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The Cowboys draft board (the real McCoy) here

Jerry Jones whiteboard
The days and weeks leading to the NFL draft see a glut of draft boards or mock drafts from experts and non-experts alike, but we never really see an actual NFL draft board.

Until now.

The picture above is Dallas owner-president-general manager Jerry Jones standing in front of his team's draft board on Saturday, April 24 -- the third day of the draft. Many of the names on the board are clearly visible. You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

The Cowboys have confirmed this is their actual board. Apparently the team's in-house television department mistakenly put a video clip of Jones in front of the board up on the Internet somewhere. A loyal reader of mine in Iowa passed the picture along to me. I then confirmed its authenticity.

The picture speaks for itself, but in case you are having trouble deciphering all the names, the list of those that are legible are found below.

Here's how it works: The Cowboys graded the players on their board and put their names on computer readout tags. As players are drafted, the Cowboys replace the tag with the player's name, the team and spot where he was actually taken. The original Dallas order remains intact.

So Sam Bradford was the top-rated player by the Cowboys and he was selected by the Rams No. 1. In that the two teams agree.

But, for example, the Cowboys had Gerald McCoy rated ahead of Ndamakong Suh. So McCoy remains at No. 2 on their board while Suh is No. 3. The team simply removed McCoy's tag when he came off the board and added the team selecting him and the actual spot he was picked.

So why is this interesting to you?

Well, it is interesting to me the Cowboys had Dolphins first round pick Jared Odrick rated No. 15 on their board. The Dolphins got him with the No. 28 overall selection. So according to the Cowboys' grade, the Dolphins got a bargain.

Same thing with Koa Misi, who the Cowboys rated No. 35 overall, but the Dolphins got with the No. 40 overall selection.

It works the other way also, by the way. The Dolphins drafted guard John Jerry in the third round with the 73rd overall selection. The Cowboys had a fourth-round grade on Jerry -- 110th overall. So according to the Cowboys' grades, the Dolphins reached on Jerry.

The teams more or less agreed on a fifth-round grade for safety Reshad Jones.

Obviously this is all opinion. Not every team is going to agree on the grades and worth of players. One assumes the Dolphins don't believe they reached for Jerry.

Anyway, take a look at the Cowboys player rankings below. The round, overall selection and team that actually selected each player is in parenthesis. Some names were illegible. I could not find A.J. Edds and other Dolphins picks on the board. Perhaps you can. 

Round 1
1. Sam Bradford (1st round, No. 1 overall, St. Louis)
2. Gerald McCoy (1st, No. 3, Tampa Bay)
3. Ndamakong Suh (1st, No. 2, Detroit)
4. Russell Okung (1st, No. 6, Seattle)
5. Trent Williams (1st, No. 4, Wash.)
6. Eric Berry (1st, No. 5, KC)
7. Rolando McClain (1st, No. 8, Oak.)
8. Joe Haden (1st, No. 7, Cleve.)
9. CJ Spiller (1st, No. 9, Buff.)
10. Mike Iupati (1st, No. 17, S.F.)
11. Dez Bryant (1st, No. 24, Dallas)
12. Earl Thomas (1st, No. 14, Seattle)
13. Bryan Bulaga (1st, No. 23, GB)
14. Sean Lee (2nd round, No. 55, Dallas)
15. Jared Odrick (1st, No. 28, Miami)
16. Jason Pierre-Paul (1st, No. 15, NYG)
17. Derrick Morgan (1st, No. 16, Tenn.)
18. Kyle Wilson (1st, No. 29, NYJ)
19. Maurkice Pouncey (1st, No. 18, Pitt.)
20. Navorro Bowman (3rd, No. 91, S.F.)
21. Jahvid Best (1st, No. 30, Det.)
22. Tyson Alualu (1st, No. 10, Jax.)
23. Jermaine Greham (1st, No. 21, Cincy)

Round 2
1. Devin McCourty (1st, No. 27, N.E.)
2. Demaryius Thomas (1st, No. 22, Den.)
3. Koa Misi (2nd, No. 40, Miami)
4. Jerry Hughes (1st, No. 31, Indy)
5. Brandon Graham (1st, No. 13, Phila.)
6. Nate Allen (2nd, No. 37, Phila.)
7. Morgan Burnett (3rd, No. 71, G.B)
8. Taylor Mays (2nd, No. 49, S.F.)
9. (covered name)
10. Dan Williams (1st, No. 26, Ariz.)
11. Kareem Jackson (1st, No. 20, Hou.)
12. Ryan Matthews (1st, No. 12, S.D.)
13. Brian Price (2nd, No. 35, TB)
14. Rob Gronkowski (2nd, No. 42, NE)
15. Brandon Ghee (3rd, No. 96, Cincy)
16. Jimmy Clausen (2nd, No. 48, Car.)

Round 3
1. Sergio Kindle (2nd, No. 43, Balt.)
2. Anthony Davis (1st, No. 11, S.F.)
3. Corey Wooton (4th, No. 109, Chic.)
4. Patrick Robinson (1st, No. 32, N.O.)
5. Dexter McCluster (2nd, No. 36, K.C.)
6. Joe McKnight (4th, No. 112, NYJ)
7. (covered name)
8. - Chad Jones (3rd, No. 76, NYG)
9. - illegible
10. Colt McCoy (3rd, No. 85, Cleve.)
11. Taylor Price (3rd, No. 90, N.E.)
12. Lamarr Houston (2nd, No. 44, Oak.)
13. D’Anthony Smith (3rd, No. 74, Jax.)
14. Damian Williams (3rd, No. 77, Tenn.)
15. Eric Decker (3rd, No. 87, Den.)
16. Thaddeus Gibson (4th, No. 116, Pitt.)
17. Corey Peters (3rd, No. 83, Atl.)
18. Rodger Saffold (2nd, No. 33, StL.)
19. Toby Gerhardt (2nd, No. 51, Minn.)
20. Golden Tate (2nd, No. 60, Sea.)
21. Brandon LeFell (3rd, No. 78, Car.)
22. Amari Spievey (3rd, No. 66, Det.)
23. Mike Neal (2nd, No. 56, G.B.)

Round 4
1. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (4th, 126th, Dall.)
2. Javier Arenas (2nd, 50th, K.C.)
3. Vladimir Ducasse (2nd, 61, NYJ)
4. Ed Dickson (3rd, 70, Balt.)
5. Tag illegible
6. Clay Harbor (4th, 125, Phila.)
7. Perry Riley (4th, 103, Wash.)
8. (plate removed)
9. Torell Troup (2nd, 41, Buff.)
10. Carlton Mitchell (6th, 177, Cleve.)
11. Mike Johnson (3rd, 98, Atl.)
12. John Jerry (3rd, 73, Miami)
13. Linval Joseph (2nd, 46, NYG)
14. Major Wright (3rd, 75, Chic.)
15. Dominique Franks (5th, 135, Atl.)
16. Larry Asante (5th, 160, Cleve.)
17. Tony Moeaki (3rd, 93, K.C.)
18. Mitch Petrus (5th, 144th,  NYG)
19. Ben Tate (2nd, 58, Hou.)
20. Kam Chancellor (5th, 133, Sea.)
21. Andre Roberts (3rd, 88, Ariz.)
22. Myron Lewis (3rd, 67, TB)
23. Tag illegible

Round 5

1. Shawn Lauvao (3rd, 92, Cleve.)
2. Jacoby Ford (4th, 108, Oak.)
3. Danny Batten (6th, 192, Buff.)
4. Sam Young (6th, 179, Dall.)
5. Daniel Te'o-Nesheim (3rd, 86, Phil.)
6. Kevin Thomas (3rd, 94, Indy)
7. Tag illegible
8. Dennis Pitta (4th, 114, Balt.)
9. Darrell Stuckey (4th, 110, San Diego)
10. Alterraun Verner (4th, 104, Tenn.)
11. Alric Arnett (undrafted)
12. Tag illegible
13. Garrett Graham (4th, 118, Hou.)
14. Reshad Jones (5th, 163, Miami)
15. Tag illegible
16. Tag illegible
17. Tag illegible
18. Tag illegible

Round 6
1. Jared Veldheer (3rd, 69th, Oak.)
2. Tag illegible
3. Tag illegible
4. Tag illegible
5. Tag illegible
6. Tag illegible
7. Tag illegible
8. Tag illegible
9. Tag illegible

Round 7
1. Walter Thurmond (4th, 111, Sea.)
2. Marcus Easley (4th, 107, Buff.)
3. Mike Kafka (4th, 122, Phila.)
4. Tag illegible
5. Tag illegible
6. Tag illegible
7. Tag illegible


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Rodge started it! Wha wha wha! LOL!

He posted something that was......well, it was just stupid and of course wrong.

I politely posted the facts of the matter and he childishly resorted to name calling. He called me OdinsBrownEye, oh no.

The sad part is that he got embarrassed and offended by his own ignorance and then accused me of being a name caller.

Those are the facts, it's all on the first page of this blog.

I could care less Rodge, you don't have to be so embarrassed, I'm just having fun.

The hipocritical stuff has got to go. If you don't know the facts about something just admit and learn.

That's what I do.

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Dear Mr. Salguero

Thats a great picture of Jerry Jones but I can't come up with anything funny to say about it.

I was thinking about going with a leprechaun(horror movie) reference but nothing seems to work.

Can you help me ?


Soiled :)

Cuban Menace,

Me and the bourban have been on good behavior.

We havent committed any crimes against nature since........well, since that season ending loss to the Steelers.

Of course I'm sure things will change once I switch back to my regular season RUM!

Kinda Like The Mr Mojo Risen of Comedy
Who would not let his freedom of speech be denied
Regardless of the circumstance

Posted by: Home | May 10, 2010 at 06:29 PM

Mr. MOJO risen, AKA Jim (The Lizard King)Morrison..........I smell conspiracy.


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Dayumn, some of the people on this blog need to roll a fat blunt, sit back, relax and take it easy. We should all be happy man, were Dolphin fans !!!

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Sounds like the Cheech and Chong thing to do!

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Yazzi, I got love for all the Dolfans. Especially the coolest, edgiest ones like Odinssorebrowneye. I like talking football and the occasional smacktalk to those who humor me. It's all in good fun.

Odin,I did notice that crime (E.G Looting,Pilaging,rape) has been on the downslide since Jan. in the central north area......

Posted by: Cuban Menace | May 10, 2010 at 06:41 PM

Yeah I like to give em a break during the off-season. Let then recover from the devastation.

This way when I return there'll be plenty of Fresh Booty!

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................Alright Yeah!

"Father""Yes son"' Iam going to killlllllllll You"...........Excert from "This is the End"...

Posted by: Cuban Menace | May 10, 2010 at 06:46 PM

Cuban leave it too me to ask this question.

What does he say about Mother?

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Yazzi, I got love for all the Dolfans. Especially the coolest, edgiest ones like Rodgy. I like talking football and the occasional smacktalk to those who humor me. It's all in good fun.

Like you atitude Rodge. I am excited about the future.

Odin, Not sure, at that point the song goes into a Chorus" come on baby take a chance with us
and meet me at the back of the blue bus
this is the end beautiful friend.......

Thanks for the kind words Odie. Your posts are always so cool and original. I wish I could use cut and paste as well as you.

odinseye: (@ 6:29 PM)

That cool. It takes effort,
sometimes, for me to pick and
choose when to take a couple of
characters up here seriously.

Its not always easy.
especially lately!

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Do you guys think god created the Miami Dolphins so death wouldnt be so painful???

Hope you are right Odinseye. Seems to me like hostility and problems under the surface.


If you persist in slandering my name I will be forced to retaliate!

Any plays on my name, insults or inuendos by any posters on this board will be considered an attack by Rodge upon Odinseye.

Therefor calling for a full and massive retaliatory strike againsy the Union of Soviet Ssocialist Republics of Rodgers.

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Indeed A Great song

Hope you are right Odinseye. Seems to me like hostility and problems under the surface.

Posted by: Rickm | May 10, 2010 at 07:00 PM

Not really Rickm. I was just trying to nice. When he started calling me names it gave me permission to step down to his level. I like to flame out every once in a while.

I was right, he was wrong. He got embarrassed and started name calling. End of story.

Therefor calling for a full and massive retaliatory strike against the Union of Soviet Ssocialist Republics of Rodgers.

Posted by: odinseye | May 10, 2010 at 07:01 PM

Odin, Watch out for the M.A.D, Iam sure Rodge has retaliatory capabilities too., Think about the innocent people that will be killed.... PLEASE......

Please call off you attack Odinseye. My defenses are still laughing at your lame attack from before. I'm flattered that you're still complaining about me, but you must get in line with the others. If you want to learn about football, stop typing nonsense and start reading jackass

Is jackass a good book?



This all started when you said Haynesworth was leaving Washington because he got his feelings hurt-LMFAO :)

Stick to the facts.

Cuban: (@ 6:59 PM)

I think their gonna be Ok.

They actually seem to be headed in the right direction.

The Rooks just need to keep developing.

In fact...
other than signing a great Free Safety and
Keeping JT (as a Specialized Pass Rusher and Mentor,)
I really can't think of what they could have done different.

From MY novice perspective...the build plan seems to be going pretty well!


I was doing a philosophy term paper last night, and in my research I came across a great quote by Friedrich Nietzsche.

"Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man"

I laughed when I read it, and couldn't help but think of my love of the Miami Dolphins. I thought you'd enjoy that quote.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I think you may have a breach in security.
I read this on your blog

U Captured A Picture Of A High Ranking Reptilian!"

That picture has security clearance's..Majestic, Umbra, Luna, Ultr 7 and I promise not to tell.

With the outing of a "Draco"(Alien Lizard Race) operative on your blog it may no longer be safe to post here.

You need to terminate the leak with extreme predudice and then clean up any loose ends.

Don't say I didn't warn you

Soiled :)

Ok, Odinseye. I said that he didn't want to be a run-stuffer AND that Shanahan alienated the defense. He was also told that he would not be attacking the passer and would be absorbing blockers more instead (I forgot to mention that, sorry Odie). I just ripped on you a little because your opinion was unneeded. But to make you feel better, here goes. Oh my God Odinseye, thanks for the groundbreaking info Sherlock!!! Now, please read before you start cutting and pasting. Thanks

LOL @ SoiledBottom


Here your post. All anyone has to do is read it to realize you didn't have a clue as to Shanahans new 3-4 and Haynesworths refusal to be NT.
My favorite part is where he gets his feelings hurt-LMAO!

Pistol, Haynesworth is a monster when he wants to be. I wish he could work in Miami but he doesn't want to be a run stuffer. Maybe he just wants out of DC because he was disrespected, but I don't see the trifecta giving up what it'd take to land him here. I'd love to see Haynesworth stomping on Jet helmets all day, but that might only happen in Madden '11...

Posted by: Rodge | May 10, 2010 at 04:25 PM


This was reply. Notice I was not disrepectful of condescending. I just wanted to pass on something that I heard about. I thought it might help.

Pistol, Rodge,

Haynesworth wants out of Washington because Shanahan is switching to a 3-4 defense.
Haynesworth wants no part of being a NT.

That's why he won't be coming to Miami.

Posted by: odinseye | May 10, 2010 at 04:37 PM

This is where you started name calling and acting like a little B I T C H.

I don't mind all the goofing, but don't ever try twisting the facts around to try and make me look as stupid as you.

It ain't gonna happen. Argue with the real facts Honky or STFU!

Bloggers on here that read & understand the
Inner Works of A Great German Philosopher FN

Who Woulda Thunk It
Here At The Miami Herald Dolphin Blog

Must Be
a thin line
Genius & Insanity

with a few
walking the line

Soiled: ...Hush Hush!

You are inadvertently LEAKING the Plot-line for some upcoming Episodes of the hit TV Series
' 2 4 ' !!

I would never try to make you look stupid Odinseye, you do that the best. I'm sorry for ruffling your feathers, I'm just excited about this year of football. Keep up the good work cutting and pasteing. You'll always be my favorite browneye.

Maybe They Should Build A "WALL"....

Dear Mr. Odinseye and Rodge

You kids behave or I'm calling Mr. Salguero

Now put your toys away and get ready for your baths.....and if your good...30 mins of Xbox

Soiled :)

Iam sorry maybe they should build "THE WALL"....



I just ripped on you a little because your opinion was unneeded.

OMG! Now I'm uneeded? Oh that hurts! Hardy har har HAR!
I'm sorry roggy I didn't know you were in charge of what can or cannot be posted here. Whats needed and what is not needed-LOL!

Dude get over yourself. You've already shown your complete ignorance over the Redskins and Haynesworth and you claim you watch them and Baltimore. I could care less about the Skins and I care less about your obviously uniformed OPINION!

Stick to facts.

You're right soiledbottom. But how did you know I was in the bath?

They ARE.

Its made of Sold Rock and its gonna be fun to watch them WACK the rest of the League over the head with it!

(..maybe not completely this year...but soon.)

Soiled, Any new Episodes of " Plumbers of Bergen county" In the works????

The deal is done, the papers are signed and finally, after all the talk and controversy, Brandon Marshall is a Miami Dolphin.

It didn't come as a surprise for Home to wake up and see the bold headline on ESPN.com that Brandon Marshall had indeed singed a four year deal with the Phins, but I think I speak for everybody else but Home in saying that we didn't expect Marshall to make his mind up quite so early.

However, now that the speculation is well and truly behind us, it's time to look forward to the present, and more importantly evaluate just how Brandon Marshall will do in a Dolphins uniform.

When looking at the 2009 Miami Dolphins, two points emerge, the first being quarterback play. In 2008, Chad Pennington looked to be the sole future of the Miami Dolphins, as his signing from the New York Jets to the Miami Dolphins worked wonders for head coach Tony Sparano.

Now though, the Dolphins have Brandon Marshall, one the most exciting young players in the game today. There's no doubt in anybodies mind that he is a great receiver, but how will Brandon fair when it comes time to putting his experience and skill to the test down south in Florida?

Well realistically, Brandon Marshall will fair just fine in all area's of the game. Marshall is used to having average quarterbacks pass the ball to him, and after spending time in Denver under hardy coach Josh McDaniels, Marshall will know when and when not to keep his big mouth closed.

Aside from Marshall's usual skillset though that we have become accustomed to seeing, there is the issue of the wildcat formation, and a question that does need answering. Can Brandon Marshall fit in with a team that has become famous for the wildcat formation? And can he execute it just as well?

To answer the first question, I can't see why Brandon Marshall won't fit in nicely with the wildcat. On paper, Marshall's 1,120-yard 15 game season in 2009 speaks for itself, and when watching tape of Marshall it's clear that he is an all rounded athlete that can fit in at just about any position on the field.

The only real concern with Marshall fitting into the Wildcat is if he is asked to throw. Has any NFL spectator seen Marshall throw? I think not, so that could raise a few concerns given that Marshall has no prior ability on how to throw a 40-yard lob into the end zone.

Besides that, the switch or reverse option in the wildcat will suit Marshall just fine. He's quick on his feet and as long as the play develops early, Marshall is a threat to take the ball to the house.

The AFC East is fast becoming the toughest division in football. Yes it is no NFC East or NFC North just yet, but with the New York Jets, New England Patriots and now the Miami Dolphins all acquiring their fair share of talent, it will be a shoot out to see who can take home the number one seed in the playoffs.

For Brandon Marshall alone, the wildcat shouldn't be his number one concern at this point in time, but it is a play he must familiarize himself with if he hopes to make an impact for the Miami Dolphins.

NFL fans, get ready for a barrage of points and exciting plays on the Miami Dolphins behalf. Marshall is in blue and orange now, and if he suits up for the wildcat play next season, pay close attention to how Marshall plays. Touchdowns or positive yards gained are a certainty for Marshall in 2010, and whether it comes from his usual ways or the new found wildcat, expect him to be re-energized and enthused as he steps into Tuna Town.

Dear Mr. Rodge

"But how did you know I was in the bath?"

I like to think I'm like Santa clause...knowing who's naughty and who's nice.

But it really comes down to Peeping Tom convictions

Soiled :)

Home, I believe the Wildcat is dead.......Just my opinion, I might be wrong........

Are you still crying Odie? Break it up, roll it up, and take a hit. It's ok, you are always needed around here. You're the best cutter and paster ever. And your opinions are so informative, especially when it's someone else's but reworded. Thank you for being here

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