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Rebuilding can frustrate when it's done over & over

There is building a franchise. Don Shula did that and it resulted in a couple of Super Bowl titles.

There is rebuilding a franchise. Jimmy Johnson did that and the nucleus of players he brought in were flawed on offense, very good on defense, and ultimately good enough overall to contend for playoffs spots from 1997 through 2003.

What we have now, however, is something much different. What we are seeing with the Miami Dolphins now is in some respects rebuilding position that we though had already been rebuilt. Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland are in the midst of doing that and so far the results are mixed.

Miami's dynamic and enigmatic personnel duo corrected a lot of wrongs their first season, turning a 1-15 disaster into a division winner and playoff team. But last year was a step-back season as the Dolphins dropped to third place in the AFC East with a 7-9 record. (Some of you may not accept it was a step-back year, but the facts are impossible to ignore.)

Now, after two years of building the team as they would want it, the Dolphins find themselves in the curious position of rebuilding the same team. 

After two years on the job, Parcells and Ireland got about the business this offseason of rebuilding practically the entire defense. The defensive coordinator is new. At least three of the four opening-day starters at LB will be new. The starting nose tackle will be different in the 2010 regular-season opener than he was in 2008 and 2009. The starting free safety will be new for the third time in three regular-season openers. Miami's right defensive end will be new -- again -- as the Dolphins will start Jared Odrick or Phillip Merling or Tony McDaniel as the fourth person to fill that starting job in three years.

All these are facts. And all the facts speak of the Dolphins having to cover ground in rebuilding that they already supposedly addressed in their initial rebuilding of this team the past two years.

Let's face it, the club has failed to properly address the free safety spot -- first giving the job to Jason Allen, then Chris Crocker, then Renaldo Hill, then Gibril Wilson, and now another player to be named at a later time.

Let's face it, the Dolphins invested two years, a modest draft pick, and millions of dollars in ILB Akin Ayodele only to find out he wasn't very good at stopping the run or in coverage.

Let's face it, the nose tackle position was an issue before last season began. Everyone knew Jason Ferguson was a stopgap measure and I remember Ireland being asked why he didn't address the position in the 2009 draft. He basically answered there are only so many big bodies to go around and one of them didn't fall to the Dolphins.

So Miami went into 2009 with Ferguson and he broke down. The Dolphins finally addressed the issue this offseason by moving Randy Starks to nose tackle.

The greater point here is Miami has reached a stage where the fixes need to finally take. The club cannot keep addressing the defensive line time and again. The club cannot keep addressing the free safety spot year after year.

And this rebuilding upon a rebuilt position also affects the offense. For all the money and resources the Dolphins have invested on the offensive line, the unit is still not completely resolved. In 2008, the right guard spot was an issue. In 2009, the right guard and left guard spots were issues.

Can we get the guards addressed once and for all, please?

The Dolphins believe they have done that at right guard where Richie Incognito is expected to compete for a starting job with Donald Thomas and perhaps Nate Garner.

The left guard spot is much less certain. Garner and rookie John Jerry seem the most likely challengers for the job. Justin Smiley, who Miami signed to a 5-year, $25 million contract in 2008, lasted only two years. He is now on the trade block because of shoulder injuries that one might have seen on the horizon when he was with San Francisco and was forced to miss the latter part of 2007 with a shoulder issue.

So three years into rebuilding their offensive line ... the Dolphins are still rebuilding the offensive line.

My greater point is this: Everyone accepts the Dolphins needed a thorough rebuilding. Everyone accepts it was going to take time to do. But it is hard to accept that the Dolphins are already in Year 3 and still rebuilding what they already supposedly rebuilt. They are having to double-back, so to speak, to address issues they supposedly already addressed.

That slows things down.

And it cannot continue because, as with all teams, new issues pop up every year. Next offseason the Dolphins could be looking for help at running back or tight end, and perhaps wide receive. Next year the Dolphins could be looking for more backup quarterback help. Anyone looking off into distance can see that.

The last thing the team needs is to have those concerns, while also needing to address OLB (again) or FS (again) or CB (again) or OL (again).

Therre is still a lot of building being done around the construction site that is the Dolphins roster. Here's hoping the work currently being done won't soon require that it be redone. Again.


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Very depressing article and I'm sorta suprised by it. Fact is there is a limited number of free agents, draft picks and options available to build on. You are going to have hits and misses, injuries and busts. After 1-15 we were carried back to respectability on the smarts of Chad Pennington and an easy schedule. Last year proved we are not there yet. We have an offensive line that could be the best in the league and we have added a franchise receiver. Hopefully Henne will be are QB for years to come. We also came up with two gems in Smith and Davis on defense last year. Hopefully this defense is on it's way after the additions of Dansby and some monster kids. In the end there is a difference between the way Wandstadt/Cameron/Saban "built" the team vs. Parcells...I see the light at the end of the tunnel now, as before the darkness never seemed to end...

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Mando, how was Akin Ayodele a failure? How can a pass fail grade be put on every player you sign or draft? If you lose nothing in the process it is not a failure. Eric Green? He didn't even make the team and was an afterthought signing. Why are you crying about them not addressing NT last year? They addressed it this year. How would you have addressed it? There was no one you could have taken that would have done any better than what was done last season by Soliai and Fergie. Pat White is a failure already? You taking a shot at the team because they went outside the box and took a chance on White.... Murphy was a middle round pick. He was a failure but Thomas and Nate Garner were found also in the process. Out of three guys two have ability and can play... Why would benefit of the doubt fade? As far as I'm concerned... If Brandon Marshall becomes a solid citizen and brings his A game to Miami... The trifecta have bought themselves the benefit of the doubt forever....

This fins want to be great not just good. To do that they have to churn the roster and create competetion between starters. Our O line is one of the best in the business right now because of competition.

Every team rebuilds the rebuilt... its a reason why EVERY team participates in the draft.

The only team that doesnt rebuild is the Jets, because they are destined to loss. they believe in obtain old players that other teams dont want, and dont care about rebuilding.

JETS = overrated. Its all hype.

If Bill Parcells walked on water Armando would say he cant swim.

Mando, I hear you, but there is NO front office in the NFL that has never missed on a player!! Yes it slows down the project as a whole, but we are in a FAR better place than we were in the hands of J.Johnson. D.Wanny,or even I quit N.Satan!!!

Furthermore I find it AMAZING guys like DUMB@SS Mel Kiper get paid millions to pick winners.......Name ONE guy that he has rated #1 on his board that has become a STAR......................................?????????????

Ok, Mando, while you are not to blame you didn't help, lol. The point of bringing up Tedd Ginn is to say we gave someone...although flawed...with potential in an area of need that we stink at every year...special teams. If we can keep Jason Allen we can keep Ginn, b/c right now we have nothing. I'm sure you are not drinking the Sparano "I love Bess back there because he is quick" Koolaid...no I think not. You have admitted he scares people...not just us...when he's back there. And for all of the talk of his affinity for the sideline, guess what in the kick/punt return it never translated into a turnover for him..not once. Now, if Reshad Jones turns out to be a stud and our free safety of the future...booyah! Its all good, but once again the point was were we set back in the kick off/punt return game AND the free/strong safety position.

I will find new source of Dolphins news. I can no longer deal with Armando's self-righteousness and his petty nature ... Peace out Dolphins bloggers... good luck with all your endeavors... Armando Go F yourself! You are a first class tool.

signing out,

carlito from golfito


Go Dolphins

Is Home a Pseudonym for the writer of this blog?

Marcus, what decision have they made that set them back, you ask?

Gibril Wilson was signed for $25 million. When you spend that type of money, you expect to get a core player in return. The Dolphins ended up having to dump him because he's not good and they still do not have a sure-fire starting free safety.

Justin Smiley also signed for $25 million. When you spend that type of mone, you expect to get a core player in return. Except Smiley cannot be counted on to be healthy so the Dolphins had to use their third-round pick to address the position they seemingly addressed by signing Smiley.

The Dolphins the last two years paid Reggie Torbor and Akin Ayodele $3 million each. That is starting ILB money. Ayodele wasn't up to it and got cut. Torbor is a backup. So the Dolphins had to spend more money this year to bring in Karlos Dansby.

The Dolphins spent what was effectively a first-round pick on Phillip Merling (No. 32 overall). But this year they had to use their first round pick on Jared Odrick because Merling hasn't been able to win a starting job his last two years and might not again this year.

Those are facts.

While Some Say

U Can Tune A Piano
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Home Is On Board with the
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This Year
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C`Mon Man!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Just another Joe, I didn't call posters moronic.

I called your amateur psychoanalysis moronic.

Wow, Mando...you just lost Carlito. That's rough.


Lightfoot and Home Are Also Very Happy
w/ The Miami Dolphins O-Line & Entire Offense

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

I agree with your article but in rebuilding you work with what you have available at the time. If these were the best players available to us when they were brought on board then it is what it is. And if we have the availability to upgrade later then I think it is a no brainer. I'm not sure what you were trying to get out of this piece, either nothing new to write about and the boss was up your butt or you thought this was news worthy, but this is what makes a good team great. You keep building on where your weak and keep those that make you strong. I don't consider this a rebuilding year. Buffalo and St. Louis is rebuilding. They have no core players, the dolphins are just making themselves better for the future. A rebuilding year is always looke at as a throw away season. That's not what we have.

Classy exit Carlito. You showed your true colors.

if miami had had the 2008 schedule last year, they probably would have gone 12-4 and we would all be talking superbowl for this year. the schedule and injuries are such a large part of this game. unfortunately, miami has a very difficult schedule for the second year in a row. i believe the defense will be greatly improved this year with the more aggressive style of mike nolan, and a bit more experience. these things just seem to gell at some point.

Some are being a bit harsh here...the fact is no one knows how our team will do this year. You are speculating about how we look on paper up to this point...and if you are going off of a paper view of things just take a look at the rest of our division, they look solid on paper too. The truth will be revealed by this seasons end on how the FO did in the draft and other avenues with the player combo that is being assembled this year. So who knows, Mando might be right, or some of you guys might be right. But to state as some have here that we are going 10-6...while I would love to see that...we just don't know. And if you hammer someone for their opinion on here then YOU have the one track mind.

You wanna know what's more frustrating? It's when I take the "never-ending" poop. You know the one... Where you poop, and then you wipe.. and wipe and wipe... And then when you think you're finished, you wipe again and there's still poop! Then you just admit defeat and hop in the shower to clean your sphincter....... Boy , are those poops frustrating!

No, Thunderbolt, if Parcells walked on water I'd call him Jesus.

Armandito, Armandito, ven ya que el almuerzo esta servido.


The trifecta have bought themselves the benefit of the doubt forever....

Posted by: Marcus | May 11, 2010 at 01:08 PM

There is no use reasoning with that kind of opinion.

Great stuff here, give Mando a break. Sometimes we need someone to bring us back down to earth - that's why we have wives.

I guess Carlito finally found out what a real football blog is, too bad he doesn't have the pigskin to stay here and discuss football.

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Armando, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say thank you for smacking some of these consistently negative commenters upside the head. I like the new Armando!

Exactly, there is no reasoning with that kind of mind. They will ve fired just like anyone else will if they cannot produce. They do not have my benefit of doubt...they need to produce or bring people in that can produce...period.

Armando, you make all good points and you are not wrong in what you are telling us is factual information. However, you have to consider a whole bunch of factors. First of all, look at all the problems the Dolphins have, and compare them to that of other elite teams ( not saying the phins are elite )every team does some kind of rebuilding every single year.

Why did the Giants draft JPP when they have Osi, Kiwanuka and Justin Tuck on their team already ??

Why did the Ravens draft TWO tes when they have Todd Heap ? And Terrence cody and Kindle when they have Terrel Suggs and Haloti Ngata.

Does this mean the Giants DEs failed along with Terrel Suggs and Haloti Ngata and Todd Heap ?

Why did the SB winning Saints draft Jimmy Graham when they invested alot of money in SHockey ? Whyd they draft an OT and put Jamall Brown on the block? Did he fail last yr? Whyd they draft a QB when they have Drew Breeeees ?!?

Why did the SB runner up draft a pass rushing DE w/ their 1st rd pick when they have 2 of the best in Freeney and Mathis ???

Do you see my point? You can do this whit EVERY other team in the league. Bad article.

For all of you saying the Miami offensive line is elite, some things to consider.

Tony Sparano, who loves OL play and loves to compliment his players, has never said that.

If the offensive line was elite, then why did they draft someone in the third round this year?

Also, if it is elite, tell me definitively who the starting LG and RG will be.

Finally, last year a panel of experts that included John Madden, Jaime Dukes and other studied all 32 NFL offensive lines.

Their top five were Saints, Colts, Eagles, Jets, and Titans.


Great points Ron Burgundy!!!

The Colts? Who blew up their offensive line as soon as the season was over?

Lets also look at the positions that were a mess pre Trifecta and see where their at now. Well, the whole damn team was a mess, every position almost. But they got us a franchise LT. A promising QB. A starting TE. A pro bowl FB. A pro bowl DE who they are now converting to NT, (not necessarily out of desparation, I beilieve its because he can be a Jay Ratliff clone) a starting NT before that who is old but was very good the last 2 yrs. 2 starting rookie CBs. I mean dude, come on dude. You're grasping for straws (something like that, idk the expression for certain.)

By looking at those first 8 games, I feel like the Fins can come out with a 5-3 record at worst. Change that to 6-2 if we get Atogwe, meaning that the remaining schedule will be a lot easier. This FO has misfired on a few guys which slowed the building process, but they have been right on that many more, guys in key positions...especially QB! Mark my words, this team is built already.


I appreciate that you try to give an honest assessment based on your observation but you must admit that this article is pretty scathing. Many teams draft or trade for a player that they feel will fill a need, sometimes it works out, sometime it doesn't. Teams are always evolving. How many drafts and trades were made by teams that turned into busts and, conversely, how many drafts and trades on a 'wing & a prayer" and turned out to be pro bowlers and even hall of famers. You can only go with the best otion at the time and either be happy with the decision or cut your losses and get rid of the player and try again.

Again, I appreciate your opinion but you are painting a very "doom and gloom" future for the Dolphins which I do not feel is accurate. I'm sorry Bill Parcells doesn't give you exclusive interviews and if he did I am confident he would never promise you a rose garden.

Just my taxed .02

This club has regressed. I agree with another poster that said we overachieved in 2008. The coaching staff needs to find a way to get the team ready for Opening Day. In the Shula years we usually won our opening day game or too. The last few years have been 0 wins in the first 3 games each year. This in its self can NOT continue. We need these early wins for confidence and team character building. I am disappointed that we have not properly addressed the NT and Free safety positions. If the Starks experiment and Whatever they are doing at FS does not work out we will be 7-9 again this year.

2 season played under this regime, 1 division title!

if you are looking for a team that can win a division title look no further, you write blogs daily on one that can!

Armando thinks a team can adress everything in one offseason and win a super bowl right away. I'm tired of his fanatic cry's and lack of perspective on things. Ayodele, Porter, Taylor, and Ferguson were stop-gaps after 2007....its like Armando doesnt understand how a football team is rebuilt. He doesn't. Hopefully none of readers get brainwashed.

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***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Some fans like to rip the FO and call everything they do crap and other fans see nothing but rainbows and sunshine in all their moves. I think that Parcells has stayed true to form with the evolution of this team.

Everywhere he goes the team has a good 1st year, a “regression” the 2nd year and becomes a power the 3rd year. The other parallel is that when he leaves the team he leaves is always one of the deepest teams around. Same thing is obviously happening here as we have far more depth than when he first got here and it continues to build every year.

IF our team is a disappointment this year then maybe I will start to question the effectiveness of our FO, but 2 years with the current mixed results is just too premature to pass judgment.

Not to mention Marshall and Dansby (ILB, WR) and theyre on their way to fixing OLB (Wake will be a pass rushing demon in Nolans D, and Misi has amazing potential) I mean, really, your argument is really weak on this one Mando. Im not bashing you, just trying to see it your way, and finding myself not being able to do that seriously on this one.

Ron Burgandy, thanks for chiming in with a solid commentary.

One issue I have with your point is the Ravens drafted two TEs, but they still have Heap. He's not a failure. They added to a strength.

The Saints drafted Graham for the future. But they still have Shockey who is very good.

Same with the Ravens drafting Cody, but still having Ngata.

None of those guys failed.

Gibril Wilson failed and is gone.
Ayodele ultimately failed and is gone.
Pasqualoni was replaced because he was deemed to have failed.
Wilford failed and had to be replaced.
Smiley has to be replaced and will probably not be on the team.

There is a difference between upgrading and adding to something and covering the same ground over again because what you did previously didn't work out.

Stupid article mando. This is not rebuilding of the rebuild team. You buld through the draft and this is the first time they are drafting lb's. Akin Ayodele and Reggie Torbor were brought in as stop gaps. Same with saftey. This is still part of the rebuilding that started 2 years ago. So go back to journalism 101

Let me interject an illistration and see what your reaction is.

You drive your Ford Mustang on 595 at 80mph! It hugs the corners well, weaves in and out of traffic well, gets you where you need to go when you need to get there.

Pretty damm good car!

Now, you take that same car and put it in a Nascar race.

Can't keep up with any of the cars, has trouble handeling the banked turns, can't maintain even its low standered do to the duration of the race.

Pretty Cr*py car right?

It's the same car.

This illistration assumes the players are decent, which clearly some wernt' but what it higlights is the fact that the Dolphins in the first year had to settle on some guys hoping they would be competitive for a few years in order to allow the team to focous on some other critical areas befor getting bact to that area, like safty for instance.

As bad as we were at 1-15 I don't think any of us would have argued with that. As a matter of fact you didn't tell us what a chump Wilson was! I think its a bit hypicritacl of you to keep throwing that around in everyones face.

The very next year the phins draw THE HARDEST schedual in football.

Come on!

Then they lose three games in the last minuite against superbowl teams and your going to say, "Hey they suck and their record proves it!"

Well, I usually tend to agree with you and think you do a great job informing us with your articals but I think you might need to take another look at this

Yes I know there getting rid of a bunch of guys and you have pointed out that this shows they made a mistake in the past but I don't think them putting a bandaid on a problem to hold it together till they could really adreess it is a negative thing especialy the way the NFL is today

Brian McMullin

Thank you J DIzzle lol

Carlito is pissed because the librarian kicked him off the computer. He dropped is cheese snack and cracker pack. He is pissed because he now has to share Betty White with the world. He has a poster in the bedroom of his house where he lives with his Mom of the Golden Girls.

Go Phins!

Armando... Some advice...report on the Dolphins and add your perspective, but stop 'whining'!
You are supposed to be the voice of reason that offers subjective and intelligent commentary.
Lately, mixed in with your usually good work, you are adding 'Whin-entary'. I suggest you remain professional and stick to educated and informed commentary.
Otherwise, you will lose the informed and educated fans and be stuck with the douchbag fans you have seen comment on your blog.
Just some thougts...I'll hope for the change but will be ready to fund another credible source for my Dolphins.

I disagree with the Wilford comment...he couldn't get on the field..he never actually held a position so he could not be replaced...what, I'm just saying." Smiley was good too, he just has a bum shoulder. I think that was one where they were hoping his shoulder would hold up and he would be a diamond...didn't work out that way. It did for the Jake Grove experiment though..right?

BoulderFinFan, I've taught Journalism 101 so give me a break with that snide remark.

If you believe that Akin Ayodele and Reggie Torbor were brought in as stopgaps, then you must agree that Miami made a mistake in overpaying for them.

Stopgaps should not cost you $3 million per year each.

Jason Taylor was a stopgap. He cost half that much.

Any stopgap that costs $3 million is a bad personnel move.

So which one is it?

They were either stopgaps that Miami overpaid for and cost valuable salary cap space, or they were outright misses during free agency.

The Word "Elite" Is The Most Over Used
Unappreciated Word in Sports Journalism

Elite should only be used for maybe
3 0r 4 players in each position in the
Entire History of the NFL

The Dolphins O-Line is NOT ELITE
Home thinks good
Very Good

But Def not

Lets Ban the word "ELITE"

Omar Kelly uses it like a dishrag
sean smith is not ELITE
Fact is with 0 INTs a weak tackler and somewhat goofy and out of position many times
Smith may be replace by the rookie Carrol as he becomes exposed as a fraud
Mark my Words

And did you even read my entire point. I didn't say they bought their benefit of the doubt forever. I said if they got Brandon Marshall right, they have. Mando, usually when you right an article you have people on your side and people against you. But 95% of the comments on here has been against you. What does that say? So was Alan Faneca a failure for the Jets? They did not spend 25 million on Smiley. That is the total contract. He has not played out the entire deal. They got two years of really good play out of Smiley. Now, they want to upgrade... I don't get the issue. The Dolphins spent a 3rd round pick on John Jerry because he was at the top of the board. He is being added to a group that is one of the deepest in the league. I mean who knows, next year it could Jerry sliding over to RT and taking Vernon's place. What are you going to say then, oh they spent money on Vernon Carey and he was the answer... He is the answer at the time.... You can't always find guys who will be staples for ten years... Will you give the Dolphins credit or forsight for seeing an opportunity to get younger at a key position a year in advance? Wilson was a failure... But how is that failure setting the team back? They are a better team right now then at this time last year.... They did not regress... Where is the set back?

Don Shula didn't draft the core players that won him those superbowls in the 70's. They were already on the roster when he got here. He didn't win any superbowls with players that he drafted. Don Shula thought he was a better coach than Jimmy and tried to prove it by saying "look at the numbers", referring to Marino's passing stats. But I did look at the numbers and Don and Dan were 0 for 12 together. 12 years together with no superbowl wins. What was Jimmy doing during that time? Let's see, he won a championship with the Hurricanes and 2 superbowls with the Cowboys. So go ahead Dan, honor Don at your speach in Canton for helping you accumulate more impressive looking stats than Aikman and nothing more.

Jay, what I think is on this blog and in my columns -- not in what you say I think.


Teams make mistakes all the time. Ayodele was a stop gap, first of all. And after Pasqualoni, the team wanted a more agressive play caller. Wilson and Wilford were mistakes.

But its not as if this team is not in a very good position going forward, to possibly contend by 2011.

You are right that everything has not been perfect. The front office has not been spotless. But you are a big fan, which is ok because you're not the beat writer, and you are objective on this blog. The issue is that you want it all now without putting things in context.

If this team goes 8-8 next season, there is nothing wrong with that. This team is building for 2011 going forward. That's four years. After that, then its time to demand results. But every indication right now is that things are trending upwards, even though you call last year's 7-9 season a regression, which it was more of a reality.

What wasn't mentioned in this article is the fact that Koa Misi was brought in to essentially do Matt Roth's job. Roth was playing strong side linebacker at a high level. The Dolphins are hoping that Misi can get to Roth's level in 3 years. I know that Matt Roth played his hand poorly, but you'd have to say that the Dolphins did as well. The Dolphins let a quality player get away. A quality pick was then used to (hopefully)address a need that shouldn't be. They're both readdressing situations and addressing situations that could have been avoided.

Maybe that should be the article instead, Armando. How to date (excluding this year) the dolphins have sucked in free-agency. How they need to do a better job of paying for their "talent." But you can note how they improved this year. Oh, and how they sucked at blowing that 2nd rounder for Pat White.


P. Turner?
P. White?
Cobbs, Brown, Allen injury prognosis?
Crowder in a log Jam?
Grove make it through a season?
Tight Ends?

Did Jason Taylor play Zerkses in 300?
Is Rex Ryan really Octomom?

Go Phins!

I see your point in saying guys failed Armando, however, I don't know if I afree with it. Yes, Wilson was a failure, but what else could they have done? He was the best available last year ( harper was too old i guess, oh well...) I dont think you can say Adeole failed because he did what was expected of him. Solid, reliable, unspectacular, thats what he is. We replaced him with Dansby. Thats just a fantastic move. Same with Smiley. Yes, we signed him long term, but he was really really good when he was playing. The trifecta cant help that his injuries are too problematic, thats not their fault. They got 2 good years out of him, and Wwithout him, theres no Wildcat (at least not as effective)

that should be Agree* not afree lol

Body, I've still not been able to wrap my head around what exactly did happen with the Roth situation. It is unfathomable to me. We lost a quality player with no compensation.

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