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Quickie OTA notes and observations

Here are my quickie reactions to today's OTA practice.

The injured first: Patrick Turner, Brandon Marshall, Jason Ferguson, Channing Crowder, and Reggie Torbor were not in practice. Ronnie Brown and Will Allen, both out much of 2009 with injuries, worked but are clearly not 100 percent. Marshall declined to say what injury he is nursing.

Ferguson, who will serve an eight-game suspension for testing positive for PEDs, said he tested positive because he was taking a diuretic and blood pressure pill, "to make weight."

"It's my fault being lazy and not checking the list," Ferguson said. "I didn't know it was on there. They know it was no steriod."

The number: Marshall wore No. 19 today. But don't go out and buy your No. 19 Brandon Marshall jersey just yet and definitely do not rip the G-I-N-N off the No. 19 jersey you already bought. Marshall said he will have his real number "by camp."

It was jarring to me that Quentin Moses was working first-team strongside outside linebacker. Charlie Anderson was the other first-teamer at weakside. =The second team was, interestingly, manned by the players who most fans and media hope and expect will actually be on the field because they seem more explosive -- Cameron Wake and second-round pick Koa Misi.

Anderson, by the way, said he worked at both weak and strong side today.

Wake told me he's not concerned about not being first-team right now.

There is clearly a battle brewing at center. Joe Berger, who played very well at the end of 2009, took first-team snaps ahead of Jake Grove, who worked with the second-team.Donald Thomas, who was exclusively a right guard the last couple of years, worked with the first team at left guard today. He was first team at LG while Richie Incognito worked with the first-team at RG. The starting line left to right was Jake Long, Thomas, Berger, Richie Incognito and Vernon Carey.

Brown looks strong and healthy. He said he has not signed his restricted free agent tender but obviously will do so eventually. "I haven't signed but I pretty much have," he said with a shrug.

Clearly a new long-term contract is not imminent.

Allen, by the way, is working exclusively at cornerback at this stage and doesn't seem to have any desire to move. "People saying we have a vacancy at safety because they have nothing else to talk about," he said. "To me there's no vacancy. I saw someone out there today. We have someone there."

The man working at first-team free safety was Chris Clemons.

The second-team corners today were Jason Allen and Evan Oglesby.

With Crowder sitting out today's work, newly acquired Tim Dobbins took the first team snaps at inside linebacker alongside Karlos Dansby.

Obviously, there will be a competition for the starting right defensive end job. But for today, and I stress, today, the first-teamer was Phillip Merling. Rookie Jared Odrick worked with the second team.

One final thought: This is only an OTA. It is only May. Training camp is two months away. But Patrick Turner not being on the field is a bad sign for a player who was unable to make enough progress to get any snaps from scrimmage on offense in a game last year.


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Is it September yet?

Mando, where's Wake? - hee hee

If Moses and Anderson are first teamers WE ARE DOOMED!

Don't put too much stock in who is 1st team right now. Randy Starks was 2nd team DE right up through training camp last year then turned out to be our best d lineman.

Chill Marc, it's early.

Moses has produced when he's gotten snaps. I am considerably less jarred by this.

hmmm... I am going to refrain from commenting on browns RFA tender because i really think he should be resigned to a longer term deal...

Yeah, I'm sure (hope) they are just giving them the chance to see if they are worth a hoot...Last chance deal...

Moderator - if Brown can produce and stay healthy - he will get paid. Mind you, it would be more costly today than it will be if he has a big year. But it ain't my money!!!

"Marshall declined to say what injury he is nursing" and here the diva begins...

Good point Marc. They will have to cut linebackers from this roster. He is getting expensive. have to see what they have there.

Oh no...... Wake and Missi arent starters today, I mean in the first OTA... Lets call this draft a bust.

How about an update on TE position??
Was Nalboner on the second or 3rd team?

Glad to see Clam Chowder not on the 1st team

Even if Wake isn't the starter, that doesn't bother me all that much. It just means he is our primary situational pass rusher. I've never thought he was very comfortable playing in space, from what I've seen. Who is playing with what unit isn't very relevant now, though I do find it interesting Joe Berger is taking snaps with the first team. Again, a lot of this speaks to the depth we have across the board.

Torbor will hopefully be cut. Too much money for a backup.

Marshall has an ingrown toenail.

Mark in Toronto, better off waiting, sign him now and he gets injured or reinjured, waste of money since he probaly wants big signing bonus...Plus see what kind of RB Hilliard will be first IMO

Agreed Bootang. Just like every year - the best players will play. However, this is the deepest roster we've had since the late Jimmy Johnson years.

You wrote: Quentin Moses was working first-team strongside outside linebacker. Charlie Anderson was the other first-teamer at weakside.

Omar Kelly wrote: Charlie Anderson spent the early portion of Wednesday's morning practice working as the starting strongside linebacker.

Can you clarify, please?

How dare you mention Kooky on this blog?

Please provide Depth Chart at TE...


The Ronnie Brown situation is very simple. Everything a RB could ask for to succeed is in place for Ronnie. A QB who can challenge all levels of the defense, a great guy to split carries with and stay fresh, a true number one WR to help prevent facing 8 man fronts all the time, and a top 5 offensive line. Put up or shut up, that's what it comes down to with Ronnie Brown this year. Huge year=contract. Injury or disappointing year=playing somewhere else next year.

whats wrong with kooky?

I agree with your approach too Bobby. Ronnie has been ok but certainly not a superstar. He's never come even close to being the kind of back for even one season that Ricky was in the early part of this decade. he's still more potential than assured production. But at 29 - you have to start running out of patience with the potential.

It has been determined that NJ PHIN FAN
is the Troll Imposter ruining the blog


OK - in the first paragraph you say Brown is clearly not 100%. Then, in the sixth paragraph you say Brown looks strong and healthy. Which one is it? Does he look not 100%, or does he look strong and healthy?


Brandon Marshall at 12:45 and Coach Sprano at 1:00 at http://pwr.com/2JN

It's only the 1st OTA guys don't stress it they are probably just trying things out and preventing injuries.

It doesn't matter who is first team or second team. It's the first camp for shts sake.

Moderator - Did you forget it is against the team policy for players to discuss their injuries to the media.. You appear to be the only Diva here. Marshall is playing the company line and doing it well - as he should be!

Maybe the selection of the first and second teams are made upon seniority and who are attended more to the falicities and working hard this offseason so far.

I thought it was illegal to tweet from Dolphin camp. Armando better watch out he doesn't end up with bamboo shoots under the nails or something.

Chris Clemons got every rep at free safety today with Jones backing him up...I really like Clemons, I hope the kid produces and becomes our starting FS


I agree bobby. He has the physical skills and hopefully a full year in the league will take care of most of the mental mistakes.

Pistol, only "illegal" for fans to tweet, not reporters

bobbyd12 @ 12:30. I agree, I read the bio of Cris, he walked a very hard, very dificult way, I hope the best best to him.

Isn't Buffalo the season opener? Or is it the 2nd game?

I wonder if Clemons has any experience returning kicks. He is pretty damn fast.

Season opener Mark.

CLEMONS use to play a return kicker in school when the real kicker was injured .

Pistol sorry, wrong info...ArmandoSalguero RT "Can use phone or computers first 10 mins. @Greg_A_Bedard: When did they allow you to report from practice? Can you use your computers?"
4 minutes ago

No big deal.

I am starting to really dislike Bess's intransignce regarding No. 15----hr should be a big man & a good teammate & give Marshall his number.

So if Ronnie is good to go by the season opener, he's on schedule then. Good. I should take the drive for that one. Buffalo is not bad in September. October 15 onwards - it's miserable.

Brandon Marshall on the sideline? Are you kidding me! No one can say whats wrong. Maybe Matt Roth can tell us. Please find this out A.S., ASAP!

ArmandoSalguero "Jason Ferguson said he tested positive for PED when took diuretic & blood pressure pill to make weight. "[Dolphins] know it was no steroid."
16 minutes ago via Twitter

Why are diuretics a banned substance?

Diuretics are banned because they can mask the presence of steriods in an urinalyisis test and because they cause dehydration which can be dangerous in players

Sparano on podium right now

Sparano says Marshall had a routine surgery done and doesn't know of he will practice in OTAs

May not practice till training camp

Thanks Bobby!

I think Kory Stringer had diureticks in his system when he pased, very sad, but that was part of the decision from what I remember.

he's a loser Home... who knows nada, not a damn thing, you hear me NJ, u punk!

It has been determined that NJ PHIN FAN
is the Troll Imposter ruining the blog


thanks for the info mando.

sounds like the OTA depth chart is designed to remind people that every position must be earned.


Sprano says Turner also will not practice till training camp

Sounds like Thigpen or White will be gone by end of camp

All of you dudes trippin need to chill the fack out. It's the 1st damn OTA. We got this.

What the heck is wrong with Turner. It is frustrating this guy has never seen the field, now he is hurt. I wanted to hear more about his progress... or lack there of!

Seer, or how about Bess had the number first and Marshall should be the good teammate and choose another number. It was Bess' first. Makes more sense that way. We can't cave to Marshal for everything. I understand he likes the number, but that is childish to be making a big deal

What the he77is a "fack"?

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