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Owens sets off Dolfan frenzy with tweet

At 8:36 a.m. today, Terrell Owens tweeted the following:

"Miami bound..."

And about 10 seconds later I got a bunch of twitter followers asking if this meant Owens is going to sign with the Dolphins. From what I can see, many of Owens' own followers recognized the same possibility and asked him if he's coming to sign.

Ah, the Internet.

Anyway, I cannot confirm for you the specific reason Owens is coming to Miami. He has a place here, I know that. He often trains down here.

But I can confirm for you that T.O. is not coming to join the Dolphins, according to a club source. I think the Dolphins generally like their receiver corps now that Brandon Marshall is part of the group. And I do not see them currently adding anyone who is 36 years old and will be 37 during the season, regardless of whether he has gas in the tank or not.

Simply, I think the Dolphins don't need someone to take catches away from Marshall and Owens might either do that or be unhappy that he's not seeing enough passes his way.

Having said that, I do think Owens still can be a solid contributor for some team in the right situation.

But do I think he's "miami bound," to make the Dolphins that team and that situation?


[Update: Owens was asked by one of his followers if he meant he's headed for Miami or the team and he replied, "city." So that should be that.]


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And bring t.o to miami

I would hate for TO to come in and kill the chemistry of a 7-9 team.

People are stupid. I mean really. I just seen Andre Johnson and Reynaldo Hill this week in Miami, does that mean they are talking to the Dolphins? Chad Ocho-Cinco is here every off season, does that mean he is working a trade? Come on, its the friggin off season. They are all coming to Miami to hang out.

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Man, that was close! I'm so glad T.O. AIN'T COMING TO THE DOLPHINS!!! He does nothing but destroy locker-rooms, wherever he is at. Just look at the path of destruction behind him, everywhere he's been. THANKS, BUT NO THANKS!!!

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Even with Marshall our wr's are below average. No explosive wr's who can get open and make big plays. T.O. even at 37 is leaps and bounds better than a very slow Hartline...Camirillo and Bess. There has to be more to the position than just catching the football for 5 and 6yd completions....(sure hands).

Posted by: Stra8ball | May 06, 2010 at 03:51 PM

By Golly, somebody actually gets it! I have to laugh at the others that think the Fins are all set at receiver. Can you imagine Marshall and TO running down each sideline? Scary. But "we're all set" and "TO is a cancer." Blah Blah Blah!

Tvegas, Brian Hartline had a higher YPC than Owens or Marshall. Hartline is plenty good at work the deeper parts of the field.

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Interesting because I actually saw Terrell Owens shopping at Aventura Mall about a week ago. So naturally i thought maybe, just maybe he's here to talk to the Dolphins but in reality he can be here for a whole bunch of reasons.

But you never know.

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Tvegas, Brian Hartline had a higher YPC than Owens or Marshall. Hartline is plenty good at work the deeper parts of the field.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 06, 2010 at 05:08 PM

I challenge Hartline and TO to a footrace. I think TO would kill him. But I'm a Hartline fan. Just don't think it would hurt putting TO in the mix.

Hartline has WAY better hands than TO, check out the stats.

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So you are comparing a second year player to a HOF WR? TO's stats weren't even close to average in arguably the worst year of his career because he played for a lousy team. He still posted 55Rec 829yds 5TD's. But nobody wants him because he drops balls, he's high-maintenance etc.

I just don't get it. Don't you guys want to see Miami go to another Super Bowl? Get the best players on the field and that might happen


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ROTFLMAO @ The "NORSE" Warrior and Darryl.....

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