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Rebuilding can frustrate when it's done over & over

There is building a franchise. Don Shula did that and it resulted in a couple of Super Bowl titles.

There is rebuilding a franchise. Jimmy Johnson did that and the nucleus of players he brought in were flawed on offense, very good on defense, and ultimately good enough overall to contend for playoffs spots from 1997 through 2003.

What we have now, however, is something much different. What we are seeing with the Miami Dolphins now is in some respects rebuilding position that we though had already been rebuilt. Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland are in the midst of doing that and so far the results are mixed.

Miami's dynamic and enigmatic personnel duo corrected a lot of wrongs their first season, turning a 1-15 disaster into a division winner and playoff team. But last year was a step-back season as the Dolphins dropped to third place in the AFC East with a 7-9 record. (Some of you may not accept it was a step-back year, but the facts are impossible to ignore.)

Now, after two years of building the team as they would want it, the Dolphins find themselves in the curious position of rebuilding the same team. 

After two years on the job, Parcells and Ireland got about the business this offseason of rebuilding practically the entire defense. The defensive coordinator is new. At least three of the four opening-day starters at LB will be new. The starting nose tackle will be different in the 2010 regular-season opener than he was in 2008 and 2009. The starting free safety will be new for the third time in three regular-season openers. Miami's right defensive end will be new -- again -- as the Dolphins will start Jared Odrick or Phillip Merling or Tony McDaniel as the fourth person to fill that starting job in three years.

All these are facts. And all the facts speak of the Dolphins having to cover ground in rebuilding that they already supposedly addressed in their initial rebuilding of this team the past two years.

Let's face it, the club has failed to properly address the free safety spot -- first giving the job to Jason Allen, then Chris Crocker, then Renaldo Hill, then Gibril Wilson, and now another player to be named at a later time.

Let's face it, the Dolphins invested two years, a modest draft pick, and millions of dollars in ILB Akin Ayodele only to find out he wasn't very good at stopping the run or in coverage.

Let's face it, the nose tackle position was an issue before last season began. Everyone knew Jason Ferguson was a stopgap measure and I remember Ireland being asked why he didn't address the position in the 2009 draft. He basically answered there are only so many big bodies to go around and one of them didn't fall to the Dolphins.

So Miami went into 2009 with Ferguson and he broke down. The Dolphins finally addressed the issue this offseason by moving Randy Starks to nose tackle.

The greater point here is Miami has reached a stage where the fixes need to finally take. The club cannot keep addressing the defensive line time and again. The club cannot keep addressing the free safety spot year after year.

And this rebuilding upon a rebuilt position also affects the offense. For all the money and resources the Dolphins have invested on the offensive line, the unit is still not completely resolved. In 2008, the right guard spot was an issue. In 2009, the right guard and left guard spots were issues.

Can we get the guards addressed once and for all, please?

The Dolphins believe they have done that at right guard where Richie Incognito is expected to compete for a starting job with Donald Thomas and perhaps Nate Garner.

The left guard spot is much less certain. Garner and rookie John Jerry seem the most likely challengers for the job. Justin Smiley, who Miami signed to a 5-year, $25 million contract in 2008, lasted only two years. He is now on the trade block because of shoulder injuries that one might have seen on the horizon when he was with San Francisco and was forced to miss the latter part of 2007 with a shoulder issue.

So three years into rebuilding their offensive line ... the Dolphins are still rebuilding the offensive line.

My greater point is this: Everyone accepts the Dolphins needed a thorough rebuilding. Everyone accepts it was going to take time to do. But it is hard to accept that the Dolphins are already in Year 3 and still rebuilding what they already supposedly rebuilt. They are having to double-back, so to speak, to address issues they supposedly already addressed.

That slows things down.

And it cannot continue because, as with all teams, new issues pop up every year. Next offseason the Dolphins could be looking for help at running back or tight end, and perhaps wide receive. Next year the Dolphins could be looking for more backup quarterback help. Anyone looking off into distance can see that.

The last thing the team needs is to have those concerns, while also needing to address OLB (again) or FS (again) or CB (again) or OL (again).

Therre is still a lot of building being done around the construction site that is the Dolphins roster. Here's hoping the work currently being done won't soon require that it be redone. Again.


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BP has done about as well as could be expected, given the mess he has to clean up. I expect that in 2010 there will be some more setbacks. Considering the fact that BP now has an oil spill to deal with as well.

Home Is Very Impressed w/ Your Take Charge
Tell It How It Is Style

Have To Agree
Whole Heartily with the last couple of comments

Remind Me of my FAV Dolphin Quote
by Former Dolphins OC Gary Stevens

referring to the players picked for him

"U Can`t make chicken salad from chicken shiet"

Ron Burgandy: Wilson was the best available last year?

Two words: Darren Sharper.

The cost: $800,000.

The result: 9 interceptions.



Every JETS fan


You keep going on and on about Wilson and other mistakes this front office has made. Bro, like I said before, it's IMPOSSIBLE to be right every time. Show me a team that's been right with every single player they've signed or drafted. Not going to happen. What about all the good things they've done? What about Jake Long? Chad Henne? Brandon Marshall? Resigning Carey? Vontae Davis? Sean Smith? Karlos Dansby? Brian Hartline? Just to name a few.

They've hit on some, and they've missed on some. They have 22 starting positions to fill + special teams. I think they've done well in only 3 off seasons. And like I said before, unlike other front offices, this front office is quick to admit they made a mistake and try to rectify it. It's this last fact (as you like to say) that's having me keep the faith with this front office. Eventually, they will get it right. When that happens, you won't have much to write about, so don't be in such a hurry to see this team succeed. :)

This is what I call writing Armondo. Good Job. Provocative, disscussion driving, and opinionated. Already we are in page 3. I gotta work but I will be intrested to all the differences of opinion and each persons definition of progress. Check in later

The New Orleans Saints were crappy for years, you forget the Aint's and all the fans with bags on their heads??? They had alot of lousy teams WAY before Shockey and Brees were there..Same as New England, they also were a FAILURE for years...Some teams FAIL year after year, decade after decade before they achieve, and some never do, IE Chicago Cubs...Cmon Armando, you make it sound like the Ravens and Saints have ALWAYS been good..All teams go thru growing pains, it's only been TWO years since 1-15...

I hate it when people say that we are set at WR...no we are not. We have Marshall as a playmeker, Hartline as a up and comer, Bess and Camarillo as posession guys, and quite a lot of question marks from the other guy's. We should have added anther Marshall type guy but with more speed in this years daraft. We should have added Demarius Thomas, Dez Bryant, or Arrelious Benn to the offense because Marshall can't and won't do it all by himself. We will need more playmakers at WR and not just possession guys. Marshall will help greatly and I look forward to seeing what a more experienced Hartline can do opposite him. But one of the pair, Bess and Camarillo could have been, and should have been, upgraded. Size and speed is a combination that kills in this league. Bess and Camarillo just don't have it.

I disagree with Mando’s premise that they are rebuilding a rebuild. This was always a process leading to 2011 Super Bowl contention. We are still on that path.

I was reminded, being in New Orleans this past weekend, that the Saints went to the NFC Championship Game in 2006 and needed a reset to win the Super Bowl. It was pretty bleak there the following season after losing to the Bears and ’08 was only moderately better.

Look...we are on the right path. Unfortunately, this year's schedule is not much of an improvement over last year's.
In order to win a Super Bowl you need three things:

1)A pretty good team with depth
2) A favorable sked, although if you don't have No. 1 in this list, you don't beat the teams you're supposed to beat.
3) Injury luck. Again, back to No. 1 if you don't have depth, you're probably not a good football team in the first place. Subs and inevitable injuries test that all the time.

So....when this team finishes anywhere from 7-9 to 9-7 this year we need to be focused on two things:
1) How will the new NFL CBA help or hurt us based on where we are talent-collection wise?
2) What we do in the off-season and draft to put the final pieces in place on what SHOULD BE a Super Bowl caliber team.

2011 is the year.
Stay focused on that goal. What does or does not happen this year record-wise means nothing. Continued growth out of our key players and maturation of our last two sets of draft picks and signings is what matters.

Mando, I just said Darren Sharper was the best and would you complain next year when he is 35 years old and we have to replace him? Would you say he was a failure? The Dolphins failed because they signed an old FA knowing he soon would lose his ability?


Completely Disagree with u Ken
On Simply the Bess
undrafted FA in his second year
48 First Downs
2nd Best Player in the NFL on 3rd Down Conversion

and this is what Simply The Bess himself considers a bad year cuz of a few drops on 76 completions

The Dolphins Will Be On Fire This Season
In the Passing Game

Getcha Popcorn Ready

Bobbyd12 makes a good point. There are teams -- like the Lions for instance -- who are trapped in bad mistakes. They've never been to a Super Bowl and they're like an original NFL team.

The Dolphins benefited for YEARS from being the best-run team in a division of idiots. The Pats, Jets and Colts all took turns being the laughingstocks IN ALL OF SPORTS, nevermind the NFL. Some seasons they did it in pairs.

But since the Bills and Pats got themselves together in the 90's, the Dolphins have not competed very well with the exception of those years under Wanny. Sounds strange to say it and it doesn't feel like it should make sense, but somehow they at least got to the playoffs.

So where are we now? The Pats are retooling and are still well-run. The Jets are going for broke (and hopefully will end up broke). The Bills are back to being basket cases (although they kicked out butt last year up there) and the Colts, thank heavens, are out of the division.

Mando, you could pick any team in the league and I could poke holes in them and say the same stupid stuff you are saying right now... So this article is pretty much useless. You are complaining about Miami doing what all the other good teams do. You want a team that wins the division. They just won the division in 08. You cannot say this team is not competitive, young and could be one of the better teams in Miami in a long time.

lets face some facts the roth departure was a disaster he was a quality strong side linebacer with tons of upside. He handled his groin injury badly by trying to hide it intially and the front office and coaches acted childish in their treatment of him afterward. They should have mended bridges with him instead of burning them and losing a quality linebacker that had great value. They got nothing for him. The handling of that situation was a debacle.
Brandon Marshal a great addition but why not keep Ginn. The guy has crazy speed and we lack that in our recievers. He won us 2 games last year against the Jets. His production dropped yes and he dropped some passes but burn him at the cross for that I say no. Keep encouraging the kid hes still young with loads of upside. His production dropped because basically he was benched most of the second half of the season. Anothr debacle by the trifacta

But after going 7-9 and making mistakes with Wilson and Smiley and Crocker, and Ayodele and not addressing NT last year, and Eric Green, and Wilford, and Shawn Murphy and Pat White, the benefit of the doubt fades.

I'm certain you understand.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | May 11, 2010 at 12:59 PM "

Mandy, almost verbatum what I've been saying all along...Amazing that someone else can be OBJECTIVE!

RYIOT...I was positive. Said we'd contend on 2011.

Think all bloggers here
Should Show a little Intestinal Fortitude
and Register & Sign In

Esp If U Want to Your Point Taken or
Be Responded To

Neither Lenny Bruce or Armando Salguerro Are Afraid

So what your saying is I should be a Steeler Fan because they win in every decade?
C'mon Man!

Go Phins!

Armando i agee with u ,but; it wasn't this regimes fault are good buddy Dave Wanny destroyed a perfectly good team. The only problem i have with this rant of yours , is, were was it, in the wanny era?

And unfortunately carlito and all his alter egos WILL be back...

I'm glad today's critical but fair look at what the Dolphins are doing has brought out the good posters like Marc and Marcus. Thank you men, you've been gone far too long.

Um, Marcus, I HATE it when people presume to know what I would say or how I would react to something. You don't know what I would say.

On the Sharper matter, what I would have said is that it was a one-year signing of a veteran for a bargain $800,000 and that it worked out GREAt if he had 9 interception for Miami rather than New Orleans. And if he left, I would have said it was time to find a young safety for the future anyway.

With Wilson, the Dolphins signed him to a HUGE contract and didn't get even a modest return on the investement. He was terrible. It was a bad decision.

That's what I would say.



Amen, Robert. Amen. I have one big problem with the Trifecta and its this "their guys" thing. You some how get on their bad side and its over. The Ginn thing is classic, everyone else that was dropping balls got to keep playing. He was demoted and benched and then everyone talked about his production...OF Course it fell off...he was made the 4th or 5th string receiver. Like I said, totally agree with you robert.



Mando, Thanks for the article, you make some REALLY good points. I agree that we really need results soon. We have not had a playoff win in some time now. And we have been talking about rebuilding for YEARS! For organizations with little success in their past this is not a big deal. But for the PHINS, there is to much loosing for a team of this tradition.

I still don't know what the hell is going on with Jason Allen...same thing..he comes in and plays well, then he is stuck on special teams..but they also won't let him go. He has some ability but they won't really give him a shot. Anyone disagree with having him play free safety as opposed to Betty Crocker or Gibril Wilson? Anyone?

Agree 1000% With the blog today:

Smiley was supposed to be the answer at one guard spot - they ban him

D. Thomas was supposed to be the answer at the other guard spot - they
bring in Jerry and Incognito and former practice squadder Garner
unseats him

Wilford was supposed to be the answer at WR - he gets turned into a TE
and then cut

Fasano is supposed to be the answer at TE - don't see it

Gibril was supposed to be the answer at FS - no further comment

Ferguson was supposed to be the answer at NT - he is always hurt and
now suspended with the best DE turned into a NT now

Merling and Langford supposed to be the answer at DE - Odrick gets

Ayodele and Crowder and Torbor supposed to be the answer at ILB - Dansby gets signed Dobbins is acquired and Edds is drafted

OLB, FS, NT, TE, KR/PR, and despite the amount of bodies the Interior
OL is still a question.

Great post - the front office doesn't deserve a free ride because of
their name.

Where Are they going to get the pass rush from?maybe cam wake anybody else

It will all come down to Dolphins vs Jets

Patriots have a lot of unanswered questions @ RB and LB and a bunch of Rookie Florida Gators
with a gimpy Welker and a Moss who will lose interest as the team sinks into the polluted Charles River

Hopefully The Jets Will Not Develop Good team Chemistry
For They Are Stacked
But Do Not Count On It
Or Under Estimate An Uninjured Jason Taylor In
Rex Ryans Very Capable Defense

what happens when a quarterback becomes really, really good? holes seem to disappear. i.e. payton manning. with every fiber of my being i believe that henne is the real deal. miami has a dolphin, the greatest football team!

Just Being Honest
But Agree
Sounds Like A lot Of Sucking LOL

Peace U Crazy Man

The Yankees won the World Series last year and then promptly let go of two of their top hitters (Damon and Matsui) because they have their eye on winning again, and needed to upgrade the positions with younger more reliable talent. Does that mean the Yankees are rebuilding every year? By your logic, every pro team in every sport is constantly rebuilding.

Chris, who said they where the answer? They were just brought in to the team to play. No one said they were the answer to anything.

Phin's new Tri-fecta in 2011-

Simon-Paula and Randy!

Go Phins!

Why would you bring someone in if they aren't going to be the answer - just to play? For that you can bring in a bunch of undrafted rookies at the minimum who will give max effort and get similar results - just to play.


Guys, I want to tell you I appreciate you being here today. And, once again, I like it when you challenge me. This is a forum where no one opinion is king.

We can disagree without being disagreeable and attacking each other personally. We all want the same thing, ultimately -- that the Dolphins succeed.

You guys get to go at it by simply hoping and wishing anf rooting for the best. I have to go at it by being more objective and willing to question and critique while also hoping and wishing and rooting for the best.

I can assure you, the Dolphins are not offended by this. Privately, they admit they've made mistakes. Everyone does.

Gotta go now. Please keep the language clean on here. No need to curse or attack other folks personally.

Let's face it, having to read the words "Let's face it" so many times is annoying. Think of something else to say, Mando. Your writing is sophmoric.

Where did they get the pass rush from last year? Jason went out on passing downs half the year and Joey Porter only played good against inferior competition and even then only showed up when he sacked someone... The rest of the time he couldn't even put pressure on the QB. 44 sacks were made last year, 16 came from Taylor and Porter and at times we still couldn't get consistent pressure on the QB. So you go out and get guys who can cover, who have high motors and are intelligent. Couple that with Nolan's blitzing schemes and you have the potential for one solid defense.

Home Is One of Those Rare Individuals
Who Has Achieved Inner Peace
Therefore He Has No Problem Complimenting Folks

Believe In A World Full Of Hate
It Is Refreshing

U Should See the Look On Dolfans Faces
When Home Claps And Congrats Both Teams At The Stadium
Folks Feel Hating Is Normal Behavior
Home Does Not
A Real Man Is Patient & Forgives

Teach Your Children
Good Sportsmanship and Not To Hate
But Perhaps Too Late
For Now
We are In End Of Days and
We Will All Pay For Our Sins

ThanX Armando

Well Put

The Prophet

It is hard to argue with your facts, Armando. So I won't. I have to say reading the comments today shows how awesome this blog can be when people talk football. Even when they're arguing about it.

I've been around Mandy, just sporatically. Wasn't much substance as of late, and you are the one that has been void on the blog. Your participation always makes it more intersting. Certainly more intersting than meatball subs.


Do you ever notice that with each successive article or blog post you release, that you always achieve a new "worst" status for your writing? It's funny how when you peruse the posts below each of your newer entries, that there's always some hack trying to put you in your place and explain to you how you simply know nothing, yet they do so with bad grammar, terrible spelling and a presumptive attitude that they themselves are the supreme knowledge in all the Dolphin kingdom.

I'm really not sure which is worse; the nimrods from New York who feel the need to fight for their Jets in a South Florida column or the homegrown armchair QBs who think they know everything because they read a magazine once and way back in the day once played 7th grade football.

I don't always agree with you but I still come back because I want to read about my Fins. Keep plugging away Man. You can't fix stupid, you can only hope to contain it.


Fasano is a good tight end. Langford is a good starter. Crowder is a good young starter who battled injury last season.

Ferguson was a 34-year-old stop gap. He was supposed to be the long term answer?

Donald Thomas was a 6th round pick....the fact that he is in the rotation is good. You expect 6th round picks to be the answer?

Smiley gave the team two good years and know has seriuos shoulder trouble, so they will let him go.

Ayodele was swapped for a late round pick. He's 30. He was a stop-gap.

This team picked up a lot of stop gaps these last few seasons to patch up holes in the short term and remain somewhat competitive. It doesn't mean the world is falling down.

Wilson and Wilford were failures. Ok, you got them. The dolphins haven't been perfect.

It's not as if this team is not in a very promising position entering 2010 with the possibility of contending in 2011. The only deep holes this team has right now is outside linebacker and perhaps running back and free safety. With that being said, every team has a hole somewhere.

I'm not saying give this team a free pass or that they are perfect. Be critical, even though Armando does it in the form of upset fan rants, its ok. But the rant is not putting things into context.

Hey Ben, you crack me up trying to critique Armando's writing and you cannot spell sophomoric.

Go back and get your GED, dude.

You are all forgetting the first 3 games. Starting 0-3 was not Pennington's fault at all.
Henne played well, no discredit to him, but CP would have won those games too.

Game 1 was all Fasano's fault for losing 2 fumbles (especially the 2nd one, as if he didn't even learn from his mistake)

Game 2 - Defense couldn't stop Manning Dallas Clark. C.Penn and the offense kept it close, but Ginn couldn't make the final endzone catch.

Game 3 - Pennington was injured early. Plus it was the Chargers, that year they beat everybody.

Ron Burgandy: Wilson was the best available last year?

Two words: Darren Sharper.

The cost: $800,000.

The result: 9 interceptions.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | May 11, 2010 at 01:53 PM

You are absolutely right, I mentioned that in my post though. I really wish they signed him, but you and I both know the reason they didn't is because of age. Not saying THATS right, but Sharper would have been stop gap, and either this yr or next yr wed still be looking for a FS, so it's kinda the same end scenario, you know what I mean ? He obviously wouldnt be a failure, but wed be in the same situation as we are with having signed Gerbil.

I'll give you credit Armando. You sure know how to get a response out of readers.

I'm a little surprised Armando, I expected more from you.

The team was in disarray when this regime took over, and they have decided to build a physical team first and foremost. That foundation has been laid, and now they are starting to reinforce areas where the talent is present.

Why is it a failure to you if we have a new RDE? Is it somehow better if we left Starks at RDE and drafted a NT? The end result is the same; A draft pick spent on the DL.

We're not a perfect team, and might not ever be without some luck on our side (look at the best in the league, and many had the perfect piece fall in their laps to make the difference between "good" and "great.")

I've enjoyed the way the team is being rebuilt, and knew we needed a foundation before we spent money or draft picks on a fancy concrete tile roof.

What's with you today....so much anger in your tone....debate, counter with a positive tone.....just because 75% of your readers disagreed with you on this one there is no need to lash out at everyone....you can't be right all of the time.


Do you ever notice that with each successive article or blog post you release, that you always achieve a new "worst" status for your writing? It's funny how when you peruse the posts below each of your newer entries, that there's always some hack trying to put you in your place and explain to you how you simply know nothing, yet they do so with bad grammar, terrible spelling and a presumptive attitude that they themselves are the supreme knowledge in all the Dolphin kingdom.

I'm really not sure which is worse; the nimrods from New York who feel the need to fight for their Jets in a South Florida column or the homegrown armchair QBs who think they know everything because they read a magazine once and way back in the day once played 7th grade football.

I don't always agree with you but I still come back because I want to read about my Fins. Keep plugging away Man. You can't fix stupid, you can only hope to contain it.

Posted by: miamitoby | May 11, 2010 at 02:33 PM

I gotta agree with you on this Toby. While I rarely write on the blog and don't always agree with him, Armando is very intelligent and an excellent writer. While IMO he may be wrong sometimes, he does a great job and is very much appreciated always...

Great article Armando and right on target. Once again you have exposed the Dolphins for who and what they are. As promised, your check is in the mail. Thanks Again!!!

Yours truly,

Rex Ryan

Sorry Armando, I have to attack ignorant logic when I see it.

First you said we started rebuilding in 2008. Then you state were re-rebuilding again in 2009. Thus implying that in your perfect world, we were, or should have been, rebuilt in two seasons. You and all your A S S kissers can't have it both ways.

Wilson did suck and he was a mistake. That's pretty much your only valid point today. I don't care how many Marcie's or Marcusus rally round to suck up.

Wilson apparently fit in with the Giants scheme and got a ring. He looked good then. YET Now you want to blame the Trifecta for TRYING to bring in a SS that played for a SuoerBowl team? The guy was apparently fading fast or simply couldn't fit the scheme. How much of that you can fairly lay on the Trifecta is subjective.

According to you and the Marcies there should be no hit and miss propositions in today's NFL. If it were that easy we would have 32 teams playing in the SuperBowl every year.

I think Carlito is still upset about the whole fake moderator thing... he'll be back.


Armando I love my Dolphins and share your frustrations. I hope we win the Super Bowl every year, however our FO have made many errors and I commend you for pointing them out. I do not believe that makes you negative, just knowledgeable and capable of dealing with our reality.

You were polite in not ponting out all the errors they have made.

What is the harm in wanting the very very best from our FO. After all that's what they want from the players they select for us and heaven forbid if we question their performance.

some good points odinseye

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