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Quickie notes from morning minicamp practice

The Miami Dolphins just finished their first minicamp practice.

The housekeeping first: Restricted free agents Ronnie Brown and Anthony Fasano were present although they have not signed their tender. Brown, by the way, said he would eventually sign the tender. He also said he has not been offered a long-term contract by the Dolphins.

Patrick Turner, Brandon Marshall (hip), Lionel Dotson, Nate Garner (foot/toe), and Jason Ferguson (quad) were not practicing as they are all continuing to treat injuries. The new one of those is Dotson, who did participate in OTAs but sat out this morning. It is still unclear what injury exactly Turner is nursing.

Inside linebacker Channing Crowder, who missed the last OTA session as he continues to recover from foot surgery, was on the field today. Good news there.

Phillip Merling, who was arrested for aggravated domestic battery Wednesday, was at practice today but did not speak with any reporters today.

Now the more interesting (to me) news: Rookie Koa Misi worked with the first-team defense today. He was at the weakside outside linebacker spot. It was interesting to see Misi match up with Jake Long on one play during team drills. Um, Long won the battle blocking him one-on-one.

Left guard John Jerry, a third-round pick, also worked with the first-team offensive line this practice.

It was a good practice for Chris Clemons in that he came up with an interception of Chad Henne on a pass intended for John Nalbone but somewhat overthrown.

It was not a great practice for Nalbone. He dropped at least one pass that I though aside from not really making a great effort for the Henne pass that was picked off.

Second-team quarterback Tyler Thigpen was erratic. He overthrew a potential TD in the back corner of the end zone and was also late on the throw. But he followed that with a nice TD pass to Fasano.

By the way, Sean Smith spent a good bit of time talking about his offseason and so forth. The topic of his ZERO interceptions last year came up. Smith is apparently confident that number will change:

"I guarantee it will not be that number this year," Smith said. "That's for sure."

Finally, want to give some props to reserve running back Kory Sheets. He's locked in a tough battle for a roster spot. But in this practice he looked very quick and decisive in his runs.

[Check back as Tony Sparano will speak at 1:45 and I will update as necessary.]


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You gotta wonder about a franchise's front office that resigns players who can't complete a single season without getting injured. I guess we learned nothing from Justin Smiley.

We're never winning another Super Bowl.

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