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Owens sets off Dolfan frenzy with tweet

At 8:36 a.m. today, Terrell Owens tweeted the following:

"Miami bound..."

And about 10 seconds later I got a bunch of twitter followers asking if this meant Owens is going to sign with the Dolphins. From what I can see, many of Owens' own followers recognized the same possibility and asked him if he's coming to sign.

Ah, the Internet.

Anyway, I cannot confirm for you the specific reason Owens is coming to Miami. He has a place here, I know that. He often trains down here.

But I can confirm for you that T.O. is not coming to join the Dolphins, according to a club source. I think the Dolphins generally like their receiver corps now that Brandon Marshall is part of the group. And I do not see them currently adding anyone who is 36 years old and will be 37 during the season, regardless of whether he has gas in the tank or not.

Simply, I think the Dolphins don't need someone to take catches away from Marshall and Owens might either do that or be unhappy that he's not seeing enough passes his way.

Having said that, I do think Owens still can be a solid contributor for some team in the right situation.

But do I think he's "miami bound," to make the Dolphins that team and that situation?


[Update: Owens was asked by one of his followers if he meant he's headed for Miami or the team and he replied, "city." So that should be that.]


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We all know NJ is reading this blog even if does not post as NJ. His mind is seething with hate and anger. It has to come out somehow. Roids will kill him.

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I don't mind all the goofin, it helps get through these slow newsdays.

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I hope the West Coast Phin Fans show up soon. What time is it in LA? About 8:30........


Who shot NJ?


White anglos like Dolphin Disciple, Boobyd12 and NJ. WOW what a lineup!!!! A power packed bunch....sounds like a KKK group if you ask me.

justin the creep faking aloco .

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justin is he a black or brown ?

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any chance moving carey to left guard and puting jerry at RT

i don't think ALoco is justin after reading some his not so straight post

I hope we sign T.O.....

With Ginn gone, who is going to drop the ball??

We need someone to drop the ball in key positions on this team....

Please FO sign T.O.....

justin the racist .

Haha, oh I get it...

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Yeah thats a good one...

for all you parents out there would you let your kids visit this blog? i usually have no problem letting my son participate in dolphin message boards on espn and stuff, but this blog is off limits to him after reading this crap

FAKE ALoco AT 11:46

why the herald allow that to go on ? they can block that .

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as the senior member of this blog I am calling a boycott to all the gay propositions on this board

Had to take a couple of shots to drop my IQ level closer to ALoco's level....

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Hey ALoco,

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You are very well versed mister. Did you, by any chance, attended Princeton and majored in letters? Oh, no, I must be mistaken. Your profound language is not corrupted; you must have attended Oxford then.

Hey guys...lots of young Phin fans check out these blogs...theres some really DISGUSTING stuff posted here sometimes...lets have a bit of respect eh?...were all Phin fans so cmon...clean it up....lets stick to football...

Which one of the new additions do you think will be 1st off the plank?

Id say the 5th rd corner bigalfy (not Jones, the otherr guy). Only considering draftees, not FAs.


Caroll has wheels....

Think he might contribute to the return game...

Also think he will compete for time at dime...

Bigalfy its hopeless. Btw Gerbil Wilson signed with the Bengals today.

Speaking of the draft....

Even though it worked out really well for us, I wonder why the Chargers traded up so high to take Mathews...

Thought he was projected to go in the lower half of the round,

My friend, who is a San Diego fan, was asking me this the other day, and we were trying to think of a team who would have selected him that high...

What do you guys think???

The Texans were thinking about drafting Matthews so San Diego traded up hope that helps

Pacman and Gerbil on the same team???

Wow, that's a killer secondary.....

I thought the Texans were talking about trading up to get Thomas...

Might of drank a little to much the first night of the draft, and tonight, but I think 12 was a big jump for them. Houston didn't pick until 20.....

True it was way to high.Matthews and Thomas were targeted by the Texans.Oh well I'm glad they traded up with us...

Parcells doesn't want TO, The doofins are a work in progress and aren't going anywhere, probably 2-14.
TO made a bad mistake going to a team with a lousy quarterback.
Henne is another lousy QB, Now the JETS with Sanchez he could score a few.


I am also glad it went down like it did...

The AFC West has helped us out alot this offseason, between the Marshall trade, and the trade down with San Diego....

Overall, I think we have had a great offseason so far....

Phin up....

Jet Fan...welcome to our board..!!...before I ask you anything can I remind you that we SWEPT you last year....ok...now

Who has a greater TD to INT %......yes Sancheese...I dont think he will do well this next season...he has knee issues...MAJOR knee issues and he will be targetted...not at the knees but his whole body....he is physically soft....your in a bit of trouble my friend...lol

I'd like to say I'm happy to post on a forum with Intelligent writers and fans who's avatars are not women like the sentinal has a bunch of transvestites or something similiar.
The other thing is Omar and the other twit caterer to a bunch boring doofin fans called "the Mob". Those losers can have fun babbling boring nonsense to one another.
Thier forum is dwindling and nobody wants to even post there.
The Herald is the place to be. Burp!

Ha ha...intelligent writers...Mando is excellent but i must admist some of our bloggers sometimes get a bit unruly and insulting....but I guess its because we are hungry for news and therefore get frustrated waiting...theyre all really smart dudes tho and really know their football.....

I dont understand some of the draft moves you guys are doing...is Kevin Mawae not on your roster any more??...Was he not a probowler last year??...

Welcome YetFan even though you're a putrid Yet fan you seemed to be one of the better posters on SS

@true I didn't even realise both of those trade came from the AFC West lol


Mandi please update and clean this blog

AFC West is crappiest division in football. Raiders Chargers Broncos Chiefs all stink. Also Raiders released lazy fat Jamarcus Russell today... Biggest bust in NFL history.

1yr, just one year and let him play,don't care about the past T.O years.Said it before and say it again.....SIGN T.O.For one year he would make this team better.It's year two that you don't want him.

hey thunderbolt,

any chance we sign Fat jamarcus russel to a phat contract and release henne???......*lol*

go after T.O., why not, he won't carry a huge contract.

It looks like I didn't miss too much on here tonight.

lol,beerndrums just the in fighting and posers,nothing new here.

But HOT ASHLEY could be HOT ANDY and these guy's are falling for it.LMAO.I will Stay tuned for this drama.

Parcell's would rather have B.O than T.O.

I don't care about TO.

However, for fans saying he may take catches away from Hartline or Bess crack me up.

Hartline or Bess? Our receiving corps in general prior to Marshall's arrival?

How about this...We could have found top notch D2 receivers to match what we had so stop with the Hartline and Bess comments because those to are a dime a dozen. I don't mean character wise but as players...

You will rue your denigration of Bess..........which, if you are a Fin Fan, will make you glad in the Long Run. Bess ain't a dime-a-dozen; he's a budding diamond-in-the-rough who's about to blow-up!

Hartline has lotsa potential too, though your point is more defensible as to him ---AS THE RECORD NOW STANDS. Let's hope it changes (he's only just going into sophomore year,remember!)

Steelers should sign him.

Agree Seer

Dear Mr. Salguero

I will be the first to admit that not all of my posts are about Dolphin football....ok that most of my posts are not about Dolphin football...ok 99 percent of my posts are not about Dolphin football but I am a Dolphin football fan just the same.

It truely saddens my heart to see some of the raw language posted here knowing that there are Dolphin Youngins, Childrens and babys that see the venom and hate exchanged between some posters.

Have you ever been driving down the street and see a police car ? Whats the first thing you do? You check to make sure your doing the speed limit even though you my be a good legal driver.

How about leaving a police car in the blog at night...it wont stop all the hate...but most posters would check to make sure there doing the legal speed limit.

Do it for the kids

Soiled :)


What are you doing on that damn computer so early in the morning?

Put on some clothes, dump out that beer and make me some coffee!

Did you ever write to Mr. Salguero like I told you too?


You have to do something about the sexually explicit posts that appear hear.
I've been on alot of blogs and most of them are like watching paint dry.
The insightful posters, the heated exchanges and your informative articles make this blog rock.
I thought me and Geronimo we're crazy but you have a real nut job being way to graphic.

Please do something. Ban the guy for being perverted. After he was banned from the Sentinal things started to get out of hand here real quick. You already know who he is.

You might be getting "hits" from this guy, but you're loosing a lot of good, intelligent posters.

Would it help if we start a petition....AGAIN?

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