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On Smiley, physicals and 7th-round picks

It's late May. The NFL is starved for news. And so I'm writing about a Justin Smiley trade, a conditional seventh-round pick, and a physical slated for Tuesday morning.

I need a minicamp really quickly.

Anyway, if Smiley passes his physical today, the Dolphins will garner from the Jacksonville Jaguars one whole, exciting seventh round pick in the 2011 draft.

If Smiley does not somehow pass his physical, the Dolphins will strongly consider simply releasing him before the start of Friday's minicamp.

Bet on Smiley passing because, well, teams have wide latitude on what constitutes a passing and failing physical outside of a positive drug test. Consider that Brandon Marshall passed a Miami physical recently ... and then required hip surgery.

Consider that Daunte Culpepper once upon a time passed a Miami physical after being traded from Minnesota and his surgically repaired knee was nowhere near 100 percent. Or 80 percent.

So if the Jags want Smiley, they will get Smiley because the physical is something they can pretty much grade on a curve if they wish.

Yippie, Dolphins will get a seventh-round pick!

Bring on the minicamp.


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who the hell is this nitwit HOME?

Dolphins Def Will get At Least A 5th for Thigpen

and U can list Pat White as WR
and keep them all

However Ego + 2nd round pick
Trifecta Will Not Get Rid of Pat White

They should have never changed his throwing motion or removed the NFL gloves

Kurt Warner Did Amazingly Good Job w/the gloves on

Pat White is an Instinct Player
Not a 6.5 230 lb QB
Should NOT HAVE tried to make him a prototypical QB
Never Was
Never Will Be

IMO Trifecta & Dolphin Coaches messed up Pat Whites Natural Talent

Our resident conspericy theorists.../ dolphin fan/ enviromental watch dog

who the hell is this niwit Sal Monella ?

We did not give up a second rounder for Smiley. He was an unrestricted free agent.

"Those North Eastern Homers".

First off nice caps, that's not annoying at all.

Secondly I wanted to point out how much I love that idiotic statement. It makes no sense at all. What are you saying, that the writers in the north east are somehow different than the writers down south because they like the teams they write about as opposed to the southern writers who are completely objective?! Pffft.

Or are you saying that they're homers because they act as if the teams in the north east are better than the teams around the rest of the country? Because that would be completely false right? Like the Yankees, Red Sox, Giants, Patriots, Celtics, Sabres, etc. They all suck right so why would they write good things about those teams? Pffffttttt.

Or maybe you think they should cover more sports from south Florida and the like? Because that's what their audience wants to read and hear about right? Teams halfway across the country that no one in this area cares about? How's that going to help them sell their product?

I'm just so sick of reading posts bashing the north east like the famous "you all think you're better than us" B.S. Stop your whining and loosen up your panties already. Most of the people who live in FLA came from the north east jackasses.

What's the other one, "waaaahhhhhh you guys come down here and you're so arrogant and rude". REALLY, WE'RE RUDE? We come down for vacation to spend money in your towns and you jack up your prices (five dollars for a small bottle of water on the beach?!) and then you find out we're from NY state and to some of you genius' that means we're from the city? So you automatically start treating us like dirt because you don't like people from the city because you had a bad experience with a few bad apples? And we're supposed to respond well to that s**t? Well f**k if that isn't stereotyping I don't know what is.

People from the city suck but guess what, so do people from upstate NY, and so do people from Florida, and Louisiana, and ,Georgia, etc. People suck where ever you go. There are good people and bad people everywhere. But to say people from the northeast are somehow worse than people from the south makes you just as bad as the people you're complaining about! DUH! You are stereotyping a people because of the region they come from!

I'm from the northeast (Saratoga N.Y.) but went to college in FLA. In my 4 years down there I can't tell you how many times someone who had met me and found out I grew up in NY State told me how surprised they were that I was "so nice and polite" because "usually people from the city are rude and arrogant". And I would have to explain how I'm not from the city (seriously do any of those people own a map) and how my family WAS from the Bronx but not all New Yorkers or northeastern people are bad. Why do I have to explain that and why are people still to this day stereotyping?

I would start stereotyping some of you people but I'm too nice:) And I'm from New York State, can you believe it?!

Our resident conspericy theorists.../ dolphin fan/ enviromental watch dog

Posted by: Grrreatdane | May 25, 2010 at 05:01 PM

You forgot Buffoon.......

Calm down scott.......

Cuban my bad... Nyscott just as long as ur a dolphin fan ur all good in my book... And I agree with u... There are as&)(les everywhere

NYScott, so people in the NE don't generalize people in the south?

Brian in NY. I think a really really desperate team might trade a late 3rd for Thigpen. A fourth is reasonable. I actually like the guy. Hes got some unteachable scrambling ability and a solid arm.

Calm down NY Scott. I see your point. i too am from the Bronx. Though, I left at a very early age.

Yeah Brian, there was some sort of mini hurricane going on and the field was a pond. The wind was whipping and the rain was coming down in sheets. The WRs had a hard time catching passes.

This just goes back to my annoyingly long post, suck it up and stop the whining. God forbid the players are a little cold when they play in the super bowl. I mean geez, they only make a million per season. Last February it was 40 degrees in NY at the time of the super bowl. 'Oh no that's so cold whatever shall we do'.

People bring up northeast bias all the time but are fine with the fact that the northeast isn't allowed to hold a super bowl? WTF? Trust me people, the place will be sold out, this isn't a Dolphins game we're talking about so the bandwagon fans won't be at the beach sunning themselves. Thank you by the way to anyone who lives within an hour of the stadium and doesn't buy tickets. It's a lot of fun watching our team when half of the fans are from Pittsburgh. How in the hell are they even able to get tickets to the last Dolphins game of the season in south Florida? Great job! I know, I know, when they start winning you'll buy tickets but until then there are beach bongo games to play.

Who cares where u r from u run into jerks everywhere! And I have been to almost every state in this entire country... Jerks generalize regions and every regions got them... I am born and raised in this wonderful town of Miami and I am no jerk!

Well it is a bandwagon city... Just look at marlins circa 1997 I believe it was or was it 96 marlins compared to today's games... But Miami fan for life every sport no bandwagon here

Let Us 1st Worry About The SB In the House Of The Reptilian Leader Jerry Lizard Face Jones

Dolphins Can Play Big This Season & End Up Facing The Reptilian

I would say most teams that don't make the playoffs 8 years in a row will probably see their attendance go down.

But to get back on topic what team is in need of a qb anyway? R there any trade partners out there as of today?

Pistol I agree but from that year to the next the drop was significant. It just got worse year by year. But I guess that could be chalked up to the fire sale of all the players! Forgot about that sorry!

Our Nemesis New England Patriots Need a Back Up QB
Brady Is Bout Done
May Be His Last Season After He Gets Crunched as

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! ******

Surprised they didn't get at least one billicheat had like 100 picks!

pistol that was my point, people generalize everywhere but why do I have to read about it on a football blog every day? Why do I turn on ESPN radio and hear people from other parts of the country constantly whining about this "northeast bias". Go on to a Patriots or Giants site where people are writing about football. They don't talk about how they hate the south and the people who live there. There are plenty of political sites where that crap gets discussed. I hate that we're all Dolphins fans but I catch crap because I'm from NY. Do you catch crap because you're from FLA? Anyone?

I was in Maryland at a club on the beach and everyone was announcing what state they were from. Every time someone answered the crowd would cheer. Then some poor sap said he was from NY and the whole place erupted in boos and someone threw a cup at the guys head. Why is that? I've been all over this fine country and I've never seen people react as bad as they do when they hear someone is from NY.

Trust me, you may not know this but we take more s**t from people than anyone in any other state ever will.

And I'm bored and pissed off because I had to work outside in 92 degree humidity today and I hate the heat! :) And then I came in here and the first thing I read was some jerk off bashing the northeast again. lol. So forgive my rants, I know most of you are good people. The people who act this way know I'm talking about them. There are A LOT of awesome people down south that I will always call friends. But damn it I don't miss that oppressive heat!

Home, "The Reptilian Owner", Now that's funny..............

They wanted Tebow
But the student (Josh)
Took Tebow Early
Preventing Bellicheat from Drafting Bradys Predecessor

"I would say most teams that don't make the playoffs 8 years in a row will probably see their attendance go down."

Yeah most, but not in NY because we're better than everyone else.

Let Me Buy U a Drink
and dont forget your tinfoil hat next time

My God, Scott Man
Look What U Have Become!


I actually can see them going after white as a project to work on they figure they have time. It might actually intrigue billacheat wasn't he interested in tebow for the option. Whites forte

But do we really wanna do that might bite us in the ass like welker... Among many many others

For a time there I started calling them the new
England dolphins cause they had like 8 of our players

That was a joke pistol pete!

But I think you forgot that the Dolphins made the playoffs two seasons ago and were still in the race when the fans weren't showing up to the games last season. That was with 4 games left to go in the season and the stands were half full and and one half of that was fans from other teams. We get made fun of constantly because there are so many stinking Jets fans at the Dolphins games.

On the flip side I go to three Dolphins games a year. New England, New York, and Buffalo and I wear my #54 jersey with pride! It takes me four and a half hours to get to Rich stadium and I sit in below freezing weather while fans hurl plastic bottles at me. You should see what they throw at me in the meadowlands, I have to bring an umbrella! But I suck it up, playoffs or not because I love my team.

I don't know, maybe it's a northeast thing. I guess we like our favorite teams more than people in the south do.

That's another joke Pistol! :)

If we cannot stop Thigpen
They we do not belong in the Playoffs

Welker was a whole nother story
Happened year before BP took over

Always liked Welker
Last year with the Dolphins
Welker was emerging Every Week

any one says he's from the bronx is a jake ass .they say it like they are coming from heaven . it's a dirty place .

Was so upset at fo that was more than one
Season before parcells and co took over wasn't it... But I like bess believe he is the next welker if not better he has tha potental

Oh man I'm being judged by Home now! What has the world come to?

Home, I'm sorry I stepped on your toes with the whole crazy thing. As soon as we have some real news to talk about I will give you back your crown and thrown because you truly are the king. ;)

Fun Facts with Home

Remember there was 6 Former Dolphin Players Staring with Larry Izzo
Who were picked up by New England

When They Won The 1st SB
They Sent The Miami Dolphins A Picture
All of Them Together Wearing Their SB Rings
While Giving The Dolphins the Finger


Now that we have marshall I think bess will blossem... Hate to say it like pairing welker with moss... So excited for this season... More than I have been since Marino in his hay days

"any one says he's from the bronx is a jake ass .they say it like they are coming from heaven . it's a dirty place" .

Wonderful grammar 'jake ass'.

Dirty place? No I think you were mistaken, we weren't talking about your mothers nether region. BA DA TISH!

Home I do remember and that pissed me off... Junior saou, Larry izzo, Sammie morris, trace Armstrong if my memory serves me correctly

Later boners, I'm out until something happens.


Who am I missing and correct me if I am wrong

LOL @ NYScott

I'm back just for a second to tell everyone the 2014 SUPER BOWL was awarded to the Meadowlands in New Jersey. Suck it ya bastards! :)

they better clean this dumb before the game .

p.s garden state...what a joke .

If they can get the Super Bowl in NY, why not Chicago? That would be great to see a game where the ball goes straight sideways after one foot when kicked in the air.

I'm back just for a second to tell everyone the 2014 SUPER BOWL was awarded to the Meadowlands in New Jersey. Suck it ya bastards! :)

Posted by: NYScott | May 25, 2010 at 06:08 PM

You were doing just fine until this. The fact is, Floridians hate what has happened to this state. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot. And you yankee 'bastards' are the blame. Suck that.


How dare you mention Dante Culpeper on this blog. After the way he acted agter the raiders game his legacy (if you can call it that) should be banished from Dolphins period.


Culpepper who... Lol j/k sure wish we had gone with breez what a mistake 2nd time we passed over that man...

Just read tha article on Allen sure hope he's right. But the fact he believes gives me some hope

Yeah Grrrreatdane,

We have made a few bone headed decisions in the past. I'm glad BP and Company are running the show now

I'am glad that the game is gonna be up here, Gonna LMAO when its 20 degrees,sleet,snow,rain, maybe all the "Fat cats"(Corporations,etc.) will catch pneumonia and die........

Wont happen anyways, The world ends in Dec.2012... Right Home?????

No Cuban I think he predicts it before then if memory serves me correct.

Super,Fins better make it to Super Bowl this year with the end of thje world coming to a end....................Makes me wonder who'll take over the world once people are no longer here.... probably "CRAB PEOPLE".......

Kris me too dude. They have yet to let me down except for the jt thing but I am over that that was more Nastalgia than anything ( I know I spelled it wrong)

Cuban just remember ur tin foil outfit can't just have a helment... And u'll be fine... And butter and hammers Apparently are also good defence along with tha foil...


I spell almost everything wrong

"crab people" equals hookers

Not all hookers have crabs that's a generalization and I am offended... Some of them have aids/herpies/siphilis

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