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Rebuilding can frustrate when it's done over & over

There is building a franchise. Don Shula did that and it resulted in a couple of Super Bowl titles.

There is rebuilding a franchise. Jimmy Johnson did that and the nucleus of players he brought in were flawed on offense, very good on defense, and ultimately good enough overall to contend for playoffs spots from 1997 through 2003.

What we have now, however, is something much different. What we are seeing with the Miami Dolphins now is in some respects rebuilding position that we though had already been rebuilt. Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland are in the midst of doing that and so far the results are mixed.

Miami's dynamic and enigmatic personnel duo corrected a lot of wrongs their first season, turning a 1-15 disaster into a division winner and playoff team. But last year was a step-back season as the Dolphins dropped to third place in the AFC East with a 7-9 record. (Some of you may not accept it was a step-back year, but the facts are impossible to ignore.)

Now, after two years of building the team as they would want it, the Dolphins find themselves in the curious position of rebuilding the same team. 

After two years on the job, Parcells and Ireland got about the business this offseason of rebuilding practically the entire defense. The defensive coordinator is new. At least three of the four opening-day starters at LB will be new. The starting nose tackle will be different in the 2010 regular-season opener than he was in 2008 and 2009. The starting free safety will be new for the third time in three regular-season openers. Miami's right defensive end will be new -- again -- as the Dolphins will start Jared Odrick or Phillip Merling or Tony McDaniel as the fourth person to fill that starting job in three years.

All these are facts. And all the facts speak of the Dolphins having to cover ground in rebuilding that they already supposedly addressed in their initial rebuilding of this team the past two years.

Let's face it, the club has failed to properly address the free safety spot -- first giving the job to Jason Allen, then Chris Crocker, then Renaldo Hill, then Gibril Wilson, and now another player to be named at a later time.

Let's face it, the Dolphins invested two years, a modest draft pick, and millions of dollars in ILB Akin Ayodele only to find out he wasn't very good at stopping the run or in coverage.

Let's face it, the nose tackle position was an issue before last season began. Everyone knew Jason Ferguson was a stopgap measure and I remember Ireland being asked why he didn't address the position in the 2009 draft. He basically answered there are only so many big bodies to go around and one of them didn't fall to the Dolphins.

So Miami went into 2009 with Ferguson and he broke down. The Dolphins finally addressed the issue this offseason by moving Randy Starks to nose tackle.

The greater point here is Miami has reached a stage where the fixes need to finally take. The club cannot keep addressing the defensive line time and again. The club cannot keep addressing the free safety spot year after year.

And this rebuilding upon a rebuilt position also affects the offense. For all the money and resources the Dolphins have invested on the offensive line, the unit is still not completely resolved. In 2008, the right guard spot was an issue. In 2009, the right guard and left guard spots were issues.

Can we get the guards addressed once and for all, please?

The Dolphins believe they have done that at right guard where Richie Incognito is expected to compete for a starting job with Donald Thomas and perhaps Nate Garner.

The left guard spot is much less certain. Garner and rookie John Jerry seem the most likely challengers for the job. Justin Smiley, who Miami signed to a 5-year, $25 million contract in 2008, lasted only two years. He is now on the trade block because of shoulder injuries that one might have seen on the horizon when he was with San Francisco and was forced to miss the latter part of 2007 with a shoulder issue.

So three years into rebuilding their offensive line ... the Dolphins are still rebuilding the offensive line.

My greater point is this: Everyone accepts the Dolphins needed a thorough rebuilding. Everyone accepts it was going to take time to do. But it is hard to accept that the Dolphins are already in Year 3 and still rebuilding what they already supposedly rebuilt. They are having to double-back, so to speak, to address issues they supposedly already addressed.

That slows things down.

And it cannot continue because, as with all teams, new issues pop up every year. Next offseason the Dolphins could be looking for help at running back or tight end, and perhaps wide receive. Next year the Dolphins could be looking for more backup quarterback help. Anyone looking off into distance can see that.

The last thing the team needs is to have those concerns, while also needing to address OLB (again) or FS (again) or CB (again) or OL (again).

Therre is still a lot of building being done around the construction site that is the Dolphins roster. Here's hoping the work currently being done won't soon require that it be redone. Again.


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Wow, Armando. That's some less-than-stellar thinking on your part.
Just because the Fins won the division in 2008 that they're rebuilding effort was over? No one with any brains thought that. They had a very soft schedule and escaped the injury bug in a big way in 2008.
So in 2009 they had the hardest schedule in the NFL and were devastated by injuries. Get a grip. Don't tell me you expected the 1-15 Fins to go to the Super Bowl two years later. Yeah, some positions still need work, but just as many have been addressed.

And I go and faceplant on the difference between "there", "their" and "they're." Way to go, Jefferson.
Ironically, on the blog of one of the Herald competitors there's any article on how the defense has been successfully rebuilt. Interesting.

very depressing article mando----

Oline has already played well last year, and they added another 2 pieces and those young guys have more experience--we are fine at WR--

Next year we will need a RB, and a TE---(Marcedes Lewis )

but i think we are completly solid on offense, because mRB isnt hard to find---so we only have to worry about TE upgrade---not bad at all

DeFEnse is trickier but we have a very solid foundation---

FS, OLB----are the big issues we will need to add players as the current roster stands--

CB, we are solid, overall bodies on Dline we are deep young and have talent----between Starks, soliai, and ivey i think we will find an answer at nose----

TE, FS, OLB-----i think are the 2011 offseason needs as the roster stands rite now----

I dont put down RB b/c its the easiest position to find a guy early or late in a draft---

We are in a great position mando keep ur head up

This really is just your typical bashing of the organization. Honestly, we see this at least once every two weeks. I know we're "just fans" and don't have the inside track to what goes on. But you really never write anything positive. Even when something good is accomplished, you find a way to spin it as something bad. You're really ridiculous.

They said 3-4 years to be in contention. They didn't promise anything. Typical BS Armando.

Just because you add a particular player to the roster a year or two ago does not mean that is the guy for the future. You add him to that spot because those were the options. Adding Akin or Wilson was not intended to mean that these are the guys and the rebuilding is done in those spots. Everything is in constant motion and you fill what you can with what is available and get the most out of them. Then proceed with other options when they become available. These guys see an option, they see an area for improvement and they address it. You can't expect to have a superstar at every position.

due to free agency, players always wanting more money, and the need for depth at every position. every team in the nfl is rebuilding every year. unless you have steller coaching.

There`s way too much "The Sky is Falling" in this article. You yourself said last year would be a step back in the win loss section,the 11-5 of 2008 was a mirage.
The current team has comparitively few holes on it. Yes Free Safety stands out,but can it be worse than last year? The defensive line is now a stacked unit. Inside linebacker is way better now,Akoyde is gone and the worse linebacker,Torbor, will likely be cut.There`s talent and depth in the secondary and lots of talent to garner a decent OLB crew from.
Offensively the need is gone at QB,Reciever,Running back seems set this year and the O-Line is a punishing spot to play. There is always going to be tornover. Yes the Guard spot has been touchy but not that bad. And there are players with the pedigree and size to get the job done.
There is one certainty in the NFL and that is change. There is always rebuilding of units to do.Unfortunately we were so bad that some units were masked over to get us mediocrity,now we`re upgrading these units to championship caliber.
The inside linebacking crew is a perfect example of this. Next year you may see more OLB`s and thats the way it works.

Yes you can hardly call 2008 a product of rebuilding. What happened was they plugged some holes temporarily which made us an average team in a division where everyone else became below average due to injuries. If Brady doesn't get hurt we do not win the division. At best we get the wildcard. What we were was a 7-9 8-8 team that had a very easy schedule! That schedule wasn't as easy last year so we played more to what we were on paper.

2008 moves were all about climbing out of the cellar not winning championships. 2009 was about fixing the secondary more than anything else. This year the Defensive Line was the focus. The only thing holding the offense back last year was a go to reciever. We supposedly got that this year in Marshal and if we continue to have the strong running game we have had carry us the last two seasons then the offense is almost complete. Guard is not a make or break position on the offense.

Free Safety may still be a concern but it is going to be helped by the fact that the two rookies we had starting at CB last year have a year of experience.

Our QB too has more experience and a reasonable target to hit.

Your assumption that this team was rebuilt in a single year is ludicrous! It was patched up in a year and an easy schedule and injuries made that patchwork look really good in the AFC East. But when all the Chaff was dispatched and we had to play the real contenders we were knocked right out of the box!
This year we have a really good chance at beating good teams when we need to. We are not completly rebuilt yet but we are as solid as we have been in at least 25 years!

Armando woke up on the wrong side of the bed today

and Armando you should also add that in the Akin Ayodele deal they also received Fasano

Relax Armando and ask yourself - would you rather go back to the JJ, Wanny, Cameron and Saban regimes?

This franchise was a mess - worse than the state of my garage. This year we really should see what the team will look like for the next three to five years.

Let's not forget Jimmy Johnson was handed a nine-win playoff team in 1996. Tuna inherited a team that so barely avoided becoming the first 0-win team in history. At least the '69 Dolphins won 3 games the year before Shula got them and pulled off a very exceptional turnaround.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and I don't think anyone on the inside expected Ayodele, Ferguson, et. al to be anything more than temporary solutions when they came along two years ago.

Armando, I like your blogs but this is childish. A team is never finish rebuilding. It may get lucky (like 2008). The Giants in 2007 had lots of flaws and was never a completely finished team, but they won the big one.
I understand your frustration but building a Super bowl team takes time and lots of luck. The Dolphins are becoming a playoff contender team and soon we will get lucky. There have been a lot of team that never get to go to the dance.

and at the time of that trade, this roster sucked! Ayodele served his purpose and Fasano after a good 1st year and bad 2nd is still a good player and should improve from what he put out on the field last year

I knew this blog post would incite the "nothing-to-see-here, everything's just fine," crowd so I figured I'd hang here for a while and address your responses.

And I'll do that in a sec.

Cheater and NFL coach Bill Belichick has proven that every year is a rebuilding year. Out with the old and in with the young. This is the same recipe that our front office upholds. A 5 year deal is only as good as the two years guaranteed on the contract. It's that simple.

Our guys do not believe in buying high,... they buy low and buy more. When you miss it doesn't hurt as bad. When you hit you've got a player for a long time "Starks". They've addressed every position that needed to be addressed. They've brought in the right super-stars. I'm glad they didn't buy another bum FS. Let the 4 guys on the roster sort it out.

cry me a river...

you are such a drama queen and negative nancy... we get it, the trifecta wont talk to you and that makes you mad... but this is crazy, alot of the things you are complaining about are now strengths (defensive line and depth at guard)

Ok, Armando, you stated your problem but never offered a solution. Your blog is only halfway done. Why don't you go out on a limb and finish it, or are you just laying groundwork so that when the Dolphins "finish it" you can say, "see, I told you all along..."?

Mando, I bet if you asked the trifecta, they're not so much rebuilding as continuing to build. And given the way the NFL is these days, it is a continual process, and takes time. I don't disagree with your point, I just see it as a continual process, not a point you ever reach.

This is by far the worst article I've read in a long time... If you thought the rebuilding was over after 2008, you need to get your head checked... Also it seems you imply this team will continue a trend of getting worse this year when so much has been done to improve the team this offseason... The Dolphins were 7-9 last year with the hardest schedule in the league, large amounts of injuries to starters, and a horrible defense that got even worse down the stretch...

The defense has been addressed, playmakers have been added, starters are returning healthy, and there is no schedule of death... I am optimistic about 2010

Let's get to it:

Tee: You think the Dolphins paid Gibril Wilson $8 million guaranteed to be a stopgap guy so they could continue rebuilding there. Are you serious?

That move was meant to address the FS once and for all. It did not.

...no, I know all is not just dandy. I just hold you to a higher standard, as it should be. Finish , or, rather, phinish.

Normally NO COMMENT on unmotivational blogs - just this for your information Mando - you only have so many draft picks each year to rebuild, but at least we have them now, after spending tons on a new QB over the last decade and no one worked out - so here my view for you:

If I look at Offense only 3 Players from 2007 are left. Brown, Cobbs and Carey.
Compared to a 1-15 output we are light years better in just 3 years.

QB (2010) – Chad Henne, Tyler Thigpen, Pat White, Chad Pennington (injured).
QB (2007) - Trent Green, Cleo Lemon, John Beck, Gibran Hamdan

RB (2010) – Ronnie Brown (TENDER NOT SIGNED), Ricky Williams, Patrick Cobbs (injured), Lex Hilliard, Kory Sheets, Tristan Davis
RB (2007) - Ronnie Brown, Jesse Chatmann, Patrick Cobbs, Lorenzo Booker

FB (2010) – Lousaka Polite, Rolly Lumbala (CFL import)
FB (2007) - Reagan Mauia, Corey Schlesinger

WR (2010) - Greg Camarillo, Brian Hartline, Davon Bess, Taurus Johnson, Ryan Grice-Mullen (CFL Import)
WR (2010) – Brandon Marshall, Patrick Turner, Julius Pruitt
WR (2007) - Chris Chambers, Marty Booker, Az-Zahir Hakim, Ted Ginn
WR (2007) - Michael Malone, Kerry Reed, P.K. Sam, David Sutton

TE (2010) – Anthony Fasano (TENDER NOT SIGNED), Joey Haynos, Kory Sperry, John Nalbone
TE (2007) - David Martin, Aaron Haltermann, Tim Massaquoi, Justin Peele, Jason Radar

OT (2010) – Jake Long, Vernon Carey, Lydon Murtha, Andrew Gardner
OT (2007) - Vernon Carey, Anthony Alabi, L.J. Shelton, Marion Dukes, Mike Rosenthal, Julius Wilson

LG (2010) – Nate Garner, Justin Smiley (on the trade block), John Jerry (third-round pick), Ray Feinga
RG (2010) – Donald Thomas, Richie Incognito, Dimitri Tsoumpas (CFL import)
OG (2007) - Rex Hadnot, Joe Toledo (PUP), Tala Esera, Chris Liwienski, Drew Mormino, Stephen Parker, Dan Stevenson

C (2010) – Jake Grove, Joe Berger, Andrew Hartline
C (2007) - Samson Satele, Jonathan Ingram

If I compare our front 7 from 2007 to 2010 I have to say the personel for a 4-3 would get my vote.
Bad luck we played a 3-4 that year and that way our 3-4 this year will get my vote (because of the upside - still very young).

CB much better depth with Will and Jason Allen as Backups than 2007.
Safeties - hum??? Think the were much better, but wasn'T THAT THE YEAR WE NEEDED 15 something Safties during the season - cant get worse than that - really.

LE (2010) – Kendall Langford, Lionel Dotson, Ikaika Alama-Francis
RE (2010) – Phillip Merling, Tony McDaniel, Jared Odrick (first-round pick), Ryan Baker
DE (2007) - Jason Taylor, Donnie Holliday, Matt Roth, Mkristo Bruce, Chase Page

NT (2010) – Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Jason Ferguson (8-game SUSPENSION, Injured)
DT (2007) - Keith Traylor, Paul Solai, Kevin Vickerson, Rodriwue Wright, Steve Fifita, Marquay Love

WLB (2010) – Cameron Wake, Quentin Moses, Chris McCoy (seventh-round pick), Brian Johnston
SLB (2010) – Charlie Anderson, Koa Misi (second-round pick), Erik Walden
OLB (2007) - Channing Crowder, Joey Porter, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, Abraham Wright, Donnie Spragan, Edmond Miles

MIKE ILB (2010) – Karlos Dansby, Reggie Torbor, J.D. Folsom, A.J. Edds (fourth-round pick)
MOE ILB (2010) – Channing Crowder (Injured), Tim Dobbins (trade), Austin Spitler (seventh-round pick).
ILB (2007) - ZACH THOMAS, Derrick Pope, Kelvin Smith, Robert McCune, Jim Maxwell

CB (2010) – Vontae Davis, Will Allen (Injured), Nolan Carroll (fifth-round pick)
CB (2010) – Sean Smith, Jason Allen, Evan Oglesby
CB (2007) - Will Allen, Jason Allen, Andre Goodman (PUP), Travis Daniels, Michael Lehan, Tuff Harris, Derrick Johnson, Geoff Pope

FS (2010) – Tyrone Culver, Chris Clemons
SS (2010) - Yeremiah Bell, Reshad Jones (fifth-round pick), Nate Ness
S (2007) - Yeremiah Bell, Renaldo Hill, Travares Tillmann, Chris Harrell, David Lofton, Christopher Vedder, Cameron Worell

P (2010) – Brandon Fields
P (2007) – Brandon Fields

LS (2010) – John Denney
LS (2007) – John Denney

K (2010) – Dan Carpenter
K (2007) – Jay Feely, Matt Prater

After looking at it SABAN was not that bad with still having 6 players on the current roster.

Ricky Williams 2002 Wannstedt
Yeremiah Bell 2003 Wannstedt
Vernon Carey 2004 Wannstedt
Ronnie Brown 2005 Saban
Channing Crowder 2005 Saban
Patrick Cobbs 2005 Saban
John Denny 2005 Saban
Jason Allen 2006 Saban
Will Allen 2006 Saban
Brandon Fields 2007 Cameron
Paul Solai 2007 Cameron

Brian in NJ, I'm neither positive nor negative. I tell it like it is.

If that bugs you, don't read it. But if you want an honest assessment of what's truly happening, you're in the right place.

Correction there...those "might" be strengths this year..we don't know this yet, none of these new guys are proven yet. Mando brings up good points here, kinda close to exactly what I was feeling. I think we do need some stronger person instead of Ireland...I'm not sure what the answer is just yet. But I was going to give them this year to show me they know what they are doing..if we have another disappointing year...I say slay the 3 headed dragon and get some people in here that have big brass cajones.

Jefferson, I never said the rebuilding was done and finished in 2008. Your entire comment based on that premise is flawed.

This is now a young and talented roster. As with any team, Miami will go as far as their QB will take them. If Henne is good then so will this team and if Henne isn't good then neither will this team be. It's that simple and anyone who makes it more complicated than that is just over analyzing things.

Scalzo, I challenge you to find me a quote from Parcells, Ireland or Tony Sparano where they say it will take "three or four years to be in contention."

Doesn't exist.

Don't tell us at the end of the season how you knew the Dolphins were going to be good. You can't rebuild 53 roster spots instantaneously. It has to be done a section at a time. They are on schedule and with 4 linebacker drafts, it takes one, or better yet 2 picks to hit pay dirt and we are off to the races. So set back and RELAX Armando.

MMM No Mando. This is not rebuilding. Maybe re-evaluating certain positions. So, let me guess because Brandon Marshall was added to the wide receiver group that means they rebuilt that too. I prefer the term upgrade. To be honest with you, this team overachieved in 2008. They took what was available (which wasn't much) and they made it work. Saban and Cam had the same problems with fs lbs and nt (and wr, te, cb, qb, o line waterboy cheerleadrs the whole team SUCKED). Parcells and company had to clean up the mess left behind and it takes more than two years to complete the clean up after Hurricane Saban and Cam!

whats worse, keeping Wilson on the roster or cutting his behind and finding a better solution??? i applaude the efforts to find better players.

Just because your a sports writer doesn't mean you can write crap like this and get away with it. How could you write this and be ok with it. Ok this wesite is now restricted to only those with at least a 3rd grade education.

rebuilding is the correct phrase upgrading means that the position or positions have an adequte player but want to make a change...

1701972, what's better signing a FS to a big contract and having it work the first time out of the gate or having to cut the guy because he was a bust and you made a terrible mistake?

Do it once. Do it right. Otherwise you are slowing yourself down.

Building a team is not an exact science. Even the best personnel men in the business are going to miss on players a certain percentage of the time. There is no exact science to this. With that in mind, all rebuilding projects are going to have their fair share of misses too.

The 2007 Dolphins team was seriously lacking in depth all across the board and the 2010 version of this team will have serious depth at a number of positions.

You say 2009 was a regression, I say 2008 was an overachievement and 2009 was a more accurate sounding of where the team actually is. If you want to call that a regression so be it. I prefer to see it as we were given a gift in 2008.

who will make the playoffs this year? who will win the super bowl? Miami has as good of a chance as anyone. everyone wins the superbowl on paper until the season starts. Miami beat the jets twice last year. that means that if the dolphins were a little better last year and faced the jets in the afc championship, they would have beat the jets and been in the superbowl. im excited about the new dolphin team and expect mike nolan to turn the defense around like he did in denver. its gonna be great when the dolphins do well this year and espn will have to cover it. my dog sparano works hard and will see the best team miami has had in years... odrick hits sanchez, fumble, misi picks it up, hes at the 20, 10, 5, touchdown miami!!!

Carlito you must be having a bad day because both your comments were stupid.

First, I didn't imply anything, much less that things would get worse. So you are wrong there.

Secondly, I had no inclination whatever to think everything was done and complete after 2008. In fact, I was the one that continued to report how the building process had a long way to go and whiners such as you would say I was being too negative and that I wasn't celebrating how great it was to go 11-5. So give me a break with that.

Kris, I define building as you identify a problem and address it. When you then have to go back and fix what you have seemingly already fixed a second or third time, that's not good. That is bad business.

Such is the case at G, FS, DE, ILB, OLB.


The comments only reflect their subject matter, todays blog, written by you. I'm sorry they wont talk to you, but I expect better from you.

Hey Armando, I've noticed that sometimes you just get off on the wrong side of bed son and tend to throw out the baby with the bath water. That is exactly what other teams do too. They play with the mixture constantly. By the way in the 08 season the Dolphins snuck up on a lot of teams. They weren't that good. But go back to your own Cowboys draft board story and see for yourself what Jerry Jones said about how the offensive line is an endless tune up. This is the age of parity and free agency and that is exactly the reason why its so hard for Superbowl Winners to repeat.

Mandy, this is EXACTLY what I've been saying! You hit the nail on the head! These clowns are rebuilding the rebuilding. Seems we've been in a perpetual rebuild mode for over a decade. It's sickening. Most expensive O-line in the league, oh wait, not good enough. 2 over the hill, but, good OLB's...Dump 'em, screw it. D-line? With this draft they basically admitted that the last 2 years have produced nothing but Starks, and noone knows how he'll be at NT...

After Marhall under-produces they will be looking for an offensive coordinator next year and we'll be REBUILDING again. Ricky and Ronnie will prob be gone and we'll have all new RB's...

Doof, excellent comment. All fair points. Thanks.

Armando i understand you point(slowing yourself down)

however you cant tell me everytime you sit down to write a blog its done right everytime, all the time...no one is perfect, except the 72 team lol 1701972! we all make mistakes

you are reaching here my friend.



1701972, I am definitely not perfect. I don't remember claiming I was.

But are the Dolphins once again addressing issues they've already addressed previously with big-money free agents or high draft picks before?


As much as I love Shula and the early years that team was pretty much in place when he took over. So calling that a rebuilding just isn't correct.

Aloco, so it takes 5-7 years to rebuild a team?

So you think Cam Cameron didn't get enough time to make things right?

What a joke.

Good to see you contributing again BTW Mandy. I noticed that people cut this regime SO MUCH SLACK, unlike those in the past. JJ was the devil, Saban, devil, Wanny (understandbly) a devil, Cam (obviously) a devil. But, these guys get a pass...

Rebuilding takes time. Everybody misses. It's not a science. Be patient. These guys are winners. They've built champions in the past. Be patient. You guys suck as fans. BP knows more about football than god almighty.

CRAP! CRAP, CRAP. If they're so good they wouldn't have had a draft that pretty much covered every mistake they've made so far...

Mcluvin, calling what Shula did rebuilding indeed would not be correct. And I didn't call it that.

Feel free to read the first line of the blog again.

Shula built a winner. He took a team that had never won and molded it, worked it, changed the culture. He built a winner.

Marc, I understand people giving this group the benefit of the doubt. They've done good work.

But the thought that they've been perfect and no one can think critically about what they've missed on is ridiculous.

It's not reality.

Armando, the one thing that is very different from this FO... They keep upgrading and admit their mistakes... We could be stuck with WIlson and WIlford because of they were the ones to bring them in, but since they did not worked out they are gone and the team is better, out of 52 players the have done pretty darn good in filing a competitive roster and continually upgrading every position regardless of who brought them in or how much they paid him, that wast differentiate this front office from the past, make a mistake move on!! find a better player get him were you already have one get him !! creating depth and competition.. I repeat what other have said already were a not stuck on the 08 or 09 roster, every position has been evaluated and if you can get better look like the will pull the trigger regardless of who brought the player in...That the beauty of having someone like Parcels he does not have to look over his shoulders and justify keeping a bust on the roster...

Don Shula built the franchise. After reading your blog it seems that maybe this team should still be playing. After all, they were built, complete, nothing more needed to be done. How ridiculous.
Thanks to all who are responding and putting things in the proper perspective for Armando.
This regime is on the right track and that is what is important!
T.O. Dolfan

I believe this is somewhat valid yet unrealistic. tremendous progress has been made talent wise in such a short span of time. Shula GM'd his last 10 years with Marino, no offense or Defense. Besides Marino talent wise, which Shula Miami team would you take between 85 - 95 ahead of this one?

You are absolutely correct, OWL. No doubt the Dolphins get rid of their mistakes.

But that does not excuse the making of that mistake. Signing Wilson last year cost the Dolphins at least two games, in my opinion -- to Indy and New Orleans.

So while it is good the FO has recognized the error and gotten rid of it, I'm still not thrilled the error was made.

Make sense?

I don't think most of assumed the rebuilding was done with after we won the division two years ago. We were in complete and total disarray after the job Cam and Randy did here. Yeah, we won the division right away but rebuilding a team takes a few years. If we regress this year then I think you might be onto something but as of right now we improved in the offseason and that is part of the process.

To truly understand how this team is being rebuilt you have to look at the years of drafts before this regime arrived. It's obvious the rebuilding process wouldn't be complete in just a couple years. Many of the positions supposedly addressed, were addressed with stop gaps, various players who would help put their culture in place and hold the position over.

As far as end goes. Merling got 36% of the snaps on defense last year even being a backup(Langford about 50% or so), so whether he starts or Odrick starts, it was necessary to have another end because of how heavily we rotate our ends. Depth/Rotation/Roleplayers are key to rebuilding, it goes beyond just whoever gets to claim they started.

Every team goes through this You think you have the right person for a particular position and then,WHAM....."I want more money",My toe hurts","My girlfriend had me arrested",or "Who put the HGH,in my oatmeal".The Patsies sold their soul to get to the promised land,and Rex Ryan is already calling for a parade.The one thing that will get us to the big dance is a lot of luck.We are gonna have a good season,that's the only way I seeit.

Armando you have a point, Dolphins once again addressing issues they've already addressed previously with big-money free agents and high draft picks... as a fan i am cool with this regimes body of work. some moves i question some i dont. some have worked others havent. but i am a fan, and they know more than what i do about football and am committed to supporting them! 1-15 not long ago.. a younger, more physical.. with depth of a team! and when they win, stay off the bus please!



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