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Saturday mini-camp practice observations

The first practice of today's two-a-days is over. Here are some notes and observations:

Koa Misi, Miami's best answer to the strong side outside linebacker job, plays fast. Yes, it is only pratice. And there are not pard or hitting here. But the guy just gets there with alacrity. He doesn't dither.

He also looks natural in coverage which is kind of important considering Misi played mostly as a defensive end at Utah.

"He handled information very easy within the coverage," Coach Tony Sparano said of Misi. "I just like the way he moved that way."

The quarterbacks here -- Casey Dick and Jameel Sewell -- clearly need to improve their accuracy. I've seen some passes hit receivers in stride. I've seen too many passes thrown several feet too wide or too high. Sometimes it's not all about arm-strength.

It has been interesting watching receiver Ryan Grice-Mullen, who was signed earlier this offseason after playing in the CFL. Grice-Mullen is a former teammate of Davone Bess at Hawaii so the comparisons are natural.

I would tell you the guys are similar in that both are not necessarily fast, but rather quick. Both wear their hair in dreads. And then there's the real reason Grice-Mullen has a chance.

"The thing they have in common is their return ability and those skills," Sparano said. "That was something that interested us. [Grice-Mullen] has shown me good ability to judge the football back there which is a major hurdle for any returner. I feel like he's going to be a pretty good decision-maker."

John Jerry is working exclusively as a left guard at this camp but Sparano said that might change later on. "We're going to bounce him around a little bit," the coach said.

Nose tackle Travis Ivey is out of shape. He needs to lose maybe 10-15 pounds and reshape his giant, round body. But he has potential. Coaches are saying he wasn't always consistent at Maryland. He either took some plays off or wasn't in good enough shape to give his all.

But he has the prototype size and so the Dolphins figure they can work on the other things.

"You don't find people with that kind of size," Sparano said of the 6-4 and 325-pounder. "There were a lot takers on draft dayand our scouts did a great job of getting him here. We've got a lot of work to do with him right now, but from what I've seen out here, he's a pretty willing guy."


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Something about Miami Dolphin Football! Than God!

I don't know if Ricky gave me this fever but I love every player with dreds (except Eric Green)

This team has gotten younger, stronger, faster, bigger and smarter in 3 short years. Good mix of Vets too. There will be some mistakes for sure but it will be offset with athleticism ad hunger. I think what we will see from here forward is great drafting and the addition of just a few seasoned Vets at key positions to complete the pie. Can't wait for the season.

Go Phins!

Ivey is a SIW ! Stud in waiting.

Its all roses and bloom. and high hopes. I love when were all 0-0


Your right. We arn't trying to buy a ring like the jets expeiment. We will build one with blood, sweat, and tears. Thats the only way.

lets go phins!!!

way too much time between posts armando dude.... this is all i live for!!! i need new posts at least 4 times per day dude! write about something anything dolphins - more often!!!

thank you sir...

Speaking of 0-0, we had better not get of to a crappy start like the last couple of years. we need to be 4-0 or 3-1and after the first quarter. NO MORE SLOW STARTS

I love our draft and know we are faster younger and better off than we were last yr.

Get a life! scott alderson commented on 'Saturday mini-camp practice observations'

2010-05-01 13:32:39 -0500

way too much time between posts armando dude.... this is all i live for!!! i need new posts at least 4 times per day dude! write about something anything dolphins - more often!!!

thank you sir...

What's the scoop on marlon moore at wide receiver? I think that he may be the best replacement for ted ginn.

and no more coach lousy calls like last year and nor losses when you r a head by 24 points and no more fasano drops .

If Misi is what you say Mando then the TRIFECTA has again filled a NEED and a WANT. If he bats down one pass to a TE or breaks up one WR slant then it will be one more than we had last year

Thanks Mando, good info for so little going on. Can't wait to hear what the fall out is over the league source stating Ireland was led to the question he asked of Dez Bryant. If anyone has a problem with me not letting this go let me tell you now and get this out of the way, go f**k yourself. :) Have a nice day.

I would normally agree to the statement "Its all roses and bloom" at this time of the year. But, we already know this team had a very solid nucleus before this camp began. I am not implying these players were not necessary or will not make a huge difference, but we do know that they are an addition to some pretty strong talent.
I was expecting to hear that Misi had wheels. That was the scouting report on him and that is what I saw when I went back and watched some of his video's. I did not necessarily expect to hear that he looked good in coverage, if both he and Edds turn out to have good coverage skills, that will have been a draft windfall in our favor. We already know Dansby is good in coverage... add 2 more guys to that mix and I see definite "Rosebuds"...
As far as Travis Ivey kicking 10-15 pounds... give him a few months running around in South Florida heat and Humidity and it will more than likely be a loss of 20-25 Pounds. Misi will be the one having trouble. To put on the pounds they want he will need to do it in the weight room. 15 Lbs of Muscle is not easy to install if you already have a low body fat percentage like Odrick, which still blows my mind, having less less 7% body fat at 6'5 302.

Two out of four words were alacrity and dither. Nice!

I'm with you on that one scott. I NEEDS MY DOLPHINS INFO!!! FEED ME ARMANDO!!!LOL. Anyways I hope we keep Ivey he seems to be a Soliai prototype (all talent no commitment). But if we can get him to lose that weight so he can play all game then we should have a two-headed monster with him and Soliai. I dnt say Starks because if you look over some video from last year Starks at NT was no good against the run. Soliai did a much better job holding it down in there but I dont think Soliai is starter ready yet. Hopefully Ivey gets a wake up call when Jake Grove pushes him 10 yards off the line during practice.

You tell em NYScott!

I was wondering why Ivey wasn't drafted, now we know. Glad it's not being in shape instead of a lack of skill. You can lose weight, you can't gain talent.

Nice early report on Misi too. If he's even close to the high motor guy drafted by GB last year (Matthews) then we're in luck.

Where is the apology due to Jeff Ireland????? per League sources reported by ESPN and Sports Illustrated :Dez tells Ireland his dad is a Pi mp and his mom worked for him, Ireland then asks if she was a prostitute. wow, why would he ever ask that?(to all you not so bright racist black supremacists the last part was sarchasm).Carlito from your dad's culito, from reading some of your posts on other blogs, you are a complete phucktard, why oh why did'nt you drown on the raft that you took here from Cuba or Costa rica, don't go to Arizona(actually please do, i hope they deport you ASAP), before you start with the "racist" crap over my comments to Carlito from his dad's culito, I am Hispanic myself, i see people for what they are regardless of race, so KKK members,black supremacists or Latino jerkofffs with a complex because of God knows what are scum in my book just the same. Even the crazy guy Aloco looks good in comparison to Carlito and Fisheypete and the other biggots who think just because they are not white they have a right to be biggots.from the last blog NYScott where are the 200 posts on Biden's dumb comments you deuschebag?, as far as the Phins, 10 or 11 wins this year,last year 2nd year Qb vs rookie QB thrust into an unexpected situation with a bad receiver corps, now he has B Marshall plus experience, add the young talent on Defense, and the fact that last year MIAMI played the toughest schedule in the NFL and this year they play the 19th toughest and you have reason for hope this team can get an extra 3 or 4 wins.

We currently have 81 players on the roster and 50 of them are in their 3rd year or less. 78 of the 81 have 7 years or less NFL experience!!!!

Good observatins "ask bill",

I woudn't have predicted 7% body fat for Jared, but when we drafted him even though i had never heard of him my first thought was "he looks like a football player". He had the "V" shape.

check this, we added B Marsh and Dansby which is way better than what the wets{hillarius} did with their addition of A.Cramardy, Holmes, JT, LT and whoever else they got just from a toughness stantpoint.

I'll give them credit on kyle wilson cuz i like that dude, but with that said we drafted at least 2 to 3 starters in Odrick, Misi, Jones and Edds, also a few solid role and special team players in jones, McCoy, nolan and splitter.

and they're saying the wets had a better offseason than we did, PLEASE!!! can anybody say SWEEP, yep im predicting we abuse and molest the wets sending them into a state of panic and confusion as of why they just can not defeat the might PHINS baby!!!

if my count is right which i know it is we wup that ass 3 times str8 so we got them by the balls already.



numberjuanphinsfan, You're not understanding and it's really simple. Someone in the last blog brought up Sarah Palin therefore I posted some quotes from her. If someone had been talking about Obama or Biden or Bush or Clinton or Reagan I would have posted dumb quotes from them.

You obviously love Sarah Palin and what she stands for and that's fine, this is america and you're entitled to your opinions. But don't drag me into some sort of Republicans against the Democrats wrestling match.

You're mistaking me for someone who takes sides in politics and I'm an independant. To me our government has been failing us for some time now and it's not getting better. I think they're ALL idiots. I'm on the side of what's good and fair for the american public and NONE of the people in charge nor none of the people that have been in charge are getting the job done and something needs to change in our two party system.

So really bud, I don't want to talk about this anymore. If you want to read stupid quotes from all of our leaders just type in "Stupid quotes from Obama", Joe Biden, George Bush etc.

Please let RGM be the answer on punt and kick returns. It ain't Patrick Cobbs.

I'm putting it all on Henne's shoulders if we don't make it to the playoffs. I understand we have a big hole hole at FS, concerns at TE and are unexperienced at OLB, but no winning team is holeless. Even New Orleans or Indi weren't perfect at every position last year.

I'm sure that if Henne plays well, well be there in January.

And you spelled douchebag wrong. If you're going to call people names in here at least have enough respect for us to spell them correctly. :)

Thanks Mando, now that is the info I am looking for, short of being there fans would have no way of getting these observations without these blogposts. Keep up the good work.

Nice observations Armando. Although I really don't care about their haircuts. I'd like to see the trifecta go after some young quality depth at the guard and center positions.


I have to say that I don't know if we need another Devonne Bess. I love him, but we already have 3 Devonne Bess's.

Lol, the Rubber Band Man Rex Ryan was commenting on Jets RB draft choice McKnight throwing up at his first practice. I think Rex already tried that method to lose weight so maybe he had some tips for the youngster?

Taylor probably told him to expect a rude and rough time in Miami and he got a case of the heebie jeebies! Hahahaha.

I hope we crinkle them up and toss them aside like a squirrel's beer can.


Overall I'm pretty excited about this team so far. I liked this draft better than last year's. I was upset when they drafted Patrick Turner when there were quality lineman available like G Duke Robinson. Getting Jerry was big and I'd like to see the high picks next year go towards linemen. There's nothing better to watch than your o and d lines dominating the line of scrimmage...

I believe the fun starts for these rookies when the Vets get back to the house from wherever they are right now. The rookies are all going to get a look at something they have never seen up-close and touchable before. That is a NFL experienced player in a stance opposite them. When the contact starts... that is when we really see who is "Top Shelf" and who is "needin some coachin"...... I doubt any of the top guys taken will find themselves so out classed that someone has to ring the "Uh-Oh" bell... those guys likely already know who they are as do the coaches. I would love to know just how much the coaches can tell about these guys during Mini's like this... or for that matter, exactly what they are looking for. I would imagine much of what they are doing is in a classroom film environment and doing X's and O's... Be nice to have a fly on the wall reporter.


Good point. Hopefully Grice-Mullen or any other return guy they end up snagging has the speed + moves to at least threaten to go all the way.

I wonder what ever happened to that kid (forget his name) that was returning punts well but ended up fumbling a few too many times in preseason last year? He should have had a whole year to work on securing the ball. He had the speed and heart to be a good returner as he showed with some nice returns.


Give them hell NYScott.LOL

we don't have any returners who can take it to the house;not bess, cobbs or grice-mullen. we could trade for a johnny lee higgins or similar.

Im with you ny scott, I think every american should vote independent in the comming elections till we clear out all the dem and rep and start all over. And maybe we can stop all this infighting like little kids on the playground.

Best draft to date from the trifecta, go phins.11-5 in 2010 division champs.

the kid from last year returning punts was chris williams who suffered a broken hand. he ended up in cleveland with matt roth and crocker. i liked him.

I know its a little off the point but...a man with a hyphenated name is just weird. Lets call him Grice or Mullen.

Its probably just me.

NY scott stop this ireland stuff, talk football you f'kin panty waste. You are giving white red neck fools a bad name the way you behave on here.


What is your problem with me? I never heard of you before... To have so much anger to me is confusing?

I think you have things twisted... I always had Irelands back through this ordeal... Considering the circumstances I didn't think the question was nearly as big a deal as it was made to be, especially since we don't know the context... I have been against the media dragging his name through the mud and making a big scene of nothing...

What the f is your problem punk? Was you mom a prostitute? Or even worse, Sarah Palin? Crawl back under the rock you came from.

So really bud, I don't want to talk about this anymore. If you want to read stupid quotes from all of our leaders just type in "Stupid quotes from Obama", Joe Biden, George Bush etc.

Posted by: NYScott | May 01, 2010 at 02:03 PM

And NY, there's a lot of stupid quotes there especially George W. Quotes. You'd have thought he had comedy writers writing some of the stuff he said..... well he was'nt a good prez, but he was funny one though......

calmete carlito tenga cuidado con NYScott

So glad to see us draft all this speed on defence, and Rashad has the making of a beast in the backfield. They may catch it but if he's anywhere close they will pay. They will be thinking about him the next time instead of thinking of the catch. ala MR,RONNIE LOTT. This guy would lay the wood to ya.
A lot of fans are counting on you Reshad and I think you will be in the starting line up opening day.

bravo cuban menace, bravo. Becareful with NY Scott he is seething with anger(hate).

alll we need now is NJ to join us

numberjuanfinsfan scum of the earth, son of prostitute

LOL NYScott, that "have the courtesy to use proper spelling when insulting someone" was hilarious. Ok I took you as something you are not, my bad, for the record I am a Republican, but do not want Palin running for the GOP in 2012 or ever she would have no shot at winning, I guess there is so much non stop attacking of Palin, and people take shots at her while at least in their minds thinking that by doing that they are attacking every Republican, anyways like i said my bad, i saw the link you posted there and will check it out, if you don't mind would 1 or 2 of Biden's "foot in mouth" incidents be too much trouble for you to post? after all, I brought up Biden and you were inspired to post on Palin after you saw someone bring her up:)

carlito calmete con esa idioma

#1Juanphinfan, are you going to let carlito trash you like that?

CFL stats for Grice-Mullen for kick and punt returns for the BC Lions

Kick returns
47 attempts
1099 yards
23.4 average
73 longest return

Punt returns
43 attempts
411 yards
9.6 average
54 longest return

and for some perspective

Stefan Logan (Steelers kick returner in 2009)
CFL return stats for 2008 also for the BC Lions

Kick returns
9 attempts
266 yards
29.6 average
51 longest return

Punt returns
13 attempts
138 yards
10.6 average
29 longest return

and Logan's NFL stats from last year to see how they'd possibly translate to an NFL team

Kick returns
55 attempts
1466 yards
26.7 average
83 longest return

Punt returns
30 attempts
280 yards
9.3 average
25 longest return

I'm glad you kissed and made up.
MOW LEAVE POLITICS OUT OF THIS BLOG. I am sure there is a Herald plotico somewher on this site.

MOW=NOW of course.

kris I am with you. I wish NY scott would stop doing this. Now all we need is the WRATH of NJ. bwahahahahahah

I will pray for numberjuanfinfan to clean his trashy soul and shed the troubles of his lady of the night mother


carlito you have it in for #1Phinfan. He could care less though. He is a coward.

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