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Owens sets off Dolfan frenzy with tweet

At 8:36 a.m. today, Terrell Owens tweeted the following:

"Miami bound..."

And about 10 seconds later I got a bunch of twitter followers asking if this meant Owens is going to sign with the Dolphins. From what I can see, many of Owens' own followers recognized the same possibility and asked him if he's coming to sign.

Ah, the Internet.

Anyway, I cannot confirm for you the specific reason Owens is coming to Miami. He has a place here, I know that. He often trains down here.

But I can confirm for you that T.O. is not coming to join the Dolphins, according to a club source. I think the Dolphins generally like their receiver corps now that Brandon Marshall is part of the group. And I do not see them currently adding anyone who is 36 years old and will be 37 during the season, regardless of whether he has gas in the tank or not.

Simply, I think the Dolphins don't need someone to take catches away from Marshall and Owens might either do that or be unhappy that he's not seeing enough passes his way.

Having said that, I do think Owens still can be a solid contributor for some team in the right situation.

But do I think he's "miami bound," to make the Dolphins that team and that situation?


[Update: Owens was asked by one of his followers if he meant he's headed for Miami or the team and he replied, "city." So that should be that.]


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Thank you for the post @12:50. You are right, We have started to eat our own.

The filthy responses that come out of the mouths of boobd12 and NJ can be verified here. I believe mando is way too busy comb through mountains of posts to verify this. Home you and I can respond to these bullies without having to use foul/insulting laguage. I may be guilty of calling them a fool/bozo/idiot once in awhile.

Posted by: espanta pajaro | May 07, 2010 at 12:36 PM

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I posted about nj and booby last night.

lol @ soiled. funny post @ 12:50. I'm sure if all of us fans we're sharing some beers and watching our Dolphins rule on sunday afternoons I'm sure we'd all be acting like best friends. respect your fellow dolfan.


Ok, Mando "might" be way too busy, or he "might" be on vacation, but either way this week's blogs have been slim pickins. So, Mando, here's a list of topics you could try to uncover and blog about (if you're having a bout of writer's block):

- Chad Henne's progression with Brandon Marshall (are they practicing together, getting on the same page, a la Peyton Manning and his WR's, putting in reps maybe with the other WR's -- Hartline, Bess and Camarillo)

- DC Nolan (has he fleshed out his defensive philosophy with this team yet, gotten Crowder and Dansby on the same page, does he like any of the FS on the team, is Starks' picking up the NT fundamentals)

- Offensive Line (so it Thomas getting 1st team starts at right guard or Ritchie Incognito, is the team happy with Jake Grove, is he completely healthy, will pass protection be highlighted more in camp with the addition of Marshall)

- RBs (when will Ronnie be healthy, in the meantime is Ricky #1 or Cobbs or Hilliard, along those lines is Cobbs completely healthy (and if not when will he be), has the team left the door open to trading Ronnie, will the Wildcat continue to play a role in this offense)

QBs (What's the depth chart -- who is 2 and who is 4, what's Pat White's role going to be this year, will Henne be wearing any protective covering over his eyes or is that situation all clear, has Henne worked on those 5 yard out passes to Lou Polite)

CBs (did last year's rookies, Vontae and Sean both participate in the voluntary OTAs, have they gotten stronger over the off-season, do they still both have a good attitude and are they maintaining a healthy lifestyle, where is Will Allen as far as his injury, could he see safety or is that not in the cards)

We've discussed the DBs, LBs and WRs a lot so that's why I didn't add anything about them.

But this is a lot of info you could be investigating Mando. Let us know what you find out!


i used to work for target and T.O. was in the store shopping. does that mean he was talking with the phins? NO.....and that was way back in 2005.


Maybe Owens can carry brandon's jockstrap around for him!

that doesnt mean anything he said it because he lives here in miami. He lives in sunny isles at trump palace that's the only reason he tweeted miami bound

TO can't even do that!

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