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Quickie notes from morning minicamp practice

The Miami Dolphins just finished their first minicamp practice.

The housekeeping first: Restricted free agents Ronnie Brown and Anthony Fasano were present although they have not signed their tender. Brown, by the way, said he would eventually sign the tender. He also said he has not been offered a long-term contract by the Dolphins.

Patrick Turner, Brandon Marshall (hip), Lionel Dotson, Nate Garner (foot/toe), and Jason Ferguson (quad) were not practicing as they are all continuing to treat injuries. The new one of those is Dotson, who did participate in OTAs but sat out this morning. It is still unclear what injury exactly Turner is nursing.

Inside linebacker Channing Crowder, who missed the last OTA session as he continues to recover from foot surgery, was on the field today. Good news there.

Phillip Merling, who was arrested for aggravated domestic battery Wednesday, was at practice today but did not speak with any reporters today.

Now the more interesting (to me) news: Rookie Koa Misi worked with the first-team defense today. He was at the weakside outside linebacker spot. It was interesting to see Misi match up with Jake Long on one play during team drills. Um, Long won the battle blocking him one-on-one.

Left guard John Jerry, a third-round pick, also worked with the first-team offensive line this practice.

It was a good practice for Chris Clemons in that he came up with an interception of Chad Henne on a pass intended for John Nalbone but somewhat overthrown.

It was not a great practice for Nalbone. He dropped at least one pass that I though aside from not really making a great effort for the Henne pass that was picked off.

Second-team quarterback Tyler Thigpen was erratic. He overthrew a potential TD in the back corner of the end zone and was also late on the throw. But he followed that with a nice TD pass to Fasano.

By the way, Sean Smith spent a good bit of time talking about his offseason and so forth. The topic of his ZERO interceptions last year came up. Smith is apparently confident that number will change:

"I guarantee it will not be that number this year," Smith said. "That's for sure."

Finally, want to give some props to reserve running back Kory Sheets. He's locked in a tough battle for a roster spot. But in this practice he looked very quick and decisive in his runs.

[Check back as Tony Sparano will speak at 1:45 and I will update as necessary.]


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any indications if our base offense will feature the wildcat?
if pat white cannot throw the ball with any accuracy...cut em' and move on.

Carlito was parasailing while writing his last post, amazing and talented poser



I don't post to be right, or to prove anyone is wrong or dumb or anything. I try and offer a point of view maybe not looked at. I don't think Smith will ever be anything more than a solid starter. I believe people's disdain toward him stems from him getting tremendous hype, and the preseason INT also raised expectations. Once people accept what he is, they will be happy with him.

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sean Told the Palm Beach Post reporter last year
" I Lost The Ball In the Light, Stuck My Hand Up
and the Ball Landed in my Glove"
That Is A True Quote from the PBP
Look It Up in the Archives

sean Obviously Does Not Have Good Hands

He Whiffed On Every Freaking Ints!
Where Do U Get Your Info
He Has Good Hands?

Was It A Dream U Had?
Name One Freaking Play All Season He Had Good Hands!

U People Live In A Fantasy World

Name One Play!

U Take The Bait Every Time!

If Those 0 Ints Hands R Good
What R Bad Hands? LMAO

Stick To the Facts
Stop Kissing Up
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sean sucks

Laughing at Goofy sean
Homey D.Clown

Smith and Will Allen will be starting at corners for the Dolphins in September. Vontae Davis will be playing nickel corner in the slot. He also might get a look at free safety is Clemons, Culver, or Jones fail to impress.

It looks like we're freeing up some salary for a possible run at Otagwe also. Torbor and his $3 million salary just got cut. If your name is Jason Allen, you can start packing your bags also. Pat White better learn how to catch punts and kickoffs in a hurry or he's probably getting cut too. Imagine if we'd used that high second round pick (number 40)on a pass rusher or nose tackle like we should have done.

The only way Pat White makes the team is if another QB in the league gets hurt and we can trade Pennington for a 2nd or 3rd round pick to compensate for the 2nd rounder we gave up for Marshall.

On another note our O Line is going to mash some people this year. Lets just hope our 24th ranked pass defense improves enough to hold some leads.

Home its a fact that Sean Smith played wr his first year in college and it is a fact that he had 9 int's in the 2 following years as CB... I am not saying he is deon sanders or anything, but he is a young quality qb...you are being completely ridiculous, but what else is new?

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A lot of player have great college stories
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Ask Pat White
and Tebow was one of the Best
but still has to prove himself

So talking Ints in college means nothing
Fact is Many Attempts for sean right in his hands
0 Ints

So why make up fairy tales and reach back to what he did in college

Dont see anyone
Reaching for Vontaes Stats In College

Vontae Is An NFL CB!

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Yeah and Sean Smith clearly and fairly beat Vontae in training camp last year

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I gave you a ton of insight into my opinion of Sean Smith. We all AGREE he is bad at tackling. But I am asking you to be specific in what you didn't like about Sean Smith coverage-wise? Any well trained monkey can google his 2009 stats and see he had 0 INTs. I'd like to hear your opinion.

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so the trifecta made a mistake, starting Smith.
They are not perfect. smith will see the pine this season after a losing season and being exposed.

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Can somebody please tell me how many INTs Sean Smith had last year?


sean.s had 4 interceptions monkey .

Thanks, I tried googling it but I'm no brain surgeon.

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Sean sucks, his hips and feet are constantly out of position.
Sean often has his back to the ball as he gets turned around easily, and can never get his head back around.

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Guys you have to take, Payton and Bress world over our own poster, Smith is a COVER conner you can not get the ball to the receiver on his side, thats what the number show percentages of attempts to his side..., thats why the QB go to the other side most of the time, if he was as bad as our poster said, guys like Bress and Maning will had a filed day agains him....yes he is not good at the slot and tackling, but then agin he is a cornerback not a Safety or Linebacker... he simply shut downs the outside on one side of the field.......


Come on Home, answer simple question, why are you banned from posting at Sun-Sentinel? You and only you, no one else

how you explan that smith had a better completions against percentage thin davis home?

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Still no answer to why his completion against percentage is better than Davis if he sucks so bad...

Still no answer to why teams threw to his side less even though he usually covered the #1...

Just useless rhetoric. No real substance. Only a couple of specific plays which just shows he can be beat. Revis got beat by Ginn. Does Revis suck? You are retarded Home.


Still no answer as to why he started 16 games as a rookie.

Still no answer to why he is praised by his opponents.

Still no answer to why Brees called him the toughest cover he'd faced all year. Oh wait, you answered that one. It is a Brees conspiracy to lull us into a false sense of security for when we play them again in 3 years.

Nothing but rhetoric and usless toxic mouth running.

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Everyone yes it's true Sean smith had 0 interceptions last year. The reason is it's his fault(duh rite?). His mistake is covering too tight he rarely gives WR a chance to breathe thus not giving the QB a legitimate shot at tossing the ball to them. If you YouTube any great DB they give a little cushion giving the illusion the WR is open then jump for the kill once its in the air. Sean smith will get his chance to be great he could have been afraid of the talk of NFL speed but his coaches,will allen and a few restless nights of videotapes will show him and Vontae that it's all about technique speed is all up to the last line of defense and Clemons and/or Jones has that except Jones will crack your helmet loose

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