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Rosenhaus on Justin Smiley, Ricky Williams

Super-agent Drew Rosenhaus doesn't like to tell folks how many clients he has anymore because other agents use it against him, believe it or not. But he does represent seven Miami Dolphins.

And I asked him about two of those moments ago after the Zach Thomas press conference. (Rosenhaus represented Thomas throughout his 14-year NFL career.)

I asked Rosenhaus about guard Justin Smiley, who is admittedly in limbo. Rosenhaus said he's asked the Dolphins to resolve the matter of trading or releasing Smiley by the time minicamp happens next week.

"It's obviously in the Dolphins hands," Rosenhaus said. "They're trying to trade him. And they're wanting to get the right compensation for him. But that can be tough when other teams know the situation."

The situation is the Dolphins have moved on from Smiley. They've moved Donald Thomas to left guard and were scheduled to host free agent Cory Procter no later than Friday, according to an NFL source. So the team is basically moving on and everyone knows it.

The minicamp next week (May28-30) is mandatory. The team could and probably will excuse Smiley -- same as it has from offseason conditioning and OTAs.

This much is clear: Smiley has played his final game for Miami.

Rosenhaus also represents running back Ricky Williams. While the agent is not keen on discussing Williams, it is no secret he is advising Williams to play at least one more year after his current contract runs out after 2010.

Williams, 33, gained over 1,000-yards last season in what was something of a renaissance year for him. He is currently the Dolphins starter at running back because he's played well and Ronnie Brown is coming off lisfranc surgery.

Williams originally was planning on retiring after 2010. But the running back apparently is rethinking that and listening to Rosenhaus. He is now non-commital about playing beyond 2010.

"It'll depend on what kind of season he has and how his body holds up," Rosenhaus said optimistically.