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Rebuilding can frustrate when it's done over & over

There is building a franchise. Don Shula did that and it resulted in a couple of Super Bowl titles.

There is rebuilding a franchise. Jimmy Johnson did that and the nucleus of players he brought in were flawed on offense, very good on defense, and ultimately good enough overall to contend for playoffs spots from 1997 through 2003.

What we have now, however, is something much different. What we are seeing with the Miami Dolphins now is in some respects rebuilding position that we though had already been rebuilt. Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland are in the midst of doing that and so far the results are mixed.

Miami's dynamic and enigmatic personnel duo corrected a lot of wrongs their first season, turning a 1-15 disaster into a division winner and playoff team. But last year was a step-back season as the Dolphins dropped to third place in the AFC East with a 7-9 record. (Some of you may not accept it was a step-back year, but the facts are impossible to ignore.)

Now, after two years of building the team as they would want it, the Dolphins find themselves in the curious position of rebuilding the same team. 

After two years on the job, Parcells and Ireland got about the business this offseason of rebuilding practically the entire defense. The defensive coordinator is new. At least three of the four opening-day starters at LB will be new. The starting nose tackle will be different in the 2010 regular-season opener than he was in 2008 and 2009. The starting free safety will be new for the third time in three regular-season openers. Miami's right defensive end will be new -- again -- as the Dolphins will start Jared Odrick or Phillip Merling or Tony McDaniel as the fourth person to fill that starting job in three years.

All these are facts. And all the facts speak of the Dolphins having to cover ground in rebuilding that they already supposedly addressed in their initial rebuilding of this team the past two years.

Let's face it, the club has failed to properly address the free safety spot -- first giving the job to Jason Allen, then Chris Crocker, then Renaldo Hill, then Gibril Wilson, and now another player to be named at a later time.

Let's face it, the Dolphins invested two years, a modest draft pick, and millions of dollars in ILB Akin Ayodele only to find out he wasn't very good at stopping the run or in coverage.

Let's face it, the nose tackle position was an issue before last season began. Everyone knew Jason Ferguson was a stopgap measure and I remember Ireland being asked why he didn't address the position in the 2009 draft. He basically answered there are only so many big bodies to go around and one of them didn't fall to the Dolphins.

So Miami went into 2009 with Ferguson and he broke down. The Dolphins finally addressed the issue this offseason by moving Randy Starks to nose tackle.

The greater point here is Miami has reached a stage where the fixes need to finally take. The club cannot keep addressing the defensive line time and again. The club cannot keep addressing the free safety spot year after year.

And this rebuilding upon a rebuilt position also affects the offense. For all the money and resources the Dolphins have invested on the offensive line, the unit is still not completely resolved. In 2008, the right guard spot was an issue. In 2009, the right guard and left guard spots were issues.

Can we get the guards addressed once and for all, please?

The Dolphins believe they have done that at right guard where Richie Incognito is expected to compete for a starting job with Donald Thomas and perhaps Nate Garner.

The left guard spot is much less certain. Garner and rookie John Jerry seem the most likely challengers for the job. Justin Smiley, who Miami signed to a 5-year, $25 million contract in 2008, lasted only two years. He is now on the trade block because of shoulder injuries that one might have seen on the horizon when he was with San Francisco and was forced to miss the latter part of 2007 with a shoulder issue.

So three years into rebuilding their offensive line ... the Dolphins are still rebuilding the offensive line.

My greater point is this: Everyone accepts the Dolphins needed a thorough rebuilding. Everyone accepts it was going to take time to do. But it is hard to accept that the Dolphins are already in Year 3 and still rebuilding what they already supposedly rebuilt. They are having to double-back, so to speak, to address issues they supposedly already addressed.

That slows things down.

And it cannot continue because, as with all teams, new issues pop up every year. Next offseason the Dolphins could be looking for help at running back or tight end, and perhaps wide receive. Next year the Dolphins could be looking for more backup quarterback help. Anyone looking off into distance can see that.

The last thing the team needs is to have those concerns, while also needing to address OLB (again) or FS (again) or CB (again) or OL (again).

Therre is still a lot of building being done around the construction site that is the Dolphins roster. Here's hoping the work currently being done won't soon require that it be redone. Again.


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As harsh and scathing as this article appears to be, Armando has the right to his opinion like the rest of us. Having said that, I truly do not beleive the franchise is anywhere near as screwed up as he believes it is. Maybe Mando is having a bad day because he got dysentery or a tape worm while he was in Haiti??? I'm sure he will snap out of it in a day or two.

Although there are a few draft/trade decisions that the FO made that really make me scratch my head.... Pat White being at the top of the list. Like I said before though, everyone makes mistakes. This year will be a great year for the Dolphins and their fans!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot, the Jets and their fans SUCK!!!!

There is way to much BP Cool-aid in the water today. Armando's right. I have been saying the same thing for months. You can't build a SB contender, if always drafting for the same positions. It doesn't mean you can't build a reasonably good team. If you don't rebuild and rebuild quickly, by the time you think you have a great team, all your great players have either left for FA or on their way out the door and your consistently in the rebuilding process. Personally, I doubt the trifecta is up for the job. Collectively what have they won. Nothing.

I CANNOT believe the FO lost WR Isaiah Williams to the Steelers!!! Yet another Epic Fail by the group responsible for the Decline of Our Once Proud Team!

Heads should roll over this GAFFE!!!


Have you ever played football? On any level above Pop Warner?

Dear Mando,

Hmmm,sometimes it seems that you are running out of material and throw something out to see if it sticks. I am not going to ask you if you could have done better because that is not your expertise...which leads me to my next question.... if it is not your expertise, how in the $@%##% can you come up with such opinions? You have extrapolated some cloudy conclusions out of some obvious events.... If you are going to come up with such opinions should you not have a deeper understanding/information as to the reasons why the front office has made decisions in the past? Please stick to informing us about the Phins instead of trying to play "60 Minutes".

Otherwise, I enjoy most of your stuff.

James Stenson, and how many sucessful teams have YOU built??Do you work in the NFL?? Name another guy besides Parcells who has taken teams who have been at the bottom and loaded them with talent??? Tell us what YOUR qualifications are??


In my opinion, the Dolphins are still building the final product. Meaning, they never rebuilt the team on the Trifecta's first year, like you present it. They began to do it, and 3 years later they are pretty close to completing it. We were a 1-16 disaster. And the fact the we won the Division in 2008 was because the players we had (regardless of rating) sensed the change, and believed in it. 2009 was a reality of what our team lacked. Game-changing players and a more than decent Defence. Now they have addressed those issues. Plus, we got ourselves a heck of a D. Coordinator. Yes sir!

They said it would take approximately 3 years to see results, and I trust we might just see that this year.

You can't build a SB contender, if always drafting for the same positions.

Posted by: James Stenson | May 11, 2010 at 02:55 PM

Yeah, I agree James. That drafting the best player available strategy is bulls h i t.


If you lay a solid foundation, and this is what BP has done, you can then start too draft the best player available, duh!

Unless of course you would rather reach for guys like Tedd Ginn and Jason Allen.

You were right on point Armando. You shouldn't have to continue to address the same spots on the team year after year. Although, the Dolphins have been doing that at QB for years. I hope that in another 2 years were not looking for another - Henne looks like he could be the real deal.

Odinseye, you're right on the money bro. Not one team in all of sports never makes mistakes. Even the New York Yankees make numerous mistakes for crying ou loud. There is no trend of failure from BP so idk what Mando and others are so miffed about, i truly don't...

REBUILDING is a necessary constant for any ballclub in any sport to stay in a race to the top. One year wonders don't succeed in the long run, both in athletics and business. Instant gratification is what you want. You don't give a hoot about longterm success. This team needs good depth that is replenished yearly, not overpaid has beens.


You asked a previous poster to show you where the Trifecta stated it would take 3-4 years to compete.

Then you implied there was no proof that they stated this.


Why don't you try using a little common sense once in a while?
Why don't you show all of us what FO, coming into a train wreck of a team wasn't given at least 3, if not 4 years to turn it around.

Dr. Michael Margaretten,

I couldn't agree more. But I do believe that Armando gives a hoot about longterm success. He's just desperate for it, just like the rest of us.


You better man up and get back here right now!


Ridiculous!! They have rebuilt! There are only a few players from Pre-Tuna left. Now they're tweaking. OLB, TE, and S(FS and/or SS) will have to be addressed next year because of either a hole or through natural attrition. This team is in GREAT shape and on the cusp of several championship runs IMO.


Can you name a succesfull rebuilding of a team in the past five years? Point is, building a competitive football team takes a loooong time. And you need to constantly be revamping your roster. Thats what i think some peoples problem is... some may think that you can go out and just draft the most popular guy each and every time, and spend mass free agent money and be good in one year. Building a team is hard work, and the FO doesnt need us arm chair quarterbacks (or in this case General Managers) critizing them for a job they have trained for several years to do.

Carlito, Odinseye is right...

Carlito from golfito is gone? Yippie! Awesome! Finally!

One less retard on this blog.

Armando and all the other non-educated football fans?

You cry about our OL? Are you Fing kidding me?

In 2008 we put together an OL. In 2009 that line was leading the NFL in rushing yards until injuries, and an injury to our starting RB.
In 2010 we bring in one of, if not the strongest, OL in the NFL and draft a beast in John Jerry and you guys want too look at this in a negative light?
Our O-line was very good by all NFL standards. Yet the Trifecta made moves to make it even better, while simultaneously concentrating on a much needed defensive draft.

Cry, cry me a River...........Ha ha ha!

Armando just keeps spewing the same crap over and over. Akin Ayodele, Reggie Torbor, Gibril Wilson,Ernest Wilford...guess what Mando those players were never going to be part of the future, they were stop gaps (3 mill, so what). Also JT took less money because of he gave them a home town discount and he wanted to be closer to his family. We have a LT, a potentially good future QB, a stud WR, a good deep OL, 2 starting young CB, a deep DL, and now new blood at LB (with a very good ilb in Dansby). Give me a break Mando, they missed on some players (the Smiley example is horrible by the way), but last I looked nobody's perfect as you prove over and over again with some of your articles. This team is much improved and I think we forget that we played with essentially a rookie QB last season and endured some key injuries unlike the year before. Armando just writes now to get us fired up, so he can be the number one Dolphins blog writer, who cares.


I know he's right. It's just that we can't do this alone. Look at all the retarts that show up here.

Speaking of retarts, Willi Chirino-STFU!

Odinesye, this ain't your house were you call up from the basement to your mother to STFU and she does because she's afraid you'll leave and take your welfare check with you.

You're nothing on this blog, son. So I don't believe I'll STFU. I believe I'll laugh at your stupidty.

Armando said he wants a team that can win a division title... and under this regime in 2 seasons played they have won a division title. what makes u think they cant this year?? while they arent batting a 100% with free agents and draft picks this regime i am not mad at, keep up the good work!

Mando - I like it when you duke it out with the readers.

My overall "impression" of what you are saying is the Tuna has made a lot of mistakes - So What?

At least they see them and rectify them quickly - case in point Gerbil and that dufus that went back to Jacksonville. Problem today is FA's get big guaranteed money and they lose their motivation - eg Fat Albert in DC. Heck Jamarcussss Russell never even got motivated once he got his big rookie contract. It is very hard to be sure these overpaid jocks will continue top perform ABB - after big bucks.

One more thing - the Trifecta are not afraid to dump the players or Coaches who aren't getting it done.

Funny how the debate was good when Mando was on here but as soon as he left the losers like Odinseye and Carlito come back to ruin the blog.

Boys, get a clue and find a girlfriend or something. Leave the blog to the adults.

dude not to pleased with the article... over the past 2 years the average record is 9-7...not 1-15 they are heading in the right direction faster then most had anticipated... you gotta remember 1-15 to 9-7 average is good...lets point out the historic things along with the bad things
1. Wild cat in 08 & 09
2. tied NFL record for best improvement
3. 2008 tied lowest turn over record
4. 2008 fewest injuries in the league
....just a few off the top of my head

"What we have now, however, is something much different. What we are seeing with the Miami Dolphins now is rebuilding what has been rebuilt."

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/05/rebuilding-can-frustrate-when-its-done-over-and-over.html#comments#ixzz0neTmNy00

Sorry, Armando, but the word "rebuilt" implies completion. Thus I think your whole premise is flawed!

08 had 16 games started at QB by the guy who finished 2nd in MVP voting


Yeah yeah mom's basement, welfare checks ha ha vey amusing, NOT!

Phone's off the hook Willi call back later......when you can think of something intelligent.

Funny how the debate was good when Mando was on here but as soon as he left the losers like Odinseye and Carlito come back to ruin the blog.

Boys, get a clue and find a girlfriend or something. Leave the blog to the adults.

Posted by: Alex in Hialeah | May 11, 2010 at 03:37 PM

Alex you're a debater now? You sound like a master bater.
You add so much to the blog when you call people loser's.

Your just another hipocrite, that swings from the latest fads T-bags.

Classic example of the pot calling the kettle black.

Keep being a follower dumbsheep!


Instead of just calling name you oh so adult idiot, why don't you address any one of my posts?

Counterpoint any one of my posts today.

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Baa baaa bleat!

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Home regretfully i have to agree with you as i have seen many of your postings over the years.My question is how are you going to get that big head through the door?

LOL @ Patrick

If you're so psychic, why don't you know there's a new blog up?

I agree Armando. It seems like trifecta try to correct their mistakes quickly. They seem to constantly misfire on several positions. DE is the biggest one. I hope DE is not a misfire this year because we need to move on from the misfires on DE and WR and LB. Crowder signing was a mistake. If they didn't feel he was a top $ LB why sign him. Thats an important position. The misfires put you in a rut because like you said, after 3 years, holes pop up that were not holes when you started.

What a truly awful article. It's as if you never have followed the game of football. I can't believe you are shocked that Akin Ayodele was not a long term answer. Normally I enjoy your articles but this one is ridiculous and not well thought out.

Why not finish the thought and bestow upon us your wisdom, who would you take for these glaring holes? Pointing out possible solutions along with the perceived problems would seem to be fair. Just saying 'hey there's a problem' isn't enough. That's just agitprop (see Orwell, George).

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Mando, good points, but a little soon to complain. It doesn't have to be stated that they never said it would take 3-4 years to rebuild. I remember Sparano saying that 11-5 was still a work in progress. Also, you said that we invested a "modest draft pick" in Ayodele when we gave up a 4th rounder for Ayodele AND Fasano while getting a 4th for Lorenzo Booker. That's amazing. You failed to mention that. Also, I understand about the fixing positions already fixed, but look at the turnover of the roster. We have made some mistakes, but that's to be expected. We had a 0 win team. (I know we won a game in 2007, but the Ravens had that game won. Stover missing a FG in OT is rare). We had to have stopgap solutions in order to put a decent team on the field.

I've followed Parcells for the better part of 30 years. After reading that jem, It's easy to see why he has little patience for the "media".

You know what, maybe Carlito is right, there maybe better blogs out there with more intelligence. Time to enjoy the baseball season and forget about football for a couple months because there will actually be very little to talk about...Steroids are good for u when prescriped by a physician, not when abused you stupid, unintelligent, Fu"kin dress wearing A S S H O L E...hope ur testicles fall off and ur girlfriend enjoys a teeny tiny penis...

Armondo you are reaching badly on this story. It take at least 3yrs to rebuild and we are in yr 3 so what are you talking about rebuild on top of rebuilding. We drafted Oline, Dline, and RBs in 2008. In 2009 we drafted WRs, CBs, and and depth (STeamers). This yr we go ILBs,OLB, more depth at D and Olines. We have failed in FA at times with GWilson at FS, EWilford at WR ( Smiley was real good when he was on the field so I do not think that was a bust IMO). The bottom line Armondo is you have jumped the gun when you thought the rebuilding process was over and then rebuilding again, we are in the same rebuilding mode and will be for another yr at least.

Wrong blog D-bag Booby. What happened to following Mandy's rules? Such a hot head, wannabe cop, LMAO...



Thank U Miami Herald IT Dept

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it seem that we were better in 09 than 08 except we lost more close game than previous yr

Let's face it - the fins lost their starting QB,HB, CB to injury, played the toughest schedule in the league and were expected to improve upon 11-5. BS blog

Mondo i will say i enjoy ur report better than the chuckle heads @ the sun sentinel. But it seems ur a fan cuz ur job dictates u cover the dolphins. Im a fan since i was five yrs old i never 4got the place i was when i 1st seen them on tv ive been fan since never swayed never jumped ship . Came in rite after their last sb win been there cried when washington beat m just stop riggins cldnt do it. Bein frm n y only so many games could see i wnt forget monday nite,gainst bears i called that win u cld just feel it in the air. Since 93 when satelite strtd carrien games til now ive missed may b 3 games bought my house in 98 got nfl ticket not missed one game ive got it so i can record games on dvd.evry year i get mor & mor into the whole process. It seems to me u write way mor negative things on miami not like that clown cote or omar there is couple mor. I was there when shula would not get rid of bend but dnt break olivadoti, when jj cockiness handcuffed marino then begged him to win when his plan failed thn quit on us cuz he cldnt get past 1st round in humiliating fashion thn bullshted wayne bout dumbsted. Watched that cardboard cut out run ricky into ground meanwhile makn stupid draft move after stupid draft move. Which is the main reason were in this mess dick saban ddnt help & dnt get me strtd bout that oc 4 baltimore. The trifecta is doin an awesome job period & they will build a team that will b in the thick of it 4 awhile. U r gonna write what u will but this fan wld like a lot mor positive stuff instead that stuff sounds like school girl winey crap.

Actually, a lot of truth is in this article. As Armando notes, NT, and FS positions are still quite questionable. And the rest of the defense is nothing to write home about either. It is at best service-able.

I disagree with the obstinacy of staying with the 3-4. This BP's ego. The 4-3 is easier to build thru the drafts, all colleges use it. This is going to cost the Dolphins dearly.

The Offense is adequate with the addition of Marshall. Last year's Indy/New Orleans type debacles could be prevented.
Overall, I think the team is in for another 8-8 type season, at best 9-7 if lucky:
Losses: Jets(2), NE, GB, Minn, Balt, Cincy,

Starks strtd the middle he will be fine.

You cannot deny that some of the positions on defense filled over the last few years didn't workout however you can't predict an A+ player everytime. Sometimes players just don't workout it. I would rather see Miami cut their losses and try to find someone new than keep what clearly isn't gonna work. I'm not denying past issues on defense however, for the critical fans, let's let the 2010 defense play before we are overly critical. GO PHINS

There are plenty of needs to be addressed still. We can all agree to that. But I think this is a make-or-break year for Henne and Sporano. I'm a big fan of both and I hope to God that they and the rest of team have a great 2010 season.

But if Henne should falter, then we have a serious QB position to readdress again. And I don't think the FO wants Pennington back at the reign.

As for Sporano, he's made some debatable calls last season that several media outlets (and fans) questioned. For the most part, he's been given the benefit of the doubt as the team is 'rebuilding.' Will the axe fall on him (or the OC/DC) if this season turns into another 7-9...or worst? If so, then are we looking for another coach too? As Dolfans, let's support our team - even though there are still lots of questions to address.

I have something to add to your right on view there my friend. I also think that Parcells is under the watch too, I just don't see the owner keeping Bill around too much longer if we keep having to address the same issues over and over again...I think it might be a total three headed dragon slaying if we falter this year. Just my opinion. Now don't get me wrong guys..I hope Henne and company do great and our team winds up back in the playoffs this year...I've been waiting for years and yers with all of you guys for a shot at the big show....let's hope the time is now my friends!!

You are right Mando. It should of been simple to take the worst team in the league and completely fix it in 2 drafts.

Keep in mind the 4th round pick that was traded for Akin Ayodele also brought us Fasano, so really Ayodele was throw in that helped us for a couple of years, but I'm sure you would landed a couple of pro bowlers.

Mando, sorry about the j 101 remark but I disagree with the rest. BP is going to re-build or build or whatever through the draft. Akin and torbor were brought here because we needed LB play and they were good enough for a couple of years until we got to drafting some. Now if Dansby chokes then I agree with you. Because they are looking at dansby long term. They are going to be rebuilding through the draft and so far they have drafted really well. Much better than any of our previous regimes other than maybe Jimmy Johnson on the defensive side. These guys have drafted well both in offense and defense. Give them a break will you!!


The blog has been very entertaining today; it’s been a little on the slow side and I have felt no need to comment lately but today, that has changed.

I think a lot of what Mando said has merit and is of legitimate concern. I will say everything is a matter of degree and perspective. We are not Oakland and we are not a 1 and 15 team; we do have a ways to go and the FO has to do a little better judging talent. But! They do deserve credit for pulling my beloved Phins from the precipice of the abyss.


Come home brother!

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