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The Cowboys draft board (the real McCoy) here

Jerry Jones whiteboard
The days and weeks leading to the NFL draft see a glut of draft boards or mock drafts from experts and non-experts alike, but we never really see an actual NFL draft board.

Until now.

The picture above is Dallas owner-president-general manager Jerry Jones standing in front of his team's draft board on Saturday, April 24 -- the third day of the draft. Many of the names on the board are clearly visible. You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

The Cowboys have confirmed this is their actual board. Apparently the team's in-house television department mistakenly put a video clip of Jones in front of the board up on the Internet somewhere. A loyal reader of mine in Iowa passed the picture along to me. I then confirmed its authenticity.

The picture speaks for itself, but in case you are having trouble deciphering all the names, the list of those that are legible are found below.

Here's how it works: The Cowboys graded the players on their board and put their names on computer readout tags. As players are drafted, the Cowboys replace the tag with the player's name, the team and spot where he was actually taken. The original Dallas order remains intact.

So Sam Bradford was the top-rated player by the Cowboys and he was selected by the Rams No. 1. In that the two teams agree.

But, for example, the Cowboys had Gerald McCoy rated ahead of Ndamakong Suh. So McCoy remains at No. 2 on their board while Suh is No. 3. The team simply removed McCoy's tag when he came off the board and added the team selecting him and the actual spot he was picked.

So why is this interesting to you?

Well, it is interesting to me the Cowboys had Dolphins first round pick Jared Odrick rated No. 15 on their board. The Dolphins got him with the No. 28 overall selection. So according to the Cowboys' grade, the Dolphins got a bargain.

Same thing with Koa Misi, who the Cowboys rated No. 35 overall, but the Dolphins got with the No. 40 overall selection.

It works the other way also, by the way. The Dolphins drafted guard John Jerry in the third round with the 73rd overall selection. The Cowboys had a fourth-round grade on Jerry -- 110th overall. So according to the Cowboys' grades, the Dolphins reached on Jerry.

The teams more or less agreed on a fifth-round grade for safety Reshad Jones.

Obviously this is all opinion. Not every team is going to agree on the grades and worth of players. One assumes the Dolphins don't believe they reached for Jerry.

Anyway, take a look at the Cowboys player rankings below. The round, overall selection and team that actually selected each player is in parenthesis. Some names were illegible. I could not find A.J. Edds and other Dolphins picks on the board. Perhaps you can. 

Round 1
1. Sam Bradford (1st round, No. 1 overall, St. Louis)
2. Gerald McCoy (1st, No. 3, Tampa Bay)
3. Ndamakong Suh (1st, No. 2, Detroit)
4. Russell Okung (1st, No. 6, Seattle)
5. Trent Williams (1st, No. 4, Wash.)
6. Eric Berry (1st, No. 5, KC)
7. Rolando McClain (1st, No. 8, Oak.)
8. Joe Haden (1st, No. 7, Cleve.)
9. CJ Spiller (1st, No. 9, Buff.)
10. Mike Iupati (1st, No. 17, S.F.)
11. Dez Bryant (1st, No. 24, Dallas)
12. Earl Thomas (1st, No. 14, Seattle)
13. Bryan Bulaga (1st, No. 23, GB)
14. Sean Lee (2nd round, No. 55, Dallas)
15. Jared Odrick (1st, No. 28, Miami)
16. Jason Pierre-Paul (1st, No. 15, NYG)
17. Derrick Morgan (1st, No. 16, Tenn.)
18. Kyle Wilson (1st, No. 29, NYJ)
19. Maurkice Pouncey (1st, No. 18, Pitt.)
20. Navorro Bowman (3rd, No. 91, S.F.)
21. Jahvid Best (1st, No. 30, Det.)
22. Tyson Alualu (1st, No. 10, Jax.)
23. Jermaine Greham (1st, No. 21, Cincy)

Round 2
1. Devin McCourty (1st, No. 27, N.E.)
2. Demaryius Thomas (1st, No. 22, Den.)
3. Koa Misi (2nd, No. 40, Miami)
4. Jerry Hughes (1st, No. 31, Indy)
5. Brandon Graham (1st, No. 13, Phila.)
6. Nate Allen (2nd, No. 37, Phila.)
7. Morgan Burnett (3rd, No. 71, G.B)
8. Taylor Mays (2nd, No. 49, S.F.)
9. (covered name)
10. Dan Williams (1st, No. 26, Ariz.)
11. Kareem Jackson (1st, No. 20, Hou.)
12. Ryan Matthews (1st, No. 12, S.D.)
13. Brian Price (2nd, No. 35, TB)
14. Rob Gronkowski (2nd, No. 42, NE)
15. Brandon Ghee (3rd, No. 96, Cincy)
16. Jimmy Clausen (2nd, No. 48, Car.)

Round 3
1. Sergio Kindle (2nd, No. 43, Balt.)
2. Anthony Davis (1st, No. 11, S.F.)
3. Corey Wooton (4th, No. 109, Chic.)
4. Patrick Robinson (1st, No. 32, N.O.)
5. Dexter McCluster (2nd, No. 36, K.C.)
6. Joe McKnight (4th, No. 112, NYJ)
7. (covered name)
8. - Chad Jones (3rd, No. 76, NYG)
9. - illegible
10. Colt McCoy (3rd, No. 85, Cleve.)
11. Taylor Price (3rd, No. 90, N.E.)
12. Lamarr Houston (2nd, No. 44, Oak.)
13. D’Anthony Smith (3rd, No. 74, Jax.)
14. Damian Williams (3rd, No. 77, Tenn.)
15. Eric Decker (3rd, No. 87, Den.)
16. Thaddeus Gibson (4th, No. 116, Pitt.)
17. Corey Peters (3rd, No. 83, Atl.)
18. Rodger Saffold (2nd, No. 33, StL.)
19. Toby Gerhardt (2nd, No. 51, Minn.)
20. Golden Tate (2nd, No. 60, Sea.)
21. Brandon LeFell (3rd, No. 78, Car.)
22. Amari Spievey (3rd, No. 66, Det.)
23. Mike Neal (2nd, No. 56, G.B.)

Round 4
1. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (4th, 126th, Dall.)
2. Javier Arenas (2nd, 50th, K.C.)
3. Vladimir Ducasse (2nd, 61, NYJ)
4. Ed Dickson (3rd, 70, Balt.)
5. Tag illegible
6. Clay Harbor (4th, 125, Phila.)
7. Perry Riley (4th, 103, Wash.)
8. (plate removed)
9. Torell Troup (2nd, 41, Buff.)
10. Carlton Mitchell (6th, 177, Cleve.)
11. Mike Johnson (3rd, 98, Atl.)
12. John Jerry (3rd, 73, Miami)
13. Linval Joseph (2nd, 46, NYG)
14. Major Wright (3rd, 75, Chic.)
15. Dominique Franks (5th, 135, Atl.)
16. Larry Asante (5th, 160, Cleve.)
17. Tony Moeaki (3rd, 93, K.C.)
18. Mitch Petrus (5th, 144th,  NYG)
19. Ben Tate (2nd, 58, Hou.)
20. Kam Chancellor (5th, 133, Sea.)
21. Andre Roberts (3rd, 88, Ariz.)
22. Myron Lewis (3rd, 67, TB)
23. Tag illegible

Round 5

1. Shawn Lauvao (3rd, 92, Cleve.)
2. Jacoby Ford (4th, 108, Oak.)
3. Danny Batten (6th, 192, Buff.)
4. Sam Young (6th, 179, Dall.)
5. Daniel Te'o-Nesheim (3rd, 86, Phil.)
6. Kevin Thomas (3rd, 94, Indy)
7. Tag illegible
8. Dennis Pitta (4th, 114, Balt.)
9. Darrell Stuckey (4th, 110, San Diego)
10. Alterraun Verner (4th, 104, Tenn.)
11. Alric Arnett (undrafted)
12. Tag illegible
13. Garrett Graham (4th, 118, Hou.)
14. Reshad Jones (5th, 163, Miami)
15. Tag illegible
16. Tag illegible
17. Tag illegible
18. Tag illegible

Round 6
1. Jared Veldheer (3rd, 69th, Oak.)
2. Tag illegible
3. Tag illegible
4. Tag illegible
5. Tag illegible
6. Tag illegible
7. Tag illegible
8. Tag illegible
9. Tag illegible

Round 7
1. Walter Thurmond (4th, 111, Sea.)
2. Marcus Easley (4th, 107, Buff.)
3. Mike Kafka (4th, 122, Phila.)
4. Tag illegible
5. Tag illegible
6. Tag illegible
7. Tag illegible


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Haynesworth was told that his role would be more as a run stuffer than pass rusher in the new 3-4.

AAAHHHH He Is Hideous

U Captured A Picture Of A High Ranking Reptilian!

For those who do not know what a Reptilian Is
Ask odinseye or Look It Up On
you tube and watch the faces, eyes blink, tongues of these Reptilians masquerading as humans

Home Does Not Want To Go Off Topic Too Much

Am Truly Frightened


Haynesworth isn't interested in the 3-4 defense.For that kind of money,I'd watch "The Office" 24 hour marathon.Man I hate that show.

I wish the trifecta made a run at Shaun Rogers. The guy has some character issues but he has the tools to make him the best DT in the league.

Someone call
Men In Black

Capture that Reptilian!

George W Bush & Jerry Jones R 2 Reptilians!

Odinsbrowneye, thanks for correcting me by saying exactly what I said but in other words. Shanahan alienated the defense upon his arrival too. Do your homework buddy

Posted by: Rodge | May 10, 2010 at 04:52 PM

Rodge? WTF? Why the browneye stuff. I wasn't correcting you. I was just trying to pass along the facts.
Now that you mention it, what you actually said is:

Pistol, Haynesworth is a monster when he wants to be. I wish he could work in Miami but he doesn't want to be a run stuffer. Maybe he just wants out of DC because he was disrespected,

Yeah sure, big tough Albert wants out of his 100 million dollar contract because somebody hurt him feelings. Get clue A S S H O L E!

You stupidly continue:

but I don't see the trifecta giving up what it'd take to land him here.

Duh yeah I don't see the Trifecta giving up a big contract for a guy who doesn't want to play the position. Yeah, I can tell you already knew Haynesworth don't want to play NT.

More aimless dribble:

I'd love to see Haynesworth stomping on Jet helmets all day, but that might only happen in Madden '11...

Posted by: Rodge | May 10, 2010 at 04:25 PM

Stick to Madden you F U C K I N P U N K you're obviously out of your league here.

AND, so much for the "Kinder, Gentler Dolphins In Depth Nation"!

Now Rodge, go get yo shine box!

The Office is hillarious. You must be a Greys Anatomy type guy, not that there's anything wrong with that....

Odin, I never sayed he was coming down here or that they should go after him. I only said he wants out of Washington. Miami does run a lot of 4 man fronts, though.

Do you feel better Odinsbrowneye? I still think you're the coolest browneye here. You're so edgy! I'll get my shinebix right before I bury you in upstate New York with Jimmy Conway...

Just Went Running Down the Street Naked
Death to The Reptilian!

Police Cars are chasing him

Stay Tuned

Wow Armando, you have WAYYYY too much time on your hands to post all that garbage about the cowpies. Who cares?

Shanahan alienated the defense upon his arrival too. Do your homework buddy

Posted by: Rodge | May 10, 2010 at 04:52 PM

Shanahan alienated the defense?
He should have, they were a bunch of underachievers that played like aliens.

He did more than alienate them. He put them on notice. He told the highest paid defender in no uncertain terms you play Shanahan ball of kick bricks H o n k y.

DALLAS so call draft board is a fraude, not saying it isnt arthentic MANDO but u gotting wonder why it came out AFTER the draft without no problems from jerry and crew.

I mean what if old jerry got bored and switch up his draft board just to look good or in his case just "FEEL" good.

Am i the only one that feels this way?



Do you feel better Odinsbrowneye?

Well......yes I do, thanks for asking.

I still think you're the coolest browneye here.

Thanks again.....I think, though that browneye slight still has me a bit uncomfortable.

You're so edgy!

I know, I just can't seem get this kinder, gentler stuff down.

I'll get my shinebix right before I bury you in upstate New York with Jimmy Conway...

Is it a nice area? Are there flowers and trees? Will my family feel safe when they come to pay their respects..........

Posted by: Rodge | May 10, 2010 at 05:06 PM

Very interesting indeed Armandito, though it only confirms that vampires DO exist!

Now, to my pals (odinseye, pistol) that are intrigued by Albert Haynesworth. Let me give you my perspective from up in D.C. (remember I just watched an ENTIRE season of this guy).

Odinseye said "Haynesworth is a monster when he wants to be." Umm, not exactly killah. Actually, Albert is gelatinous (like Jello). The guy cannot play 3 downs consecutively. I'm serious. There was one game last year that he fell flat on his face like a pancake after the 2nd play he was in. No joke. He needed to be carried off the field. The radio guys STILL joke about that.

The Miami Dolphins want NO part of Albert Haynesworth. He has Zero commitment, Zero discipline, Zero leadership skills, Zero team chemistry appeal, Zero "win games all by yourself" ability. Don't get me wrong, he was good for a hot second. But no more. He's not the same guy that left Tennessee. He's nowhere near that. Probably 50lbs. heavier (that's 50lbs. slower). If he ran a race against the U of Maryland turtle he'd lose (even if the turtle gave him a 40yd headstart on a 50yd dash.)

Guys, take if from me, I saw at least part of all 16 Washington Redskins games last year (at least highlights on the local news) and there were maybe 4, ok 5 Haynesworth highlights. The rest were lowlights. We don't want that bum. He'll soon be a joke in the NFL. Like, instead of saying, "look at that loser," it'll be, "look at that Albert Haynesworth!"

Positive spin on the Miami Dolphins????? Am I still on the herald site?????

Honky? Is that supposed to be an insult? Stick to football buddy and leave the racism out. Washington's defense was the best part of their team last year. I was in the DC area last season and was forced to watch the Skins' and the Ravens' football. Shanahan is a great coach but he could have handled that situation better. Or like another blogger posted earlier, maybe its a money issue.

Seen this a couple of weeks ago. Crazy


Perfect example of a Kid who took the money without realizing that his new role would make him an only a 'slightly above average Football Player.'

then again -- what does that say about the previous Regime of the Redskins??

Odinseye said "Haynesworth is a monster when he wants to be." Umm, not exactly killah.

This is the New Improved Odinseye response:

With all due respect DC dolfan, my good fellow Rodge made this staement.

This is the Old Odinseye:

Kiss off douche bag DC dolfan. I didn't say that S H I T. Check yo facts cause I'll slap my name right out yo mouth!
That idiot non- football knowing rodge said dat S H I T!

I'm so glad it's a "Kinder, Gentler Dolphins In Depth Nation"!

The Cowboys usually draft well. I've been content with this year's Dolphins' draft. Good, smart players. I only see upside. This will be a good "team". And I quote team because in the past decade we've just had some individual brigh spots, yet not good enough teams.

Excellent. It just shows the trifecta knows how to draft quality players. I guess having the first and second rounds did not give the other teams an opportunity to target Misi.

must be a slow day. this came out like 2 days after the draft

I meant having the first and second rounds on separate days did not help the other teams a chance to target Misi. He was a steal.

So much for your new rules no worries that's why I don't post very often aI've benn a Dolphin fan for forty years but this nosense tries my patients. you are not smarter wiser more in tune with anything concerning the Dolphins and I mean you bloggers with no life being a Dolphin fan is special live and die with it Jets games in the late eighty and nineties Bills oh my God the pain my wife couldn't even be in the same house with me but it's all good Miami is what we root for till the end. Jets suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's going to be a lot of slow days to come.

Wow... Brandon Graham was a
SECOND ROUNDER Jerry's board


Wow Odinsbrowneye, now I see where you get your name. Real cool. If I'm a non-football knowing idiot then you're as useless as dental floss at a Willie Nelson concert. Rock on Browneye!

Mando, thanks for sharing this....very cool...

Can you get your hands on the Cowbows cheerleading tryout board/tapes, and you will really be a national hero...


That picture of Jerry Jones the Reptilian
Will Haunt Me For Awhile

Dolphins Must Defeat The Reptilian SuperBowl 2011

Deep Breathe Home
Deep Breathe

Here U Go
Armando & Miami Herald Dolphin Bloggers

Pour a Stiff Drink(maybe 2 Stiff Drinks)
Sit Down

you tube
enter: reptilian race

Home Is Going To Watch It Now

Misi need to get some muscle on his Arms!

Last year was supposedly a bad year. Division-swept the jets, split w Pats and bills. Almost beat both Superbowl teams. This year should be interesting. Who takes To? Oakland redux?

Its the 3rd video down
Man with dark shirt
dark background
about 4:54 on Reptilians like Jerry Jones

Capt Lou, were you the first man to ever tie up the goatee with a rubber band?



peace be with you

what would tebow do?


Not all of us are stupid...
We know that You're enjoying the opportunity to type the word 'Reptilian' while appearing to make an 'innocent' Dolphins post.

...and then one day the rubberband SNAPPED!!!!

This year will be great Rick. If our interior o-line and d-line can hold together, Miami will be top 5 AFC team. If Jerry and Icognito can play decent and Grove can stay healthy then our offense will be very dynamic (can't wait to see Marshall). If our NTs can hold the opposing teams' running game down then our young defense might just get lots of turnovers (Mike Nolan will help too).

Honky? Is that supposed to be an insult? Stick to football buddy and leave the racism out. Washington's defense was the best part of their team last year.

Honky wasn't supposed to be an insult you douchebag(THAT was).

Don't try to wiggle out of your stupidity with this crap you little roach.

Saying Washintons defense was the best part of their team is like saying BP's valves were the best ones they had.
Their defense failed, BP's valves failed and both were major disasters.

You're weak attempt at a misdirection end around ain't getting it HONKY. You posted your ignorance on page one of this blog. OWN IT!



Dark Rum buddy... It will make you have blessed evening

peace be with you



you're as useless as dental floss at a Willie Nelson concert. Rock on Browneye!

Posted by: Rodge | May 10, 2010 at 05:30 PM

I KIND OF liked this one. Still it sounds like something your gran mammy use ta yell at cha

Overall grade: WEAK!

Whooah!! That's edgy Odinsbrowneye! Now I'm a roach? I'm not the one masking my ignorance with things like roach and failed attempts to insult. But you should keep it up though, that's what makes you so cool and edgy. Maybe while you're drinking warm milk at watching Jeopardy tonight, you should glance at some football stuff


I do voluntary work for the shut ins up here. Just got a call about a broken wheelchair ramp.

On my way back you can bet I'll be picking up a little something.

Rodge, when the bell rings, meet me on the playground tough guy-LOL!


OOOOOOOOOOO, when I get back, oh I'm going to feel so sorry for you.

You're A S S is mine you ROACH!


No Odinsbrowneye, I totally stole that Willie Nelson line from a stupid movie. My grandma had nothing to do with it, but nice attempt at a joke. Insulting family is so original!!! Just go cry yourself to sleep on your c#ck shaped pillow!

So why is the 2010 Dolphin's Draft board a 'State Secret'??

I mean,... is their board now after the fact -- or might it provide a competitive advantage when future trades occur?

Just Sayin.




Home Writes In His Own Style Of
Japanese Haiku

And Uses Little or
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Home Believes Punctuation
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No sellout here, I am triple o.g... Not trying to write like anybody, honestly I find home rather annoying


Please Take Down
The Picture of The Reptilian w/o makeup

U R Scaring The Children

Posted by: Home | May 10, 2010 at 04:36 PM

Home, Now that's funny, I even see Liver spots, on this particular Reptile.....



odinseye and Rodge:


Worry about the important things...
We may all need to conserve our strength in case it becomes necessary to 'join forces' against Home's Reptilian Race or something!

Thank U Menace

It Is Ok
I Have Paid For Many Sins of Men
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And I Forgive U


She looks like she has downs syndrome


One of your best blog stories ever! Very interesting.


Home Is Also A Pirate Of The Caribbean
and Once A Week or Better
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Goombay Smash anyone?

Rodge has PO Odin, Last time someone did that the Hamlet next to his Village was burnt to the ground, men and children killed, Women and cattle Raped, man am I glad I dont live next to Odins Village.....

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