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The Cowboys draft board (the real McCoy) here

Jerry Jones whiteboard
The days and weeks leading to the NFL draft see a glut of draft boards or mock drafts from experts and non-experts alike, but we never really see an actual NFL draft board.

Until now.

The picture above is Dallas owner-president-general manager Jerry Jones standing in front of his team's draft board on Saturday, April 24 -- the third day of the draft. Many of the names on the board are clearly visible. You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

The Cowboys have confirmed this is their actual board. Apparently the team's in-house television department mistakenly put a video clip of Jones in front of the board up on the Internet somewhere. A loyal reader of mine in Iowa passed the picture along to me. I then confirmed its authenticity.

The picture speaks for itself, but in case you are having trouble deciphering all the names, the list of those that are legible are found below.

Here's how it works: The Cowboys graded the players on their board and put their names on computer readout tags. As players are drafted, the Cowboys replace the tag with the player's name, the team and spot where he was actually taken. The original Dallas order remains intact.

So Sam Bradford was the top-rated player by the Cowboys and he was selected by the Rams No. 1. In that the two teams agree.

But, for example, the Cowboys had Gerald McCoy rated ahead of Ndamakong Suh. So McCoy remains at No. 2 on their board while Suh is No. 3. The team simply removed McCoy's tag when he came off the board and added the team selecting him and the actual spot he was picked.

So why is this interesting to you?

Well, it is interesting to me the Cowboys had Dolphins first round pick Jared Odrick rated No. 15 on their board. The Dolphins got him with the No. 28 overall selection. So according to the Cowboys' grade, the Dolphins got a bargain.

Same thing with Koa Misi, who the Cowboys rated No. 35 overall, but the Dolphins got with the No. 40 overall selection.

It works the other way also, by the way. The Dolphins drafted guard John Jerry in the third round with the 73rd overall selection. The Cowboys had a fourth-round grade on Jerry -- 110th overall. So according to the Cowboys' grades, the Dolphins reached on Jerry.

The teams more or less agreed on a fifth-round grade for safety Reshad Jones.

Obviously this is all opinion. Not every team is going to agree on the grades and worth of players. One assumes the Dolphins don't believe they reached for Jerry.

Anyway, take a look at the Cowboys player rankings below. The round, overall selection and team that actually selected each player is in parenthesis. Some names were illegible. I could not find A.J. Edds and other Dolphins picks on the board. Perhaps you can. 

Round 1
1. Sam Bradford (1st round, No. 1 overall, St. Louis)
2. Gerald McCoy (1st, No. 3, Tampa Bay)
3. Ndamakong Suh (1st, No. 2, Detroit)
4. Russell Okung (1st, No. 6, Seattle)
5. Trent Williams (1st, No. 4, Wash.)
6. Eric Berry (1st, No. 5, KC)
7. Rolando McClain (1st, No. 8, Oak.)
8. Joe Haden (1st, No. 7, Cleve.)
9. CJ Spiller (1st, No. 9, Buff.)
10. Mike Iupati (1st, No. 17, S.F.)
11. Dez Bryant (1st, No. 24, Dallas)
12. Earl Thomas (1st, No. 14, Seattle)
13. Bryan Bulaga (1st, No. 23, GB)
14. Sean Lee (2nd round, No. 55, Dallas)
15. Jared Odrick (1st, No. 28, Miami)
16. Jason Pierre-Paul (1st, No. 15, NYG)
17. Derrick Morgan (1st, No. 16, Tenn.)
18. Kyle Wilson (1st, No. 29, NYJ)
19. Maurkice Pouncey (1st, No. 18, Pitt.)
20. Navorro Bowman (3rd, No. 91, S.F.)
21. Jahvid Best (1st, No. 30, Det.)
22. Tyson Alualu (1st, No. 10, Jax.)
23. Jermaine Greham (1st, No. 21, Cincy)

Round 2
1. Devin McCourty (1st, No. 27, N.E.)
2. Demaryius Thomas (1st, No. 22, Den.)
3. Koa Misi (2nd, No. 40, Miami)
4. Jerry Hughes (1st, No. 31, Indy)
5. Brandon Graham (1st, No. 13, Phila.)
6. Nate Allen (2nd, No. 37, Phila.)
7. Morgan Burnett (3rd, No. 71, G.B)
8. Taylor Mays (2nd, No. 49, S.F.)
9. (covered name)
10. Dan Williams (1st, No. 26, Ariz.)
11. Kareem Jackson (1st, No. 20, Hou.)
12. Ryan Matthews (1st, No. 12, S.D.)
13. Brian Price (2nd, No. 35, TB)
14. Rob Gronkowski (2nd, No. 42, NE)
15. Brandon Ghee (3rd, No. 96, Cincy)
16. Jimmy Clausen (2nd, No. 48, Car.)

Round 3
1. Sergio Kindle (2nd, No. 43, Balt.)
2. Anthony Davis (1st, No. 11, S.F.)
3. Corey Wooton (4th, No. 109, Chic.)
4. Patrick Robinson (1st, No. 32, N.O.)
5. Dexter McCluster (2nd, No. 36, K.C.)
6. Joe McKnight (4th, No. 112, NYJ)
7. (covered name)
8. - Chad Jones (3rd, No. 76, NYG)
9. - illegible
10. Colt McCoy (3rd, No. 85, Cleve.)
11. Taylor Price (3rd, No. 90, N.E.)
12. Lamarr Houston (2nd, No. 44, Oak.)
13. D’Anthony Smith (3rd, No. 74, Jax.)
14. Damian Williams (3rd, No. 77, Tenn.)
15. Eric Decker (3rd, No. 87, Den.)
16. Thaddeus Gibson (4th, No. 116, Pitt.)
17. Corey Peters (3rd, No. 83, Atl.)
18. Rodger Saffold (2nd, No. 33, StL.)
19. Toby Gerhardt (2nd, No. 51, Minn.)
20. Golden Tate (2nd, No. 60, Sea.)
21. Brandon LeFell (3rd, No. 78, Car.)
22. Amari Spievey (3rd, No. 66, Det.)
23. Mike Neal (2nd, No. 56, G.B.)

Round 4
1. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (4th, 126th, Dall.)
2. Javier Arenas (2nd, 50th, K.C.)
3. Vladimir Ducasse (2nd, 61, NYJ)
4. Ed Dickson (3rd, 70, Balt.)
5. Tag illegible
6. Clay Harbor (4th, 125, Phila.)
7. Perry Riley (4th, 103, Wash.)
8. (plate removed)
9. Torell Troup (2nd, 41, Buff.)
10. Carlton Mitchell (6th, 177, Cleve.)
11. Mike Johnson (3rd, 98, Atl.)
12. John Jerry (3rd, 73, Miami)
13. Linval Joseph (2nd, 46, NYG)
14. Major Wright (3rd, 75, Chic.)
15. Dominique Franks (5th, 135, Atl.)
16. Larry Asante (5th, 160, Cleve.)
17. Tony Moeaki (3rd, 93, K.C.)
18. Mitch Petrus (5th, 144th,  NYG)
19. Ben Tate (2nd, 58, Hou.)
20. Kam Chancellor (5th, 133, Sea.)
21. Andre Roberts (3rd, 88, Ariz.)
22. Myron Lewis (3rd, 67, TB)
23. Tag illegible

Round 5

1. Shawn Lauvao (3rd, 92, Cleve.)
2. Jacoby Ford (4th, 108, Oak.)
3. Danny Batten (6th, 192, Buff.)
4. Sam Young (6th, 179, Dall.)
5. Daniel Te'o-Nesheim (3rd, 86, Phil.)
6. Kevin Thomas (3rd, 94, Indy)
7. Tag illegible
8. Dennis Pitta (4th, 114, Balt.)
9. Darrell Stuckey (4th, 110, San Diego)
10. Alterraun Verner (4th, 104, Tenn.)
11. Alric Arnett (undrafted)
12. Tag illegible
13. Garrett Graham (4th, 118, Hou.)
14. Reshad Jones (5th, 163, Miami)
15. Tag illegible
16. Tag illegible
17. Tag illegible
18. Tag illegible

Round 6
1. Jared Veldheer (3rd, 69th, Oak.)
2. Tag illegible
3. Tag illegible
4. Tag illegible
5. Tag illegible
6. Tag illegible
7. Tag illegible
8. Tag illegible
9. Tag illegible

Round 7
1. Walter Thurmond (4th, 111, Sea.)
2. Marcus Easley (4th, 107, Buff.)
3. Mike Kafka (4th, 122, Phila.)
4. Tag illegible
5. Tag illegible
6. Tag illegible
7. Tag illegible


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All I can say is WOW!

My God it's nice to see an owner man up and take responsibility for his team. I had forgotten what it was like. I miss Joe Robie. Long live jerry Jones.

I just got word from a good source Jamarcus Russell will be a dolphin in a couple days.


This is interesting but seriously I don't care what Jerry Jones thinks about anyone.

Did you hear what that drunken bum said about Bill Parcell's.

Garuche, don't scare me like that! Ever!

Too bad that didn't leak BEFORE the draft

Simpleanswer, it's true comes from a very good source

They had a third-round grade on Kindle. And Misi was ranked higher than Jerry Hughes, Brandon Graham, and Dan Williams.

James Stenson,

Please don't ever mention Jerry Jones in the same paragraph as Joe Robbie.

There really is no comparisson.
Joe Robbie had more class and brains for Breakfast than Jerry Jones had all day!

I have a source who says Jamarcus Russell has ate his way out of the NFL until 2011 at the earliest.

Any doof who thinks Jerry Jones is a good owner is well, a doof.


I love the fact that you actually decided to post this picture here.

I don't know if Jerry Jones knows that this photo is being posted all over the place, but if he does, I hope it's giving him some Texas sized fits!

I disagree. The fins don't have to think the cowboys had Odrick rated too high. The fins could have had Odrick anywhere from 1-28 on their board and since he was still there at 28 took the best player available. I think you are making assumptions.

Dallas must be pretty chuffed with its draft, ranking Dez Bryant at 1-11 and nabbing him at 1-24, and especially ranking Sean Lee 1-15 and getting him at 2-55.

I am guessing the illegible entry Armando has at 3-9 is Daryl Washington, selected 2-47 by Arizona. You can barely discern the first initial "D," the "ARZ" seems to be clear, however what should be a "47" looks more like a "46". Conspiracy theorists, mobilize!

(Happy to squander 10 mins of my own time researching and contributing an inane piece of information to the pile that is the Internet!)


I agree completely. I was not comparing the two, I was comparing Stephen Ross to Jerry Jones. Love or hate him, the man has three Super Bowl rings and presently a lot closer to getting another one than Miami is. The sad truth is the Dolphins are in dire need of an owner that has the balls to take control of his own team and accepts the responsibility of ownership.

I mean "poor assumptions."

great write up armando. very cool to see what a teams board looks and operates like.

James Stenson,

As long as were not comparing Jones too Robbie, I'm good. Point Taken.

As far as the Dolphins needing new ownership, I will have to disagree big time.

Ross is like the poloitician. He wants too win a war so he finds himself a General in Bill Parcell's to lead the "Troops".

The "football owners", like Jones, Snyder and Al Davis let their ego's and emotions hinder them too often.

Jerry Jones is an azzwipe. Even Jimmy Johnson had said that and admitted that he could barely tolerate Jerry Jones around him.

And if anyone thinks that Jamarcus Russell will actually become a Dolphin you're just plain nuts!!!

Oh, I almost forgot, The Jets and their fans SUCK,SUCK,SUCK!!!!

#9 in Round 2 was Daryl Washington, surprising they had him rated so low.

#7 in Round 5 was Clifton Geathers.

Also in Round 5, #15 is Jamar Wall, #16 is Brody Eldridge.

In Round 6, we have what looks like Chris McCoy at #2, Michael Hoomanawanui at #3, I think Dorin Dickerson is #4, Willie Young #5, not sure about #6, but Stevenson Sylvester is #7, then Rodderick Muckelroy at #8, and that final one looks like it could be Deji Karim to me but I could be wrong.

In Round 7, I can't tell who #4 is, but #5 is Adrian Tracy, followed by Jamar Chaney, followed by Dan LeFevour.

seems like Jerry Jones was speaking the truth about his opinion on Tebow. His name is no where to be seen.

I'm sure glad San Diego fell in love with Matthews, a second rounder in Dallas' eyes.

Nice work Armando, this is national news worthy.

Eysa likes it.

"The responsiblity of ownership" is to count your money and write checks to the people you hire to run a football operation, nothing more, maybe sit in a sky box and wave to people. Why would anyone want a businessman with little knowledge of football to run your football team. Jerry Jones is George Steinbrenner but with a salary cap which basically makes him a rich idiot.


If that's what you think an owner should do then we're doomed. Jerry Jones might be a rich idiot but he is a rich idiot with three SB rings. BP and company have absolutely no stake in the team what-so-ever. When things get tough BP and company will sneak out in the middle of the night, like he has done so many times before, laughing all the way to the bank. The we will have to start this entire process over again. We need strong ownership.

By the way I think the Cowboys and the Raiders have seven SB rings between them. Not bad for rich idiots.

Owners should have absolutely no say in football decisions. I also wouldn't say the cowgirls are that much closer to a SB than Miami.

It's an interesting read. But who cares what Dallas has players graded at. And if their grade is correct or accurate. It's their opinion on talent. I'd like to see other squads as well. Thus is one to keel on file. For three tears down the road.

James, Jerry Jones has those SB rings because he hired Jimmy Johnson to build the team. Al Davis has SB rings because anyone can win after owning a team for 87 years. Anyways, kudos to you Armando android whoever provided you that photo. Very cool. Where is this Jamarcus to Miami rumor coming from? Maybe Jamarcus can provide that depth at NT we badly need...

"It's an interesting read. But who cares"

Actually that sounds confused enough to the REAL Ricky Williams doesn't it?

By the way I think the Cowboys and the Raiders have seven SB rings between them. Not bad for rich idiots.

Posted by: James Stenson | May 10, 2010 at 04:02 PM

Come on now James, let's be fair, no revisionist history here.

Jones and Davis had GM's during their SuperBowl years.
Jones wasn't NOTHING until JJ came along. He rode that wave until it crashed into the beach.
Parcell's came along and rebuilt the team for him.
Then of course Jones ego came a calling. He's riding Parcell's wave till the wheels fall off.

Interesting that Dallas had Misi ahead of Jerry Hughes, Brandon Graham, Dan Williams, and Sergio Kindle.
They also had Odrick ahead of Peirre-Paul and Derrick Morgan.

Us fan faithfuls should be pleased and patient with our FO picks. Then again, the Tuna way may be still rubbing off in Cowboy country...lol

Also interesting is that they had Navorro Bowman ranked 20th in the 1st rd, and he went 91st in the 3rd to SF.

Cool stuff Armando!

Albert Haynesworth wants out of Washington.

Very cool post

If Jones hadn't let his ego get in the way of things then Jimmy probably would have gotten him 3 more rings instead of Switzer's one off Jimmy's guys.

Dallas Stinks, I'm a Doof and I can't stand Jones. lol

Dallas Stinks, I'm a Doof and I can't stand Jones. lol

Posted by: Doof | May 10, 2010 at 04:19 PM


Wow! Excellent post! I hope this makes clear the difference between good investigative journalism and releasing information that can hurt the team. It's not Cuba, but we don't mind the Dolphins keeping some secrets from fans.

It's cool that they didn't have Dan Williams going until the 2nd round. Makes me feel better about the Dolphins not grabbing him.

Pistol, Haynesworth is a monster when he wants to be. I wish he could work in Miami but he doesn't want to be a run stuffer. Maybe he just wants out of DC because he was disrespected, but I don't see the trifecta giving up what it'd take to land him here. I'd love to see Haynesworth stomping on Jet helmets all day, but that might only happen in Madden '11...

Dallas does stink. America's team my ars. I wonder when Miami will play them again. You have to figure that one will be high-lighted on the calender after all the sht jerry jones talked.

I seriouslyu doubt Albert Haynesworth is gonna be coming to Miami, or any other team right away with his cost.
I don't really want Haynesworth.
I think Miami is on the right track to develop our own Dlinemen, including the NT spot.

WSe'll play Dallas in 2011 barring a lockout.

Rodge, I agree. By the way, I can't wait for Madden to come out this year.

I don't think he will be coming down here, either. I don't think the FO would give up much of anything to get him. His contract is way too heavy. But you never know what can happen. Shanahan might not want to put up with his BS.

The picture of the Reptilian
is scary
NostraHomeUs has us playing 4 the Superbowl
In Dallas against the
HomeSuperBowl 2011 Cowboys


The Dolphin WR situation is straightened out
and Mike Nolan is in charge of the Dolphin D

Two problems which were evident
Miami Dolphins preseason and were never straightened out all year

The Last Superbowl Ever
2011 Cowboys vs Dolphins

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


Please Take Down
The Picture of The Reptilian w/o makeup

U R Scaring The Children

Pistol, Rodge,

Haynesworth wants out of Washington because Shanahan is switching to a 3-4 defense.
Haynesworth wants no part of being a NT.

That's why he won't be coming to Miami.

BranGetterDone Marshall the Beast

Homes Boy

Leads the Dolphins to the SB

Death To The Reptilian!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Wow, something me and Home agree on!

Armando take that picture down.

He looks like a hungover iguanna!!!!


If this were Britain, you would already have been charged with violating the State Secrets Act.

I'm surprised that at least as of an hour or so ago, PFT hasn't picked up on this juicy behind-the-veil story.

If it's the last Superbowl ever then it can't really be the beginning of a dynasty.

Maybe you're tag should be:

*****The Dynasty would have Be Finned! If it wasn't for those phucking Mayans!!*****

Simply The Best

Will also be key in getting the Miami Dolphins
to the HomeSuperBowl 2011 against the Cowboys

Then Death to the Hideous Reptilian!

AAHHHHH Take Down The Picture

Knew there was
A Reason George W Bush was sitting with Jones

But There has to be NFL football in Heaven

Do not even tell me soccer only

*Simply The Bess*
Will Surely Impress

*****The Dynasty would have Be Finned! If it wasn't for those phucking Mayans!!*****

Posted by: Doof | May 10, 2010 at 04:42 PM

OMG!!!! Thanks doof, i had to wipe the bourbon off my screen before I could respond!


Appreciate U being Cool
I Walk In Peace & with The Lord

Although My God Is Real Cool

That Picture of the Reptilian is
Truly Frightening

lol, fair enough Home.

Cheers Viking :)

Jamarcus who?I'm not the kind of guy to start guaranteeing things,but I do guarantee that if Jamarcus signs with the Dolphins I will quit drinking beer....I'll start drinking whiskey straight from the bottle,just to end it quicker.

All Right
Am Going to Look Up at the Picture of the Reptilian w/o make up Again

Bit Scared
Cover Me, Man!



Odinsbrowneye, thanks for correcting me by saying exactly what I said but in other words. Shanahan alienated the defense upon his arrival too. Do your homework buddy

I hear that the NFL is considering taking Brian Cushings Defensive ROY award away.I'm all for it.

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