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The Cowboys draft board (the real McCoy) here

Jerry Jones whiteboard
The days and weeks leading to the NFL draft see a glut of draft boards or mock drafts from experts and non-experts alike, but we never really see an actual NFL draft board.

Until now.

The picture above is Dallas owner-president-general manager Jerry Jones standing in front of his team's draft board on Saturday, April 24 -- the third day of the draft. Many of the names on the board are clearly visible. You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

The Cowboys have confirmed this is their actual board. Apparently the team's in-house television department mistakenly put a video clip of Jones in front of the board up on the Internet somewhere. A loyal reader of mine in Iowa passed the picture along to me. I then confirmed its authenticity.

The picture speaks for itself, but in case you are having trouble deciphering all the names, the list of those that are legible are found below.

Here's how it works: The Cowboys graded the players on their board and put their names on computer readout tags. As players are drafted, the Cowboys replace the tag with the player's name, the team and spot where he was actually taken. The original Dallas order remains intact.

So Sam Bradford was the top-rated player by the Cowboys and he was selected by the Rams No. 1. In that the two teams agree.

But, for example, the Cowboys had Gerald McCoy rated ahead of Ndamakong Suh. So McCoy remains at No. 2 on their board while Suh is No. 3. The team simply removed McCoy's tag when he came off the board and added the team selecting him and the actual spot he was picked.

So why is this interesting to you?

Well, it is interesting to me the Cowboys had Dolphins first round pick Jared Odrick rated No. 15 on their board. The Dolphins got him with the No. 28 overall selection. So according to the Cowboys' grade, the Dolphins got a bargain.

Same thing with Koa Misi, who the Cowboys rated No. 35 overall, but the Dolphins got with the No. 40 overall selection.

It works the other way also, by the way. The Dolphins drafted guard John Jerry in the third round with the 73rd overall selection. The Cowboys had a fourth-round grade on Jerry -- 110th overall. So according to the Cowboys' grades, the Dolphins reached on Jerry.

The teams more or less agreed on a fifth-round grade for safety Reshad Jones.

Obviously this is all opinion. Not every team is going to agree on the grades and worth of players. One assumes the Dolphins don't believe they reached for Jerry.

Anyway, take a look at the Cowboys player rankings below. The round, overall selection and team that actually selected each player is in parenthesis. Some names were illegible. I could not find A.J. Edds and other Dolphins picks on the board. Perhaps you can. 

Round 1
1. Sam Bradford (1st round, No. 1 overall, St. Louis)
2. Gerald McCoy (1st, No. 3, Tampa Bay)
3. Ndamakong Suh (1st, No. 2, Detroit)
4. Russell Okung (1st, No. 6, Seattle)
5. Trent Williams (1st, No. 4, Wash.)
6. Eric Berry (1st, No. 5, KC)
7. Rolando McClain (1st, No. 8, Oak.)
8. Joe Haden (1st, No. 7, Cleve.)
9. CJ Spiller (1st, No. 9, Buff.)
10. Mike Iupati (1st, No. 17, S.F.)
11. Dez Bryant (1st, No. 24, Dallas)
12. Earl Thomas (1st, No. 14, Seattle)
13. Bryan Bulaga (1st, No. 23, GB)
14. Sean Lee (2nd round, No. 55, Dallas)
15. Jared Odrick (1st, No. 28, Miami)
16. Jason Pierre-Paul (1st, No. 15, NYG)
17. Derrick Morgan (1st, No. 16, Tenn.)
18. Kyle Wilson (1st, No. 29, NYJ)
19. Maurkice Pouncey (1st, No. 18, Pitt.)
20. Navorro Bowman (3rd, No. 91, S.F.)
21. Jahvid Best (1st, No. 30, Det.)
22. Tyson Alualu (1st, No. 10, Jax.)
23. Jermaine Greham (1st, No. 21, Cincy)

Round 2
1. Devin McCourty (1st, No. 27, N.E.)
2. Demaryius Thomas (1st, No. 22, Den.)
3. Koa Misi (2nd, No. 40, Miami)
4. Jerry Hughes (1st, No. 31, Indy)
5. Brandon Graham (1st, No. 13, Phila.)
6. Nate Allen (2nd, No. 37, Phila.)
7. Morgan Burnett (3rd, No. 71, G.B)
8. Taylor Mays (2nd, No. 49, S.F.)
9. (covered name)
10. Dan Williams (1st, No. 26, Ariz.)
11. Kareem Jackson (1st, No. 20, Hou.)
12. Ryan Matthews (1st, No. 12, S.D.)
13. Brian Price (2nd, No. 35, TB)
14. Rob Gronkowski (2nd, No. 42, NE)
15. Brandon Ghee (3rd, No. 96, Cincy)
16. Jimmy Clausen (2nd, No. 48, Car.)

Round 3
1. Sergio Kindle (2nd, No. 43, Balt.)
2. Anthony Davis (1st, No. 11, S.F.)
3. Corey Wooton (4th, No. 109, Chic.)
4. Patrick Robinson (1st, No. 32, N.O.)
5. Dexter McCluster (2nd, No. 36, K.C.)
6. Joe McKnight (4th, No. 112, NYJ)
7. (covered name)
8. - Chad Jones (3rd, No. 76, NYG)
9. - illegible
10. Colt McCoy (3rd, No. 85, Cleve.)
11. Taylor Price (3rd, No. 90, N.E.)
12. Lamarr Houston (2nd, No. 44, Oak.)
13. D’Anthony Smith (3rd, No. 74, Jax.)
14. Damian Williams (3rd, No. 77, Tenn.)
15. Eric Decker (3rd, No. 87, Den.)
16. Thaddeus Gibson (4th, No. 116, Pitt.)
17. Corey Peters (3rd, No. 83, Atl.)
18. Rodger Saffold (2nd, No. 33, StL.)
19. Toby Gerhardt (2nd, No. 51, Minn.)
20. Golden Tate (2nd, No. 60, Sea.)
21. Brandon LeFell (3rd, No. 78, Car.)
22. Amari Spievey (3rd, No. 66, Det.)
23. Mike Neal (2nd, No. 56, G.B.)

Round 4
1. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (4th, 126th, Dall.)
2. Javier Arenas (2nd, 50th, K.C.)
3. Vladimir Ducasse (2nd, 61, NYJ)
4. Ed Dickson (3rd, 70, Balt.)
5. Tag illegible
6. Clay Harbor (4th, 125, Phila.)
7. Perry Riley (4th, 103, Wash.)
8. (plate removed)
9. Torell Troup (2nd, 41, Buff.)
10. Carlton Mitchell (6th, 177, Cleve.)
11. Mike Johnson (3rd, 98, Atl.)
12. John Jerry (3rd, 73, Miami)
13. Linval Joseph (2nd, 46, NYG)
14. Major Wright (3rd, 75, Chic.)
15. Dominique Franks (5th, 135, Atl.)
16. Larry Asante (5th, 160, Cleve.)
17. Tony Moeaki (3rd, 93, K.C.)
18. Mitch Petrus (5th, 144th,  NYG)
19. Ben Tate (2nd, 58, Hou.)
20. Kam Chancellor (5th, 133, Sea.)
21. Andre Roberts (3rd, 88, Ariz.)
22. Myron Lewis (3rd, 67, TB)
23. Tag illegible

Round 5

1. Shawn Lauvao (3rd, 92, Cleve.)
2. Jacoby Ford (4th, 108, Oak.)
3. Danny Batten (6th, 192, Buff.)
4. Sam Young (6th, 179, Dall.)
5. Daniel Te'o-Nesheim (3rd, 86, Phil.)
6. Kevin Thomas (3rd, 94, Indy)
7. Tag illegible
8. Dennis Pitta (4th, 114, Balt.)
9. Darrell Stuckey (4th, 110, San Diego)
10. Alterraun Verner (4th, 104, Tenn.)
11. Alric Arnett (undrafted)
12. Tag illegible
13. Garrett Graham (4th, 118, Hou.)
14. Reshad Jones (5th, 163, Miami)
15. Tag illegible
16. Tag illegible
17. Tag illegible
18. Tag illegible

Round 6
1. Jared Veldheer (3rd, 69th, Oak.)
2. Tag illegible
3. Tag illegible
4. Tag illegible
5. Tag illegible
6. Tag illegible
7. Tag illegible
8. Tag illegible
9. Tag illegible

Round 7
1. Walter Thurmond (4th, 111, Sea.)
2. Marcus Easley (4th, 107, Buff.)
3. Mike Kafka (4th, 122, Phila.)
4. Tag illegible
5. Tag illegible
6. Tag illegible
7. Tag illegible


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2 questions

what r u in for?

what is your release date?

Dear Mr. Menace

The Plumbers bit was fun but its time has past.

I am mulling over stupid idea's all the time though.

I really should feel embaressed for some of the stuff I post....but I'm not :)

Soiled :)

Home, That too is funny..........

Wow... Ive always wondered why teams didnt feel free to distribute their draft boards after the draft is finished...

It really serves no purpose to continue to keep it a secret afterward

Damn Soiled, that was you! Is that why was my pet llama was pregnant after Christmas? Wait, don't answer that, some things are best left unanswered. You never even called her back the next day! That's cold bro

Actually Soiled,

I was hoping to hear how the cast of the
West Wing might have debated the prospect of
bringing Brandon Marshall on Board!
(...and at the very least why can't they seem to understand that Allison Jenny SHOULD speak for Jeff Ireland!)

menace U R Right But
Dan Henning will not scrap the cat
The guy outwits himself with his trickery
(sometimes not so good like the Ricky pass on 1st and goal from the 2 YD line)

Expecting very seldom used as not necessary
with this O-line and WR Marshall

Expect the "BeastCat" though
U know
Like the end around
Ted Ginn did in the Raven 2008 playoff game
For an 11 YD Loss to seal Our Season

Of Course the "BeastCat" should yield
different results

Soiled If I may offer a couple Ideas, Number one, "Village of the dead" This would be a comedy series of all towns south of where Mr. Odinseye lives, Second Idea, Aloco's Kitchen, This would be a sries similar to "Hell's Kitchen" but with our Lil friend Aloco being the head chef,The 3rd series that comes to mind would involve our Friend from Bergen county (NJ fin fan) In this new series we could explore the effects of ALL steroids and the designer drug XTC, So there you have it Uncle Soiled, feel free to use 1 or all Ideas, See you this Fall on FOX..........Sincerely,

Dear Mr. Yazzi

"I was hoping to hear how the cast of the
West Wing might have debated the prospect of
bringing Brandon Marshall on Board!"

Although I have heard of the show, I just never got around to seeing any episodes...I'll check some out...is the show on Hulu ?

Soiled :)

I miss JT...sports talk

Gets Off The Juice
He Will Look Like Mrs Hathaway from
The Beverly HillBillies

(only kidding Jersey)
freaking roid head LOL

Home, I agree about Henning. I found his playcalling too predictable. Miami needs a new identity to go with the new weapon they added in Marshall. I'm not a Tebow fan (hate Gators) but that guy would have been fun to watch run the wildcat. Since he's in Denver it's unneeded here like, well, just unneeded here.

No doubt that Jimmy Johnson had a lot to do with the Cowboys three SuperBowl rings by building the team and coaching them for the first two SuperBowls. But Jerry Jones was the owner who hired Johnson, a college coach with no NFL experience and before winning the national championship, had a tag of being unable to win the big game. And, if Jimmy Johnson is so great and the only reason the Cowboys were successful, what did he ever do for the Dolphins? He never won the division or advanced to the AFC Championship game, let alone go to the SuperBowl. Jimmy was a great coach and talent evaluator, but it's ridiculous to not give Jerry Jones any credit for the Cowboy's success in the 90's. And like it or not, the Cowboys are closer to the SuperBowl than the Dolphins. The fact that they won their division and the Dolphns were in third place at 7-9 is proof of that alone.

Wait Soiled how about this Idea, Its a Sci-Fi series in the Star-Trek genre, We can call it Star Trek "The plumbers generations" in it NJ can play the captain of the "USS Enterpoop"a Port-a-Potty ship that goes from ship to ship picking up UMMMM SHIP(Wont use bad words here but we know what he'll pick up) ....

Jimmy Johnson did a lot for Miami. He built a good team with a great defense. He left Miami because he wanted to move on from Marino but couldn't force him to retire without being crucified. He certainly left in a cowardly way, but after Marino forced his way into that playoff game (Jax killed us) he realized thy his hands were tied. I'm more upset at what Wannstedt did with the team after: poor drafting and worse team management. Jerry Jones deserves credit for hiring Jimmy, but he also made Jimmy sick of being there.

Bye, I'll miss you the most Odinseye

OK, but just one more.

(cut and paste)

Since he's in Denver it's unneeded here like, well, just unneeded here.

Posted by: Rodge | May 10, 2010 at 08:14 PM

Speaking of uneeded Rodge, ha ha, we all already new T-bags is in Denver!

Now What? Whazzup?

Dear Mr. Menace

I like the Aloco idea but...there's a show called "Dinner and a movie"

I guess I could make it work by having Aloco cook a movie and then watch his favorite meatball sub each week.

Each week Aloco's guest will bring there favorite movie DVD..wich Aloco throws in the oven then they sit around a meatball sub and talk world economics.

If a fight breaks out, Aloco has a steroid infused bouncer named NJ for any unrulely guests

It should be Surreal and edgy with audiance participation sorta like on Jerry Springer

I have to think about this some more

Soiled :)

The Dolphins are back!

Last year was tough for so many reasons. We were plagued by injuries, poor calls, the hardest NFL schedule, and Ted Ginn.

An injection of younger healthier players and no Ted Ginn improve the team. We have an easier schedule this year too.

The Dolphins are being written off by many “experts” while the Jets are being billed as the second coming, give me a freaking break!

Coach Nolan, Marshall, and Dansby were big time moves. Year 3 is big for Parcells. Get ready for a wild ride.

Yes! I'm glad you picked up on that Odinseye. That was a special secret joke for my most special secret friend.

The Dolphin's board is a state secret because it also lists which players' Moms are prostitutes. Ireland is keeping that information to himself. No need in getting any other Johns the competitive advantage!

Yes! I'm glad you picked up on that Odinseye. That was a special secret joke for my most special secret friend.

Posted by: Rodge | May 10, 2010 at 08:30 PM

Awwwwwwwww, how nice, you even called me Odinseye :)

PS: Can we keep our special little secret just between you and me Buddy?

Soiled (@ 8:06 PM)

Yes...(intense but very well dialogued) ..I believe you can find it on HULU. If not...its worth snarfing a DVD.

I miss Sports talk too...
We seem to be stuck in a rut -- with a 'domestic version' of Jar Jar Binks!
It makes me sad.

Of course Odinseye, I never kiss and tell. Like the Golden Girls theme song says, "thank you for being a friend".

Goodbye cruel world it's over walk on by

Sitting in a bunker here behind my wall

Waiting for the worms to come

In perfect isolation here behind my wall

Hey Rodge,

I don't want to make you feel wierd or anything, but..............

This starting to feel an awful lot like "make up sex"..........

Not alumni from UF or Um
Am In South Florida Though

Enjoyed watching UM for many years
Some of the veteran coaches did an excellent job
with my son in a summer football camp here
Cannot speak more highly about them

However the UM football team IMO has Regressed
and The UF football team/program has been pure excitement & success since the Tebow Era

All UF & UM games are tv here in South Florida
So I have seen most (esp UF)

Am a Tebow fan
After watching his whole career
Amuses me when folks say he cannot pass
After almost 10,000 YDs in college

Just Be Glad Tebow is not on the Patriots working under Brady
Tebow Will be a Winner in the NFL

You're right Odin, I think I just felt it move.......... Anyways, back to football. How about them Dolphins????!!!!!!!!!!

Had to Resign In

Coach Nolan brings new blood into the organization. The team was young last year and Coach Pas. was flat.

The new schemes Nolan will employ will invigorate veteran players. Our corners will be better and wiser. Rashad Jones will hopefully be a nice surprise.

Dansby will bolster our LB core. Misi is going to be better than most expect. Wake needs to step up to the plate. We have some depth at the spot now.

The D line is still a mystery. Hopefully our coaches can get creative and put something solid together. Ferguson just might be the key down the stretch.


Thanks for the concern. Yeah buddy I was on the edge alright.

It's OK though, Rodge and I have "worked" things out. Everything is going to be just fine :)

Soiled, You my Friend are a true Comic genius...........

I agree Home. God knows that if NE drafted Tebow he'd end up being an All Pro with our luck. I hate the Gators but I give Tebow lots of props for being a winner. I wouldn't have minded Miami drafting Tebow just for wildcat purposes. Pat White might be undersized right now.

boy so many losers posting on this web board. you've got the guy writing pink floyd lyrics. the soiled : ) guy. the conspiracy nut who writes in fake haiku. don't you people have jobs/lives/friends anything at all better to do?




Dear Penthouse Forum

You probly get letters like this all the time but here's my story

I had been fighting with someone in a football blog and, well long story short

"I don't want to make you feel wierd or anything, but..............
This starting to feel an awful lot like "make up sex"

Sign me up
Football fan for life

Soiled :)






You're so silly.

Your making me blush ;)

Joe, Great pick up on the Floyd Lyrics, (You are a true rocker) But do you have anything to say, or do you just want to complain??? Just wondering...

This place is awfull south beachy tonight.

For the record
Meant Dan Henning
IMO Tries to get too cute
with the bonehead Ricky pass call that was an INT
or the Infusion of Pat White
Who cannot throw without gloves
and looked like a lost puppy in there

Also Henne was doing fine and the
White Insertion disrupted the flow and
seldom worked

It's OK though, Rodge and I have "worked" things out. Everything is going to be just fine :)

Posted by: odinseye | May 10, 2010 at 08:41 PM

Soiled,I Smell a possible mid-season replacement here for FOX in the winter......

This place is awfull south beachy tonight.

Posted by: pistol | May 10, 2010 at 08:50 PM

Pistol, The only thing that would make this "All the way" south beach is a visit from Marc(The cross deresser)And Pricemaster(th couch guy) If they were here Id say "Yeah Pistol, This blog has gone South beach"

I know what you meant Home. I agree about that cute trickery. The problem I had with it is that I knew it was coming every time and so did the other team(s). Henning uses 3 basic wildcat plays with slight, I mean slight variation. There were a few other plays that he used over and over again. It's sad when I know which play is coming and I'm just a dumb fan watching.

Cuban, good to know. I like my blogs Hialeah-y.

OK guys Gotta run, Talk at you guys tommarrow, Have a Phintastic" Nite.... Peace....

Gotcha Rodge

I think the Dolphins will keep the wildcat for at least one more year. They drafted Pat Whit for a reason… he may be a mistake but he may also be great, especially with a true #1 receiver Marshall.

The wildcat was looking good with Ronnie before he went down last year. He’s back and on his final contract year. If he can stay healthy he will be amazing and the wildcat will reign supreme.

this week lol
short for Homey D. Clown

and No
Homey Dont Play That

you r right dolphin disciple , pat white will surprise people this year .


Why Dont U
Save Your Breathe
For Your
Inflatable Date

Homey D. Clown

Play nice please. How is everyone tonight?

My honest opinion is that the Dolphins draft board looked NOTHING like this one... but it still provides a good perspective as to how teams work in the NFL.

The wildcat makes defenses have to prepare for it along with our reg formations. Adding Marshall really tips scale in are favor. Many D’s just game plan for him alone. He will make every other Miami WR look amazing.

The wildcat has unseen benefits; more preparation for opposing D, tires out opposing d-lines, protects the QB, adds intrigue, and winds down the game clock. Our D was so weak last year that we could not hold a lead.

Homey D. Clown is funny
with an occasional bop on the head


You are banned from this blog for 2 weeks.

Breaking news: Big Ben and Lawrence Taylor sexually assaulted each other and they named the ass baby...Rex Ryan

I dont think so...


Homey dont play that

When Browsing this blog before
Thought I Saw Armando
Chatting w/ U bloggers

Does Armando Come On Here Once In Awhile?

Would Like To say Hi

Dolphin Disciple,

I think you hit it on the nose... our D incredibly weak last year, and we built it up this year in the best way possible, selective free agents and young hungry talent through the draft.

Dolphin Disciple
Good to See Some Know
Who Homey D. Clown Is

Went to my Fav channel you tube and entered:
Homey D. Clown to watch some of his stuff from
Was Good

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