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Rosenhaus on Justin Smiley, Ricky Williams

Super-agent Drew Rosenhaus doesn't like to tell folks how many clients he has anymore because other agents use it against him, believe it or not. But he does represent seven Miami Dolphins.

And I asked him about two of those moments ago after the Zach Thomas press conference. (Rosenhaus represented Thomas throughout his 14-year NFL career.)

I asked Rosenhaus about guard Justin Smiley, who is admittedly in limbo. Rosenhaus said he's asked the Dolphins to resolve the matter of trading or releasing Smiley by the time minicamp happens next week.

"It's obviously in the Dolphins hands," Rosenhaus said. "They're trying to trade him. And they're wanting to get the right compensation for him. But that can be tough when other teams know the situation."

The situation is the Dolphins have moved on from Smiley. They've moved Donald Thomas to left guard and were scheduled to host free agent Cory Procter no later than Friday, according to an NFL source. So the team is basically moving on and everyone knows it.

The minicamp next week (May28-30) is mandatory. The team could and probably will excuse Smiley -- same as it has from offseason conditioning and OTAs.

This much is clear: Smiley has played his final game for Miami.

Rosenhaus also represents running back Ricky Williams. While the agent is not keen on discussing Williams, it is no secret he is advising Williams to play at least one more year after his current contract runs out after 2010.

Williams, 33, gained over 1,000-yards last season in what was something of a renaissance year for him. He is currently the Dolphins starter at running back because he's played well and Ronnie Brown is coming off lisfranc surgery.

Williams originally was planning on retiring after 2010. But the running back apparently is rethinking that and listening to Rosenhaus. He is now non-commital about playing beyond 2010.

"It'll depend on what kind of season he has and how his body holds up," Rosenhaus said optimistically.


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1st again what's up with u people

I know whats up with this one.

It's kind of hard to comment on. This has all been reported, then reported again, then over-reported.

I'm not being critical of Armando, he hits and misses just like the rest of us.

However, this does smell like a veiled case of name dropping.

OH HELL YEAH! You know I'm commenting on this post and the one before it. I am so f***ing pshyched that they're signing Zach for a day so he can retire a Dolphin! Hands down my favorite player of all time.

1."Also, do you think the Dolphins should retire Thomas' number"? ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, NO DOUBT!
2."Do you think Thomas belong in the ring of fame or honor or whatever the Dolphins call it"? SEE ABOVE ANSWER.
3. "And do you think Thomas is a Hall of Fame prospect"?

I will be shocked and very upset if he doesn't get in. This has nothing to do with him being my favorite player and everything to do with what made Zach a great player and teammate.

The bottom line is Zach was small for the position and still put up better numbers than a lot of "prototypical linebackers". He studied harder than most any other player in the history of the NFL JUST TO GET AN EXTRA EDGE ON GAME DAY. That was pointed out by many people in the know including John Madden. He also played on mediocre teams that never went anywhere due to a consistently crappy offense. Hell yeah Zach deserves the HOF!

To the people saying he never won a superbowl so he shouldn't get in.

TAHT'S EXACTLY WHY HE SHOULD GET IN! Look at all of the talent that surrounded those players and then ask yourself how in the hell Zach put up similar numbers on such mediocre teams. You're just making more of a case for him to be voted in.


This is good news. At least Rosenhaus will still speak to you.

Anytime anyone speaks to you Armando, it's a good thing.

You're our Pipeline, so get out there and lay some pipe Bro!

HA! I had to sit through almost 20 pages of pre camp rankings and Zach Thomas gets two pages and then we move on to freakin Drew Rosenhaus and Justin Smiley?! Damn you Mando! :)

Man with all this moving and shaking on our 150 million or so oline we better not give up a sack and rush for 5000 yards this season... Lol

Who cares if your first if you don't say anything about the article

Smiley is going to end up being released. No one is going to offer anything for him because they all know he is done in Miami.

If Ricky Williams stays healthy he will play another season but, will Miami sign him to another contract? I hope so because he always plays hard and gives %100 every time he touches the ball.

Live this team love what they r doing.... Wish the season would start tommorow so excited.... Go phins

That's. And no one better bad mouth Zach in this blog today or I swear to everything that is holy I will find a way to reach through the internet and slap you silly! :)

Posted by: NYScott | May 20, 2010 at 05:43 PM

Zach is our "baddest" mofu at linebacker since Bouniconti/Offerdahl. Did I bad enough Zach enough here?

Posted by: DyingBreed | May 20, 2010 at 05:52 PM



Posted by: ALoco | May 20, 2010 at 06:04 PM


I liken Zach Thomas to a Drain plunger. You never realize the true value to having one around until your pipes get clogged. Thomas unclogged a many opposition offenses during his 12yrs in Miami!


11 13


Dying, Did you get that diddy from NJ FIN FAN????

Zach should eventually go into the HOF. The hell with the rings people keep talking about.


Missed the last blog. Want to say I'm glad Parcells caved on Zach. Too bad it took everybody raising hell to get it done. But the fact is, the current regime does not give a damn about the fans or what they want.


Bad mouth Zach?

Well, this won't be easy, but what the hell, I'll try anything way too many times.

Ahem.......is this thing on?

OK...(drums rollin)....Zach is so goofy looking.

Narrator: How goofy looking is he?

Zach is so goofy looking, he looks like Fred Flintsone on Juice....WHA!...Wha...wah....

Seriously, what could you possibly say bad aboput Zach Thomas?

Sounds good on the Ricky info. love that guy. I've totally forgiven his past transgressions.



Odin, He looks more like Barney Ruble then Fred, Though I cant say his sister looks like Betty Ruble.........



If I was Zach's Dad, I would have to have some DNA results. cuz dem kids don't look nothing alike :)

They are from Texas you know, Strange group over there in the "Lone star" State indeed, Maybe Zachs Daddy had a little time and did Dez's Momma.... Just saying...........

Carlito is and has been bad mouthing Mando and this blog on the SS. So, get a clue.


Sad we are not going to be able to get anything for Smiley...I understood the Porter deal and he really had NO trade value, but Smiley should have gotten us something...Ricky will try to hang on one year too long, just like Taylor...Ricky, have a GREAT year and go out on top, don't make a drama

Number fifty four forever holmes. Vatos locos. Forever holmes.



Crowder and Dobbins at Mike and Dansby and Edds at Mo.

Sounds like a big mistake too me.
It's like Crowder stays at Mike by default. The guy don't have the coverage skills, so keep him at Mike.

I don't believe this is the way it should be done.
I know it's early and it's only OTA's but lets stop covering for peoples weaknesses and play too our strengths.

Other than Marshall's hips, this is the biggest surprise I've seen since OTA's began. I think Dansby should be the mike PERIOD.


Totally agree with you, I said he put up as good of numbers as any hall o' famer, the one thing people will look at is that he didn't win the SB. But I think he will get in maybe not first year but eventually in the hall he goes.
True Warrior and gave it his all and left it all out on the field! Congrats Zach!

Great post by NY Scott @ 5:50.

I'm back. I made a terrible mistake leaving this blog. I also made a terrible mistake being gay.

I'm over the first mistake.

Man I don't wanna touch this blog, to many duz and dunts! MAN today's plays could give two cents in what Zack is all about, they don't care about the fans they care about themselves, and I can't stand that type of players, The "TO'S" of today are a group of A-HOLES! Zack cares about his play and his team and his fans, that's what makes a great player not a me me me attitude, Those other guys will never be wanted after the Man uses their talent and their all done and washed up then no one wants them....


listening to you on Zas's show right now......EXCELLENT job conveying the emotion and meaning of Zach's presser.

Since I missed the presser & the blogs all day..............thanks!!!


I have to ask...Is all that love your showing to zach paying your bill, is his respect for the game keeping a roof over your head, and finnally does his care for teammates and fans give you, JoeFinz braggring rights as a Fin fan.

I have to be honest with you. It does none of those for me. Not even the last one. Consistent mediocricy (9-7, 8-8) does not get you HOF, it doesn't get your Jersey retired, It does (if you played YOUR postion exceptionnaly well) get you the right to retire with the team of your choice. We paid him that honor. It was the right thing to do.

As for the ME,ME,ME attitude of todays player, well even BP realized that he needed one of those guys. Brandon Marshall. I know everything is roses and honey now but after the season starts we will see the true beast emerage. And thats a good thing because those kind of guys force others to be better,

Dolphins4life, I know people keep saying that about Zach "no superbowl so no hall of fame".

This is driving me absolutely insane for a bunch of reasons.
There are players in the NFL who don't have superbowl rings but are in the hall of fame.

Zach played on a team that could never get it right offensively so how does one hold HIM accountable for not having a superbowl ring?

He gave everything he ever had to his team and the game. He never took a play off and he barely took time off for himself working late into the night most nights. But because the Dolphins didn't win a superbowl he wont get into the hall of fame?! Eventhough there are linebackers with worse stats than him who have one ring and are in the hall!!!!? Am I missing something here? This is completely illogical.

Hey, Danny Marino has great stats as well but he never won a ring. Maybe he shouldn't be in the HOF. How about Karl Malone, one of the best centers in NBA history, no ring, take him out I guess? Is this what we're basing greatness on?

You're one of the best at your position, 7 time pro bowler, 10 time all american, led his team in tackles for 11 out of 12 seasons, voted to the all decade team, highly respected and feared by every QB in the league, winner of multiple team awards, but hey, your team never won a superbowl so you're not good enough.


Sorry, correction here. 5 times first team all pro. Not '10 time all american'.

Most tackles all-time


I fully understand and apperciate what Zach meant to this team. I watched every game possible. While he played I may have been the biggest Zach Thomas fan there was. He was our bridge, a Super Star player as Marino retired. We needed him. The Dolphins needed him. He perfomed more than admiralbly as he fulfilled heroic deeds on the grid iron in super human fashion.

Now that time has passed, Its time to put our hero's carreer into perspective.
Perspective like hindsight is 20/20. He was what we needed at the time.

That time has passed

I'm out...good night all

peace out

kris, now let me ask you a question. And understand that I'm not putting you down and you're entitled to your opinion (no matter how ill informed and misguided it may be :)

With all due respect, in pointing out the Dolphins TEAM record you do realize that Zach wasn't on the field alone right? You say "8-8 and 9-7" as if he was the only player on the field.

They had a winning record for 9 out of the 12 seasons he was there and that's with Jimmy "I hate Marino" Johnson, Dave "I'm completely confused" Wannstadt, Nick "I only understand the college game" Saban, and Cam " Holy s**t I'm a moron" Cameron.

So I counter (if you want to use the individual is responsible for superbowls and wins BS theory) that if it wasn't for Zach they wouldn't even have sniffed the playoffs let alone a winning record. Quick, name a player beside Jason Taylor who had more impact on game day than Zach did during his time with the team.

And what does the fact that we're showing respect for one of our favorite players of all time have to do with paying the bills? And then you start bragging about how good Brandon Marshall MIGHT be? So you have mad respect for Marshall who hasn't done crap for the Dolphins and is in constant trouble and none for Zach Thomas who was the epitomy of a great NFL player? Seriously man you must not have been around in the late nineties and early two thousands to see the man play because if you were you never would be talking about one of the best Dolphins players to ever wear the uniform in a negative light. And that's not my opinion, his stats speak for themselves.

I know you're gone kris but seriously, you made up for your first post a little with that one,,,,,BUT.

The discussion is whether or not he belongs in the hall of fame, not whether or not we should still talk about him because you want to move on.

There will be plenty of time to talk about the new guys but the fact is one of our best players of all time JUST retired and I for one want to, (and if only for tonight) remember all of the joy and pride he brought to the fans. There is not ONE player on this team that has stepped up and earned the amount of respect from us that Zach did. That's why I'm not ready to annoint any of these current players as all time Dolphin greats. Here's to hoping someone steps up and fills the void this season.

Zack is clearly the #1 MLB in Dolphin history ....

Did you know .... Shula was head coach of Dolphins from 1970 through 1994 (24 years) ... during which time he only had two Hall of Fame draft picks: MARINO and STEPHENSON

In contrast ... Jimmy Johnson was only head coach of Miami for 4 years and he also had two picks which probably will be Hall of Fame (once they retire) ZACK THOMAS and JASON TAYLOR ..... JJ also drafted Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain (the two best CBs in Dolphin history)

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