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Saturday mini-camp practice observations

The first practice of today's two-a-days is over. Here are some notes and observations:

Koa Misi, Miami's best answer to the strong side outside linebacker job, plays fast. Yes, it is only pratice. And there are not pard or hitting here. But the guy just gets there with alacrity. He doesn't dither.

He also looks natural in coverage which is kind of important considering Misi played mostly as a defensive end at Utah.

"He handled information very easy within the coverage," Coach Tony Sparano said of Misi. "I just like the way he moved that way."

The quarterbacks here -- Casey Dick and Jameel Sewell -- clearly need to improve their accuracy. I've seen some passes hit receivers in stride. I've seen too many passes thrown several feet too wide or too high. Sometimes it's not all about arm-strength.

It has been interesting watching receiver Ryan Grice-Mullen, who was signed earlier this offseason after playing in the CFL. Grice-Mullen is a former teammate of Davone Bess at Hawaii so the comparisons are natural.

I would tell you the guys are similar in that both are not necessarily fast, but rather quick. Both wear their hair in dreads. And then there's the real reason Grice-Mullen has a chance.

"The thing they have in common is their return ability and those skills," Sparano said. "That was something that interested us. [Grice-Mullen] has shown me good ability to judge the football back there which is a major hurdle for any returner. I feel like he's going to be a pretty good decision-maker."

John Jerry is working exclusively as a left guard at this camp but Sparano said that might change later on. "We're going to bounce him around a little bit," the coach said.

Nose tackle Travis Ivey is out of shape. He needs to lose maybe 10-15 pounds and reshape his giant, round body. But he has potential. Coaches are saying he wasn't always consistent at Maryland. He either took some plays off or wasn't in good enough shape to give his all.

But he has the prototype size and so the Dolphins figure they can work on the other things.

"You don't find people with that kind of size," Sparano said of the 6-4 and 325-pounder. "There were a lot takers on draft dayand our scouts did a great job of getting him here. We've got a lot of work to do with him right now, but from what I've seen out here, he's a pretty willing guy."