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Quickie notes from morning minicamp practice

The Miami Dolphins just finished their first minicamp practice.

The housekeeping first: Restricted free agents Ronnie Brown and Anthony Fasano were present although they have not signed their tender. Brown, by the way, said he would eventually sign the tender. He also said he has not been offered a long-term contract by the Dolphins.

Patrick Turner, Brandon Marshall (hip), Lionel Dotson, Nate Garner (foot/toe), and Jason Ferguson (quad) were not practicing as they are all continuing to treat injuries. The new one of those is Dotson, who did participate in OTAs but sat out this morning. It is still unclear what injury exactly Turner is nursing.

Inside linebacker Channing Crowder, who missed the last OTA session as he continues to recover from foot surgery, was on the field today. Good news there.

Phillip Merling, who was arrested for aggravated domestic battery Wednesday, was at practice today but did not speak with any reporters today.

Now the more interesting (to me) news: Rookie Koa Misi worked with the first-team defense today. He was at the weakside outside linebacker spot. It was interesting to see Misi match up with Jake Long on one play during team drills. Um, Long won the battle blocking him one-on-one.

Left guard John Jerry, a third-round pick, also worked with the first-team offensive line this practice.

It was a good practice for Chris Clemons in that he came up with an interception of Chad Henne on a pass intended for John Nalbone but somewhat overthrown.

It was not a great practice for Nalbone. He dropped at least one pass that I though aside from not really making a great effort for the Henne pass that was picked off.

Second-team quarterback Tyler Thigpen was erratic. He overthrew a potential TD in the back corner of the end zone and was also late on the throw. But he followed that with a nice TD pass to Fasano.

By the way, Sean Smith spent a good bit of time talking about his offseason and so forth. The topic of his ZERO interceptions last year came up. Smith is apparently confident that number will change:

"I guarantee it will not be that number this year," Smith said. "That's for sure."

Finally, want to give some props to reserve running back Kory Sheets. He's locked in a tough battle for a roster spot. But in this practice he looked very quick and decisive in his runs.

[Check back as Tony Sparano will speak at 1:45 and I will update as necessary.]


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You have to expect a big year from Fasano. He will be a free agent next year, so there is about $20 million dollars at stake for him this year. Gotta love guys in their contract years.

I think Tyrone Culver should be playing free safety. Doesnt he have more football smarts than Clemons or Jones? If you know where to line up at free safety, you can get by on average NFL athleticism, which Culver surely has. Guys like Darren Sharper, Sammy Knight, Rodney Harrison were not athletic freaks, but knew where to line up/knew the correct depth to take.

Can Henne throw a touch pass yet? Anyone?

fourth and Fifth?

Nice 2 hear that we do have someone in mind for fs

I hope Chris Clemons works out. I always thought he was pretty good at Clemson. He is fast and has big play potential.

The more I think about it, the more I see at least 3 rookies starting for us this year in Odrick, Misi, and Jerry. And, honestly, I wouldnt be surprised to see a 4th in Reshad Jones end up starting by week 4, but not at FS. I am a big Bell fan, but I just can't shake the feeling that he is going to end up injured at some point this year. Hope I'm wrong though.

All That Pounding on the Table
To Fire teddy bear &

Sign ProBowl TD Scoring WR BranGetterdon Marshall
Is Already Paying Dolphin Dividends

Seems BranGetterdon Is Fired Up Today
Mentoring & Coaching All The #2 & #3 Dolphin WRs

The High Dolphin WR Energy Is In The Air At
Todays Miami Dolphin OTAs

Lets Not Be Too Quick To Discount Chris Clemons

Clemons Showed Ball Hawk and Thunder Crashing
Tackling Abilities In Dolphin camp 2009 & Preseason

Clemons Tightened Up A Bit In The Steelers Game
and Displayed Some Rookie Jitters

Clemons Is Back To Ball Hawking & Read The Play Well
Picking Of Chad Henne to
Soon To Be Let Go Nalbone from NJ

Keep the Faith for Clemons
We Need Chris To Step Up
Esp w/Reshad Jones coming out today with knee wrapped

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All that pounding on the table

All the tin foil hats being made

All the HAARP rays being deflected

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Nalboner is a goner.

I THNIK the Fins hould make a run at Otagwe....

yea everyone says we have clemons culver and big 'Shad jones but Otagwe is much better (PROVEN) than all of them at this point i liked Otagwe better than Ryan Clark...i feel Clark was helped greatly by troy palamalu being on the same field as him....

also Y. Bell isnt getting younger allthough heis a great SS we can have 'Shad Jones groomed as his replacement and our seconday would be great for years to come (DAVIS, SMITH, OTAGWE, JONES)


Omar Kelly Reports

"However, I will tell you quarterback Tyler Thigpen looked sharp. He didn’t throw a lot of check down passes, which irk me to death. He threw a touchdown pass during his first snap of 7-on-7 in the redzone"

Armando Salguero Reports
"Second-team quarterback Tyler Thigpen was erratic. He overthrew a potential TD in the back corner of the end zone and was also late on the throw. But he followed that with a nice TD pass to Fasano."

What gives????

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Home, how do u know its NJ?

13:59 Posting

Home shows what a real moron he is

Home bozo alert


Two apparent new injuries today at the Miami Dolphin OTAs
No Deaths

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how does Ricky Williams look? Is he still the best player on the field in terms of practice? Does he look bigger than last year or comparable to 2002 ?

Waterboy, crazy how two people can see two totally different things.

Homey da Clown at 2:06

Sits in basement all day and claims he works

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No one knows



Wish HOmey was a Gulf Coast fish and drown in oil


Twenty First

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said CB Sean Smith has gained significantly more muscle mass, and as a result he's seeing "a lot more burst"

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said CB Sean Smith has gained significantly more muscle mass, and as a result he's seeing "a lot more burst"


Go with Armando on Thigpen
Thigpen always has shades of flash
and then the let down Ints

Thigpen should be traded for a 4th
As Penny could be a 2 year back up for
Franchise QB Henne

Token Reporter Omar Kool Aid Kelly also said yesterday
sean smith will gain weight(LMAO) and
become a safety or ...wait for It ....
....... LB (ROTFALMAO)

sean smith a LB !

Put down the Ridiculous Man Crush & Crack Pipe, Omar!

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Hmmmm The Miami Herald says Koa Misi was working with the first team as weakside OLB and the Sun Sentinel says he was with the first team as strongside OLB...

Who do we believe???

it would be tragedy is reshad jones doesn't play FS for us. you never talk about him. where was he? what team did he practice with? how did he look?

Why does this clown home try to speak like hes writing poetry. Dude get a life you offer nothing to his blob but dumb opinions. Im boning your mom by the way since I KNOW you dont have a gf...

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said CB Sean Smith has gained significantly more muscle mass, and as a result he's seeing "a lot more burst" 25 minutes ago...

Suppose to say sean smith is "a lot more of a bust" than we anticipated
Like being out of position the Entire first Atlanta Game and Dolphins Lost
or the 49 yd Air Completion from Rivers at San Diego sean whiffed as ball went threw his hands
and Dolphins Lost
or Big Bens Longest Completion of the Year
Over sean in game 16 and Dolphins Lost
or #3 WR for the Patriots Aiken schooling sean all day and Bradys Longest 81 YD Completion to Aiken who caught the ball over sean as his
Lifeless Crumpled Body Fell To The Ground Trying To Make A Pick
Aiken Caught The Ball and Ran Over The Lifeless Tumbleweed and in for the TD

Thats the Bust
O Int sean
The Wanna Be Arm Tackler

Home you are way off base on your assessment of Sean Smith. He has great cover skills... He started 16 games as a rookie because he earned his spot... You didn't hear his name much during the game because he wasn't thrown at due to his excellent coverage skills that have drawn praise from QB's like Brees and Manning...

Of course he also made some mistakes during the season, he is a rookie... IMO he did as well as most vets and I am excited to see both young CB's develop

"as his Lifeless Crumpled Body Fell To The Ground"... oh how we wish the same fate for you Home. Go get a job please. Spare us the stupid third person nonsense.

One hundred and twenty fourth!
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Not Buying the BS
Most QBs threw against out TEs
Cus It was so easy

U R Entitled to your opinion
Watched The Play of This Poser
He Sucks

Just gave U 3 Examples of His Piss Poor Performance of the top of my head

Explain Them!

There were a ton of holes for Opposing QBs to go after
Dont credit a player on default

Go back watch the CB play of sean if U have Video
Home has
75 % of the time
This Poser Is Laughable

Not Buying The BS
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Got The library of Games right here
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C`mon Man!

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I find it funny that Sean Smith is a bust, yet he earned the starting role right out of the gate, and despite playing so obviously terribly, he started every single game. Hmmm, I wonder why. Yes his tackling is at best god awful, and the next time he lays a big hit will be the first. So given that, it only stands to reason he does something well, or he wouldn't be starting. Which leaves cover skills. Drew Brees said after the game Smith had the best coverage he had seen all year. The same rookie mistakes Smith made, Davis made. I do think Davis is going to be elite, and I only think Smith will be a very good starter. That, however is not being a bust.

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Sean Smith played well last year

He will continue to impress and contain

Home doesn't understand what u all are seeing

Home know Smith The Man


Home shows his utter stupidity AGAIN at 2:58

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What Is Goofy sean suppose to be
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Homey D. Clown

To all Dolphin fans you hear it first here. Miami Dolphin will win the superbowl in 2010 and here's why: Firstly, (please watch NYJ v Dolphin 10.12. 09 MNF).... here is the facts..4 Quarter. ...3&2....10 second left in the game and Ronnie Brown ran right up the middle on the # 1 Defense in the word to win the game 31-27. And to add to the agony o
defeat we beat them a second time in less than three weeks. Ouch! Secondly, for the first 3 quarters of the COLTS and Saint we Wupp their butts and lost those games. We held the ball for 45minutes against the Colts and 38 minutes against the saints. Just think about thia for a mimute. These two teams were in the superbowl and we pound on them. think about this too. We had the hardest schedule in 2009. Superbowl champ in 2010. You hear it first here.

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For the benefit of our BloggerHood, is there a way to limit the # of posts by the hour???

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Can we do this Armando? What do you guys think?

I am pulling for Cory Sheets. He has that break away speed that can make this run attack even more dangerous

If Sheets can return kicks, he will make the team

Fake Home 3:03. Armando needs to fix this


Pathalogical Liar & mommy squatter Fish Fraid NJ Even Knows Home Believes sean is a Poser

and Home Is Right

Lets see, I agree that Sean Smith is a softie, but he beat out

Nate Jones
Jason Allen
The guy who raped a dude...Green?

So he was doing something right.

Going up against Jake should be good practice for Misi. He's not going to go up against anyone tougher than Jake.

Remember last year when Sean Smith had a couple of the picks in the pre-season and told the fans to "get used to the interceptions." Doh.

I hope Pat White beats out Thigpen. Thigpen's just another NFL drifter. Pat White hasn't shown much, but he hasn't gotten many opportunities. He's at least got the chance to special.

Pat White has noodle arm syndrome contracted from Pennington. A shame...

Fake Home at 3:10

Sean Smith the best CB we have had in long time

He teach Vonte how to play and make him look better

Home knows

Home agrees with mikejohnson

Thigpen soft arm, soft body

Pat White number two

Throw Thigpen out with trash


Nice debate bootang25

Excuse the Imposter Moron
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Anyhoo We had No choice but to start one of the Rooks
Clearly Vontae IS WAY BETTER

bootang25 U Need To Break the Matrix
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Remember when Henning & Sparano said
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I am not a huge fan of Sean Smith, and in my opinion he is more of a 'boundary corner' which is one of the main reasons he was starting. Being as long and lean as he is, it is natural to struggle to turn and run, and he does not have great change of direction skills, also because of his size. For this reason he can't really be effective in the slot, and Wes Welker for example would be open EVERY single time. In fairness, Welker does that to a lot of guys, but Smith can not line up in the slot no matter who he is lined up against.

No matter who the other starter is, Davis (hopefully) or W Allen, people will react as if Smith won one job, when it is my belief he has to have the sideline to his aid to be effective. His lack of INT numbers may mean he doesn't have the best hands (his one-hander in the preseason was nice) he may not be thrown out a whole lot, or did a good enough job to ensure the ball was not complete.

There is a reason why he fell to the late 2nd round, and given the premium on elite CBs, that should tell you something right there. All of this that I have told you still doesn't make him a bust, it just means people who think, or thought, he was going to be elite were wrong. He will be a solid starter, who brings the same thing every Sunday. Any big time plays he makes, consider it a bonus.

Bootang25, your right, I am wrong

Thank you for your accurate and fair analysis
This makes me look at Smith in a different light

Smith will probaly become a very good CB given the right situation


Sean Smith has good hands... He was a WR when he first got to Utah and had lots of Ints in college after he switched to CB... you brought up that preseason int... I think it was an anomaly that he didn't have any last year and that will change in 2010...

P.S. Will Allen practicing as starting nickel cb

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