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Salguero on radio today 6-10 a.m.

The Dolphins are done with their minicamp ... so let's discuss it.

I will be hosting the morning drive-time show today (Monday) on 790 The Ticket today. Yes, it is Memorial Day so I would assume many of you won't be driving, or working. Many of you will be recovering from your holiday before going back to work tomorrow.

It's cool.

But if you get the hankerin' to talk Dolphins football, you can join me on the air. You can listen live at 790theticket.com and call the show at 786-360-0790. You can also text the show.

Anything is inbounds, including O.J. Atogwe, Phillip Merling, Brandon Marshall, my column in today's Herald on Jake Long, or anything else you can think of.

I do wish to wish all veterans out there a very warm greeting on this Memorial Day. You are heroes, all of you, and I honor your service. To the fallen, thank you for the ultimate sacrifice.


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You're always good on the radio Armando. I'll listen. Give the Jets fans an earful!

Please post it on sedanos podcast. PLEASE!

I will scream it online with my computer console. Ha. Or maybe o just will tune in. Guess I'll have to think about which one I want to do and go from there. Thanks.

I think Parcels was too obsessed with getting his 2nd round pick back and settled for Odrick which was not a great need. Then he selected Misi in the second who although very good is not a game changer (imo).

That game changer and downright beast was Brandon Graham who we should have taken if we just settled for “one true star” at 12th overall. One sure fire player is way better than two hopefuls. This will come back to haunt us when Graham becomes a tackling machine, sack master and pro bowler.

9 out of 10 people prefer if Home stick gun in mouth and spill his Toxic Red Blood all over the beach

That be good

Home the Idiot

Brandon Graham my azzzz. Not a 3-4 player and would not have worked here. Go play Madden

This is what a hispanic robot sounds like:
(Robotic voice) I love what you do Armando, I will listen and obey your every command.
The robots name is Willi Chirino. hahahahah

Haha. He told that bama go play madden. True enough. Maddenited swear they know schemes. Just cause u blitz every play from different angles doesn't mean you know schemes. Madden players suck and are arrogant Jack offs. Not just IMO but a frakn fact. Jack.

Mando, good stuff on Jake Long. Great to read about the good guys on the team instead of the thugs.
A tough guy who has always left it on the field and who can
be a role model for the kids. We can use more players like this in the league and more stories like yours in the media.

Oops, it's already 10:30. Any way to catch up with what was said?

Aside: I find both 560 and 790 to be almost unlistenable. Is anyone else turned off by Joe Rose's artificial enthusiasm and endless commercials? On the other channel, I've tried on several occasions to listen to Sid Rosenberg, but I just can't. He is not afraid to describe himself as an entertainer, not a fan, but I just can't stand what he does... LeBatard is often funny, but a broken record...

The thing about Joe Rose is that it's not really artificial enthusiasm. When he advertises comercials it may be, but the man really does get excited. If your ever at a Dolphin game, and an exciting play happens take a loot into the 790 broadcast booth. Often times you'll catch Joe with his head out the window screaming or in the booth celebrating


Sid is no longer on 790. Jorge Sedano has been their morning host the last year.

That's who Armando was filling in for.

I agree with you about Rose. It's contrived.

Panda, Rose has forgotten more about football than you will EVER know. FOOL!!!!!

Armando is now on vacation for 6 weeks. This blog will be a total disaster by next week. Enjoy ur vacation Armando, the lunatics now run the asylum!!!!!


Why didn't you just hang up on that jet idiot near the end of the show this morning?

naaa we will be ok.




marshall thing i have a bad feeling will get worse.

we know what you are implying bobbyd12. Take your racist butt out of here. The lumber is to build crosses and sheets are for your hood and cape. Loser

bill, no problem if bobby was g@y, problem is he has racial tendencies.

The only thing good about the comment was that he inspired me to go eat my watermelon! They were on sale for $3!

Mando, you are right that is a good article about Jake Long. What a great pick he was. How many teams have dropped te ball with the number 1 overall pick? Fins got a guy they can rely on each week.

Amando, thanks for the Vet salute. Go Fins!

Just one quibble about what you said Mando, you said, "to the fallen, thank you for your ultimate sacrifice." Who are you talking to? If they've fallen, then they can't hear you (unless you're talking to their spirit or something). I think what you wanted to say is "to the FAMILIES of the fallen, I thank your FAMILY AND HONOR YOUR LOVED ONE for making the ultimate sacrifice." That would have made more sense (but I get the point and 2nd your emotion).


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