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Owens sets off Dolfan frenzy with tweet

At 8:36 a.m. today, Terrell Owens tweeted the following:

"Miami bound..."

And about 10 seconds later I got a bunch of twitter followers asking if this meant Owens is going to sign with the Dolphins. From what I can see, many of Owens' own followers recognized the same possibility and asked him if he's coming to sign.

Ah, the Internet.

Anyway, I cannot confirm for you the specific reason Owens is coming to Miami. He has a place here, I know that. He often trains down here.

But I can confirm for you that T.O. is not coming to join the Dolphins, according to a club source. I think the Dolphins generally like their receiver corps now that Brandon Marshall is part of the group. And I do not see them currently adding anyone who is 36 years old and will be 37 during the season, regardless of whether he has gas in the tank or not.

Simply, I think the Dolphins don't need someone to take catches away from Marshall and Owens might either do that or be unhappy that he's not seeing enough passes his way.

Having said that, I do think Owens still can be a solid contributor for some team in the right situation.

But do I think he's "miami bound," to make the Dolphins that team and that situation?


[Update: Owens was asked by one of his followers if he meant he's headed for Miami or the team and he replied, "city." So that should be that.]


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SAY WHAT? Home commented on 'Owens sets off Dolfan frenzy with tweet'

2010-05-06 13:09:15 -0500

Brandons In Da House

Who Dis Fool Owens Think He Is In Miami?

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Miami Dolphins Offense Is Going To Be Excellent

Improved O-Line

Brandon Marshall

Simply The Bess In 3RD Year

and Hartline(who should take over at KR)
Will Improve

6.5 Physical WR Pat Turner should see the field in some sets with 6.4 Pro Bowl TD Scorer WR Brandon Marshall

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

.S. Terrell Owens tweeting that he is going to the city of Miami is a non-story

Posted by: carlito from golfito | May 06, 2010 at 12:48 PM

Dude, get over yourself. TO tweeting anything is usually news. It's kinda the equivalent of Brittany Spears saying she has a new tattoo in a discreet location.. Love it or hate it, you gotta listen.

Tvegas, well said. The little man takes himself too seriously

Had the Dolphins on My Wish List

Signing Dansby
Signing Marshall

Firing Ginn

Hoping 4 Mike Iupati as Dolphins 1st Pick after trading 4 Brandon Marshall

Really Like 330 LB Blocking Guard
"Big John"& His Humble Upbringing

So Must Say:
Home Is Very Happy with
The Direction The Miami Dolphins are Moving

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Oh, flack from the T.O. lovers....

the fact is I don't have to listen... thats why I don't have twitter garbage

Dear Mr. Salguero

I had no idea T.O. had any Journalistic value till I recently came accross this....

"TO tweeting anything is usually news,Love it or hate it, you gotta listen"

What is T.O.'s target audiance and age group.

Does he report serious news ?...will he be getting an Anchor job at any of the major networks when he is done with football ?

Will T.O. be the next Ron Burgandy

Soiled :)

Soiled, I think OchoCinqo is gunning for that job.

If I remember correctly the Tuna didn't like "The Player" very much and was pretty much forced to deal with him because of Jones.... Serously doubt the Phins sign this old gas bag...

With "Big John" & "Dirty Richie"
Miami Starting O-Line Averages
over 6.5 & over 320 LBs
of 100% Dolphin Run & Pass Blocking Power

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


I don't know if you've heard, but T.O. is kind of a big deal. He has many leather bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany

He can be in the best "shape" of his life. What's in question is not his shape, its his skills. And they have diminished. And he's shown he's not mature enough to deal with the fact he's not elite anymore. He's good but not great. When things don't go his way he tends to lose his mind and that's not what this team needs. He'd be OK to have if he could handle being second fiddle, but he can't.

Miami Dolphins Might Even Be Able To Cover Opposing Teams TEs In 2010

Imagine That!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

unbelievable the morons who think T.O. coming to this team is a good thing.....

Simply The Bess
Should Earn More RAC Yards with the double coverage on Marshall

Henne Must Learn A Good Pump Fake to go with that
Rocket Arm

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Brian Hartline Will Now
Not Start in 2 Receiver Set

Home Wants Physical Speedster & Heads Up Player
Brian Hartline as KR

Hartline Has Brass Balls

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

I can't believe I am seeing all these posts wanting TO to come to Miami. He is the last thing this team needs. He has been a cancerous leision for every QB he has played for. That is the last thing a young 2nd year starter at QB needs. We have Marshall who is younger and better than TO. You bring in TO to the mix he is going to be bitter and jealous that he is not getting the ball as much just like he complained about Witten in Dallas. No matter how good TO may or may not be he will be bad for the development of Henne. Say no to TO.

I think its bad news if he comes to the Dolphins but if its true, I wont complain. I mean someone mentioned distractions and I think an offensive distraction is good. It will especially minimize any teams defensive scheme to doubleteam Marshall.

Again...before signing Brandon, I would have taken TO in a heartbeat. If he signs with us, I definitely think it would be an improvement.

He's probably down here to go rollerblading on south beach or something.

And that's the problem with Twitter. Now, communication is only as good as it's weakest link (since we're all in the same boat pretty much). So any idiot that misreads something can make a whole hubbbub about it and get people worked up for nothing.

Twitter is the first step to Hell on Earth. You sheep who follow it are pretty much destroying yourselves.

I love scotch, scotch, scotch, scotch!

carlito he can also teach them how to be a 6 time pro bowler make it to a super bowl..catch 1006 passes for almost 15,000 yards and 147 Td's..third all time in recieving yards & td's.9 1,000 yard seaons five straight..and the only player to score a td on all 32 teams..2 td's on 31

Brandon Marshall Is Ten Years Younger than TO

In His Prime
Back In His Home State of Florida
Not Playing In Cold Snowy Denver

Brandon Marshalls #s Will Go Up

Might Just Be #1 WR In The 2010 NFL

Home Was Pounding The Table 4 Brandon Marshall Relentlessly Since Last Year

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

DC, excellent use of hubbub.

Twitter Tracker Alert: This just in from Larry King: Chicken tastes good.

Thank heaven for little girls.

Joe McKnight, Jets running back: The fourth-round draft pick out of USC had a rough start at rookie minicamp. McKnight wasn't sure if it was his nerves, the heat or the aggressive pace compared to what he went through with the Trojans, but he struggled to hold onto the ball and his stomach contents. He repeatedly dropped passes in drills, needed extra medical attention, suffered from cramps and generally looked exhausted.

If TO can play TIGHT END I would love to have him ..... but, he doesnt ..... so I prefer sticking with our current corps of receivers, maybe adding Bess' old teammate, mainly as a return man

Tuna + TO = not gonna happen


I don't want TO near this team. It is very young and very impressionable.

As for those throwing LT under the bus, no one know the facts of the case yet. What were the extenuating circumstances. Can we please let all the facts come out before we mock or crucify the man?

Obviously, he is not a saint, but in America, I thought you were innocent toll proven guilty. Unfortunately, with the TMZ and ESPN 24/7 gossip cycle people convicted before the process begins.



Yeah sure, he probably won't be a Dolphin. But you 'experts' were wrong about Marshall. So, don't fool yourselves into believing you know what Parcells will do. In other words, sit back and let it play out.

TO is probably here for some cafe con leche and pastelitos.

A guy tweets he's coming to south beach , a popular vacation spot and where TO owns a home , during his offseason and THE T.O.. SHEEP start coming out in droves. MY GOD !!! LOL !! Good day folks , see you later , there's nothing here.



Posted by: ALOCO | May 06, 2010 at 02:04 PM

Stepped Away 4 a Bit

THE MARKET IS DOWN...............800 POINTS

Me Home
Joining the Miami Herald Dolphin Blog

Ready To Start Fresh?

How Bout My Dansby & Marshall Dolphin FA
Pick Up Predictions

Now Get Your Shine Box! LOL



I just got my freak on like a crazed dawg humpin Joe Thiesmans busted up leg.

Thank heaven for little girls
for little girls get bigger every day!

Thank heaven for little girls
they grow up in the most delightful way!

Those little eyes so helpless and appealing
one day will flash and send you crashin' thru the ceilin'

Thank heaven for little girls
thank heaven for them all,
no matter where no matter who
for without them, what would little boys do?

Thank heaven... thank heaven...
Thank heaven for little girls!

Damn Greeks.

ThanX 4 the Market Update ALOCO
Have been following 4 20 years but
Thankfully No Money In There Now
Clearly This Was Going To Happen
This Market is Propped Up & Artificially Inflated
The World Economy Is Going to Get Much Worse
Martial Law Will Soon Be In Effect In Many Countries
The Euro Is At 14 Month Low
NJ PHIN FAN Hope Your property Is OK In NJ & TENN
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On The Ground In Only 48 Hours
Gotcha Bro!

Why would we want Owens? Turner, Hartline and Camarillio have D-coordinators sweating at night LOL. The front office should be fired for this "safe", backwards draft.

Dow at -389.38 now. Here is a greek joke. How do you seperate the men from the boys in Greece?...... With a crowbar.

NostraHomeUs Was Scary Right
On His Predictions of New World Order Doom
World Economy Collapse
Chemtrail Spraying & HAARP Triggering Earthquakes
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Miami Dolphin Predictions
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***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Euro down, dollar up.

Appreciate the Market Updates
CNBC Is Having Problem with Website
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Keep Em Coming

The World Is Going Into Turmoil My Friends
Thank God for Miami Dolphin Football

I can't imagine there has ever been that much fluctuation in one hour on the market.


Today it's Greece, Spain and Portugal are up next.

Sign him up and make him a TE!!!! He's big enough.... That would be a nightmare matchup for any defense. Just think of all the possibilities. Wow!!!!

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/05/owens-sets-off-dolfan-frenzy-with-tweet.html#ixzz0nBBYkn66

And people bash guys like ireland and parcells for asking the personal questions they do in interviews....THanks LT, hopefully ur dire situation now will start to shed more truth to the problems and the ignorance of others* Its more than just a business decision, its an investment in that person and any baggage they might bring with them!!!

I think we do need another WR to compliment Marshall. We need a true burner with great routes and hands.
TO ain't that guy.
Someone mentioned TO as a mentor for Marshall. That's ridiculous. All TO has ever cared about is TO. He's simply not mentoring material.
I think the the only Mentor Marshall needs is Chad Henne. Likewise the only mentor Henne needs is Marshall.

Just say NO to TO!

Agree Pistol
Add Italy to your list also

There also is a growing sense that any collapse of Greece could trigger a wave of defaults across Europe and even the world.

Imagine Greece bring down the World Economic Collapse
A Symphony of Destruction for the New World Order
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All Started In NJ PHIN FANS Home Country
while he stands back in his chemclouded flooded states of New World Order HAARP Weather Modified Disasters and says ....
"No Suh?!?"

Just Like Dansby & Marshall Signings
Home Will Help U Jersey
"No Suh" Will Not Cut It Anymore
Wake Up, Pal!
Home Will Help U Understand

God Bless

I agree,
Theres no amount of money i would want TO for, and i think thats why this guy is out of job still. Also he is about one person (HIMSELF),not a team player as we saw in buffalo last year. His talent doesn't come close to overshadowing his ego------NO THANKS***

Even with Marshall our wr's are below average. No explosive wr's who can get open and make big plays. T.O. even at 37 is leaps and bounds better than a very slow Hartline...Camirillo and Bess. There has to be more to the position than just catching the football for 5 and 6yd completions....(sure hands).

Just say no to T.O.

With T.O. in the fold, that would only make the younger recievers work harder to get playing time, and I think that would be a good thing. Everyone knows that T.O. has had his not so bright moments, but hell, we parden murders for worse things than he has done. That's history, and hopefully he has learned from his mistakes, and gets at least one more shot somewhere. "GO TO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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