 80% of the population here in the upper penisula of Michigan traces back to Finland and Norway.

It's the REAL last Viking Strong hold right here in the Hiawatha National Forest.

for sure Cuban...

No smiley face today, but we did get Proctor but he is a gamble. Of course I am not a Proctorologist.

2014 im thinking Mia is a Super Bowl contender, strong one... so i dont want them playing in Feb up in NY/NJ for a title if they reach the bowl

NJ/NJ got the Super Bowl, damn it...

NY/NJ that is..

I love that the Super Bowl will be in NJ/NY and I hope it snows like crazy. It warms my heart that Jet and Giant fans will freeze their tails off watching the Dolphins play!

Sounds like an interesting & naturalist area U live
National Forest there sound like good hunting grounds

Bet U Can Get Nice Cabin Home @ Good price There

Sounds Much Better than City Life In Detroit

Wish Home Had Venison In His Freezer
Mix w/Beef & A1 sauce
Cook Burgers on Grill

Oh Yeah

Armando has more "NFL Sources" in Jacksonville than in Miami. Lmao.

If we gave up a 2nd for AJ Feely i gotta believe there is some desperate team willing to give a third or fourth for Thigpen. Notice i didnt say White.


A Fourth In 2011 for Thigpen Is Doable

Would Be Wise

Guys, You should hope and pray they dont get rid of Thigpen, your other choices if Henne goes down is a guy that cant throw the ball more then 20 yards and the other guy that's 1 hit away from being DOA(Dead on arrival)....

5 pages in already huh? Boy do any of you work or what? Okay so here it is.

Armando wasn't making fun or saying that 'they only got a seventh round pick, sheesh, couldn't they do better. He was commenting on how boring the off season is and wants a mini camp so when he wrote "yipee the Dolphins will get a 7th round pick" it was a commentary on the dullness of the NFL off season. He knows as well as everyone else with a brain that they were going to release him for nothing and getting a pick is actually surprising. The fact that it is a 7th rounder just makes the news boring.

There Will Never Be A 2014 SB
Hope 2010
Will Be Safe

If We Make It
Thats All Folks

Love Your Children & Families
Keep Them Close

Blessed Are Those Who are Pure In Heart
For They Shall See God


IMO something is better than nothing... Good luck to him... Hope his shoulder holds out for him!

Thunder, we were fools to give up a second for feely. Most fans knew it, and every so called expert declared it as well. Nobody is giving a second for Thigpen. I happen to agree with Cuban. He is the only QB we have outside of Henne who can throw the ball. I don't think White makes it out of camp.


WTF? Why would you try to make fun of someone that's unemployed.
I say TRY because I work as hard now as I ever did. I don't even have to work and I still do.

Anyway, lots of hard working people are suffering because of the economic disasters of late.

Why try and make fun?

He'll make it out of camp alright, IN A BOX........

I think we will be lucky to get anything for our qbs same prob as smiley every team knows eventually one of them will be cut... Baring an injury to someones qb...

Ugg, why would anybody want to play the SB in NY in the middle of the winter? Some fans wait for 20 or 30 years or more for their team to get to a SB it would be a shame to be that fan and to have the biggest variable in the game be a blizzard or 30 mph winds and heavy rain.

wasn't heavy rain a variable when the colts won in 2006- in Miami?





You're kidding, right? That wasn't heavy rain and nothing like the weather NY can get that time of year. It's not a knock on NY. It is about weather being the biggest factor of the game. The SB should be football played at it's highest level, not having the weather being the biggest determining factor.

We got lucky with smiley we will see if we can with one of these four... IMO I think it will be pigpen (Charlie brown ref..) lol I think f.o. Isn't ready to give up on white yet pennington is too valuable as a mentor 2 our younger Chad! All u hating on pennington remember he made this team matter again!

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