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Owens sets off Dolfan frenzy with tweet

At 8:36 a.m. today, Terrell Owens tweeted the following:

"Miami bound..."

And about 10 seconds later I got a bunch of twitter followers asking if this meant Owens is going to sign with the Dolphins. From what I can see, many of Owens' own followers recognized the same possibility and asked him if he's coming to sign.

Ah, the Internet.

Anyway, I cannot confirm for you the specific reason Owens is coming to Miami. He has a place here, I know that. He often trains down here.

But I can confirm for you that T.O. is not coming to join the Dolphins, according to a club source. I think the Dolphins generally like their receiver corps now that Brandon Marshall is part of the group. And I do not see them currently adding anyone who is 36 years old and will be 37 during the season, regardless of whether he has gas in the tank or not.

Simply, I think the Dolphins don't need someone to take catches away from Marshall and Owens might either do that or be unhappy that he's not seeing enough passes his way.

Having said that, I do think Owens still can be a solid contributor for some team in the right situation.

But do I think he's "miami bound," to make the Dolphins that team and that situation?


[Update: Owens was asked by one of his followers if he meant he's headed for Miami or the team and he replied, "city." So that should be that.]


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I guess I better thank the government for finally making my pool warm again.

I want to thank the government for giving us such a blessing as Bobby D12. WTF I cant even write this and keep a straight face. hahahaha

"May 7, 2010 Twins endure rare rainout, to face O's in doubleheader Saturday."

There is something incredibly dirty about this statement soiled...

Did anybody else see that John Clayton has the Dolphins ranked as having the 2nd best offseason in the NFL???

The only bad news is the Pats were number 1 and the Jets were number 3... The AFC East is gonna be a wild ride this year...

I don't really get where he is coming from having the Pats at number 1, they really didn't do anything except resign a bunch of guys... I guess when you have that many draft picks you get the nod

i love old women in their 60's

John Clayton looks like he put his thumb in his mouth and blew really hard.

Adam Scheffter ranks the Dolphins as having had the best offseason.

Carlito let's hope the Pats get a couple or more "Pat White" or "Ted Ginn" type of picks.

Well they did take Brandon Spikes... that boy is sloooooooooooow

By the Way...

In case all of you haven't noticed...

NO ONE on this blog got the Draft right.


Because the Dolphins don't say anything to ANYONE about Their Business. ....and none of YOU have access to even a FRACTION of the information that they do.

So, does it r e a l l y
matter WHAT our favorite 'Fan' from NJ said?

Get a life (or...if possible...meet a girl)

if Armando is stuck in the Bleachers, then the rest of us are watching from the
f r e a k i n g

We're all ignorant. But who really cares?

So my advice is:
B L O G!

but stop taking yourselves so seriously.

He is slow as hell but he did make a lot of plays.

Dr.Eastlund's HAARP heaters" could elevate the Earth's ionosphere, his discovery provided the ability to control weather! Jet streams could be altered, tornadoes could be zapped and rain could be made-- anywhere and anytime-- right here and right now! But the military had other plans.

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Spikes ran low then some OTs talk about being slow


Here's a fun fact:

When it comes to the AFC EAST:

2.) 2ND BEST #1 RECEIVER (Next to Randy Moss)


Home, you say you love Dolphins football... I ask you please say something about football

Marshall might be better then Moss next year who's getting alittle older

I know where they should start the population reduction.

death ray like the Death Star in Star Wars. cool, then we can zap the Soviets in one fell swoop. I wish I had one of those death ray thingys but on a smaller scale....enough to use on a certain fool in New Jersey.

I have a hard time putting the Pats offseason over ours or the Jest. They had a good draft but who have they added that is an instant proven upgrade like Marshall or even Holmes?

carlito he's not going to stick to football he's going to post the samethings over and over and over again which is why SS banned from their sight and post under different names so somebody can agree with him.He use to be cool and had some nice inside Phin info but somewhere along the way he became a loon

He's the main reason SS changed their blog format no fooling!

I'm not asking him to stick to football, but if he could include football every once and a while it would be much appreciated!



Home -- I'm sure that there is an IRC channel for that...

But while you're up HERE...

Football Home... F O O T B A L L !!!

Well Home any football news?

Saying Brandon Marshall
Will Be The Best WR The Dolphins Ever Had!!!

and NJ
Can Get His Shine Box for telling me No Way for 6 months!

Gotta Go
Take Care Fellow DolFans

Yeah, it's weird Fishfan, he was an ok guy about a year ago, a little off maybe but no more than half the people who post, then he went off the deep end and turned into a total clown.

A lot of people said no way Marshall comes here and most of them fessed up and said they were wrong. I don't recall NJ ever admitting that about anything though. It seems to run contrary to his nature.

Jamarcus Russell got released, maybe he can come compete for NT.

So now Taylor admits to having sex with that girl. Yesterday his lawyer said on national television that he hadn't had sex with anybody?! Was his lawyer so dumb he didn't know that at the very least he was going to have to cop to that? Maybe he thinks nobody will remember that yesterday he emphatically stated the exact opposite.

NJ admitted his mistake about Marshall (remember the week after the signining,this blog turned into a "Best of " crow recipes?

lmao oh yeah I remember that

Did he? I remember bobby being upfront and a bunch of other guys. I guess I missed NJ. Good for him. Glad to say I was wrong about that.

NJ admitted his mistake after being gone for weeks but he still did it so it's cool now.

I think Taylor was set up on that whole dea.I've never been in a situation where you had to ask for an ID when recruting a person of this nature.Now a days,15 or 16 year olds look like like twenty five year olds.Word on the street is that Angela Bryant used to get frisked before any money exchanged hands in case she was wired for sound.You just can't be too careful these days when you contact a known felon to have him deliver pizza,beer or a lady of that nature.

Should have been a " l " after dea.

What the heck is a "Contrail" I've heard of end trails, snow trail,cat trails,But I've never heard of "Contrails" Is this guy a lunitic, Michael says he is.and thanks to the fake ashleyxxxxxxx and oooooooo. HOT ASHLEY

It's chemtrails Cuban.They're in the same food group as trailmix,but a lot more nuttier.


Mando, Your blog working????????

turned into a total clown.

Posted by: test | May 07, 2010 at 04:38 PM

test, why dont you like clowns?

test you guys are correct about Nj and others eating crow over the marshal deal. The problem is that NJ was the most adamant about it. Also the most insulting of all others combined. I for one did not think Marshall would be here also. I am glad he is.

Where you at mando?!!!

Why don't you use the ampersand on the keyboard instead of saying "amp" ot is that the new cell lingo like "k".

Guys by the current activities of this past hour could you say that "Home" is the T.Owens of the blog???? Just wondering......

Aloco- why do you talk like that? This is a Dolphin App.

test, why dont you like clowns?
Posted by: payaso del carajo | May 07, 2010 at 05:53 PM

Lol, good question payaso.

I was mauled by a hobo clown while living in Alaska. I’ve had it in for them ever since.

Test, I get mauled by a clown every nite it seems. lol. HOT ASHLEY

Did I ever tell you guys that my significant other has T.S.Ts???????

lol menace

I hate Clowns because of the movie "It" when I was a kid

How do so many clowns fit in those damn cars?


You constantly reference arguments that you have had with NJ.
Arguments and comments that I myself have read HERE previously.
In the next breath you say you're new here. It's painfully obvious that you're being deceitful in that regard and that raises red flags.
This morning you were posting in blue. Then a couple of, "more than dubious" posts in black show up. Then amazingly, the next thing you know, you're posting again yet your sign in name appears in BLACK. OOPS! Forgot to sign back in.
I won't defend NJ, but according to you NJ thinks he knows everything. The irony here is that I can tell you're one of those people that think you know more than everyone else.

Home, if you're so smart why hasn't it occured to you that these football blogs are FOOTBALL BLOGS and these football bloggers don't come here for New World Order Warnings. Most of them are here for comraderie and Dolphins football.

Please don't get me wrong, the topics you mention are interesting, but there are other blogs for that. Dolphins in Depth is not the place for it.

There's no need to take offense to this. You will do much better to take it to heart. So please, stop telling half truths, stop the impersonations or take your three ring circus to a Conspiracy Blog.

Thank you "NORSE" Warrior for speaking so clearly for those of us that have had the afternoon off and have consumed multiple alcoholic beverage's.......

Nice post Viking. Won’t do any good but still a good post.


You're welcome and believe me, I catching up quick :)

Bottom's Up!

Did you guys see that TST officer in Miami that was arrested for assult on a co=worker that was making fun of his "Short comings" from the x-ray imaging at M.I.A, looks like a certain guy I know that sometimes is a Menace.LOL. HOT ASHLEY

I hate clowns cause they're hard to box.

Guy's did you ever see a 747(me) fly over the grand canyon(Ashley)??? It looks small compared to the canyon dont you think?????

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